Little Black Book

Chapter Five

By Alexis Logain

If he had known the damned ferry from Balamb to FH was going to be so damned slow, he would have taken the Ragnarok there to begin with. But no, he had to arrive incognito - all cloak and dagger-like. He had to leave the Ragnarok in Esthar - his current home - and drive to Balamb-G. Squall glared at the sky, his stormy gray eyes flashing behind his sunglasses. Sliding into his car, which he had opted to put the top up on for privacy, Squall put his sunglasses into their case and turned on the radio. When the passenger door was flung open and a large, broad-shouldered man slid in, shutting the door behind him, well, let's just say Squall wasn't that surprised.

"I thought you were going for a drive," Seifer said after several minutes of silence, save for the throbbing bass.

"I am."

"In FH?" Seifer asked, not believe Squall one bit.

"No, not in FH," Squall replied, sighing. He was 23 for fuck's sake - he didn't need a babysitter or anyone else checking up on him. "Why are you here?"

"Was in town, visiting Ma Dincht, when a pretty little black car drove by, heading for the docks," Seifer told him. "It's my job to keep tabs on all Balamb-G employees."

"Does that include people who outrank you?" Squall asked blandly. This was ridiculous.

"Well, you certainly haven't been acting like a Commander as far as I know," Seifer replied, his tone just as dry.

"And what if I told you that I was considering coming back to Garden?" Squall blinked - what was he saying? Next to him, Seifer sat stunned.

"You are?"

"Yeah…the, uh…" Squall swallowed, not believe he had just said that. "Change of scenery, well, would be nice…" Shit, shit, shit, shit. Give an out, give a fucking out! "But I haven't decided yet." Good save…

"I don't know if you'd enjoy it - there's a ton of paperwork and all the Junior classmen and the tutoring and…" Seifer's voice trailed off.

"Then you should be happy to give it up."

"No, then they'd make me your damned assistant and I think that would cause one of us to wind up dead," Seifer corrected. Squall rolled his eyes.

"I think I'm mature enough to handle myself, Seifer. And control my homicidal urges. What about you? Grow up yet?" Seifer licked at his lower lip, feeling the cut on it.

"Not yet. Care to help? I've been a very bad boy. I think I may need a spanking." He turned his head and grinned at Squall.

"Okay, that's just disturbing," Squall replied at the skanky look Seifer was giving him. "Knock it off."

"Why? I figured that if you're the only other gay guy in Balamb - well, as far as I know, anyway - that I may as well go for it." This time, Seifer was the one who had the smug satisfaction of seeing blatant shock written over Squall's face. "Oh, that's right. You didn't know, did you?"

"You're gay?" Squall frowned at him. Well…that certainly was interesting.

"Bisexual, if you want to get technical." Oh. Well then. Hmm…wasn't there supposed to be some kind of response to this?

"You're bisexual." There we go. Only this time, let's try using a brain, okay?


"No…" Okay, so ignore the brain then. It was just a suggestion.


"You're bi-" This has been established. Moving on…hopefully…

"I'm bisexual."

Squall blinked. Then he grinned. "Well, that certainly explains the looks you've been giving Headmaster Cid…and Zell."

"Hey, they don't call him 'Head'master for noth - ewww! Zell? No. No, I'm sorry, but no." Seifer made a face then shuddered. "Little blondes aren't my type."

"You have a type?" Squall asked incredulously. This had to be the weirdest conversations in the history of weird conversations.

"Yup." Seifer seemed somewhat proud of this.

"Dare I ask…?"

"Brunettes - not short, but shorter than me. Uh…light colored eyes and skin and…a…lean…build." He frowned as Squall raised an eyebrow, trying not to be weirded out. Seifer had just described him, down to the last detail.

"Oh. Uh, is this applicable to both men and women or…"

"Yeah." Seifer's voice was thick.

"Do you have a preference?" Squall's voice was equally thick. He watched as Seifer let his eyes slide shut and let thoughts and feelings wash over him. They were the same thoughts and feelings that had plagued his teens and the past six years he was away from Balamb-G. It wasn't a coincidence that he had left just a few months after Seifer had returned. And now they were rearing their ugly heads enough to bite him in the balls.

"I…I…" Squall was silent, watching Seifer with those observant eyes of his. Seifer stared into them and Squall felt his mouth go dry as the blonde leaned in closer. "I prefer…you." Squall's eyes went wide as Seifer pressed forward, just a fraction of an inch from finally kissing him when the ferry horn bellowed their arrival to FH. Startled, Squall pulled back, swallowing rapidly while Seifer blinked. In the words of Zell, holy Hyne on a stick. That was intense.

Squall's brain froze. There was no logical way to deal with this. Well, there was, but it didn't include pretending it didn't happen. Well, technically, nothing did happen - but something almost did. Squall's stomach lurched. Them kissing almost happened and that could definitely turn into a bad thing. A very bad thing.

"So…uh…I…" Seifer's voice hitched when Squall turned to stare at him.

"I don't know what that was," the brunette told him. "But I don't want to know. Got it? Back off. Go find a gay tree to fuck, alright. But don't fuck around with me or my head." The engine in Squall's little black car revved to life and he hit the button to put the top down. He needed as many eyes as possible on them so he didn't give into the temptation to just take what he wanted. And his libido was currently informing him that what he wanted was Seifer.

"Alright," Seifer murmured. "I wasn't making a pass at you."

"That's what it seemed like to me," Squall retorted. "But hey, I'm the only other gay guy in Balamb, right? May as well give it a shot." Seifer winced as Squall hit the gas, zooming off of the ferry and onto the streets of FH, driving as fast as he could until he got to the transcontinental freeway that connected to FH in the middle. He slammed on the breaks and watched, out of the corner of his eye, Seifer's knuckles turn white as he gripped the handle.

"I didn't mean it like that," Seifer told him once the car was stopped. What? Oh, this shit still… "I had a big thing for you when we were younger…I guess if I had realized…I would have gone for it."

"Well, that was then," Squall snapped. "This is now. You coming or going?"

"How 'bout coming and staying?" the blonde quipped. Squall stared at him and Seifer bit his lip, causing the cut to break open a bit. "Okay…I get the hint. Not funny." He licked at his lip, blood-darkened tongue sliding back into his mouth and Squall scowled.

"Make a decision, or I'll drive to some remote place where they'll never find your body," Squall threatened.

"Well…I guess it depends on where you're going…" Squall was silent for a moment.

"Was thinking about heading out and hitting Esthar. If I'm going to be on an "extended vacation" in Balamb-G, I'm going to need a few things from my place. And the Rag - because those fucking ferries are too damned slow."

"Well, then I guess I'll come with. Selphie always rubs it in my face how fun it was to ride and fly the Ragnarok. I'd like the chance to see if it's as good as she makes it seem," Seifer replied.

"It is," Squall told him. "And a hell of a lot better."

"You swear a lot when you're under stress, did you know that?" Seifer asked. Squall rolled his eyes, cranked the radio, and hit the gas. This was going to be a long drive.

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