By Scarlet Fever

I woke up lazily. It was one of those days where I didnít really want to get out of bed. Without opening my eyes, I reached for Seifer, sighing happily as my hands found his body. I heard him moan, and felt him roll over.


I slowly opened my eyes as I felt his lips press against my forehead. I nodded. He still had the power to turn me on, even after seventy years. I felt a stirring at my groin as I pulled my body against his. I felt movement on the other side of Seiferís long body.

"God, Iím thirsty," Zell muttered, rubbing his head. His hair was sticking out at various angles. He looked over at us, smiling. It had been one of the nights where Zell had joined us in bed. Since his transformation seventy years ago, he had become part of our sex life on more than one occasion. I couldnít say that I minded. After all, it was fun to mix it up. I knew that Seifer loved me, and only me, so I wasnít really jealous.

Zell leaned over, kissing Seiferí s cheek, then mine. "Good evening, gentlemenÖ." He murmured, doing his Alfred Hitchcock impression.

I smiled wryly at him. His physical beauty had also improved after his change. He wasnít actually Ďbeautifulí per say, but more wretchedly adorable, like the cutest kitten or something fluffy. He seemed to create a warm feeling wherever he went. After the Sephiroth thing, he had come into his own in this life, and nothing seemed to suit him better.

"Iím going to get someÖ.. Food." Zell rolled his eyes, clambering out of the bed. He winked at both of us before leaving.

I sighed, resting my chin on his chest. "Do you think itís healthy that he sleeps with us more than he sleeps with Selphie?"

Seifer smirked. "He doesnít sleep with her anymore. Thatís Tifaís territory. So, itís normal that he sleeps with us more than her."

"I still think heís in love with you."

"I think heís in love with both of us. Itís been seventy years. I think heís moved out of schoolgirl phase."

"Ah, the Rinoa syndromeÖ" I smirked. I always found it amusing when either of us mentioned our collective ex girlfriend.

"We should get upÖ."

I groaned, but knew he was right. We had to leave for Balamb before the sun came up. There was some sort of minor thing going on at the Garden. Balamb Garden had become my responsibility. Trabia had been given to Zell, while Tifa took care of Galbadia. Seifer took care of more than that, so it was okay with us if all he did was sign the checks, under an assumed name, of course.

Since Sephirothís demise, Seifer had seen it fit for us to just ignore what he had tried to do, and act a bit more civilized. That theory would always go out the window when the gang of us would hunt down some hapless cattle, i.e.: humans. But, when we didnít give in to that sort of thing, we just went about our business, leaving the humanistic society alone, and they basically left us alone. I didnít know if they saw us through eyes of hatred, but frankly, I didnít care.

I brushed away my thoughts, looking into Seiferís moving eyes. I beamed at him. "Do we have to get up?"

"We have a few minutes, I suppose," he mused, raking his fangs across my neck lightly, tickling me.

I sighed, melting against his body. "Iím glad you can still turn me on just by looking at meÖ"

"What can I say?" Seifer shrugged. "Itís a gift."

"You also have an ego problem."

"It never seemed to bother you before," he quipped, pulling my body on top of his.

I shrugged, kissing him.

"I love you, La Mer."

I smirked. "I know." I nuzzled against his neck, biting down, his sweet blood filling my open mouth.

The End.

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