Little Black Book

Chapter Seven

By Alexis Logain

"Come on! It's not like I'm going to break it or anything! Besides you can just tell me if I'm being too rough with it. I just wanna play with it for a while…and…Selphie got to!" Seifer pouted and looked pleadingly at Squall, who was settled in the pilot's seat of the Ragnarok.

"For the last time, no you are not flying the Ragnarok." Squall refused to look at Seifer, who was busy giving him puppy-dog eyes. Seifer pretty much accepted the fact that what had happened at Squall's loft would stay there, and he vowed earlier to the brunette that he'd keep it a secret.

"But we're almost there…come on, please?" Seifer knelt down next to the brunette and gave Squall his very best innocent and pleading look, hoping it would work. "I'll do anything you want…"

"Anything?" Squall pretended to think while Seifer grinned suggestively. "Maybe later, Seifer. But for now, I'm comfortable and…well…I'm not moving." Seifer stood and pouted. He learned a while ago that there weren't very many people who could resist his pout. The puppy eyes were easy to resist because his eyes weren't brown, and it was the brown ones that always got what they wanted. Stupid DNA. However, his pout on the other hand, always helped him out of, well, delicate situations. It made him feel like a skank every time he used it though, so he tried not to do it very often. "You're starting to remind me of Rinoa."

"Dude, you really know how to ruin a man's mood. That was low." Seifer frowned then plopped himself into Squall's lap.

"What are you doing?!" the brunette demanded while Seifer fidgeted around, getting comfortable.

"Well, you said you were comfy and I want to fly the Ragnarok…so…I figured this would be a good compromise." He turned to flash a grin at Squall, who was glowering at him and glowering very darkly. Ignoring the evil glare, Seifer winked and blew a mock kiss and leaned forward to grab the controls. And tried very hard not to yelp when he felt Squall pinch his ass.

"I'm not a chair," Squall muttered.

"And I'm not a damned pin cushion!" Seifer rubbed at his rear then leaned back so he was splayed against Squall's chest, his mouth level to the man's ear. His eyes twinkled mischievously and he grinned flirtatiously. "Wanna go make love in the bathroom?" He could feel Squall sigh against him and shift. However, he was unprepared for the attack Squall made on him. Tickling was the lowest of lows. And as soon as he could breathe again, he was getting revenge.

Squirming and laughing and trying very hard to breathe, Seifer slid to the floor right in front of Squall. The brunette grinned and leaned forward. "Nah, I think I like you right where you are. On your knees."

"Oooh, kinky," Seifer commented and grinned when Squall leaned down to whisper in his eyes.

"It's only kinky the first time," Squall told him in his classic dead-panned voice. Seifer cracked out laughing and barely noticed when Squall stood up. "We're about ten minutes from Balamb-G. You break my jet, and nobody will ever find your body."

"That's the second time you've used that as a threat, Squall," Seifer told him and settled into the chair. "Hey, can I start calling you 'Lion baby' like Pandora does."

"Only if you start sucking my dick like Pandora does," Squall replied.

"But I thought you were gay," Seifer retorted. Squall rolled his eyes and Seifer wondered if he should start a count - the brunette seemed to do that a lot.

"It was a joke. It would have been a good one too, but you ruined it." Seifer grinned over at Squall then giggled as he increased the speed of the giant jet. "I don't think I've seen you giggle before."

"What?" Seifer frowned at him. He did not giggle. Laugh, perhaps. But not giggle. "I don't giggle."

"You giggled."

"I did not!"

"You giggled like a little girl. Jeez, that blonde hair must really be getting to you." Seifer glared while Squall smiled innocently.

"Stop cracking blonde jokes at me - at least I have a higher intelligence level than your ex-girlfriend."

"Hey, you dated her too," Squall retorted.

"I'm trying to repress those memories, thank you very much." Seifer stuck his nose in the air, then squinted as Balamb-G came into view. "Wow…I never realized how beautiful it was." Seifer watched Squall look out at the school with a wistful expression. "Do you ever wish you hadn't left?"

"Sometimes…" Squall replied. A look of very deep sadness washed over his erethral features and Seifer knew what he was talking about. "Sometimes, when it got really bad, I wished I would just wake up in those rooms and suddenly have everything laid out for me again. When I was here, I knew what was expected of me and what would happen. When I left…for a while, I was lost. And for the most part, I loved it. Then I moved to Esthar - that was about six months after I had left - and I started school. I met Pandora and Eric - who're married, by the way - and they took me into their group. I grew very close to them."

"How long have you known Dante?" Squall's eyelids fluttered shut and Seifer was immediately sorry he asked. "Sorry…I shouldn't have asked."

"Two years. Almost three. We met through Pandora. She had only known him for a little while…and had invited him to a party. We hit it off right away. I felt free with him. I had only felt like that with one other person before and it was nice to feel it again." Squall fell silent while Seifer wondered who he was talking about. "After about six months…he got into drugs. At first it was casual. Then it turned into a weekly thing. Then every few days. And then daily. And then he was gone for a few days at a time, then a few weeks. And then a few months. He never told me where he was or when he was leaving or when he was coming back. And I would hate him and vow to never forgive him and then he'd come stumbling back…and I caved. I let myself fall in love with the idea of him." Seifer opened his mouth to ask more questions, but Squall cut him off. "You can land over there, next to Balamb-G. I had a landing pad built a little while before I left."

I know, Seifer told him in his mind.

"Seifer?" The blonde turned and looked at Squall, which caused him to look, for the very first time, into his soul. "Don't…I don't want…"

"I won't say anything. I promise." Seifer frowned, his heart heavy, as Squall sighed with relief.

"Thank you." Seifer landed, hearing the unspoken. Thank you, for everything. You're welcome, Squall. You're welcome.

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