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Chapter Two

By Purple Penguin

The digital watch on Seifer’s wrist flashed 12:00 midnight. The campers had retired for the night. Selphie as the leader of this trip, had decided to slip the guys into pairs, so Seifer had to share a tent with Squall. He had hoped he could have been with someone else as it was hard enough not to stare at Squall with the others around, so how the hell would he manage when they were alone in the same tent with no distractions. The prospect became a little rosier when he discovered Squall slept naked. Seifer had raked these thoughts over in his head holding the book he was pretending to read but instead his eyes hovered over the top to watch Squall get ready for bed. When Squall was only wearing a pair of boxers Seifer just barely managed to drag his eyes away before he pounced on the unsuspecting SeeD commander. He pressed his fingertips into his forehead.

<God Seifer get a grip, for fucks’ sake, you’re pathetic, absolutely pathetic. Pretty soon I bet you’ll turn into one of those obsessive stalker types that get excited over touching something belonging to the object of their affections.>

“Are you okay?”

Seifer looked up to see Squall couching beside him with a look of concern on his beautiful face.

“Er...Yeah, yeah I’m fine, just thinking.”

With a quick nod Squall stood and walked over to his side of the tent and lay down on top of his sleeping bag.

Seifer took off his beloved trench coat neatly before lying back down again.

Squall frowned. “You’re not sleeping in your clothes are ya?”

“No.” Seifer knew it was stupid but he felt uncomfortable about taking his clothes off in front of Squall. “I’ll go outside and get changed in a minute alright.”

Squall frown deepened “Outside why?” then he smiled slightly. “You’re not afraid of little me are ya?”

Seifer raised an eyebrow. <Is he flirting with me?>

“Cause you really shouldn’t be. I won't bite....unless you want me to.” Squall had a wicked grin on his face and he laughed when Seifer just sat there gaping at him. “Hey, it’s just a bit of fun don’t be so uptight.”

<The ice prince is telling me not to be uptight. That’s a first.>

“What’s the matter with you, Squall? This isn’t like you at all.”

Squall shrugged.

Seifer sat up unbuttoning his shirt and taking it off. His pants followed, ignoring the wolf-whistles from Selphie as she barged into their tent.

“Sorry to disturb guys,” she said winking at Squall.

Seifer noticed. “What’s that mean?”

“Oh nothing,” she said in her best innocent voice. Squall smiled at her then lay flat on his back stretching lazily fully aware Seifer was checking him out and enjoying every minute of it.

Diary 21/7.


Okay I know I’m a flirt so sue me. Only Selphie knows how I feel about Seifer. That’s why she put us in the same tent.

I’m not in love with Seifer. Lust maybe, yeah that’s it, I’m in lust with him.

Before I heard him say he was gay I would never have done anything like this, but he didn’t seem too cut-up about what Zell said about us.

I’m not blind, I saw him checking me out, not that I mind too much.

I made it look as obvious as possible when I watched him get undressed.

Now that I know he wants me I have a feeling this trip going to be fun after all and by the end of it he’ll be mine.

Squall closed the book and set the pen down. He was about to place it safely back in his bag when he decided he wouldn’t mind too much if Seifer happened to read, it so he just left it on the floor. He climbed into his sleeping bag and removed his boxers chucking them anywhere. He watched Seifer fold his clothes neatly and placed them in the corner.

“You’re a neat freak, huh. Never would have guessed.”

Seifer looked at Squall’s clothes, all inside-out and all over the place.

“I only look like a neat freak compared to you.” Seifer sighed reaching for Squall T-shirt.

Squall chuckled as Seifer picked up his clothes and folded them neatly piling them beside his own.

“I can’t believe you sleep naked,” Seifer said as he added Squall’s boxers to the pile. “You don’t seem the type. I’d expect it more of someone like Irvine.”

“It doesn’t automatically make you a horny pervert, ya know.”

“Well, what if we were attacked in the night by a herd of bite bugs and there was no time to get dressed. You’d have to ran around naked. Or if there was a fire and all your clothes got burnt, then what?”

Squall looked amused “Are either of these things likely?”

“Well no, but...”

“Then I don’t need to worry then do I?”

<In perfect honesty I don’t normally sleep naked. Anyway, not when I’m alone, but my Seifer gets special treatment. Plus he’s quite cute when he’s embarrassed.>

Squall looked out the zipper entrance of their tent to see the lights were out in the other tents.

Squall silently gestured to the two torches that lit the small space asking Seifer if he was ready for lights out. He nodded and Squall flipped the switch. “Goodnight, Seifer.”

“Goodnight, Squall.”

End of chapter 2. tbc.

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