Life in the Big City

Chapter Two

By J. Marie and adaptions of Dark Angel Genesis' concepts

Warning!!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. It is rated NC-17. Gay male homosexual acts in explicit detail requiring you to be over 18 are featured here. Yadda yadda. Anyways, this story is set in an alternate universe. I do not change the characters, but their surroundings, and modify their backgrounds as necessary. This is story is kind of a what if kinda deal. What if Seifer and Squall lived in the real world? This answers that question. In this story, Seifer and Squall try to make a living in New York City. Now, this story is loosely based off a roleplaying session I once had with Dark Angel Genesis, years ago. The part of Seifer was played by me, and the part of Squall was played by her. This story is NOT an rp log, as we did this over a year ago. I added in some of my own scenes and touches, but I would still like to give credit where it's due. Dark Angel Genesis DID roleplay Squall and the majority of her take on Squall is adapted into this story. I, J. Marie, however, am the one who has written the story, I originally set up the setting in the rp session, and added in extra scenes and taken GREAT liberties with many scenes. The idea of Squall's little, um, *fetish* was hers, though not roleplayed in this particular story. She gave me permission to write this last year, but I never got around to it. I hope the permission still stands. ^_^

Squall sat in his bathtub, soaking. He had a lot of things on his mind.

He could hear Seifer talking to his dogs through the wall of the bathroom. The sound of Seifer's gruff baritone soothed him. Squall sighed slightly, wondering what Seifer's voice would sound like during lovemaking. A futile thought, but it passed through his mind anyways.

Squall got up from the tub and toweled off, wondering what he was going to do. He had two choices. Either he could continue his charade as Sharon and eventually get caught and permanently ruin all friendship with Seifer or he could stop cross-dressing and lose the tantalizing stimulation of being close to Seifer.

A tough decision.

Squall sighed, regretting allowing himself to grow close to Seifer. It would only hurt more to be so close, yet so far away from what he desired. But it was done, and Squall had to admit part of him truly enjoyed being Seifer's new friend.

They had gone out places for the entire past week, blowing all their spare money. They had gone to dinner, movies, fights, shopping, and sometimes just plain talked. Tonight, Squall had agreed to cook dinner for Seifer, and the tall blonde was coming over soon. For the past two weeks, Squall had yet to go to the Melting Pot as Sharon, torn with indecision.

Squall dressed in an old Butthole Surfers t-shirt, and a ratty pair of jeans. He combed his mop of chocolate hair and sighed, because no matter how much he combed his hair, it always looked messy. He remained barefoot, and sprayed on a little cologne, just because.

Squall padded to the kitchen and checked on the chicken casserole he was baking. He began to fry up some mushrooms, having found that they were one of the few vegetables that Seifer actually would eat. He added some more cheese to the casserole, also to please Seifer. Squall had to wonder when exactly he began to care if Seifer was happy or not.

A loud rap was heard at the door and Squall opened it to discover Seifer in a pair of faded jeans and an old Marilyn Manson t-shirt. "Where the fuck did you get that thing?" Squall asked Seifer with disdain as he let the tall blonde in his apartment.

"Oh, Jolie gave it to me. She said it was too big. She knew I liked him, so..." Seifer grinned, holding up a six-pack of beer. Squall rolled his eyes, as Seifer, despite the fact that he was nineteen, could always get alcohol easily, due mostly to his size.

"You like Marilyn Manson? He dresses like a woman half the time.... I thought he would be too gay for you," Squall said as he went back into his kitchen to tend to the food.

Seifer followed and put the beer in the fridge, sniffing the air. "Smells good. And why would you think that? He's dating Rose McGowan, ya know....." Seifer shrugged.

"Maybe she wears a strap-on and fucks him?" Squall suggested, adding more butter to the mushrooms.

"I'd like to see the pictures of that....." Seifer chuckled, leaning over Squall's shoulder to peer at the food.

"For that matter, so would I. They win the Most-Interesting-Couple-To-Have-A-Threesome-With prize for me......" Squall chuckled, and batted Seifer's hands away from the dinner rolls.

"Hell yeah! I'd just like to see what their bedroom looks like," Seifer snickered and snuck a dinner roll before Squall could stop him.

"So did you bring a movie?" Squall sighed, giving Seifer a dirty look for the stolen bread.

"Yeah, I brought over my whole collection of Nightmare on Elm Street movies, from the first to Wes Craven's New Nightmare. Haven't seen them in years actually. Since we were kids. I just bought them to have them, y'know?" Seifer shrugged, munching happily on his stolen roll.

"Sure. It's like the collection of dildos I have in my bedroom. I just bought them to have them," Squall said, rolling his eyes.

Seifer burst into laughter. "You are like the most non-sexual person in the world, Squall. It's so funny when you make sex jokes. I swear I didn't think you'd hit puberty until you were seventeen," he chuckled, wiping tears away from his face.

"It wasn't that funny," Squall said sourly.

"Maybe to you.... When's the food gonna be ready? I'm hungry," Seifer whined.

"If you set the table, the time will pass quicker," Squall suggested, focusing on his mushrooms.

"Slick. Matron should have tried that on us when she wanted us to do chores," Seifer grinned, and rummaged through Squall's cupboard and set out the dinnerware.

The food was soon ready and Squall portioned out the food. Seifer begged for extra helpings which Squall acquiesced to. They both dug into their food, and Seifer seemed quite pleased with his meal. "This is great, Squall. If you were a woman, I'd marry you. You really are a good cook," Seifer grinned through a mouthful of chicken casserole.

Squall winced inwardly at Seifer's remark. If he was a woman.........

"Thanks..." Squall mumbled, trying to focus on eating rather than the thought of being married to Seifer.

The rest of the meal passed in relative silence, until Seifer finished his third helping and grinned at Squall. "Alright, Freddy marathon time......." he said.

Squall nodded and put the dishes carefully in the sink, gaping as Seifer grabbed the beer, started popping some popcorn, pulled out a box of Twinkies. "You're still hungry???" Squall asked incredulously.

"Well, I'm not ravenous, but I still got a craving for some snacks while we watch the movies...." Seifer shrugged.

"How can you eat so much and not get fat?" Squall demanded.

"It's takes a lot of fuel to power this big boy," Seifer grinned, and patted his crotch for emphasis.

Squall rolled his eyes, secretly remembering the feel of Seifer's erection through the clothing as he gave Seifer a lap dance. He tried not to think about how nice it would be to give Seifer another one of those lap dances, but with no clothes on. He sighed, realizing he was failing as he sat down on the couch.

Seifer popped in the first movie and plopped down next to Squall, offering his snacks to the lean brunette. Squall took a few handfuls of popcorn, and soon their attention was diverted to the movie. They both took turns insulting the special effects of the older movie, as well as the acting. But they both had to admit the movie was fascinating. After the first movie was over, the next went in the VCR, and then so on and so forth, well into the night.

By the middle of the final movie, Seifer finally gave out and fell asleep on Squall. Squall sighed and looked over at the blonde who seemed quite comfortable leaning all over Squall as he slept. He reached up and tenderly ran his fingers through Seifer's short golden hair. Seifer sighed and unconsciously nuzzled against Squall.

Squall adjusted himself slightly, so he would be comfortable enough to go to sleep himself, with Seifer resting on top of him. He sighed and put an arm around Seifer, desperately wishing it was under different circumstances.

Right before he fell asleep he decided he was going to go the Melting Pot as Sharon one last time.

He probably shouldn't have done the line of heroin.

In fact, in retrospect, he realized it was mistake. Especially since he had been drinking.

Squall downed his fifth Sex on the Beach, looking around for Seifer. He was feeling adventurous and horny. He most certainly wasn't thinking clearly.

He was wearing his third and final dress, a a loose blue dress with an empire cut. It flared delicately beneath his waterbra, and had a wispy blue skirt over the blue silk of the dress. The dress had lacy blue straps, and he had generously applied blue body glitter. He wore dark blue eyeshadow and frosted blue lipstick on his beautiful face. He had on blue high heels that laced up his smooth, well-shaped legs. His black wig had been brushed out to shining perfection. Squall wanted to be perfect tonight.

"Hey, beautiful....."

Squall looked and flashed Seifer a grin. "Hey, handsome...... Long time, no see," he purred out.

"I've been busy. You missed me?" Seifer grinned, sitting next to the sultry brunette at the bar.

"Of course..." Squall grinned, motioning to the waiter to bring him another drink.

"You're all out tonight. Heard they were giving out lines of heroin in the bathrooms earlier...." Seifer said, noting the glazed look of someone who was on the effects of heroin.

"They were..." Squall giggled, sliding closer to Seifer.

"You smell nice...." Seifer smiled as he leaned in to breathe the scent of Squall's perfume.

"So do you..." Squall whispered, leaning back so that their faces almost touched. Both men looked into each other's eyes, and something seemed to pass between them.

"Are you going to let me touch you tonight, Sharon?" Seifer whispered, a hand settling gently on Squall's creamy thigh, pushing up the hem of his dress ever so slightly.

Despite how fuzzy Squall was feeling, he knew that it would be an entirely bad idea to let Seifer touch him. Just one last time. One last time to touch Seifer, to be with Seifer. One last time to cherish so that he could continue to be Seifer's friend. So his lust for Seifer wouldn't be so intense. So maybe he could forget how good it felt to be close to Seifer.

Just one last time.........

Better make it count.

Squall leaned over and kissed Seifer, closing his eyes as the bliss of Seifer's lips washed over his body. Seifer's arms closed around his waist and sent shudders down Squall's spine. Squall pulled back reluctantly.

"Let's go somewhere a little more private........" Squall whispered huskily.

Seifer nodded, his face flushed with lust as he got up and followed Squall to one of the many side rooms at the Melting Pot. Squall found a curtained corner that was still empty and led Seifer inside, ignoring the sounds of lovemaking from the curtained areas around him. Everything at the Melting Pot was designed to indulge every hedonistic pleasure known to man.

"You're not going to touch me, Seifer. But I'm going to touch the hell out of you......... Sit down," Squall ordered, pointing at the cushioned chair.

Seifer grinned and bowed mockingly to Squall and sat down, looking expectantly at Squall. Squall looked down at him and favored the tall blonde with a sultry smile. He sat down on the blonde's lap and began to kiss him, savoring the heavenly taste of Seifer in his mouth. Tongues slid against each other in a desperate struggle for dominance. Once again, Squall broke off the kiss, smiling seductively at Seifer.

"Why do you always do that....?" Seifer whined, trying to kiss Squall again, but getting a chin as Squall lifted his face.

"Because I have a little surprise for you tonight...." Squall giggled, and slid between Seifer's legs, dropping to his knees on the carpeted floor, facing Seifer's crotch.

"Aw, Christ, Sharon......." Seifer whispered throatily, already hard in anticipation of what he knew was to come.

"You're a big boy, aren't you?" Squall giggled, undoing the tie of the baggy pants Seifer was wearing, and pulling them apart to reveal a pair of boxers with little moogles on them.

"You betcha..." Seifer leaned forward slightly as Squall giggled at the boxers.

"I love it.... Cute and adorable on Mr. Masculinity...." Squall giggled, feeling a little fuzzier as his sixth drink took full effect.

"C'mon.... Don't run out on me again," Seifer urged.

"I won't..." Squall said as he tugged at the boxers, freeing Seifer's impressive length. He licked his blue lips in anticipation, his thoughts hazy, but running rampantly.

Lust. Pure and simple. When he was Sharon it was simple. Seifer wanted Sharon, Sharon wanted Seifer. But when he was Squall, Seifer didn't want him. Seifer was straight. Squall wasn't.

Was that why he liked to dress as a woman? Because he wanted Seifer to like him?

Squall leaned down, and nibbled gently on the tip of Seifer's erection, causing the blonde to buck at the contact, gasping loudly in pleasure. Squall purred in the back of his throat and slid out his pink tongue to lap at Seifer's slit, not stopping until he was rewarded with beads of precum. Squall drank them greedily, like it was the ambrosia of the gods.

"Oh fuck, Sharon......" Seifer moaned.

Squall closed his eyes wishing momentarily he could hear Seifer moan his real name out. To hear the name Squall uttered from Seifer's lips in the heat of passion. Why was he doing this? Was it really just lust? Why was he so obsessed with Seifer?

Squall enveloped Seifer's tip and suckled at it, causing the tall blonde to gasp and grab the hair of Squall's wig. It was attached tightly with hairpins, so Seifer noticed nothing amiss. Squall put his hands on the inside of Seifer's thighs, spreading them apart as he engulfed the entire length of Seifer's cock, deepthroating him. Seifer was moaning loudly, his head thrown back in ecstasy.

Squall never thought that giving someone else a blow job could be so exquisite. He wanted Seifer so badly. This wasn't what he exactly what he hungered for, but it sated his desire. Seifer tasted incredibly sweet. Every droplet of precum was savored in Squall's mouth and he moaned around Seifer's cock, vibrating it. Seifer got louder every minute, gasping for breath.

Squall pulled back a bit on Seifer's impressive length, so he could begin to suck. He wrapped his hand tightly on the base of Seifer's cock, rapidly stroking what he couldn't comfortably get in his mouth. Seifer was breathing heavily, his pale green eyes fluttering. Every cognitive thought had left his head. Squall was sucking Seifer hard, his generous lips sealed tightly around the hardened flesh of Seifer's penis, forming a vacuum of pure pleasure for the blonde.

Squall's blue silk panties grew tight as he grew aroused vicariously. Just listening to Seifer cry and moan in pleasure at Squall's ministrations was better than any fantasy or wet dream. It was all he could safely do with Seifer, but he wanted so much more. Lust began to cloud Squall's drunken and drugged mind.

"God, Sharon!" Seifer cried out as Squall began to suck on him almost violently, leaving both men breathless. Seifer gripped the hair of Squall's wig tightly in his hands, his knuckles turning white. Seifer finally came, the powerful orgasm racking his entire body with spasms of ecstasy.

Squall greedily swallowed Seifer's cum, and felt a tug on his hair. Seifer had gripped Squall's wig so tightly that it came away in his hands at the force of his orgasm. Squall looked up at Seifer, the blonde's softening cock still in his mouth.

Seifer was staring absently at the black wig, and then stared just as absently down at the brunette between his legs. It wasn't that Squall didn't look like a woman, because he did. As feminine and ethereal a beauty as he was, Squall never truly looked masculine. With or without the wig, he still looked like a woman.

But he was distinctively recognizable as Squall Leonhart, to those who knew him.

"............. Squall..........?" Seifer asked slowly, utterly bewildered.

Squall quickly withdrew from Seifer's cock and shakily came to his feet, horror written across his beautiful face. It wasn't suppose to be like this. It was just one last time. Just enough to sate his lust, and then he could continue to be Seifer's friend.

But now Seifer was going to kill him.

Perhaps it was the heroin still in his system, or the incredible amount of alcohol. Perhaps it was the remainders of his arousal for Seifer, or his wish not to be beaten for his deception. But most likely it was the fear and terror of losing Seifer as his friend that caused him to blindly flee the Melting Pot. He had to get away. Far away. He would just pack up and leave. He didn't care where he went, but he had to get away before his world crashed around his ears and he was alone again.

Squall ran quickly through the hedonistic crowd of the night club, pushing against people to get out. Seifer zipped himself up quickly, full realization coming to the blonde as blood returned to his head.

"Squall!!!! Wait!!!" Seifer shouted, pushing through the crowd to catch Squall.

Squall ran faster, dashing for the door, silent tears pouring down his face. Seifer was going to, if not kill him, beat him senseless. It was all over. His friendship, his hopes, his dreams. It had been a mistake.

Squall made it outside and continued to run blindly, breathing heavily in fear and desperation.

"SQUALL!!!!" Seifer shouted, finally making it outside the club and onto the streets. He looked around and saw the fleeting shadow of a beautiful figure in a dress and ran after it.

Why had he done this? It was dangerous to begin with. Seifer was temperamental and violent. And he was straight. When he found out he had been flirting with and engaging in sexual acts with a man, particularly one that was supposedly his friend, he was going to blow his top. Squall knew it from the beginning. But he had wanted Seifer so badly.....

Squall stumbled out into the street, the drugs, the alcohol, and the emotions clouding his mind. He had broken off a heel from one of his shoes in his haste. He stopped in the middle of the street and caught his breath, wishing he really was a woman. Life would be so much better then....

"SQUALL!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!" Seifer screamed.

Squall looked up, seconds too late, and watched the headlights of the car coming at him in the same sort of fascination a doe does. The car screeched and tried to avoid the woman in the blue dress, but the horrid thud was still heard.

The driver panicked and backed up, fleeing into the night, trying to pretend she hadn't just hit a person.

Squall rolled over slightly, feeling something warm trickling down his face. He was lying in the middle of the street, but couldn't quite grasp why. He reached up with a bruised and scraped hand to touch his face. He pulled his hand in front of his face and realized it was blood. He stared at the rich red color on his fingers in fascination.

"Oh, Christ, Squall........." Seifer's voice sobbed. Squall could feel someone kneel beside his body. Did Seifer sound concerned?

Squall felt numb. Nothing hurt, but everything did. He wasn't even sure where he had been hit. The moment where the car crashed into him seemed to turn into a blinding flash of light in his memory.

Squall felt Seifer's hands on him, and cringed slightly, expecting a flurry of blows from the angry blonde.

"Please don't die, Squall........" Seifer sobbed, audible tears in his voice.

Was it possible? Was Seifer actually upset? Squall felt detached, remotely observing everything that happened around him. He felt Seifer pick him up, gently, almost tenderly.

The blonde almost ran back to his apartment, cradling the injured brunette in his arms. Seifer had a bit of trouble on the steps, but made it upstairs and, clumsily jiggled his doorknob, trying to balance the almost catatonic brunette in his arms.

He should have gone to the hospital, but Seifer knew that Squall couldn't financially afford it. It was better to take him home and call Jolie, who had some scattered medical training from her mother. Seifer rushed inside and placed Squall gently on the bed, turning on the light to examine the brunette's wounds.

They weren't as bad as Seifer thought, except for the huge gash in Squall's forehead. Mostly just cuts and bruises. Seifer grabbed his phone and shakily dialed Jolie's number.

"Hell. Satan speaking," Jolie's droll voice said over the phone, muffled from sleep.

"Jolie. It's Seifer. Squall got hit by a car. Come to my apartment and be here last week," Seifer said quickly.

He could almost hear the sleep clear from Jolie's head. "I'm already on my way," she said curtly before hanging up.

Seifer bent over the brunette in worry. He gingerly felt along Squall's arms and legs, and was amazed to discover that Squall didn't have broken bones or sprains. Squall's blue-gray eyes wandered aimlessly about the room, never seeming to focus. That worried Seifer.

Jolie pounded on the door ten minutes later, wearing a coat over her skimpy pajamas. Seifer threw open the door and practically dragged her back to his bedroom.

"Hey, easy on the merchandise, Gigantor! I'm no beauty queen, but I gotta protect what little beauty I have!" Jolie said testily as she was thrust into Seifer's bedroom. Seifer had never looked so worried.

The short brown-haired girl bent over Squall, examining him carefully. To her credit, she made no comment about his dress and make-up while she did so. His pulse was a little sluggish, but functional. He had numerous abrasions and bruises. On closer examination, she was pleased to find that he had no broken bones. But the biggest problem was the fact that she highly suspected, within the limited scope of her medical expertise, that Squall had a serious concussion, judging by the deep, dangerous laceration on his forehead.

"So what's wrong with him?" Seifer asked anxiously.

"Other than the fact that he's a transvestite, he has numerous abrasions and bruises, a concussion to the forehead, and poor taste in lipstick. Which by the way you have on your mouth too," Jolie said sourly, and gave Seifer the eye.

Seifer wiped at his mouth angrily. "What do we do to fix him?" he asked testily, glaring at his friend.

"I have no idea. I think we should take him to the hospital, but I know he can't afford it. We're going to bathe him, clean his wounds, bandage him up, tell Angelina he won't be working for a week or so, and then we need to decide on a religion so we can pray to a god," Jolie sighed and began removing Squall's clothing, wrinkling her nose at the entirely far too feminine attire Squall had on. Jolie was a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

"Is he going to die?" Seifer asked bluntly and moved to help her strip the silent and unfocused Squall.

"I doubt it. But I could be wrong. I just don't think you should let him sleep tonight, just in case he falls into a coma or something. He's not talking, and seems completely out of it, but since I can see the mark from a heroin line and can smell the alcohol from here, that could be part of it, so there's not telling. The head is a funny thing. You never really know," she sighed, wishing she could look as nice in a dress as Squall did.

Squall began to throw up on himself, which caused Seifer to backpedal and Jolie to sigh audibly. She tilted the pretty man's head so he wouldn't choke himself and then reached inside his mouth and cleared out his throat to make sure he could still breathe.

"Stop being such a baby and help me carry him to the bathtub," Jolie commanded.

The rest of Squall's soiled clothing was thrown on a heap on Seifer's ruined bedsheets and Seifer hefted the brunette to his bathtub, settling the naked Squall down inside it. Jolie ran the water hot and handed Seifer the washcloth.

"You wash him. I'll change your bedsheets and dig out a t-shirt or something for him. You're going to have to watch him tonight. Make sure he doesn't sleep, or stop breathing, or something," Jolie said, looking almost amused as she left the bathroom.

Seifer sighed and eyed Squall, who's eyes were still unfocused and constantly roaming everything. Seifer swallowed, hoping Squall was going to be alright. He made sure all the vomit and filth washed away from Squall, and then added some soap to the washcloth, slowly cleaning the brunette, watching Squall's face the entire time. Squall's eyes flicked everywhere but at Seifer.

"Squall? Can you hear me?" Seifer asked, his brow furrowed. Squall didn't answer and continued to look around.

"Squall...... You crazy bastard.... Why did you do this? Why did you trick me? I trusted you......" Seifer sighed, clenching his jaw slightly as he washed between Squall's legs.

Squall's eyes finally rested on Seifer, his face expressionless. He seemed to be studying Seifer as he would a stranger.

Seifer met Squall's intent blue gaze. "Did you want to humiliate me? Is that why you did this? Make friends with me, and then crush me? Your revenge for all my abuse over the years?" Seifer asked, his voice trembling slightly.

Squall continued to remain silent, but he was watching Seifer intently. His gaze seemed to pierce right through to Seifer's soul. The blonde quickly looked away, before he got hypnotized by Squall's beautiful eyes. He sighed to himself and finished cleaning Squall. He stood the spaced out brunette up when he rinsed him off and toweled him dry, his touch surprisingly gentle. Squall continued to stare at him the entire time.

"Alright. Bedsheets changed, t-shirt found. You know my rule about me and naked people, so you dress him," Jolie said, walking into the bathroom.

Seifer took the t-shirt Jolie handed him and dressed Squall and gently carried the wounded man to the bed and laid him down. "You know, between that rule, and the no sex rule you have, I bet you masturbate as much as I do," Seifer said drolly as Jolie took out her first aid kit and began applying more neosporin on Squall than should ever be applied on one human being at one time.

Jolie grimaced at Squall's wounds as she bandaged them up, attending to his forehead first. She was pleased to note it wasn't as deep as originally thought. "Judging by the appearance of that pile of dirty underwear in the corner and the state of your dirty bedsheets, I think you still got me beat by about six times a day," Jolie retorted.

"Five. You have to account for my wet dreams, over which I have no control over," Seifer said smugly as he handed her ace bandages for Squall's sprained ankle.

"Alright. That's fair. I found his house key, and he told me he had a cat, so I'm gonna go feed it and call Angie to tell her what happened. Then I'm going home, because I have important things to do," Jolie said as she finished up her Florence Nightingale act and surveyed her work proudly.

"Sleep is not important," Seifer said.

"Neither is sex."

"Stalemate. Why do you sleep so damn much?"

"Ever noticed how when you were a child, sleep was an interruption of your life, because you never wanted to sleep? You always wanted to go out and do things?"

"Yeah. What's your point?"

"Well, as an adult, I have discovered that life is an interruption of my sleep."

"They have medication for that sort of thinking," Seifer said drolly, staring down at Squall, who had yet to stop staring at him.

"They have treatments for your philosophy on life too. It's called neutering. Don't let him go to sleep until noon tomorrow. I'll be back around 11am to change his dressings. Can you handle it?" Jolie asked calmly, fishing out Squall's house key from his ruined dress.

"Yeah, whatever. And thanks and all," Seifer sighed.

"Your welcome. Tell Squall he owes me big time when he recovers from his little trip to outer space," Jolie said, shaking her head sadly as she left.

Seifer stared down at Squall for a few minutes and then went to go walk his dogs. He returned several minutes later to find Squall's eyes closed, so he shook the brunette gently, waking him. Seifer sighed and took a quick shower and threw on a faded blue tank top and a pair of orange boxers. He crawled in the bed next to Squall, lying on his side and studying the brunette.

He was as much examining Squall as he was his own feelings.

Squall stared at Seifer for hours, until the blonde's energy gave out and he closed his pale green eyes. It wasn't that Squall couldn't speak. He hadn't actually tried. His head was fuzzy and unclear, but he was aware of everything that happened around him. He just had nothing to say.

What was Squall suppose to say to Seifer? That he was sorry? That he hadn't meant to betray Seifer's trust? That his only excuse for seducing Seifer as Sharon was the fact that he was horny? It all fell short.

Squall watched Seifer's sleeping face intently. He reached out and placed a hand on the sleeping blonde's face. Seifer sighed softly and nuzzled against Squall's warm hand. Seifer was so handsome. Like a living statue of male beauty. Perfectly sculpted to be beautiful, yet completely masculine. To Squall, Seifer looked like an angel without wings.

Squall had heard Jolie's warning about not going to sleep, but he didn't care. He closed his blue-gray eyes and let himself drift off.

In his dreams, he was a woman, and Seifer loved him.

"You dumbass!! I give you one simple job and you go to sleep!! Just like a man!"

Seifer sat bolt upright and looked around and found himself looking at the entirely unhappy expression of Jolie's face. "I... What?" he asked, sleep confusing him.

Jolie bent over Squall, who she was gently trying to shake awake. "You let Squall go to sleep! He could be in a coma!" she cried, looking worried.

Seifer's confusion instantly turned into panic and he rolled over to stare at Squall's sleeping form. "Oh, Christ! I'm so sorry.... He's not in one, is he?" Seifer asked, sounding near tears.

"I don't know. He could be deeply sleeping..... You try waking him up!" Jolie sighed, breathing heavily in concern and stepping back. She wore her usual frayed jeans and Korn t-shirt.

Seifer licked his chapped lips and gently shook Squall. The brunette gave no response. Seifer tried not to break down into hysterics and shook Squall so roughly, Jolie thought that Squall's head would fall off.

Gray eyes opened and blinked.

Both Jolie and Seifer gave audible sighs of relief. Then Jolie smacked Seifer with her purse, knocking the golden-haired young man off his bed.

"You moron!!! He could have died!!! I swear, I wouldn't trust you to babysit my pet mice!!" Jolie ranted and then turned to Squall, who was still silent and staring at her intently.

"Alright, RuPaul. We're going to change your bandages, and then you can go back to sleep. I have to work tonight, so Seifer is going to pick his lazy ass off the ground and watch what I'm doing so he can do it himself from now on," Jolie said, piping her shrill voice up.

Seifer took his cue and stood up, taking instructions from Jolie on how to change Squall's bandages. She then let Squall go back to sleep, and left, after smacking Seifer on the back of the head for being stupid once more for luck.

Seifer sighed and sat down on the bed next to Squall, more relieved to find that Squall was okay than he would have liked to admit. That was twice in a twelve hour period that Squall had terrified him.

Why was he getting so upset at the thought of harm coming to the man who had betrayed his trust?

Squall woke up in the evening and sat up, feeling sore all over. His head hurt, more from his hangover than the gash in his forehead. He felt a tongue licking his toes and looked over to find Seifer's oversized dog Raijin licking his toes.

Squall moved his foot with a look of distaste, being a cat person. He sat up and looked around Seifer's bedroom. He absentmindedly stroked the t-shirt he was wearing, noting that it smelled just like Seifer. Soap and cheap cologne.

Squall stood up and then sat back down, as the room decided to spin when he stood up. He waited until the room was kind enough to stop and then stood up again, pleased that room wasn't spinning as fast as before. After waiting for the room to stop again, Squall made his way to the bathroom and pissed more urine than he had ever pissed before in one urination.

Squall headed back out to the bedroom, looking for clothes. He found his soiled dress in the trash can and decided that he would just run to his room in the t-shirt he was wearing. He found his house keys lying on Seifer's dresser and walked out of the bedroom carefully, relieved to find that Seifer wasn't there. He made it to the front door and turned the knob before a strong hand grasped his wrist and pulled his delicate hand away from the door.

Squall looked up and steadily gazed into Seifer's jade green eyes. He swallowed, but said nothing.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Seifer asked, his green eyes narrowing.

Squall looked away suddenly, no longer able to stand the green fire of Seifer's eyes. "Away...." he said quietly, studying the door longingly.

"Considering how banged up you are, that'd be a pretty big mistake. And trust me when I say Jolie doesn't have the temperament to take care of people," Seifer said, his voice sounding angry.

"I don't think you want to take care of me either," Squall said, still quiet, but his voice trembled slightly.

"I shouldn't want to. You tricked me, betrayed me, and seduced me. But unlike you, I don't like hurt my friends. Get back in bed," Seifer ordered.

Squall looked up, surprise written across his face. His chocolate hair hung in his face as he studied Seifer beneath his lashes. After all that had happened, Seifer still considered him a friend?

Squall turned abruptly and hobbled back to the bed and sat gingerly on the edge. To be in Seifer's bed had been a fantasy of his, but somehow being there under the particular circumstances removed all the fun of it. Seifer grabbed Squall's legs and swung them up on the mattress and then covered Squall with the comforter, looking down at Squall with that same almost angry, almost hurt expression.

"Would you like some food? I made some weird chicken and mashed potato Stove Top thing...." Seifer offered, his suggestion at odds with his tone.

"I'm sorry, Seifer," Squall finally said after a few minutes, returning to stare at Seifer's green eyes.

Seifer turned his face. "Why'd you do it, Squall? You hate me that much?" he asked, his voice trembling.

"No. I like you. That's why I did it," Squall said and then looked away as well. At least he had said it. Admitted it. Maybe Seifer wouldn't hate him.

Seifer blinked and turned back to Squall. "You like me?" he asked incredulously.

"I suck your dick and you don't believe me? I'm sorry, Seifer. I know you're straight, but I'm not. I didn't mean to ruin our friendship. I have no excuse for what I did, except that I wasn't thinking with the head on top of my shoulders," Squall said icily, and then closed his eyes. It was all over between him and Seifer, but at least he had told him the truth. At least he hadn't betrayed Seifer again by lying to him.

"I'll fix you a plate and bring you some orange juice. I know it's your favorite," Seifer said after a few more moments of uncomfortable silence. Squall nodded apathetically.

Seifer returned after a few minutes and placed the tray of food in front of Squall. He sat down beside Squall, balancing his own tray, eating quietly. Squall ate mechanically, barely tasting the food.

"Not too bad, eh? Kinda weird to cook them together, but not too bad at all," Seifer said, nodding his head at his plate.

"Yeah. It's pretty good," Squall said sadly. Somewhere in the back of his head he had hoped for Seifer to say he liked him back, no matter how foolish. It hurt to have his dream crushed.

Seifer collected the dinner trays when Squall was done, and the brunette got up to make use of Seifer's shower. He removed all his bandages, wincing at all the bruises and cuts on his body. He showered for a long time, until the water ran cold. Squall opened the bedroom door slightly, and called for Seifer.

"What?" Seifer asked, poking his head in the bedroom.

"Can I borrow some clothing or something? And a towel?" Squall asked dully.

"Sure," Seifer said, rummaging around in drawers and handing Squall a shirt. "Just use the blue towel. It's what I used last night on you."

Squall withdrew back into the bathroom and dried off and dressed, feeling naked in just a t-shirt. He walked back out and sat on the bed again. Seifer came in again and handed Squall some pain pills, which the brunette gratefully gulped down.

"Better let me bandage you up, otherwise Jolie's gonna beat me like I'm Rodney King," Seifer said amicably. He was acting like nothing bad had ever happened between him and Squall, which disconcerted the smaller man.

Squall nodded and lay back while Seifer patched him up. He closed his eyes, wishing Seifer was touching him under different circumstances. It seemed his lust for the blonde wouldn't leave him alone.

Seifer finished and left to walk his dogs for the night. He came back and took his own shower, strangely quiet. Squall lay on the bed, his back turned to the bathroom door, wishing desperately to be a woman. Everything would be okay then.

Seifer came out and sat down on the bed, beside Squall, putting a bottle of something down. Squall blinked slightly, staring at the blonde, who was quite obviously naked. Did Seifer want to get revenge by torturing Squall with visions of his naked body?

Seifer turned to Squall and looked down at the brunette, grinning foolishly. Squall looked up at him and sat up halfway, resting on his elbow.

"Why didn't you just tell me you liked me to begin with, Squall?" Seifer asked, his tone nonchalant.

Squall was thoroughly confused. Seifer seemed to be moving from one mood to the next as quickly as Clinton went through interns. "I..... You're straight... You would laugh at me, or beat me up," Squall said, his confusion creeping into his voice.

"Why did you think I was straight?" Seifer said in the same nonchalant tone.

Squall blinked rapidly in the dark, illuminated only by the street lamps. "B-because all the g-girls you dated....." he stuttered.

"And you never noticed how much attention I gave you? You never figured out why I use to pick fights with you?" Seifer asked, his tone not changing.

"Because you didn't want to be second best?" Squall suggested lamely.

"You never noticed all the times I hit on you?"

Squall fell silent, not from his natural quietness, but from shock.

"I guess you never did. I figured you didn't like me, so that's why you ignored me. That's why I used to pick fights with you. Because I didn't like being ignored. Then you show back up, and you start to act like a living human being..... So I decided we could become friends. I figured you were straight, so I left you alone. I hit on Sharon because she reminded me of you. Then I come to find out that you are Sharon. But I figured you did it just to humiliate me....." Seifer said, his tone serious now.

"B-but the girls......" Squall protested, his mind not fully able to accept what Seifer was saying just yet.

"I'm bisexual. Why is this a surprise? You know I'm a satyr. I like men and women the same," Seifer shrugged.

Squall blinked. "I like men......" he said slowly, licking his lips. "I dated girls back when I didn't want to be gay......."

"What's with the To Wong Foo act?" Seifer asked. "Not that I'm complaining."

"I... I like wearing dresses. It turns me on.... It always has. I... wanted to be a woman..... for you," Squall said slowly, realizing how close Seifer was to him.

"For me? I like you just the way you are, Squall. Dresses and all. A man who looks like a woman..... It's perfect," Seifer whispered, leaning closer to Squall, their faces inches apart.

Squall impulsively closed the distance between them, kissing Seifer gently on the lips. Seifer met him with warmth and passion, drawing Squall into his embrace and pulling the slight brunette against him. It felt so different to kiss Seifer as Squall and not Sharon. It felt hotter, more intense. The sensation of Seifer's tongue driving into his mouth felt even more exquisite to Squall when he knew that Seifer wanted him.

Seifer slid his tongue around Squall's, panting into the kiss. All the pent up desire for Squall that had once been directed into physical violence was now building up into sexual frenzy. For years he had lusted after his smaller rival, thinking Squall wanted nothing to do with him. But now that he knew that Squall wanted him back, he felt satisfied. And hungry. Very hungry. Hungry for Squall.

Squall winced slightly when Seifer's hands brushed one of his bruises. "Sorry..." Seifer whispered into their kiss, before closing his mouth again on Squall's. Squall thought he was going to be lost in the vacuum of Seifer's mouth with the intensity of their kiss. They bruised each other's lips in passion, looking to an outsider like they were trying to consume the other's lips.

Seifer laid on his back, bringing Squall on top of him, their lips parting for the moment. Their naked limbs tangled with each other immediately and Squall's t-shirt rode up to his hips as he straddled Seifer's stomach. Squall kept expecting to wake up. This had to be a dream.

Seifer's hands drifted to the hem of Squall's t-shirt, and the brunette could see the lecherous grin on the blonde's face. It made Squall hot when he realized that the grin was for him. Seifer rose the t-shirt hem up, and slid his hands underneath, stroking Squall's chest gently, avoiding the bandaged areas.

Squall sighed, running his hands across Seifer's muscular chest. The smooth skin seemed to almost melt at his fingertips and Seifer sighed softly, running his hands down to Squall's flat stomach and rubbing the smooth flesh there. Squall smiled softly at Seifer and bent down to kiss him softly, the mood of their passion becoming slow and paced.

Seifer slid his hands down to Squall's growing arousal, stroking it gently. Squall moaned softly, and pushed himself back a little, pressing his backside against Seifer's already hard cock. Seifer groaned and put one of his fingers in his mouth, lubricating it with his saliva. He reached around and pressed the wet finger against Squall's opening, causing the brunette to arch slightly.

Seifer pressed the finger in, spreading the saliva around to lubricate Squall's entrance. Squall sighed as Seifer's finger went in, closing his eyes and hanging his head, his chocolate hair falling in his face. Seifer looked up at the beautiful man on top of him, admiring the way Squall's porcelain skin gleamed in the street light. The way his hair fell in his face. He seemed so ethereal, like a fairy in human form.

Seifer withdrew his finger, causing Squall to whimper slightly at it's departure. Seifer returned the hand to stroking Squall's erection and arched his hips to let Squall know what he wanted. Squall smiled seductively at the feel of Seifer pressing his erection against him and slid back from Seifer's stomach to straddle his hips. Seifer grunted, feeling Squall press his opening against his tip. He pushed his tip in, and then back out, teasing Squall with it's presence.

The sultry brunette mewled like a cat, after Seifer did that a couple times. When Seifer pushed his tip back in the next time, Squall pushed back, impaling himself with Seifer's impressive length. Seifer cried out in surprise, gasping in pleasure as Squall squeezed his muscles around Seifer, tighter than anyone Seifer had ever been in.

Squall was already breathing hard, and threw his head back as he reveled in the ecstasy of Seifer being inside him. A fantasy turned reality. He was dripping precum onto Seifer's stomach, more from the pleasure of having Seifer inside him than Seifer stroking him. Everything in him wanted this, and wanted Seifer. The soreness and pain of his body meant nothing, because he had Seifer inside of him.

Seifer was beginning to thrust, groaning repeatedly in pleasure. He never expected Squall to be so willing, or to enjoy this so much. He had spent years lusting after Squall, and never imagined that Squall would want him back. Squall felt so tight and hot inside, yet cool and creamy outside. Seifer smiled at the humor in that statement.

Squall began to move his hips up and down over Seifer's, riding the tall blonde gently. Seifer gently stroked Squall's dripping organ, a hand reaching up to rest on Squall's flushed cheek. Squall placed his hands on Seifer's broad chest, his head draped over so he could look into Seifer's eyes, his chocolate hair hanging in his face. Seifer looked up, the pale green meeting the murky blue, the street lights illuminating their naked bodies as they made love.

It was odd, how their pace seemed to slow, rather than quicken. It's like they wanted to draw out their lovemaking as long as humanly possible. Squall rode Seifer slowly, and Seifer gave long, but slow thrusts. Even their bodies matched the rhythm, even their breathing and heart rate. It seemed time even slowed for them as they gently made love to each other. It was slow, but maddeningly pleasurable, both men completely wrapped up in the other's presence. Squall reached up a hand to touch Seifer's hand, and nuzzled against the strong hand, feeling it's roughness against his face. The panting and moaning was soft, but their lovemaking was no less intense for it's lack of volume.

Squall leaned down and kissed Seifer's lips, before moving back up to his straddling position, riding Seifer slowly, yet squeezing him gently, almost milking Seifer. Seifer cried out loudly feeling the intense pleasure of his body build to a deafening crescendo. Seifer stroked Squall's velvety tip, determined to bring the smaller man to orgasm. Squall gasped loudly, his body arching as pleasure mounted upon pleasure. Both men finally came to orgasm at nearly the same moment, crying the other's name as the white hot intensity of it exploded across every nerve in their body, the slow build up of their love making having resulted in a truly awesome orgasm.

Squall slumped over Seifer, feeling Seifer still deep within him. He felt beyond content. He felt euphoric, like he was riding the high of the most incredible drug. He stretched out his sweat-soaked body across Seifer's, ignoring his aches and pains, and the stickiness between them. Seifer sighed contentedly, running a hand through Squall's incredibly soft hair, kissing Squall's forehead, careful to avoid the bandage.

Seifer fell asleep within minutes, his arms wrapped around Squall's body. Squall snuggled back, wondering, even through his euphoria, what this meant to their relationship. If this meant a relationship.

They had barely been friends, and now they were barely lovers.

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