Little Black Book

Chapter Three

By Alexis Logain

"Squall!" Heavy feet pounded on the floor behind the angry brunette as he stalked towards the parking center. "SQUALL!"


"Wait up a sec, will ya?" No response. "Hyne…please?"

"Now there's something I never thought I'd hear: Seifer Almasy begging," Squall seethed as the doors to the parking lot slid open.

"Don't leave because of me," Seifer pleaded quietly. "I'm an asshole."

"We had already established that…about six years ago," Squall commented and hit the unlock button to his car. It beeped at him and the lights

flashed."Yes, I suppose we…is that your car?"

Squall raised an eyebrow, still not looking at the blonde. "Yes."

"Awesome! It's beautiful…"

"Typical," Squall muttered and glared as Seifer ran a hand along the rear fender. "Don't touch my car."

"Don't touch you, don't touch your car…so many rules, Squall," Seifer murmured, mesmerized by the gleaming black paint. "Can I drive it?"

"I won't let you touch my car, and you expect me to let you drive it?"

"Can I?"

"No." Squall pulled open the driver's side door and slid inside, but Seifer's grip on the door kept him from closing it.

"Don't leave because of me," Seifer said again. "Quisty'll be so disappointed if you go...and, well, so will everyone else. Not everyone hates how you turned out. Some of us even like you." Seifer smiled tentatively.

"Why are you doing this?" Squall asked.

"Give us a chance to know you," Seifer countered, ignoring his question.

"Why are you doing this?" Squall repeated.

"Because you're the only one left that I need to apologize to. You're the only one who I haven't fixed things with. Well…" Seifer paused with a wry grin. "The only one who matters, anyway."

"So you want me to stay so you can apologize and make-up with me," Squall repeated, his tone dry.

"Something like that."

"How about…no." The engine turned on and Squall pulled on his seatbelt.

"You promised Quisty you'd stay," Seifer told him. Squall simply smirked at the desperate blonde.

"No I didn't. I don't make promises - I never keep them." The two men stared at each other until Squall spoke again. "Seifer?"


"Why do you assume I'm leaving Balamb?" Seifer blinked. "I don't want to stay here, at Garden, but that doesn't mean I'm leaving completely. I was going to go get a room at the hotel…in town."

"You can just stay here. Zell's going to be staying with Quisty so I can just bunk in his room." A chocolate eyebrow raised itself over stormy gray eyes.

"And why would you need to do that?"

"So you can stay in the Commander's quarters…" was the tentative reply.

Said chocolate eyebrows shot up. This was something his informant had neglected to mention. "You're the acting Commander here?" Seifer nodded. Oh yes, a talk was definitely needed with Squall's informant. "Interesting."

"Yeah," Seifer agreed. "I was given this random title that implies I have power, but I don't really. They just needed a figure for the role." Squall shut his mouth to keep from replying with sarcastic comments - Hyne knows he hadn't been doing his job as a commander - and stared out of his windshield.

"I don't want to put you out," he said finally, trying to be able to have a logical reason as to why he didn't stay at Balamb-G.

"They're your rooms," Seifer protested. Squall's head hit the headrest of his seat and his eyes slid shut.

"Fine." Shutting off the engine and getting out of the car in one fluid motion, Squall maneuvered around Seifer and popped open the trunk. "But you're carrying my bags."

"Just what I always wanted," Seifer exclaimed with mock joy as he slammed the car door shut. Squall winced as the door shut - hard - and glanced at Seifer, somewhat amused. "To be your slave. What a joy! Good-dy!"

Squall grinned ferrally at him. "It could be arranged." He pulled out a duffel bag, a suitcase, and his gunblade case. Setting the first two down on the ground, he gently closed the trunk and waited for Seifer to grab them. "Lead the way, slave boy."

"Yessir, Master Squall sir," Seifer replied.

That night, Squall slept in the bed he hadn't been in for years, surrounded by Seifer's scent. He tossed and turned, glaring at the ceiling. 'Flogging the midnight oil or something like that,' he thought to himself. 'No, burning the midnight oil. Flogging is like whipping and whipping involves leather.' No, Squall is not thinking about leather while surrounded but Seifer's scent. There's so much else to think about, to worry about. Like how the hell he's gonna get out of Balamb-G without promising to visit every month. The only way he'd go back every month is bound and gagged. Hmm…that's an idea. Which leads to Seifer in leather. Licking tomato sauce from a whip. That's one hell of a visual aid, no matter where it came from. Tomato sauce? Squall fell asleep with a frown on his face, wondering where that came from - the least he could come up with while thinking about Seifer and sex would be, like, Alfredo sauce or marshmallow cream or… - his dreams turned into images of Seifer in leather and chains, saying, 'Yessir, Master Squall sir,' while Squall stood in front of him, covered in Alfredo sauce and marshmallow cream, dripping the goo onto the floor. Maybe laundry in the morning would be a good idea.

Seifer, on the other hand, slept in Zell's bed, surrounded by the scent of hot dogs. At least, he hoped that smell was hot dogs. Before he fell into a dream that consisted of him as a giant hot dog and Zell running after him, trying to glomp on his leg, Seifer made two mental notes: 1) Be nice to Squall. 2) Wash Zell's sheets because Hyne only knows…

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