Little Black Book

Chapter Sixteen

By Alexis Logain

In Squall's experience, mornings after were typically awkward. He didn't end up sleeping very well due to his nightmares but pretty much came to the conclusion that Seifer had slept through it like a fucking log. Well…that characterization actually wasn't too far from the truth. The brunette snickered and called room service to order breakfast, making sure to tell them that his "friend" was still asleep and to just knock gently on the door.

Room service got there with little delay and Squall tipped the man generously then began to pick over what he ordered - which was almost everything on the damned menu. But then again…he wasn't too sure what Seifer liked. He only had bad memories of trying to go away on vacation with Dante and a sick feeling embedded itself into his stomach.

If Dante knew, he'd kill Seifer.

This left Squall feeling…well, he wasn't quite sure. Afraid…well, yeah. If you weren't scared when dealing with a psychopath, then you needed more help than said psychopath. Especially he had done it before… Squall sighed quietly to himself and picked up a strawberry to nibble on. This was ridiculous - he was a strong fighter and had an entire school of mercenaries at his disposal. Speaking of…nobody knew where they were.

"Will you stop worrying?" a grumpy voice demanded from the disheveled bed. Squall glanced to where Seifer's head was - still buried under a heap of blankets. "I can feel you worrying over here. Stop it - it's interrupting my sleep."

"Why thank you, Seifer, for your concern," Squall spat sarcastically. "It just warms me to the bone, knowing you care so much about my well-being." Seifer groaned from the bed and Squall scowled darkly at his cup of coffee.

"Hyne, what crawled up your ass and died?" Seifer grumbled and threw back the covers. Squall rolled his eyes as Seifer muttered something about moody brunettes. "If I knew that fucking you would be like fucking Rinoa, I'd have had my dick cut off." Squall was terrified that his first reaction to that comment was to slap Seifer. Now that was disturbing.

"Very funny," Squall hissed.

"I'm just kidding - jeez, what happened to your sense of humor?" Seifer demanded.

"I think it ran away at the sight of your naked ass," Squall retorted. Seifer twirled around, enjoying his nakedness.

"I happen to have a very nice ass, thank you very much," he grinned. Well…he had a point. Seifer even stooped so low as to wiggle it at Squall and the brunette went with his initial reaction and slapped Seifer. It was across the butt, so it didn't count as him acting like Rinoa. Which he still avidly believed was completely wrong. He wasn't a dyke. Well, neither was Rinoa…at least he didn't think that she was actually still with other women. She had claimed that she just wanted to see what it was like, being gay. Although…it would explain all those funny looks she gave Quistis… "Whatcha thinking about, Squall?"

"Hmm?" Seifer's hand was waving in front of his face and the blonde was giving him a look that was asking what he flavored his coffee with.

"You have that 'I'm thinking' line between your eyebrows again," Seifer told him. "I was wondering what you were thinking about." Squall shrugged while Seifer popped a piece of toast into his mouth.

"Rinoa wanting to sleep with Quistis." Seifer coughed and his eyes bugged out as he began choking on his toast. "Whoa - you okay?"

"That's…just wrong," Seifer gasped and chugged down some orange juice.

"Why? Because it's Quisty and Rin or because they're girls?"

"Neither: Because it's Rin and just because it's Rin," Seifer snickered. "That girl needs help."

"Or a fuck up the ass," Squall agreed.

"No, that was your problem." Yeah, and the blonde looked too damned pleased with himself about it too. Squall raised an eyebrow and threw another slice of toast at Seifer.

"Eat your toast," he told him. Seifer stared at it.

"Fuck no! These things are trying to kill me," Seifer grinned and threw it back. Squall ignored him and picked it up, choosing amongst the items on the tray and spreading some butter on it. "Mmm, protein." The brunette grinned at Seifer and took a bite. "You like protein, eh?"

"Not as much as I'm sure you do," Squall retorted around a mouthful of toast.

"Oh yeah," Seifer agreed with a laugh. "Too bad you have yet to experience my amazing head giving skills. Wanna give it a go?"

"Nu-uh - your mouth isn't coming anywhere near my cock," Squall shook his head.

"Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Your cock coming near my mouth?" Smiling innocently Seifer sidled closer. "I swear, I've never met a guy who refused to receive a blow-job as avidly as you."

"That's because you'll bite it off. I happen to like having all of my appendages, thank you," Squall glared. As Seifer stepped closer, invading his personal bubble, Squall felt like he was suffocating. "Seifer - I'm serious. I'm not in the mood. Knock it off." He had hurt the blonde, he could see that…but he refused to let it show how much it hurt him to do it. Hyne - he didn't need this right now.

"What is your problem?" Seifer demanded. "I'm just…I thought that with last night - "

"Well you thought wrong," Squall snapped. "I don't want you and I don't need you. Last night was a momentary trip in my libido. If I could control it, then the whole ordeal that's going on with Dante would never have happened." Seifer gaped at him, hurt and confusion clearly written on his face. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to call Cid and let him know I have yet to kill you and then I'm going to take a shower - alone." Grabbing his cell phone, he moved into the bathroom and locked the door.

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