Little Black Book

Chapter Eight

By Alexis Logain

"So where'd you two go?" Zell asked once Seifer had settled back in his office. He had about five hours of paperwork to do and it was almost eight at night. He sighed and looked up at the blonde. "Everyone was making bets as to who would come back the most maimed."

"Really? And who got that lucky vote?" he asked, somewhat curious. Well, it was certainly more interesting than going over ranking tests and assignment requests.

"Well…we kinda decided that, uh, well, you would because…well…" Zell fidgeted while Seifer raised an eyebrow. "Well, we didn't know where you were and figured that if Squall had abducted you, it wouldn't be a vote in your favor."

"And why would Squall abduct me?" Seifer wanted to know.

"I dunno…gratuitous sexual acts?"

"Well, yeah, but I did those willingly. And I got to see that ass of his in leather. Yum." Zell pinkened, Seifer's desired reaction. "We took the ferry from Balamb to FH then drove around a while. Then we headed towards Esthar and went to his place to pick up some clothes and the Ragnarok. I poked around at his things for a while and then we came back. Not very interesting."

"That's it?"

"That's it." It was kind of amusing how disappointed Zell looked. Kind of. "Don't look so down, Zell. You should be happy we didn't kill each other."

"Yeah…but…you spent all day with a man you hadn't seen in six years and the last time you saw him you two tried to kill each other." That was six years ago! They were both different men. For fuck's sake!

"Zell. Squall and myself have both grown up quite a bit in six years. We are capable of spending a few hours together without trying to rape, maim, kill, and otherwise hurt one another. Well…everything except the rape thing. And that's only me to him. Besides, he and I used to be best friends when we were all little. We know that now, thanks to Dr. Odine and his GF research." Seifer grinned briefly at Zell and went back to reading his paperwork. He had forgotten that Zell was even there when the small blonde spoke again, causing him to knock over an entire stack of finished papers.

"Would you actually do that? Sleep with Squall, I mean…"

"Oh for fuck's sake, Zell," Seifer sighed. However, Zell seemed truly interested, so Seifer decided to answer the question. "I'm attracted to Squall. I've been in love with him for more than half my life."

"You never told me that," Zell murmured quietly.

"You may be my best friend, Chicken, but that doesn't mean I tell you everything. I'm not gonna come running to you every time I have a wet dream about Squall. Jeez." Zell grinned and then began laughing. "What?"

"Hehhehheh…come…hehhehheh…" Seifer snorted and made a face.

"Pervert. Isn't Quisty putting out?"

Zell grinned snarkily. "Quite frequently, if you really want to know. We've started in on that book you gave us for our gift."

"Fun. Well, I'd say 'I hope you enjoy' but I already know that you will. Just don't leave any hot dogs in the bed. Quisty'd kill you." Seifer cracked up laughing while Zell glared at him.

"Not funny."

"I thought it was very funny."

"You're weird."

"Like you're one to talk," Seifer scoffed. Zell chucked a pen at Seifer's head and the tall blonde caught it easily. "Hey, did you know that Squall's thinking about moving back? Like, for good?"

"Really? Are you sure he wasn't just blowing some air, because he doesn't seem very happy to be here," Zell muttered. "Every time anyone tries to do anything with him, he just blows 'em off. Trust me, been there, done that. Got the damned t-shirt."

"Just give him some time. He needs it - needs the time to re-adjust. I mean, imagine how weird things are for him. Everyone and everything is so different now. Nobody and nothing is quite as he expected it to be. He's completely out of his element." Seifer dug around in his desk drawer, rummaging for his glasses. He hated the damned things, but needed them to read sometimes. Finding them and glaring at them, he slid the thin gold wire framed glasses onto his face, settling down to do his paperwork, making a mental note to stop by his…Squall's…the Commander's quarters to pick up some more clothes.

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