Life in the Big City

Chapter Three

By J. Marie and adaptions of Dark Angel Genesis' concepts

Warning!!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. It is rated NC-17. Gay male homosexual acts in explicit detail requiring you to be over 18 are featured here. Yadda yadda. Anyways, this story is set in an alternate universe. I do not change the characters, but their surroundings, and modify their backgrounds as necessary. This is story is kind of a what if kinda deal. What if Seifer and Squall lived in the real world? This answers that question. In this story, Seifer and Squall try to make a living in New York City. Now, this story is loosely based off a roleplaying session I once had with Dark Angel Genesis, years ago. The part of Seifer was played by me, and the part of Squall was played by her. This story is NOT an rp log, as we did this over a year ago. I added in some of my own scenes and touches, but I would still like to give credit where it's due. Dark Angel Genesis DID roleplay Squall and the majority of her take on Squall is adapted into this story. I, J. Marie, however, am the one who has written the story, I originally set up the setting in the rp session, and added in extra scenes and taken GREAT liberties with many scenes. The idea of Squall's little, um, *fetish* was hers, though not roleplayed in this particular story. She gave me permission to write this last year, but I never got around to it. I hope the permission still stands. ^_^

Squall was almost positive that Seifer was going to kill him.

The sultry brunette sat in the tub, washing the sex off of him. He leaned back against the tub wall, soaking, and sighed contentedly.

It had been five days since he got hit by the car and was healing rapidly and well. Thanks to Jolie's amateur medical expertise, he wasn't going to have many noticeable scars. He still felt a little sore, but was far more sore from having sex with Seifer than from the car accident. Squall had called Angelina that morning to let her know he could return to work tomorrow.

The past five days had been incredible, but had been taking their toll on the injured Squall. Seifer was indeed a satyr. He was a sex-crazed maniac that had taken every free opportunity to fuck Squall. As lustful as Squall was, his sex drive seemed to pale in comparison to Seifer's. He didn't think he was going to live much longer if Seifer kept at him like he had been.

Squall had to smile though. He was beyond pleased about being Seifer's lover. If indeed he could call himself that. Squall frowned slightly, wondering what exactly he and Seifer were. There had been little conversation lately. Seifer seemed only concerned with having sex with Squall as much as humanly possible.

Squall started when he felt strong arms wrap around him and a strong form slide behind him in the tub. Soft lips gently kissed the back of his neck. Squall sighed and leaned back against Seifer, smiling softly.

"Ready for another go, beautiful?" Seifer purred, already hard again. They had had sex not twenty minutes ago.

Squall moaned. "Seifer..... Take it easy on me, will you? I'm really sore, and I have to go back to work tomorrow......" he sighed.

"I'll be there. I'll do most of the heavy lifting, don't worry," Seifer said softly, massaging Squall's scalp gently with one hand.

"It's not that, Seifer. I'm mostly sore from you....." Squall sighed again.

"Oh," Seifer chuckled. "You were seriously a virgin, then?"

"As far as men go. But no longer, thanks to you......." Squall smiled.

"I aim to please," Seifer chuckled, kissing the top of Squall's head. "I suppose I'll let you rest tonight."

"You can hold me as much as you like, though..." Squall offered, almost shyly. Sex was one thing, but he hoped Seifer would be willing to give affection as easily as he did sex.

"As long as I get to touch you, I'll be content," Seifer said, massaging Squall's chest, holding the smaller man against him in the tub.

Squall grinned. Maybe they were lovers, and not just fuck buddies. Then again, maybe not. His previous ambition to have sex with Seifer was now replaced with a hope to become Seifer's lover. Squall snuggled against Seifer's chest, immensely pleased that Seifer liked touching him, being with him. They hadn't really talked about it, and Squall was far too scared to broach the subject. He wouldn't be able to handle it if Seifer rejected him.

Seifer gently began to soap Squall up, paying special attention to certain areas, until Squall squealed and batted Seifer's hand away. Seifer laughed, until Squall silenced him with a passionate kiss. This seemed to satisfy the blonde, who happily kissed back, stroking Squall's back. Squall broke away to wash Seifer, pointedly ignoring certain areas until Seifer growled and nipped his ear, causing the brunette to laugh as he attended to those areas as well. Both young men stepped out of the tub, aroused by the other, and gently dried the other with the same towel. As soon as they were dry, Seifer scooped Squall into his arms and brought him to his bed, laying the brunette gently down, and laid down beside him, pulling Squall against him.

Squall sighed and nuzzled Seifer's face with his nose as the blonde drew the covers around them both. Their legs quickly tangled, and arms wrapped the other. Both men sighed contentedly, cuddling.

"This is nice," Squall whispered quietly after a long time.

"It is...." Seifer whispered back, brushing back the loose strands of chocolate hair that had fallen in Squall's mood-changing blue eyes.

"We should do this more often," Squall suggested hopefully.

"Yeah. After sex sounds good," Seifer grinned.

Squall groaned. "Jolie was right about you. You are the god of all that is libido," he sighed in mock sadness.

"Cool! I'm a god! You admitted it yet again!" Seifer laughed.

"What do you mean, 'yet again'? Squall asked.

"Last night, I think your exact words were, 'Oh, god, Seifer..... Oh, god..... God!' " Seifer said in a mock falsetto.

Squall punched Seifer lightly on the shoulder, but couldn't help but grin. "Well, in that case, I'm a god too," he retorted.

"Or goddess. I'm gonna have to get you to dress up for me again," Seifer grinned.

"If you're good....." Squall purred, kissing Seifer gently on the lips. Seifer purred back, returning the steamy kiss.

"I'll be good......" Seifer chuckled when their kiss finally broke off.

Squall just sighed happily and snuggled against Seifer. The blonde fell silent as well, snuggling back. They soon both drifted off to sleep, wrapped around the other.

And they were both smiling.

Working with Seifer was getting to be difficult.

The problem was that Seifer kept giving him the "eye". Or grabbing his ass. Or licking his ear. Or stealing a kiss when no one was looking.

Squall couldn't concentrate. Having Seifer nearby kept his thoughts wandering off. When Seifer touched him, he almost always lost count of something.

Angelina seemed to sense this and had Squall in the back room, doing inventory on her supplies. He stared blankly at all the bottles of wine, salad dressings, and various other food items. He went back to counting, trying not to think of what Seifer was doing.

However, when Seifer came up behind him and wrapped his arms around Squall, he completely lost his count again. "Seifer........." Squall sighed. "I've got work to do......"

"You can do it in a little while. We haven't had sex in a really long time, and if I don't fuck you now, I'm gonna go crazy..." Seifer purred, rubbing Squall's crotch.

Squall sighed and snuggled back against Seifer, despite his reservations. "We had sex right before we came here, Seifer! This isn't the place for it...." Squall sighed, growing aroused as Seifer's hand rubbed against his crotch, and he felt Seifer's other hand playing with his belt.

"Any place is good for it......" Seifer chuckled, undoing Squall's belt and fumbling with the buttons to his jeans.

"Hornball......" Squall muttered, closing his eyes and smiling slightly as Seifer tugged his pants down to his knees, kissing his shoulder while doing so.

"You say such sweet things about me," Seifer chuckled softly, undoing his own pants.

"We don't have lubrication..." Squall whispered, as Seifer began to kiss the back of Squall's neck, rubbing his hardened erection against Squall's backside.

"Sure we do, Squally... Just use your imagination. I know you got one," Seifer purred, grabbing one of the bottles of salad oil that Squall had been counting.

Squall sighed, knowing that any excuse he came up with would be met with a perfectly reasonable explanation of how it could be solved by Seifer. He just hoped nobody walked in on them.

Seifer was humming to himself softly, and squirted out some of the salad oil and rubbed it on his aching erection. Squall, despite his reservations, wriggled against Seifer, wanting attention. Seifer grinned and squirted out more of the oil on his fingers and rubbed gently on the outside of Squall's puckered entrance before sliding a finger inside Squall. Squall sighed contentedly, pushing back against Seifer's finger, smiling to himself.

"You're a little slut, Squall..... You might as well admit it.... You love it when I fuck you," Seifer whispered huskily into Squall's ear, sliding in another finger to prepare Squall.

Squall began to drip precum, and Seifer hadn't even touched his cock. He braced himself against the wall. "Fuck me, Seifer... I want your cock inside me," Squall whispered back. Talking dirty to each other had almost became a ritual for them.

"Don't worry, baby... You're gonna get it," Seifer said as his voice went deeper as he removed his fingers and slid his cock inside Squall's tight entrance.

"Oh, god, Seifer! It feels so fucking good," Squall cried, his long eyelashes fluttering against his cheek, as Seifer fully entered him.

"Shhhh! You're gonna get us caught," Seifer whispered urgently, sticking his fingers into Squall's mouth to muffle Squall's cries. Squall began to suck on Seifer's digits, his tongue swirling against the tip of Seifer's fingers.

Seifer grunted as softly as he could and began to thrust into Squall, short at first, building up into the long thrusts that Squall loved. Squall was dripping all over himself and the floor, mewling around Seifer's fingers in pleasure. Seifer was leaking into Squall, burying his face in Squall's tousled chocolate hair to stifle his cries. Both men were completely lost in the pleasure they gave each other. World War III could have started next to them, and neither would have cared, because all they wanted in life was the feel of the other.

Squall bit down on Seifer's fingers, feeling pleasure course through his body in immeasurable amounts. He was ready to orgasm, just at the feel of Seifer inside him. Seifer never had to touch his cock during sex to give Squall an incredible orgasm. Seifer grunted loudly, despite himself, feeling Squall's muscles clamp down around his shaft as Squall came close to orgasm. Seifer lost all his control and came at the same time as Squall, thrusting inside the boy hard enough to knock over an entire shelf of salad dressing. Both men felt the world black out momentarily as all senses but feel were lost to them in orgasm. Squall and Seifer slumped to the floor, Squall resting on Seifer's warm lap, leaning back against the tall blonde's chest, both men breathing heavily.

"That was fucking incredible, as always," Seifer whispered, wrapping his arms around Squall, allowing himself to grow soft inside the sultry brunette.

"Definitely. But now I have a huge mess to clean up," Squall sighed happily, taking one of Seifer's hands and nuzzling his face into it.

"You clean the jiz off yourself and I'll clean it off the floor and that shelf of salad dressing you knocked over," Seifer laughed, gently taking Squall of his lap and zipping himself back up.

"I knocked over? Who slammed me into it?" Squall grinned, grabbing some paper towels and trying his best to make himself look presentable.

"Alright, I concede on that point, but that point only," Seifer chuckled, replacing the shelf and picking up the bottles of salad dressing, pleased that they were all plastic and were unharmed.

"At least I got you to concede," Squall smirked, zipping himself up.

"Don't get too cocky, Squally Boy," Seifer grinned, pulling the brunette against him and giving him a passionate kiss and pinching the perfect bubble of his ass.

" 'Squally Boy'?" Squall asked, laughing into Seifer's kiss.

"I'll call you 'Squally Girl', if you like that better," Seifer grinned impishly.

Squall batted at Seifer's hands and pulled away, grinning. "Keep it up, and you'll never see me in a dress again," Squall sniffed.

"I'll be good, massah!! I'll be good!" Seifer begged in a pathetic and implacable accent.

Squall rolled his eyes. "C'mon, we gotta get back to work. Angelina's gonna have kittens if she finds out we just hosed down her back room," he sighed.

Seifer grinned and stole one last kiss before leaving. "Hey, she can't say we weren't working hard," he joked, grinning impishly, on his way out.

Squall sighed and followed behind Seifer to get a drink, and both men paused in the hallway when they realized Jolie was standing there, grinning at them. She had her hands on her hips, and her brown eyes were turning hazel, a sign of happiness.

She sniffed the air and then gave them a mock sad look, shaking her head. "I'm never eating another salad here again," she said, smirking, and then passed them by.

Squall was blushing furiously and Seifer had the good grace to wince.

"She didn't, uh, see anything... Did she?" Squall asked.

"She'll never breathe a word of it, Squall. But she will torment us endlessly, mark my words."

The next few months were wonderful.

Jolie, indeed, did torment them endlessly, but it was all in good fun. Seifer and Squall sometimes went out with her, always enjoying the trouble she brought them. There was something amusing about bringing her to a movie theater, and watching her make fun of the lovey-dovey couples and throw nachos at all the sluts. And better yet, she seemed to sense when it was a bad time to bug them, and left them alone when they wanted to be so.

Seifer and Squall's relationship seemed to revolve around sex, which they did on a constant and spontaneous basis. Conversations would be started, but always seemed to end up with Seifer and Squall tangling in the sheets. Squall kept his thoughts to himself, and just let Seifer have his fun. He wondered where their relationship was going, and if he could call it such.

He wondered why he wanted one. Before, all Squall had really wanted was to have sex with Seifer. But now that he had it, it fulfilled him physically, but he still felt empty, like half of him was missing. He ached for more from Seifer, but couldn't put his emotions into thoughts or words. It was odd, but he felt thrilled whenever Seifer asked him to spend the night, and they spent their afterglow cuddling. For some reason, Squall was enjoying Seifer's affections more than the sex.

And a little boy in the back of his mind was frightened. Very frightened.

And when one day, he received a letter from the state of Pennsylvania, the little boy in the back of his mind began to sob piteously.

After a few minutes, so did the rest of Squall.

Seifer stood in front of the movie theater until the movie he was suppose to see with Squall was over.

He shivered underneath his trenchcoat, angry at the cold. Angry at the movie theater. Angry at the happy couples walking by. And especially angry with Squall Leonhart.

How could he have forgotten? They were suppose to see the new Val Kilmer movie, and then go catch dinner. Squall had wanted to stop by his house and get his mail, shower, and then come meet Seifer at the movie theater.

But Squall never showed.

Seifer sighed, and then suddenly envisioned Squall being hit by another car and began to panic. He started to run, heading back to the apartment building. He never ran so fast, or so hard, not even when he won the Track and Field award in high school.

He was relieved not to find Squall's cooling body lying anywhere on the way home. But his worry and anxiety didn't leave him when he reached Squall's door, and started banging loudly on it. "Squall!!! Squall!!! SQUALL!!" Seifer shouted, determined to bust down the door if it didn't open.

After a few more thumps, and right when Seifer got ready to bust through, the door opened slightly, revealing a highly irritated Squall. "What the fuck do you want? Stop pounding on my door like that," Squall said sourly, his tone icy.

Seifer took a step back he was so shocked. Squall was acting just like he did in high school. His facial expression, and even the way he was standing was the same. It seemed the affectionate, and warmer Squall was gone. "We... We were going to see a movie," Seifer started, trying not to look hurt and failing.

"Well, I had better things to do. Go see a movie with Jolie," Squall shrugged again, not even looking at Seifer, his voice as cold as Antarctica.

Seifer swallowed, and didn't even noticed the red in Squall's eyes that gave away the fact that he had been crying. "That's real fucking nice, Squall. You could at least have called," Seifer said, blinking away tears that threatened to come forth.

Squall shrugged again. Seifer would have punched him, but he was trying to regain his composure. "Whatever. I'm busy, so, nice seeing you and all, but I gotta go," he said, sounding arrogant now.

"Fuck you, too, Squall," Seifer spat.

"I'm tired of that. Try fucking yourself for once," Squall said breezily, and then shut the door in Seifer's face, bolting the lock.

It wasn't until Seifer got into his own apartment that he let himself cry.

Working with Squall was getting to be unbearable.

Seifer watched Squall almost completely ignore him. Squall was even chilly with Jolie, who was confused and slightly miffed. She kept asking Seifer what happened, but he couldn't answer, because he didn't know. One minute Squall seemed to adore him, and the next he loathed Seifer's existence.

Seifer kept away from Squall for the next couple of weeks, silently wondering why Squall had pulled away. Why Squall seemed to hate him. And then he wondered why it bothered him so much.

He had grown to love the way Squall silently adored him. The way Squall felt after sex, when their arms wrapped around each other. Seifer even had grown to love the way Squall would try to reason with him about not having sex at work, but always gave in. He loved the way Squall talked, in that sultry voice of his. The way Squall walked, with a slight shake of his slim hips. The smart-ass comments he had about everything. He had grown to love the way Squall smiled, just for him. And then he paused.

Had he grown to love Squall?

Seifer reflected on this line of thinking while he silently moved boxes off the delivery truck with a cold Squall. It was new to him. He'd never loved anyone but himself his whole life. That was his defense against the world. If you loved no one but yourself, then you could never get hurt. But now without Squall in his life, he was hurting.

Now he'd gone and done it.

"Damn!! Shit!! Fuck!!" Seifer cursed, realizing what he'd done.

Squall paused and looked momentarily at Seifer in concern, before turning his face and leaving the room.

Seifer sighed, and wondered what he should do about the situation.

Seifer had managed to find out through Jolie, who seemed to have been able to make up with Squall, that Squall was going to the Melting Pot that night. Jolie encouraged Seifer to go as well, just to see how things went.

Seifer agreed, although he was still reluctant to try and talk to Squall. All of a sudden, the man seemed so daunting. Or maybe it was his emotions that were daunting.

Seifer dressed up in his best, bringing out his silver vinyl pants and his red silk shirt. He slicked his hair back and decided to shine his lips up, just because. Jolie, who's other amateur field seemed to be beautology, had frosted the tips of his golden blonde hair to an almost white platinum blonde. He looked in the mirror and was satisfied, adding his cross sword necklace.

Seifer arrived at the Melting Pot around seven, greeting a few of his friends and spotting Jolie, who was in the corner smoking out. They exchanged waves and she came up to him, handing him the blunt. Seifer took a long hit and handed it back to her.

"Hey! Greedy!" she pouted. Somehow, she managed to pull off adorable, even when wearing too much black lipstick.

Seifer gave her his famous smirk. "C'mon, Jolie. I know this has to be your third or fourth...." he said.

Jolie blinked her dark eyelashes at him, her now-hazel eyes glassy. "How'd'ya guess?" she giggled.

"You're happy. I've known you for almost two years, Joliandra. You're only happy when it's at someone else's expense, or if you're high. And since you're smoking out, I'm assuming the latter," the tall blonde smirked.

"Arrogant bastard....." she sighed, but she was grinning and took another hit.

"You say such sweet things about me, Jolie. Have you seen Squall?" he asked, suddenly serious.

Jolie's hazel eyes went darker, changing back to her normal brown. "Um.... No. Not really," she said, giving Seifer a stupid grin.

Seifer narrowed his eyes. "You're a rotten liar, Jolie. You can do a lot of things, but lying ain't one of them. Where is he?" he demanded, his green eyes flashing.

Jolie scrunched up her mouth into an "o" and tried to look innocent. "I really don't know, Seifer...." she said, her voice taking on a childish quality.

Seifer leaned into her, putting his face right in front of hers, his eyes narrowed dangerously. "I repeat, where is he?" he asked, his tone threatening.

Usually, Jolie would get into a fight if someone tried to intimidate her like that. But she had already gotten into a fight with Seifer long ago, and he had won. She had to admit, as much hair-pulling, groin-kicking, face-biting, and nail-scratching as she did, Seifer still fought nastier. "He's at the bar," she squeaked, thumbing in Squall's direction.

Seifer stood up to his full height and began to walk towards the bar. When the bar was in sight, Seifer stopped, his pale green eyes widening at what he saw.

Squall was wearing a short black dress, with silver trim. The skirt flared, being an empire cut and ended just an inch below his perfect ass. He was wearing thigh high black stockings that were held up with visible silver straps. He had on black platforms, and was wearing silver jewelry. Squall had apparently done without the waterbra, and the wig. His chocolate hair had small silver butterfly clips that clipped his hair. He was wearing a very dark red lipstick and silver eyeshadow. He was drop dead gorgeous.

And he was sitting on another man's lap.

Seifer clenched his fists, and tried to control his raging emotions. If his eyes weren't already green, they would have turned so.

The man on whom Squall was sitting had his hand on Squall's inner thigh and was obviously undisturbed about Squall's true gender. His hair reminded Seifer of Zell's hairstyle, but it was brown with blonde tips and bangs. The young man wasn't terribly taller than Squall, being about his height, maybe an inch taller. His eyes seemed to change color and he wore a grin on his face.

Seifer was determined to wipe that grin off.

The tall blonde began to walk purposefully towards the bar. People took one look at the expression on Seifer's face and cleared a path for him. Jolie hung back in the background, unable to suppress a grin for some reason.

"Hello, Squall," Seifer said in a reasonable tone when he reached the bar. His voice was at complete odds with his face.

Squall looked up and then returned his attention to young man he was sitting on, looking bored. He yawned. "Hello, Seifer. Nice to see you. You can leave now," he said in an icy tone.

Despite Squall's dismissal, Seifer remained where he was and turned his fiery green gaze on the young man that was receiving Squall's attentions at the moment. "What's your name?" Seifer asked, in that maddeningly reasonable tone, that didn't go with his livid expression of suppressed rage.

"Z-Zander," the young man said, perhaps a few octaves higher than his normal tone. His mood-changing eyes were very wide. If ever a person looked chibi in real life, Zander did at this moment.

"Zander. Nice name. Do you like Squall here?" Seifer said, flashing Zander a feral grin.

Zander looked at Squall then back at Seifer, wondering exactly what he had gotten himself into. "You don't have to talk to him," Squall said in a sour tone, not even looking at Seifer.

Zander, however, had a nagging feeling that if he didn't, the rather large blonde with rather large muscles before him might decide to reenact the Spanish Inquisition on him. "S-sure...... He's nice," Zander said, feeling like a trapped rat.

"That's great. Real nice. I'm sure you two will hit it off. Say, you don't mind if I have a private chat with you first, do you?" Seifer asked in that oddly pleasant voice of his.

"Well, to be honest-" Zander started before Seifer bodily picked up by the back of his shirt. Squall slid off his lap and stood up, brushing his dress, glaring at Seifer. Zander scanned the crowd in the moment he hung in air, catching the eye of a short brunette girl who had the good grace to look worried.

Seifer threw the smaller man against the wall, slamming all the air from Zander's body. He then walked up in front of him, his eyes flashing in anger. Zander cringed and closed his eyes, preparing himself to die, or the very least to be crippled for life.

"You are so immature, Seifer," Squall spat and walked out of the night club.

Seifer paused, his gaze focusing on Squall's retreating backside. He stood there for a few minutes, before following Squall. Again the crowd parted, seeing the look on Seifer's face. Zander opened up one eye, not realizing that Squall had just inadvertently saved his life.

Jolie stood over him with a lopsided grin and held out her hand to help him up. "You okay?" she asked, sounding pleasant.

"I was almost torn limb from limb by a blonde maniac and you want to know if I'm okay?" he asked, his voice slightly shaky.

"Jeez, Zander. You're so negative. Look on the bright side of things. You lived, and escaped with nothing more than a few bruises," Jolie grinned, patting Zander on the shoulder.

"Next time you want to use me to set up your friends, Jolie, make sure one of them is not capable of visiting grievous bodily harm upon me," Zander said sourly, before walking back to his boyfriend, who soothed his ego.

"Noted," Jolie shrugged and returned to her marijuana.

Seifer stormed behind Squall who walked at his normal pace, ignoring Seifer.

If a volcano eruption could take human form, it would look exactly like Seifer Almasy at that moment. "Squall!! You bastard!! Come back here!!" he raged.

Squall kept walking, ignoring Seifer completely. Seifer ran up to him and grabbed his arm, spinning the brunette around to look at him. "You fucking bastard!! How could you do that to me??" he demanded.

"You don't own me, Seifer. Get over it and leave me the fuck alone," Squall spat back, an emotion creeping onto his face. It was anger.

"Leave you alone?? Not even a month ago you'd beg me to hold you all night, and now you want me to leave you alone????" Seifer shouted. Pedestrians paused at the street, staring at the angry couple.

Squall hated being stared at like that. He wrenched his arm free from Seifer's grip. "Exactly. Now go away," he said coldly, storming back to their apartments. If an ice storm could take form, it would look exactly like Squall Leonhart at that moment.

Seifer stood where he was, feeling a lot of things. Anger was an impressive emotion that almost overtook him. But another emotion called to him, and he was forced to explore it. It was pain. The pain of losing Squall

Squall made it up to his apartment and calmly took out his key. He opened his door and then blinked when it was slammed shut by a muscular arm. He sighed audibly and turned around, glaring up at Seifer. To his surprise, Seifer didn't look angry. He look hurt.

"Tell me why you don't me around anymore," Seifer said, his voice quavering. There was pain in his jade green eyes.

"What does it matter, Seifer? It was just sex. If you're that damn horny, find a new boyfriend," Squall said, but he didn't sound icy anymore. He just sounded tired.

" 'Just sex'? Is that what you thought? Christ, Squall, even as horny as I am, I never had sex that much before in my life. And I sure as hell never stuck around after sex to cuddle with my partner," Seifer said, looking resentful.

Squall looked away, registering hurt momentarily. "You'll just leave. They always do. One way or another. Everyone I've ever loved leaves me," he said, sounding like a frightened little boy all of a sudden.

"Do you love me, Squall?" Seifer asked gently, leaning into the saddened brunette.

"Why can't you just leave me alone? Don't you understand what's happening? If you don't leave me alone, you're going to die!" Squall said, bursting into tears.

Seifer blinked and quickly drew the brunette into his embrace. "What??? Squall, you're not making any sense," he whispered.

Squall opened his door and stepped inside, motioning Seifer to follow. Seifer followed, ignoring Griener's hiss as he entered the room. Squall picked up a letter and handed it to Seifer. His mascara was running slightly from his tears.

Seifer took the letter and read it, trying to understand why Squall was convinced Seifer was going to die. And then, just like that, he understood.

"Squall. It's not your fault," Seifer said softly.

"Yes, it is. She was coming to see me, Seifer. Don't you understand? Everyone I love gets taken away, whether they want to be or not," Squall choked out.

"Sis died in a car accident on her way to New York, Squall. That's not your fault, and it has nothing to do with you. It's just life, Squall. It's just life. You can't blame yourself," Seifer said gently and pulled Squall against him. Squall resisted slightly, but let himself be held.

"It is my fault, Seifer. Just go away, and you'll be safe. Please go away. I don't want my heart broken again," Squall sobbed into Seifer's chest.

"I can't leave you, Squall. If I leave you, I will die. I love you, goddammit. I've never loved anyone in my whole life, except myself, until you showed up. I love you so much, that I know it will kill me if I leave," Seifer whispered into Squall's soft, coconut smelling hair.

Squall was silent for a long time, breathing heavily against Seifer's chest. Seifer held him just as quietly, having said what he needed to say. "I love you, too, Seifer," Squall whispered after what felt like forever to Seifer.

"Don't make me leave. And don't leave me. I don't care what happens, but I want to be near you. I have to be," Seifer said, his voice cracking with emotion.

Squall squeezed his arms around Seifer. "You promise you won't leave, ever?" he whispered.

"I promise. And if I die, I'll haunt you for the rest of your life," Seifer managed a smile.

Squall looked up at him and smiled back. Their lips met and Squall fumbled with the light switch, turning it off. Seifer scooped him up into his arms and headed towards the bedroom.

"Seifer..." Squall sighed, knowing exactly what Seifer had in mind.

Seifer grinned. "Cut me some slack, Squall. I'm a teenage male with raging hormones and, at the moment, a raging hard-on. It's not just about sex at all, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm horny," he grinned, placing Squall on the bed, and grinning down at his slender form.

"As long as it's not just about sex, I won't complain," Squall grinned back, holding his arms out for Seifer.

Seifer lay on top of him, diving his tongue inside Squall's inviting mouth, and wrapping his arms around the sultry brunette, playing with the ribbons of his dress. Seifer was thrilled about the chance to make love to Squall while Squall was dressed as a woman. Squall, also seemed to be warming to the thought, wrapping his smooth thighs around Seifer's waist. Seifer grunted and rubbed his crotch against Squall's, their erections brushing against each other through the cloth of their clothes.

Squall threw back his head and mewled. "Take me, Seifer....." he begged softly, grinding his hips against Seifer's.

"Oh god, Squall......" Seifer purred, coming to his knees to remove his shirt. Much to his pleasure, Squall was already working on his pants, yanking them down hastily, revealing the fact that Seifer hadn't been wearing underwear.

Seifer closed his eyes, rumbling in pleasure as Squall took his leaking cock into his mouth. Squall began to slurp up Seifer's precum, sucking wildly on his blonde lover. Seifer moaned loudly and then pulled Squall reluctantly off of him, knowing that he would probably come in Squall's mouth soon if he didn't.

"I want to make this last, Squall," Seifer whispered, pushing the sexy brunette back down on the bed. Squall looked up at him with wide blue eyes, his legs slightly spread.

Seifer licked his lips, tasting Squall's lipstick. He slipped his pants off his ankles and then grinned over at Squall. He placed his hands on Squall's creamy thighs, massaging them gently. Squall sighed and sat up to kiss Seifer's lips, massaging Seifer's back.

"C'mon, Squall.... Just lay down.... Let me do all the work," Seifer grinned, breaking off the kiss. Squall sighed and lay back down, looking over at Seifer.

Seifer had his head bent over Squall's lower body, grinning as he watched Squall's erection poke through his dress. He slid his hands between Squall's thighs, rubbing the soft flesh there, feeling the heat of Squall's crotch near his hands. He inched Squall's dress up above his hips, revealing an aching erection that was pushing against black silk panties. Squall sighed and Seifer slid his hands to Squall's hips, rubbing the flesh there. Squall was smiling at Seifer, but bucked his hips up slightly, demanding more serious attention.

Seifer grinned and undid the clasps of Squall's pantyhose. He then hooked his fingers around Squall's black silk panties, sliding them off slowly. Squall squirmed, the slowness of it driving him wild. Seifer slid the panties all the way down to Squall's platform shoes and then off completely. Squall tried to pin Seifer's waist between his legs again, but Seifer quickly back away, bending over Squall's erection. Seifer breathed softly over the hardened flesh, smiling as he watched a bead of precum form on Squall's tip in fascination.

Seifer licked the precum off with his tongue, licking out Squall's slit. Squall cried out loudly, squirming in pleasure. Seifer gave him no mercy and swirled his tongue around Squall's tip, causing the brunette to mewl, his eyelashes fluttering. Seifer moved down and began sliding his tongue along Squall's sensitive underside, listening to the mounting cries of pleasure Squall was uttering in complete satisfaction.

Seifer sat up suddenly, and Squall groaned, wanting attention again. Seifer kissed him gently on the lips, stroking Squall's hair. "So, what shall we use for lubrication tonight, love?" he whispered.

Squall blushed at being called Seifer's love. He would never tire of hearing that. "I have some coconut oil in the kitchen...." Squall suggested.

"Be right back," Seifer grinned, kissing Squall gently on the lips and dashing out.

Squall crossed his arms, looking cross until Seifer returned, proudly holding the bottle of coconut oil. Squall smiled at him. Seifer grinned back, crawling back over Squall, where he belonged.

"It seems we have a thing for using food items in sex," Seifer grinned.

"I vote for chocolate sauce next time," Squall purred as Seifer opened the bottle and rubbed the coconut oil on his throbbing erection.

"Mmmm..... Yummy. I'll have fun licking it off you," Seifer grinned, pouring it on his fingers and slipping one inside Squall. It amazed him how tight Squall felt, despite all the sex they had.

Squall sighed, having a feeling that Seifer was going to ruin another one of his dresses. He felt Seifer slip another finger inside and closed his eyes. Another soon followed, all three pressing into his hot spot, making him gasp. Seifer grinned, positive that Squall was ready and slid his entire length into Squall all at once, causing the brunette to gasp loudly and clutch the blonde's broad shoulders.

"Seifer...." Squall moaned, feeling Seifer hit his hot spot. The blonde smiled and began to thrust deeply within Squall, hitting the spot every time. Squall cried out loudly, but Seifer didn't muffle his cries, and instead joined in. The two men's beautiful bodies were soon slick with sweat as they submerged themselves entirely in ecstasy.

"God! I love you, Squall!" Seifer cried, causing Squall to sigh happily. Something about their sex, which was always incredible, suddenly became more intense, as it was infused with emotion. Squall clutched the swell of Seifer's ass, and their lips met again, hungrily kissing each other.

"I love you, Seifer," Squall moaned, feeling close to orgasm. He squeezed Seifer inside him, causing the blonde to come inside him at the same time Squall did. It seemed the intense sensation wouldn't end, sending shivers down both their bodies. When it finally left them, Seifer slumped against Squall, breathing heavily.

Seifer sighed and nuzzled against Squall's face, feeling content. Loving someone else wasn't so bad anymore, especially when he was loved back. It did something for both of them. Squall nuzzled back, letting Seifer remove his clothing so they could sleep naked against each other.

"You know, I think it would have solved a lot of problems if we would have just admitted back in high school," Seifer said thoughtfully, running his fingers through Squall's soft hair.

"But it would have created more. Imagine what the school would have said," Squall said, running his hands along Seifer's taut back.

"Who cares? They could all suck our dicks," Seifer shrugged, kissing Squall's forehead tenderly.

"Nobody but me better suck your dick, or I'll have to break off a high heel in their ass," Squall chuckled, leaning back so Seifer could kiss his lips.

"And if you ever sit on another man's lap again, I will kill him, and then chain you to my bed," Seifer chuckled, nibbling Squall's lips. The lipstick had smeared across both their faces.

"Sounds exciting. I'll have to do that, then. I kinda like the idea of being chained up," Squall giggled.

"I can arrange that if you like," Seifer grinned.

"Mmm. Maybe tomorrow. I just want to snuggle now," Squall sighed, wrapping his smooth legs around Seifer's.

"Alright," Seifer agreed, pulling Seifer against him, so that the brunette could rest against the hollow of his throat.

"No more talking," Squall whispered, massaging Seifer's chest.

They both fell silent, holding each other long into the night. They gazed into each other's eyes, kissed each other's lips, and caressed each other's skin. They were happy and content. They loved each other immensely, and now they knew it. No emotions, or the lack thereof, would stand in their way anymore. Seifer and Squall were complete.

A complicated story, but that's life in the big city for you.



Well, it didn't turn out as nicely as I wanted, but oh well. I've been beyond exhausted lately. I hope you guys like it anyways. It took a lot out of me. Thanks for letting me use your likeness, SorceressKnight! Hope you like the story too! *turns chibi, grabs her blankie, sucks on her thumb, and waddles off to write her new kiriban request*

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