By Purple Penguin

Zell glanced at the wall clock in his kitchen. Irvine hadn’t come back from his walk yet. He had a bad feeling, he knew his friend was depressed since he had come back to Balamb.

“Do you want my to go look for him?”

Zell looked over his shoulder at his lover; he hadn’t heard him come in. “Would you?”


“He’s probably fine; I’m just being stupid.”

“I’ll either bring him back or tell you where I saw him.” He left before Zell could utter another word.

The little blonde frowned. He had a feeling that Seifer blamed him Irvine being miserable even though he never said anything.

Seifer headed for the docks, which was were the cowboy usually went. He heard him before he saw him, laughing. Why was he so happy? Just this morning he was miserable. The blonde stopped in shock. The cowboy sat on the edge of the pier in the arms of some red head; the stranger sat with a leg on either side on the cowboy. They were fishing, or at least trying to. He listened for a minute hearing the red head say he didn’t really know what he was doing.

“You know you’re doing that all wrong.” He said.

The pair jumped and spun round. Irvine glared at him and Squall tightened his grip protectively on the taller man in front of him.

“Squall? What are you doing here? Is Griever here?”

The red head glared at him. “I left the ship; it’s just me and Nida here now.”

The blonde flicked his eyes between the two lovers. “A ‘why’ hanging on his lips but he already knew. He knelt beside them and Squall sat up straighter still glaring at him.

“You know you’ll never catch anything this way.”

“What do you know?”

“I can show you how to catch the big fish if you want?”

The cowboy frowned. “You really don’t mind?” He asked as Seifer fixed their fishing line.

“Nah, you look right together.”


They looked up as Nida stood there, mouth hanging open. Seifer stood and backed up a few steps. He smiled as the orange-haired man walked around him like a crab.

“I don’t bite.” As he turned to go he added. “Nice hair.”

Seifer met his lover on the front doorstep. “Where is he? Did you see him?”

The taller man walked past Zell into the house. “He’s fine.”

“Yeah but where is he?”

Seifer turned to face his lover. “Okay here’s the thing, don’t be mad.”

“Don’t be mad? What the hell does that mean? What happened?”

“Squall’s back, he and Nida left Griever and they live here now.”

Zell’s mouth fell open. Seifer continued before he could argue. “Don’t worry about Irvine, he’s happy, safe and if you give him time he’ll forgive you, I know he will.”


“Yeah you should see them together it’s so obvious they love each other, it’s sweet really.”

Zell looked hesitant.

“Oh! Tomorrow I’m going fishing with them and you HAVE to come too.”


“Yeah I’ll teach you. It’ll be fun, just 5 normal guys fishing, what’s wrong with that.”

Zell looked doubtful but he didn’t say anything. “Bet I can catch a bigger fish than you.”

Seifer chuckled. “You’re on, and loser.... gets spanked.”


The End

And they all lived happily ever after; they all had great fun and lots of children..... Oh! Wait they’re gay.

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