Longing for your smile

Chapter Three

By Forbidden Angelus

Seifer curled up in a ball. He had a bad fever, a very bad fever due the SeeD exam he'd taken the day before. It was 5.30 p.m. and he was in the bed since that morning. He sighed. His head was burning and all his movements were slowed by the illness. His head felt like it was flowing in the water. He wanted to sleep but he just couldn't: he was afraid he'd dreamt of her, of Ultimecia.

The Sorceress that had taken him under her control was now dead, but he could still feel her voice and the way she tortured him and…

Seifer, Seifer… he admonished himself Don't fall on that again! She's dead… DEAD! Fucking D.E.A.D. !!!! Squall told you, Quistis told you, Fujin and Raijin told you!!! Damn even Selphie told you!! He sighed Yeah, sure… Real Evil doesn't die… It just disappear for a while… Rinoa is a Sorceress, Edea is a Sorceress… What if another Evil Sorceress would come out of nowhere… What if she would take me under her… her paws? I know I won't be able to heal if that should happen…

Someone knocked at the door, breaking his thoughts. Seifer was grateful to whomever interrupted his private conversation

"Come in." He said.

The door opened and Zell came in.

"Hi Seifer!!"

"Chicken Wuss…" Seifer whispered almost affectionately.

Zell didn't make any comment on the nickname

"You look like shit, Seifer." Zell stated

"I know." Seifer said, trying to sit up straight on the bed

"How are you, anyway?" he asked the smaller man

"Oh, the wounds are almost close…" the young warrior said, waving a hand "…thanks to you." he added

"You're welcome…" Seifer coughed

"Bad fever, neh?" the scarred-youth only nodded and he broke in a fit of coughing

"Hey, Seifer calm down!!" Zell exclaimed, bolting up and reaching his side.

Amongst his coughing he pointing at something on his bed table. Zell turned and spotted a glass of water. Hastily he gave it to the older boy who drank it.

"Better?" Zell asked after he'd drank enough water. Seifer nodded

"Good because I have something to tell you!"

Seifer frowned and looked at him

"Seifer Almasy, you're officially a SeeD from now on!!"

Seifer stared at him in disbelief and his jaw dropped. He was still for a very long time

"I know that I'm the most handsome and hottest guy around but you don't have to look at me like that, ya know!!" Zell exclaimed, wearing a broad smile

"You stupid!!" Seifer exclaimed, trying to hit him with his pillow, but smiling anyway "You are so full of yourself!!"

"Look who's talking!! Mr. Is-There-Something-More-Important-Than-My-Ego-Around?!!"

When Crys got in the room they were laughing heartily

"Why are you two laughing your asses out?" she asked "Nothing…" Zell managed to say amongst his laughter

"Anyway, Zell… Squall wants to see you…"

"'K, I'm goin'…" he said, getting up

"Bye Seifer!"

"Bye Zell!"

"Oh congratulations, Seifer!" Crys exclaimed when Zell was out of the room

"Thanks… did you do it?"

"Yes, of course! I'm the best 'round here!!" she said "I've gotta go…"

"See ya around, Red-Tip!"

"Look, if you're goin' to call me Red-Tip I'll call you Scarred-One, okay?"

"Clear, Red-Tip!"

"Bye, Scarred-One!!"

The door closed behind her, and Seifer was alone.


Zell sprinted towards Cid's office, where, he supposed, he'd have found Squall.

"Yo, Squall!" He exclaimed, entering the room "Wanna tell me something?"

"Actually I have to tell you all something." he said, pointing at the others persons in the room: Selphie, Quistis, Irvine and Nida. "So?"

"Ahem… You know that since when we've beaten the Sorceress lots of new recruits come to the Garden…"

"Yes." Quistis said

"Well, there's no enough space, so all the students have to share their rooms… recruits with recruits… cadets with cadets… and SeeDs with SeeDs…" he paused a second to look at his friends

"I have the list of the mates you're going to share your room with… In four hours all the moves must be done, got it?" They all nodded

"Good, then… Selphie you'll be with Irvine, Quistis you're sharing with Crys, I and Kenneth will be together. Nida and Evan and Seifer and Zell. Okay?"

"WHAAT!! Me??! With that… that egomaniac??!! You've read the wrong list, that's it!!"

"No, you ARE sharing with Seifer…"

"Owww…That's not fair!" Zell groaned

"Look at the bright side you can beat his ass whenever you want!" Selphie exclaimed

"Look who's talking! You two are probably going to fuck every-" "Please stop." Squall said hastily "Remember, you have to move in four hours. Dismissed!"

Zell went slowly back to Seifer's quarters to grab the boy and went to his room. He entered and slammed the door behind him "Haven't your mom taught you good manners? Such as knocking before entering a room that's not yours?" Seifer said

"Fuck off, Seifer!" Zell exclaimed

"Whoa! Whoa! Cool down!"

"Get your things, we're movin' at my place." Seifer blinked at him "I think I don't understand what you've just said."

"You ARE moving at my place, 'cuz there's a recruits invasion and there isn't enough room for them, so all the students of the Garden have to share their rooms with other students! Gotcha?" Seifer nodded

"But… It wasn't simpler for you to move in MY room?" "No, 'cause mine is bigger!"

"Bigger? Why a short-ass like you has a bigger room than me?" "I pretend not to have heard." Zell hissed through clenched teeth "Now get your sorry ass out of that bed and start pack you stuff!" "Ooohhh… An angry Chicken Wuss… Now I'm scared!" Seifer laughed. Zell's fists were trembling at his sides, the he inhaled slowly and calmed down

"Look Seifer…" he said seriously "…I'm trying hard to be kind with you, don't ask me why, because I don't even know it… Maybe because you saved my life." He paused

"We're going to live in the same room for a long amount of time and I don't want to kill you or be killed by you… or go mad, either… So let's try to be a little tolerant to each other, okay?" Hey, I actually made a sense now!! Zell thought. Seifer looked stunned at him then smiled, a real, sad smile What was that? Very un-Seiferish!!

"Okay." the scarred blonde said, getting up and starting to wear his pants.

Three hours later…

Zell kicked the box he'd just emptied

"Huff! That was the last one." he announced to Seifer, who was putting his clothes in the closet.

"Good… I'm almost done here."

"Wanna somethin' to drink?" Zell asked

"Yeah… A glass of water, please."

Zell headed to the kitchenette. He took a beer for himself and a glass of water for his roommate. He frowned when he saw Seifer sitting on his bed, massaging his temples

"Are you alright?"

"Just a little headache…" the other said

"Oh shit! I forget 'bout the fever!!" Zell exclaimed

"Lay on the bed and rest, I'll finish the work here."

"Okay, thanks."

"You're welcome."

Seifer laid on his bed and closed his eyes, the dizziness that he'd felt a moment before began to disappear.

"Oh! The SeeD ball is tomorrow night… I brought you your uniform…" Zell said, showing him the SeeD suit

"Hey… I'm actually a SeeD! I must be dreaming! Someone please pinch me!" Seifer exclaimed.

Zell went to him and did exactly what he'd asked for.

"Ow!! What's with you, Chiken-Wuss??!!"

"You asked me to do it!" Zell replied, innocently

"Yeah… Whatever…"

"Oh no! Now you sound just like Squall!!" Zell exclaimed "Really??"

"Really." "Oh my God!!! Kick me, hurry!!" Seifer exclaimed, then added after a moment "I was kidding of course."

"I didn't do anything." Zell declared, lifting his arms.

Seifer eyed him suspiciously

"You were about to…"

"Then? I didn't do anything…" he repeated "'Sides it was you who asked me to do it…" they glared at each other, sending them glares of death. Then they both burst out in laughter.

"I'm going to buy something at the cafeteria… the fridge is empty… Do you want something in particular?" Zell asked Seifer, after they had managed somehow to stop the laughing

"I'm not really hungry at this moment… besides I can eat everything that resemble food." Seifer answered

"Okay, I'll be back in a moment!!"

"That makes 23 guil." Zell handed the girl the money and grabbed the food he'd bought: three hot dogs, spaghetti and some slices of pizza.

He didn't need any drink, because he had the fridge full of beers. He started to go back to his room that was also Seifer's now.

Mmm… Seifer was… different when I was talking with him… Is it because of the fever or… he really has changed?

"It's a shame that Headmaster Cid let him made SeeD…" someone said near him.

He turned his head towards the male voice and wasn't surprise when he saw Kenneth who was talking with his two fellows, Evan and Mik, while his girlfriend (a little bitch with blonde long hair), Shelly, was glued to his right arm nodding at every word he was saying No wonder she didn't made SeeD... Zell thought But Kenneth… How could he make SeeD? He's worse than Seifer when he was a pain in the ass!!

"I agree with you, Ken…" Mik said "But Cid said that he saved Zell's life…"

"He did that on purpose! He's a traitor!" Kenneth exclaimed.

Zell tightened his grip on the pack of food he was carrying.

You little bastards!! If you continue to insult him I'll… he blinked. When did he started to care if someone insulted Seifer? That's why he's not here and he can't defend himself he answered himself, not too sure.

He made the way back thinking about what he had thought and when he reached the room Seifer was sleeping. He's like a little kid when he's sleeping… So… vulnerable… God! If he had heard me on that he'd probably kill me!!

Trying to make as less noise as he could he put the food in the fridge and went to bed himself.

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