Chapter Twenty

By Scarlet Fever

I sighed, going out onto the balcony in Seiferís bedroom, which was technically my bedroom, too. There wasnít much time until sunrise, I could feel it. I looked back into the room, where Seifer was sitting on the bed, cleaning Zellís wounds. Zell still hadnít regained consciousness.

"Is he going to be okay?" I asked, smirking as I looked out to the balcony.

"I think so. But I donít think itís a good sign that heís still unconsciousÖ." He trailed off, tracing Zellís tattoo.

"Are you going to bring him over?" I asked.

"Even if I donít, he might get Tifa to do itÖ.."

"He only wants you to do it."

Seifer sighed, looking over at me. He then looked back as Zell roused.

"Zell?" Seifer cried.

The small blonde moaned in pain.

"How are you, chicken-wuss?"

Zell smiled, his bruised lips curling up. "Havenít been called that in a whileÖ.."

"Thank fuck youíre okay," Seifer said, moving to rise. Zell reached a shaky hand out, stopping him. I came back into the room, sitting on the bed, on Zellís other side.

"Please." It was a simple statement, but we both knew what it meant. Seifer turned away, reluctant, but Zell gripped his wrist. He then reached out, touching the back of my arm with his other hand. "Please.."

I sighed, leaning towards his neck. I kissed it first, gently sucking the skin into my mouth. I worked my tongue against his flesh, bringing the blood to the surface. I felt Seifer move beside me, and looked up to see him kiss Zell gently. As Zell opened his mouth to my lover, I bit in. The small blonde gasped in pleasure, his moans stifled by Seiferís mouth. Seifer then moved his mouth to the other side of Zellís neck, biting into it. Zell whimpered in pure delight. I had never heard such pleasure wrenched from anyoneís throat other than Seiferís or my own when we made love. Quickly, his breathing became shallow. Seeing as how both Seifer and I were feeding, he was rapidly loosing blood, his life slipping away from him and into our mouths. Seifer pulled away, offering his jugular to Zell, who greedily bit into it, drinking noisily. I pulled away too, letting Zell drink his fill. I reached my hand into Seiferís hair kissing him fiercely. He smiled into my mouth, his tongue snaking in. I sucked on the fleshy invader, as greedily as I had suckled at Zellís neck. Seifer then pulled away from both of us, ready to finish Zellís life off. I sank my teeth back into the wound. After only a few moments, Zellís body stopped moving.

"Is heÖ.?" I asked, licking my lips clean.

Seifer nodded, standing. He covered Zell with a blanket, tucking it around the powerful chest. He then went out to the balcony, staring at his prize.


The captive stirred. He was bound to a chair with silver wire, tied up by one of the human servants. The dagger had been removed from his neck, a blackened hole marking where it had been. Seiferís maker was conscious now. A neck wound wasnít going to destroy him.

"Sephiroth?" Seifer repeated.

"YouÖ littleÖ. BitchÖ." Seifer panted.

"Tut, tut, my dear. Thatís no way to talk to your child."


I couldnít help but chuckle. The tightness in my chest was becoming greater. We didnít have much time. "SeiferÖ."

He nodded, strolling over to the tied up vampire. He straddled Sephirothís waist, wincing somewhat as the silver wire brushed against his clothes. "Sephiroth, why did you do this to me?"

Sephiroth remained silent.

"If you were only going to betray your own kind, why did you even create me in the first place?"

"Your blood is sweet, little oneÖ.."

"You created me for power?" Seiferís voice was calm, but I could hear the underlying rage.

"The sex didnít hurt, eitherÖÖ Youíre one beautiful manÖ"

Seifer smirked. "Flattery will get you nowhere." He pressed his lips to Sephirothís, kissing him deeply. I couldnít help but snort in displeasure. I heard Sephiroth moan under Seiferís lips, and saw him try to rock his hips upwards.

Seifer pulled away, smiling seductively through hooded eyelids. "Isnít it a bitch when your creations malfunction?" He dug his fangs into Sephirothís neck, sucking noisily. After a few moments, he pulled away, standing.

"Hope you enjoy the sunrise." He turned, going back into the house, motioning for me to follow him. He closed the heavy doors behind us, tying the heavy, heavy curtains up, preventing any vagrant rays from coming in. Seifer turned his back, closing his eyes. After a few moments of waiting, the most agonizing screams of pain rang through my eardrums.

"Fuck," I whispered. The stench of rotted flesh was staggering, worse than anything I had smelled before. I couldnít help but feel woozy. I rested my forehead against Seiferís good shoulder, waiting for the wave of nausea to pass. Seifer kissed my temple. I could feel his lips curling up into a smile as the screams continued. Even if it was Sephiroth, I actually felt sorry for his anguish. After what seemed like an eternity, but was actually more like a few moments, the awful wails stopped. I stayed where I was as Seifer moved over to the bed. He lay his long body out beside Zellís, resting his cheek against the still chest.

"Iím sorry, ZellÖ" He whispered, curling his arms around the corpse.

I moved up behind him, spooning his body. I kissed the nape of his neck. "Why are you always so repentant about giving people what they want?"

Seifer sighed, looping one of his hands with mine. "I guess I donít understand why anyone would want this life. Itís eternal servitude.."

I moaned in response, pressing myself closer to him, letting the smell of his skin, his shampoo, his blood, wash over me, pushing away the last remnants of Sephirothís burning flesh.

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