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Let Me Make It Alright

Chapter 6: "Rescue Team"

By Angry Angel

"Help, somebody, please! Anybody!! We need help here!!"

Selphie, Irvine, Quistis and Zell were torn from their conversation on their way from the dormitories. They had dropped off Selphie's and Irvine's luggage and checked to see if Squall was in his room, but had found the small apartment rather deserted. Thus, they had complied with Selphie's wish to take a walk through Garden. They had barely left the cafeteria with a hot dog each, when the heartthrobbing cry of a student caught their undivided attention.

"What's going on there?" Quistis asked, concern overshadowing her typically stern voice.

"I think that came from the training center."

Throwing each other glances that required no words, they dropped their hot dogs into the nearest trash bin and hurried for the entrance to the training hall. A young boy, barely older than twelve, came stumbling towards them, fear glowing in his eyes.

"Timothy, what's wrong?" Quistis asked sternly, holding her arm out to stop the boy.

"It... it's Commander Leonhart, he... I... We..."

Panic now lit up in Quistis' cobalt blue eyes as well.

"Calm down, Tim. We’re here to help. Now tell me, what's wrong with Squall? Where is he?"

"In... in the training center. He's with Kenny, he... he's wounded."

"Wounded? Who’s wounded?" Zell asked, grasping Timothy's shoulder.

"Commander Leonhart."

"Hyne," Quistis gasped, "lead us there! Quick!"

The boy nodded and turned around on the spot, the four friends right on his heels as he led them into the maze that was the training grounds. Fortunately, Timothy Brendis was a student blessed with an excellent memory; in the matter of a few minutes, he had found the spot where he had originally left his friend and his Commander.

The five of them were greeted by deep, beastly roars.

"Oh... my..."

At the sight of Squall's motionless body laying in the dirt and a young student trying to keep a monstrous T-rexaur at bay with simple magic attacks, Selphie Tilmitt felt as if she was about to faint.

"Squall!!" Zell screamed at the top of his lungs, causing the Rex to shift focus once more.

"We need to help them," Quistis hissed, "But we don't have our weapons. Zell, keep his attention for a moment so he will leave Kenny alone!"

Her blonde boyfriend nodded. With a grave look plastered across his features, he cracked his knuckles. Zell had never been much good with magic, but he was extraordinarily fast, gifted with the awesome evasion skills of a martial artist. Without hesitating but a second, he rushed past the startled boy named Kenny, glancing back only briefly.

"Go to the others, I'll take care of this!"

When the relieved youth met up with his friend and the older SeeDs, Quistis turned to them with the calmest look she could muster.

"Tim, Kenny, I need you two to stay here and out of the way, okay? You did very well. Selphie, we need to immobilize the Rex before he harms Zell or Squall. Do you have any sleep or stop spells junctioned?"

The dark blonde girl still seemed slightly dishevelled in her panic, but she nodded.

"Yes, I have both of them."

"Okay, you and Zell take care of the Rex then. Irvine and I will get Squall out of there. You don't need to kill it, just give us enough time to take care of Squall!"


Finally back to her full spirits, Selphie jabbed her fist into the air with an eager cry. Her green eyes glinting unusually devilish, she rushed to Zell's aid.

Irvine and Quistis remained in their spots, waiting and watching anxiously how Zell dodged the Rex's attacks until Selphie finally managed to land a flawless sleep spell. As soon as they had assured themselves that the T-rex was doubtlessly immobilized, both Selphie and Zell gave their friends a thumbs-up.

"Go!" Quistis commanded sharply, prodding Irvine into his side impatiently.

They were down on their knees and next to Squall's beat-up frame in the matter of an instant. Quistis turned the brunette over carefully, letting her eyes roam over every inch of his violated body. Her trained blue mage's gaze spotted several superficial injuries, yet, to her relief, nothing life-threatening.

"How is he?" Irvine asked nervously while glancing back at his girlfriend, who was watching attentively over the T-rex's forced slumber.

"It's hard to say, but he should be okay. He's just unconscious. I'll cast a cure on him to hold him over until he’s safe at the infirmary."

The blonde instructor let her slender hands hover over Squall's body, where they shed a soft blue light that was quickly absorbed by the young man's skin. Squall moaned ever so slightly and his features were twitching feverishly, but he didn't wake up.

"Your turn, Irvine," Quistis sighed as she raised up. "Careful!"

The cowboy nodded assertively as he slid his arms underneath Squall's back and and the hollow arch of his knees. When he unfolded his legs beneath his body, now fully bearing all of his friend's weight, he was quite glad that Squall wasn't exactly a heavy weight champion. The brunette rested in Irvine's arms with ease, cradled by a man who was both stronger and taller than him.

Seeing that Squall was being taken care of, Selphie launched a quick stop spell at the sleeping Rex and turned around.

"Let's go, Zell, Squally needs us!"

The martial artist nodded approvingly and followed her to the others. Selphie winced when she saw Squall’s battered figure, and once again tears were pooling in her eyes and threatened to spill across her cheeks. She was a kind girl, and seeing one of her best friends hurt was enough to break her gentle heart.

"Oh my gosh, will he be okay?" she sobbed, running a hand over Squall's bruised and dust-strewn facial features.

"Yes, don't worry, Selph. We need to take him to Doctor Kadowaki, she knows best what to do. Let's go."

The group left the training center almost as quickly as they had entered it. All of them cast glances at their unconscious friend and superior, who was limp in Irvine's arms.

Glances that were throbbing with nothing but concern.



=To be continued!=

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