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Notes: This is a SeiferxSquall so don't get turned off by the fact that it's ZellxSquall in the beginning.

I'm sorry if this has been done before, but I've always wanted to write a fic where Squall gets some sort of handicap. And I'll probably be doing one where Squall loses his hearing, though Seifer won't be his friend in that fic. Not at the beginning anyway :)

Anyway, on with the fic. Please review and tell me what you think. If your going to review and tell me that I'm sick for writing this and the characters aren't gay, then you can stop reading this now and kindly get lost. I don't appreciate flames. It's not like I'm going to flame your heterosexual fics, so why should you do it to me?

Heartbreak and Second Love


By Redrum

"Why are we here again?" I shake my head. My chestnut strands dance across my face. "For the fifth time, were here to take out the monsters that still reside in Esther." Zell bounces on the balls of his feet beside me. I can't seem to remember why I took him, of all people, with me. I love the bastard, but he's got too much energy for this kind of mission.

A gloved hand snakes it's way around my waist to rest on my hip bone. I sigh in content and lean towards the man beside me. "We could be doing other things while we wait." Blonde strands prickle my lips as Zell raises his head to nibble on my neck. "You know were not supposed to do this on missions Zell." I surpass the moan I feel rumbling in my chest as he sucks on my adams apple. He doesn't bother to comment, knowing that he's already got me. My eyes close in bliss. I shudder when Zell's lashes flutter against my creamy neck.

The sound of a twig snapping makes my eyes open quickly. A large Malboro appears before me. I shove Zell behind me and quickly unsheathe my gunblade from it's holster. I rush forward with my Lion Heart, wanting to end this quickly I let out my limit brake, Renzokuken. Hoping to get back to Zell's hot mouth soon.

The beast sways for a second, but stubbornly refuses to go down. The Malboro uses his infamous attack, and I'm struck by numerous status attacks.

My breath is knocked out of me when the Malboro slashes me with one of his tentacles. Poison fills my lungs, and before I unwillingly go to sleep my eyes suddenly burn. The monster must have shot more poison at me. And unfortunately it hit me right in the eyes.

"Squall!" I barely register Zell's voice as my lids flutter in exhaustion. I feel the soft earth beneath me as I collapse, face first, onto the ground.

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