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Chapter One

By Purple Penguin

Seifer sat in front of the campfire a faint smile wavering on his lips as he watched Squall laughing with Ellone and Selphie about the old days.

Seifer was instantly happy whenever he looked upon Squall. He had been in love with Squall as long as he could remember; even when they were little kids in the orphanage he was fond of him. Squall was adorable. Beautiful in a guy way. Seifer knew Squall would never love him back and that made him instantly sad. Seifer had never, until recently, considered himself gay. He didn’t like women, but was not very attracted to men either. It was just Squall. He’d never liked anyone the same way as he liked, or rather loved Squall, and he knew he’d never get over him.

Seifer shook off the feeling as Selphie bounced towards him.

“Hey, Seify,” she cheerfully shouted in greeting.

“DON’T call me that.”

“You look sad, what’s wrong?” She looked at him with concern.

He offered her a faint smile “Nothing.” She gave him a disbelieving look

“You can tell me the truth,” she sat beside him.

Seifer looked behind Selphie to see Quistis, Ellone and Squall coming in their direction.

“Hey,” Quistis greeted then seeing Seifer’s expression her smile faltered. “What’s the problem, something wrong?”

Seifer waved his arm at her. “It’s nothing really.”

“Seifer’s depressed.”

“I am NOT depressed. A little lonely maybe, but not depressed.”

“Awww poor Seifer.” Selphie put her hand on his shoulder. “Ya know if I wasn’t dating Irvine..." she trailed off.

Seifer smirked. “No offence Selphie, but your not my type.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Well what is your type? I’ve got friends I could set you up with.”

“I don’t need charity, thanks. Besides any of your friends I’m not quite that desperate yet.”

Selphie frowned “Here I am trying to cheer you up and you're insulting me...seriously Seif’ what type of girl do you go for?”

Seifer hesitated “None at all,” he said quietly.


“I prefer men.” Seifer looked up at Selphie expecting her to be disgusted.

“Oh well, you don’t have to worry about us girls thinking any less of you right?” She said reading his mind she looked over her at the other two girls who both nodded in unison. “And Squall bats for both teams anyway.”

“SELPHIE!” Squall stood up suddenly

“I did not know that,” Seifer calmly replied.

“I told you not to tell any of the guys.”

“It doesn’t matter about him, he’s gay, besides...” she got up and whispered to him. “I didn’t think you’d mind if I told Seifer.” She pulled back and winked at him. Squall rolled his eyes then much to Seifer’s surprise turned and smiled at him. Seifer after recovering from the shock winked in Squall’s direction figuring Squall was just teasing, as there was no way he would flirt with him.


“Hey we’re back.”

Irvine and Zell came through the trees with armfuls of wood for the second fire. Selphie had decided seven people could not easily fit round one campfire so she’d practically ordered them to get some more wood and to build another fire.

“Why don’t you do it?” Zell argued.

“Look this orphanage camping trip was my idea so I’m in charge, no complaining. If it wasn’t for me we wouldn’t be here.”

“Wouldn’t that be a tragedy," Seifer commented.

Selphie placed her hands on her hips. “This trip is going to be great as soon. As the fire’s going the fun can start.” She clasped her hands together excitedly.

“Well, what are we gonna do? Sing campfire songs?” Seifer said sarcastically.

“That’s a great idea!”

All four guys stared in horror. “You can’t be serious?!” Squall said “there is no way I’m singing anything.” The others immediately agreed.

“Well it’s us girls who are doing the cooking, so if you want to get fed you better sing up. Come on someone must be able to sing.”

“Seifer can. I heard him in the shower.” Squall said smirking at the tall blond.

Zell sniggered. “That’s not the sort of thing you want to publish Squall people may think you’re an item.”

“Another tragedy.” Seifer mumbled. Squall still heard him he raised his eyebrows slightly then flashed Seifer a seductive smile. Seifer once again winked at him, he knew there was no way he’d ever tell Squall how he felt, but a little casual flirting never hurt anyone and Squall was the one to start it.

He turned his attention back to Selphie who somehow had managed to convince Zell and Irvine to quietly mumble ‘she’ll be coming round the mountain’. He couldn’t help laughing as both pairs eyes were fixed on the ground and Irvine turned the color of a beetroot.

“I don’t know what your laughing at Seifer Almasy. It’s you turn next unless you wanna go hungry,” Selphie replied with her hands on her hips and an evil grin on her face.

“Ohhh no, no, no, no there is no way I am ever singing a campfire song.”

“You can sing a normal song. What was he singing when you heard him?” She asked Squall.

The SeeD commander smirked, “Singing in the rain.” Squall answered delighting in Seifer’s embarrassment as he blushed.

Irvine laughed. “That’s original. Come on sing up!”

“Yeah let’s hear ya, Seif” Zell yelled joining in.


Selphie turned to Squall. “Come on you can’t back out.”

“Yes I can and I’m going to.

Seifer butted in “You two didn't sing. It’s only fair if we all do this together, agreed?”

“Fine.” Selphie said for the guys. “How about ten green bottles?” She smiled happily at the slight nods in agreement she received.

Seifer stretched on the ground. Quistis had called them some time ago for dinner. They still had four green bottles left to do and Selphie had insisted they finish the song.

“Finally, can we go eat now?”

“Yep, let’s go.” Selphie was already bounding off in the direction of dinner.

Seifer dragged himself off the floor. “Come on, Squall. Squall?”

He knelt down beside him. Squall lay fast asleep. He shook him gently.

“Come on. Selphie freed us from our torture, let’s go eat.” He gave him a hand up and they walked towards the other fire.

End of chapter 1

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