Little Black Book

Chapter Fifteen

By Alexis Logain

"Slow down dammit!" Squall hissed as Seifer once again hit the gas. "If you kill my car I swear to everything good and evil - "

"That they'll never find my body. Yeah, yeah, yeah - so I've heard…about a thousand times," Seifer taunted and rolled his eyes. Squall scowled and leaned over to check the speedometer once more. "Take a picture, your view of my crotch would last longer."

"I'm not checking out your crotch," Squall muttered. Stupid, arrogant, self-centered, stubborn son of a bitch… "I'm looking at the speedometer."

"Well, I can go fast and I can go slow…which do you prefer?"

"That would depend," Squall retorted. "But it probably wouldn't matter with you - I doubt I'd feel anything." Score one for Squall, Seifer

nothing."Well, you'll never know until you try," Seifer glanced at Squall with a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

"And considering I'll never try, then I'll just go on with my impression of your four inch dick," Squall said harshly. Seifer caught Squall's hand in his and tugged it towards his belt. Squall's mouth went dry and his brain almost stopped completely.

"I could always remedy that impression for you…" the blonde suggested. Squall let his hand be tugged lower until his finger-tips dragged against the zipper of Seifer's pants. The blonde smirked at him and then let go of his hand to grip the wheel while going into a sharp curve. A responding smirk slid onto Squall's face and the brunette could have sworn that little devil horns had popped out of his skull.

"Yes you could," he said in reply to Seifer's taunt. "Let's see…" He laid his palm flat against Seifer's zipper, causing the blonde man's breath to hitch. Molding his hand against the warm flesh that was under the thin layer of clothing, Squall dragged it down towards the seat and then back up towards Seifer's zipper once more. Repeating the move several more times until Seifer's reaction was evident and his hands were gripping the wheel until his knuckles turned white. "Well, I guess I was wrong in my assumption."

"Yeah." Seifer's voice was thick and Squall grinned victoriously to himself. Seifer may have caught him off guard once or twice, but where this was concerned, he was way out of his league. "You know, I never pictured you to be so much of a cock-tease."

"Some things about me, Seifer, are better left un-known," Squall grinned, patting Seifer's upper thigh.

"You know…this is your car and all…" Seifer breathed huskily. "You might not want to do that if you want to keep this baby in one piece." Squall smirked and leaned in close.

"Maybe I don't want to keep this baby in one piece," he grinned, grinding his palm against Seifer once more before retreating back into his own personal space.

"You talking about me or the car?" Seifer asked, his voice still a bit shaky.

"What do you think?" Squall raised an eyebrow and stared out the window. "Now you know how I feel."

"Yeah…but I appreciated the attention - hell, I enjoyed the attention…" Seifer told him.

"And I appreciate it, but it's unwanted on my end," Squall said.

"So…if it's so unwanted," Seifer began and pulled off the freeway and onto a thinner road that was taking them to Deling City. "Then why would you be feeling me up in the middle of nowhere. Other guys may have gotten the impression you wanted to pull over and have hot monkey sex."

"Yeah - thank the gods you aren't other guys, right," Squall replied dryly. Seifer merely stared at him. "I don't want you to think that you can hit on me and my mind'll go blank. I can give just like I can receive."

"You know, I'm glad to hear that."

"Mind out of gutter now, Seifer," Squall scowled.

"Can't - it's nailed there permanently." The rest of the ride went on in silence and Seifer maneuvered them to Deling City and inside the Galbadian city to a swanky restaurant. Squall sulked while Seifer parked in a shaded part of the parking lot and moved his hand to un-do his seatbelt when Seifer caught his hand once again.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't play with me, Squall - I won't be toyed with." Squall scowled at the blonde - neither would he. Opening his mouth to retort something that would have undoubtedly been witty and smart, Squall found himself being pulled towards Seifer and hot lips pressed to his. Oh dear Hyne…Seifer was kissing him. Damn…he was one hell of a good kisser. Squall's hands itched to touch and he wanted to cave just this once and go with emotion and instinct instead of logic and knowledge. He wanted to reach out and bury his fingers in Seifer's soft, thick hair and duel his tongue against the blonde's and all the things that came with the hot, trembly passion that filled their kiss. And then it was over, all too soon. Seifer began to pull away and Squall's brain did stop. Not only did it stop, but it completely shorted out and Squall's hands shot out, pulling Seifer's head back to his and grinding his lips to the blonde's. This time he did twist his fingers into the short blonde locks and did push his tongue in past the sweet, soft, warm barrier of Seifer's lips. And he'd be damned if he didn't enjoy it. That was one kiss he was going to remember for the rest of his life.

"Don't play around with you?" Squall asked huskily, his face just inches from Seifer's. His gray eyes were dilated and shimmering in the dying daylight and Seifer's face was flushed. "You're the one messing with my head, Seifer - the one messing with my emotions. I'm attracted to you; I believe this has been established. I don't want to get involved with anyone right now. Too fucking complicated."

"No it's not," Seifer grinned.

"What's not?"

"Being involved with me. It's not complicated." Squall's eyes narrowed and he pulled roughly away from Seifer. This was not what he wanted to do - he was just getting out of that damned "relationship" with Dante and he didn't need - or want - to deal with another one. He wanted to be single and free and not have to worry about all the shit that you had to worry about.

Then he remembered that he was lying to himself when he said that and then he remembered the dreams and nightmares that haunted him for the past six years - the dreams where Seifer loved him and he was happy and the nightmares where the blonde hated him and he was forever stuck being sad and alone.

Fuck that.

Leaning back over, Squall muttered just that and wrapped his arms around Seifer's neck once again.

"Fuck what?" Seifer managed to murmur against the brunette's lips.

"Me," Squall breathed. "And now. Do it now."

"Squall…" Seifer moaned. He seemed to get his bearings a bit and Squall frowned as he pulled away. "We're…we're still in the car - in the…parking lot."


"Kinky…" Seifer grinned.

"…Whatever." Squall straddled the blonde, his lips pressing in a kiss before he could try to stop them. But then again, his body was obeying every signal his brain was giving…too bad it wasn't the one in his skull. Using his tongue to keep Seifer distracted, Squall trailed his hand down to the side of the seat and pulled a lever, sending the blonde down as the driver's seat lowered and touched the leather of the back seats. Leaning back and letting Seifer crawl into the back, he explained, "The back is more tinted."

"Ah," Seifer nodded and grinned. Squall watched as he crawled into the back, leaving enough room for him to follow. As soon as he did so, he reached over and put the seat back up, then once again straddled the taller man.

Gray eyes wandered over the body before them, working on the will of Squall's current brain much as his lips were. And his voice too, it seemed. "For once in my life," his eyes strayed to the jade green ones that were looking at him lustfully, "I'm nervous…"

"Squall? Nervous? No!" Squall's eyes narrowed as Seifer openly laughed at him and then he grinned wolfishly.

"Fine," Squall muttered as his fingers deftly and quickly unbuttoned Seifer's shirt. "Be that way." He ripped the shirt off, breaking open the seams on the arms - oops - before letting his hands wander over the sculpted chest. "Mmmm," he purred and nuzzled his nose with Seifer's. "You sure you want to do this before dinner? It's usually done after."

"Yeah, three seconds after you knock back the last of your wine before being thrown onto the table and are then fucked stupid." Seifer's voice was husky and a bit on the raspy side, something which made Squall shiver while the blonde's hands raised his shirt over his head.

"Sounds interesting," Squall grinned, his voice muffled through the fabric of his shirt. "We'll have to try it some time."

"Too bad we're in a parking lot and not back home." Squall wrinkled his nose before the blonde kissed him again and his long fingers wandered down to the waist of the leather pants that were covering Squall's hips. They were a real funny thing, those leather pants. When he had put them on, they were quite comfortable. Now they were too hot and too tight and Squall was in too much of a hurry to get them off. "These seem to be getting in the way."

"Indeed," Squall smirked and began to nibble on Seifer's ear, feeling the blonde's body go limp. He loved the power that the small action gave him and gave the lobe one last lick. "But to get them off…well, it's gonna cost ya."

"What's that?" Seifer asked, his voice falling back to that low, husky octave that made Squall shiver. The brunette did just that and sat back, his fingers taking a hold of the ties on his leather pants. His gray eyes tried to hold Seifer's steady as he began to pull the strings out of their knots.

"If I take these off," he stopped unlacing them and licked his lips seductively. If this was what it was like letting instinct take over…well, fuck logic. "Then you're buying dinner."

"I think I can swing that," the blonde replied. Squall grinned and watched as Seifer's eyes wandered lower as the leather of his pants began to do the same. Seifer looked up sharply and met Squall's gaze. "You'd better not be teasing like before." "Like I said, it's complicated - it's all just too fucking complicated…" Squall grinned and peeled the leather off his body, tossing it to the side before straddling the blonde again. The grin then turned into an evil smirk as he grinded into Seifer, making the older man hiss.

"Damn Leonhart…you really know how to get a guy going," Seifer managed while Squall drove him wild - something that the brunette could clearly see he was doing. "Squall…" the brunette moaned. He winced inwardly, realizing that sounded like he was way too involved with himself.

"What?" Seifer asked. It seemed as if Squall wasn't the only one having difficulty thinking.

"My name…don't say Leonhart - I want you to moan my name when you're buried in me." Reading the flash of lust in Seifer's green eyes, he leaned forward and hungrily claimed Seifer's mouth. Seifer's hands roamed down Squall's sensitized body and gripped his ass, which caused the brunette to gasp into his mouth.

"That I can do," Seifer replied. "But it seems we might have forgotten something…"

"You underestimate me." Squall tapped a finger on Seifer's nose in a playful chiding for being underestimated. "Don't do it again."

"Oh trust me, I won't," Seifer replied. Squall smiled before leaning back to the glove compartment in the front. With a flick of his finger, he opened the compartment and glanced back to see Seifer watching his flexibility with great interest. Making a mental note to explore the blonde's own flexibility, Squall grabbed the object he was rummaging for and closed the compartment. Sitting back up, the brunette tapped the bottle on Seifer's nose. "See? I'm like a fucking girlscout. I always come prepared."

"Oooh, we definitely have to try doing that one," Seifer waggled his eyebrows pervertedly.

"I'm not dressing up like a girl," Squall scowled. Seifer's hands roamed back up and he leaned down to kiss the blonde. Just as their lips met, Seifer's fingers began to move and tickle him. "Stop it!" Squall laughed and grinned. Seifer went very still and his eyes very dark while Squall frowned at the sudden mood change. "What is it?" Squall resisted the urge to lick at Seifer's lower lip, which the blonde had begun chewing gently on, but was satisfied with Seifer running his hands through his hair instead.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Seifer asked. Squall scoffed at him, his gray eyes narrowing at the stupid question. It wasn't even worth a response. After all, he wouldn't be sitting - naked as the day he was born save for a pair of socks - in Seifer's lap, of all places, if he didn't want to do this. Refusing to dignify the question with an answer, he began to unzip Seifer's pants.

"We're already this far." Squall leaned his forehead on the other man's. "Leave me like this and they'll never find your body. Hyne, I want you too much - don't you dare leave me like this."

"I wouldn't dare," Seifer gasped as Squall ripped his pants down off his hips to make his point. Feelings and sensations were overwhelming Squall's body, making him hot and cold and hard and soft and here and there all at the same time. His mind whirled and his body ached…almost as much as his heart. He wasn't nervous like he told the blonde, he was fucking terrified. He didn't want to be rejected, not again. And he didn't want to be used…but Seifer was just as hard as he was and he was the one on the blonde's lap. Seifer's fingers twined with his for just a moment before taking the small bottle from his grasp. And Squall let him take it, just like he let him lay siege upon his lips. Because he wanted to, because he dreamed about this…because, somewhere deep down, he was still sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, and he still didn't understand Seifer…still didn't understand how he could want someone who hated him. And that part of him, that fragile emotion that had been locked away for almost a decade, that part gasped and writhed and moaned in Seifer's lap, gasping into their kiss as a cool finger slid inside of him. He relaxed as Seifer inserted another and lost himself in the kiss, his body going limp as the blonde found his sweet spot, his chin resting on Seifer's shoulder.

Fingers in him and on him, Squall couldn't even think. He was getting exactly what he wanted. And it was about damned time…

Seifer was tugging at his hair, pulling back his face and staring him in the eyes. Squall got the feeling that this was something…important. Something vital. "I want you. Mind, body, soul…I want it all. I want you." His face was so earnest and so serious that Squall wasn't sure how to react. Emotions never were his strong point… His throat closed and no he was not close to crying like a fucking girl. But Seifer was staring at him with those wide eyes and Hyne he was so beautiful that Squall had to kiss him, had to make that look go away because he couldn't handle it. Seifer had no idea what he was getting into - he didn't want to be involved with Squall, he just wanted the lay. Squall told himself that over and over and impaled his body upon Seifer's flesh, a groan escaping both of their lips as they adjusted to the feeling. Something flashed in Seifer's eyes, something that Squall chose to ignore, before they both lost themselves in each other. Squall's eyes slid shut and his head fell back, his mouth open, and Seifer's lips latched themselves onto his neck, licking and biting and sucking at the flesh there and for one perverse moment, Squall hoped to Hyne that he would leave marks. He wanted Seifer to leave marks, just so he could prove that this happened…

Squall pulled Seifer closer for their lips to meet, feeling Seifer thrust his hips up in reaction to his act. Squall ran his hands through the thick blonde hair, moving in a paced rhythm that was driving him mad. His lips left Seifer's in a gasp as the blonde found his spot again, barely feeling his hands hold on his hips. Volts ran through his body as Seifer slowly moved himself in Squall's body, rubbing the sensitive flesh over and over.

"S-Seifer…" Squall whispered and let his hands run through the soft blonde hair again. "Oh Hyne…Seifer…" He gasped at a sweaty palm wrapped around his cock and pumped in time with the thrusts, which began to increase in speed. Squall began to whimper and shudder as the sensations lanced up his spine; Hyne, it had never been this good before. Moaning as his body took it upon itself to shiver in the beginnings of an orgasm, Squall could feel Seifer's muscles tensing as well. His mind went blank and lights danced at the edge of his vision as he came, Seifer's name falling from his lips in a ragged moan that could be heard down the block. With a few more thrusts, Seifer was given the same fate and, to Squall's delight, called out his name.

He didn't want to move. He never wanted to leave from their spot where they sat tangled on the gray leather, which would undoubtedly have stains. Oh well. The 'workout' was well worth it. Squall caught himself nuzzling the crook of Seifer's neck, not wanting to face the repercussions of their act. But Hyne…it felt so right.

"It's never been like that…" he whispered.

"Like what? Kinky? You surprise me Squall," Seifer grinned. Well he obviously felt pleased with himself. Managed to bang Squall on the third night - that had to be some sort of record. He wanted to tell Seifer that he never felt so connected with anyone - and he had most definitely been around the block…several times in fact. There was a very destructive time in his life where he took whatever anyone gave him - drugs and alcohol wise - and fucked anyone who got his attention.

"Still wanna get dinner?" Squall murmured. He knew his voice sounded off and hoped that Seifer would peg it to expending too much energy.

"Yeah - after that, I'm starved. But we're all sweaty and your car smells like, well, sex," Seifer chuckled.

"So we go somewhere seedy that smells like alcohol and smoke - nobody will care," Squall replied and peeled himself off of Seifer, rummaging for his pants. Ignoring the frown Seifer was giving him, he reached for his shirt and slid up to the front, into the driver's seat. "I'm driving."

"Okay," Seifer agreed and pulled his pants up and over his hips. Through the rear-view mirror, Squall could see the look on Seifer's face: he had been the one to fuck Squall, but was, amazingly enough, the one who felt used in the process. There was some sort of etiquette when dealing with this, but he had never fucked - or been fucked - by someone he knew and interacted with on a daily basis except for Dante but they had established a mutual relationship by then, so Squall wasn't sure what to do. He started the engine and swallowed hard as Seifer slid up to the front, his shirt torn at the sleeves. "Dude, you killed it."

"Did not - it's not my fault that you didn't get it off in time," Squall muttered.

"Funny, I thought I did," Seifer smirked. Squall ignored him, falling silent and well into his head, and drove to the shadier part of town. They went into some place that was called the Electric Cow and had dinner and some beers. Squall wasn't too sure of what he ate, he just sorta sat there and let Seifer take care of everything. After that, they went over to the nicer part of town and stayed in the hotel there. Squall chose to ignore the looks that they got when they just asked for the one room. And as they went into the room, looking at the large bed, Seifer asked him what was wrong.

"Nothing," Squall replied.

"Look, I'm sorry if I took advantage - " Seifer began but Squall cut him off. He didn't want to deal with this shit right now. He just slept with the man who was supposed to be his enemy. Sleeping with the enemy…but Seifer wasn't his enemy - not anymore. And he did exactly what everyone was hoping he'd do, he cozied up and played nice. Okay, so maybe they weren't expecting him to sleep with the poor guy, but come on - Seifer was fucking hot.

"If I remember correctly, I was the one who initiated it all, so just…stop. It happened. It was going to eventually," Squall grumbled. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't think it'd happen again." And he was right, it did. Twice.

But even though he was exhausted - mentally and physically - the dreams came again that night. They were filled with hot, sweaty bodies pressing against Squall's, trying to smother him. He woke three times in the middle of the night, reaching for where Lionheart was supposed to be. But it wasn't there - he wasn't at Balamb-G, he wasn't safe. He was alone and vulnerable and oh dear Hyne what was that? His heart pounded while beside him, Seifer turned in the moonlight. Then Squall remembered that it was all just a dream and…well, he'd deal with the rest in the morning.

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