Chapter 10

By Purple Penguin

He lay on his back in his, his real bed back home. He smiled remembering when he, Seifer and Irvine had walked into his mother’s house. She went so pale that he thought she might faint but then she hugged him tightly, so tightly that he couldn’t breath. She went on to hug Irvine too who smiled for her sake.

Seifer smiled politely. “Hello again Mrs Dincht.”

She hugged him too, ranting about how she had thought he dies in the storm and that she had prayed for him. Seifer had gone up to garden to see some people after that Zell’s mother insisted that both his friends stay for dinner. Irvine had to sleep on the sofa because someone else now took his apartment that he rented. Zell told his mother about him and Seifer, she didn’t mind she seemed pleased and quite disturbingly she let Seifer stay the night and she winked at him as he came down to say goodnight.

Zell turned on his side to face the wall it was good to be back though, having freedom again. He didn’t mind that Irvine now lived with him but the cowboy still refused to speak to him, so it made things awkward. He knew his mother had noticed but she didn’t pry.

He jumped as a warm body pressed against his back suddenly, He leant back into the warmth, and little kisses were dropped along his shoulder blades and throat. Hair tickled his neck as a head nuzzled into him.

“You’re in a good mood.”

An arm draped over him and Seifer’s came into his line of sight. “And why shouldn’t I be? We’re free, we’re home...” He kissed along Zell’s jaw line. “Do you know how sexy you are right now?”

The little blonde rolled onto his back to look up at his lover. Seifer leaned down to kiss him, the little blonde eagerly returned it, he jumped slightly moving a hand down to stop Seifer’s. “Hey!”

“What? You didn’t mind before.”

“Bit frisky this morning aren’t we?”

“What’s the matter aren’t you happy to be back?”

“I didn’t say that, of course I’m happy to be back it’s just....”


“He still won’t speak to me, I know it’ll take time but what if he never comes around? What if I’ve lost my best friend?”

Seifer didn’t answer he just rested his head on Zell’s chest and made little circles in the other man’s abdomen with his fingertips.

Irvine sat at the breakfast table eating a bowl of cereal when Zell came down stairs. He stopped in mid-chew to glare at his friend. The blonde ducked into the kitchen and came out with another bowl of cereal and some milk. He poured the milk into the bowl, very aware of Irvine’s eyes on him.

“Morning.” He greeted.

The cowboy dropped his eyes back down to his cereal.

“Sleep well?”

Irvine scoffed. “Bet you did or did Seifer keep you up?”

Zell ignored the question.

“Bet you were at it like rabbits and while your mother was in the house.” He made a tsking sound in his throat.

The little blonde sighed. “Aren’t you happy for me?”


“What? You want me to be miserable too?”

“Yes, that would help.”

Zell sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Cause you see I deserve it more than you do, me and Squall were together way before you and Seifer even met.” He paused. “Bet he thought you were easy.”


“I’m going out.” He left his cereal and left. Zell didn’t try to stop him.

As soon as the cowboy was out the door he let out a breath. It was so uncomfortable around Zell now. Of course he didn’t mean half the things he said, it helped a little to be mean to Zell because he didn’t now what else to say to him. He kept thinking he shouldn’t be nice to Zell after what he did but he couldn’t blame him forever. He ran a hand through his hair, he missed his hat. The pirates had taken it long ago.

He walked towards the docks he was always there these days it was nice to stare out to sea because he knew that Squall was out there somewhere. He frowned as he walked past a familiar boat it looked like the one that Kiros and Laguna had been on when Griever picked them up, what was it doing here? Maybe it was one that just looked like it but the same scratches were along the side, was it the same boat? How did it get here? He tried not to feel hopeful.

“Squall?” He whispered to himself.

He walked along the dock, a few people was scattered around the place. He sat on the wall in the usual place, legs dangling over the sea; his eyes fixed on the horizon. He flicked his eyes to the boat everything someone went near it, if it belonged to someone he could ask. Someone sat beside him, he didn’t bother looking round as a lot of fisherman sat along there. Some of them would chat endlessly to him even though he wasn’t that interested. The man cleared his throat and Irvine turned to him, taking in the bright red hair and the dark sunglasses.

“D-Do I know you?” He asked quietly.

He flinched when the man picked up something and moved it towards him. The object was a brown cowboy hat that was placed on his head. He took it off to insect it; it was his old hat not a new one. This as the hat he had lost on Griever.

“S-Squall?” He whispered.

The red head removed the glasses and smiled at his lover. “Hey baby.”

The cowboy flung himself at his lover almost knocking them both into the sea.

“Careful.” Squall said, pushed them both back from the edge.

“I missed you.” He pulled back in confusion. “B-But I don’t understand, is Griever here?”

Squall shook his head. “No, Griever has a new captain now.” He moved a hand up to cup Irvine’s face. “I love you... more than my ship.”

His lover smiled. “So who’s in charge now? Nida?”

Squall opened his mouth to speak but he was cut off.

“Do you really think I’d let him leave me behind?”

Irvine turned at the voice and laughed. Nida’s hair was a sort of mouldy orange colour.

“Don’t. It was meant to be blonde.”

The cowboy hugged his lover again. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“I was my idea you know.” Nida folded his arms. “Don’t I get hug too?”

Irvine grinned and got up to hug his friend. Squall stood too. “Come on we’re got a little house here, we sort of took all the money from Griever, and it was ours really.”

“All of it? So you’re rich?”

Nida nodded. “Pretty much.”

Irvine smiled and wrapped an arm around Squall’s waist. “Good you can buy me things.”

Nida laughed.

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