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Let Me Make It Alright

Chapter 5: "Jurassic Park"

By Angry Angel

Blood was rushing through his veins, leaving him with a blunt thumping sensation inside his head and his vision snapping in and out of focus. He tried to calm himself down, but it was in vain. Grasping his forehead, he stopped for a moment in his flight from the upper deck.

Squall felt his heart beating hard against his chest. Shifting inwardly, he tried to relax his shaking muscles. He still couldn't quite believe what had happened mere seconds ago. Never would he have thought that he could lose his temper like that, yet he had, and he knew perfectly well that he had scared the hell out of his friends.

Rage flared up within his heart again. His friends did have no right to confront him the way that they had. After all, he had given Zell and Quistis clear orders not to get Selphie and Irvine, or anyone else for that matter, involved into his situation. It was nobody's goddamned business but his own.

Drawing a deep breath through ground teeth, he continued on his way to his room.

As soon as he had reached the small, surgically clean apartment, he slammed the door shut behind himself and peeled his uniform off his body, which was drenched in cold sweat. He didn't even bother to take a shower. Instead, he slipped into his black and white civilian clothes, jerked a different pair of black leather gloves over his hands and snatched LionHeart off his desk.

If anything was going to take his mind off the same old painful track it was running on, it was the excitement of battle. He would be able to shut every single emotion and feeling out, if only for a little while.

And for the time being, "a little while" was a whole lot better than nothing.

Ignoring the persistent throbbing pain behind his forehead, Squall left the dormitories again and made his way to the training center. Considering that it was getting late in the evening, he didn't expect to be running into too many students, which was just the way that he liked it. He definitely didn't care what his friends were up to either, as long as they left him in peace.

As he had expected, the training hall was quiet except for some distant T-rexaur roars and the soft humming of numerous crickets. Swiftly, he rotated his blade in his hand and switched to a more defensive pace as he penetrated deeper into the jungle environment.

For a good ten minutes, Squall didn't even come across as much as a Gratt. His spirits sank even lower, and he made a mental note to himself to re-model the training center at the next best chance.

But then, it appeared. A T-rex, bigger than any that Squall had ever encountered in Balamb Garden; a jaw full of long, ferocious teeth opened widely in anticipation, and it voiced a roar that ran a tingle down the length of Squall's spine. A humorless smirk curled the brunette's lips just slightly.

Apparently, he was going to get some action after all.

He brought his gunblade up, unwilling to weaken the T-rex with magic before his attack. He had killed enough of the beasts to know that they weren't much of a challenge for him. Their hits hurt, but contrary to Squall Leonhart, they were neither very fast nor very agile.

With his facial expression snapped back to its usual, emotionless state, Squall charged.

His entire attention focused onto the enemy, he didn't even notice that somebody was watching him.

"He is too cool," a voice whispered softly behind a bush.

"Dude, look at his gunblade!"

Two young Garden cadets carrying a pair of nunchaks and a knife were cowering in safe distance, hidden by a shroud of plants. Their eyes were wide with admiration and awe over Squall's swift, elegantly performed movements.

"I hope he won't see us... he hates to be watched."

"Hehe, yeah, unlike his friend Zell..."

"Whoa, look, dude!"

Squall evaded a lethal attack of the Rex with the grace of a cat. Without even catching his breath, he whirled around immediately, delivering a virulent blow to the beast's side.

"Right on!!"

"Hey, wait a minute... Somethingís wrong..."

The young Commander gasped for air as soon as the tension from his last blow had left his body. His vision blurred to shadows in the matter of instants, and the former blunt pain inside his head transmuted into a caustic, scorching pang.

Squall's stance swayed.

"Hyne, what is he doing??"


Suddenly, the angry T-rex turned. With the force of a steamroller, his tail lashed out and hit the distracted SeeD in the back, sending him crashing face-forward into the dust harshly, and LionHeart far out of reach.

"Squall!" yelped one of the boys.

The brunette didn't hear him. He raised to his lower arms shakily, but before he managed to pry himself off the sandy floor the Rex was already towering above him, his widely ajar jaw reaching for the body below.

Storm grey eyes torn open in shock, Squall barely managed to dodge the deadly fangs. He rolled aside and slammed up his arm in the vain attempt of casting a spell, when the T-rex's tail hit him again with full force, square across his entire body.

Afar from him, the boys watched from their hide-out how the black clad figure was sent through the dirt against a tree strung across the road, where it finally came to a crooked halt and remained disturbingly motionless.


"We've gotta help him, he's wounded!"

"You go call for help, I am gonna try and distract it with my magic!"

While one boy scrambled to his feet and ran out of the hall as fast as he could, the other turned into the opposite direction and towards the Rex, which was quickly appraoching Squall's lifeless body.

"Hey, you! Ugly maggot! Iím over here! Yoohoo! Come get me if you can!"

Immediately sidetracked by the unexpected voice behind it, the T-rex surceased from its former opponent to face the new one. Large yellow eyes met disturbed blue ones. The young boy gulped.

"Uh-oh. It's working."



=To be continued!=

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