Chapter 5

By Purple Penguin

Squall moved his head slowly, feeling hair tickle his chin. Irvine lay pressed against his side. They lay on Squall’s bed not really doing anything just lying staring at the ceiling.

The slave looked up feeling eyes on him. “What?”


“You were looking at me.”

The pirate smiled slightly. “What? Can’t I look at you now?” He placed a gentle kiss on his lover’s forehead. “Are you going to stay here tonight?”

“If you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t mind, I like having you here.”

“Well things are sort of a mess down in the slave’s room, you know with the new people and that will not stopping shrieking.”

His lover smiled. “You can stay up here as long as you like, but don’t show that stuff that you gave back to them to the other pirates will you? They’ll think you stole it, either that or that I’m a complete sap.”

Irvine chuckled. “Well maybe it’s for the best if they know the truth about you.”

“Not you too, Nida was picking on me earlier and now you.”

There was a faint knock on the door; reluctantly Squall untangled himself from Irvine.

“Stay here.” He whispered. Squall opened the door, going into scary bastard mood but relaxed seeing Nida outside. “Oh. It’s you.”

“It that how you treat all you’re guests?” The commander pushed past him.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m bored.” He looked up hearing the bedroom door open.

“Hi.” The slave said.”

“Oh.” He looked at Squall “Were you busy?”

Squall was about to reply, saying that yes they were but Irvine got there first. “No not busy, unless laying in silent counts as doing stuff now.”

Nida grinned while Squall rolled his eyes.

“We can play poker.”


“Why not? We can teach Irvine?”

“You always win though.”

“Okay but I have cards so what else can we play with them?”

The room was deadly silent with concentration, the three men sat around the table in the dimly lit room holding their cards. Squall lay one down and then glanced at Nida who followed suit. Irvine lay down his card and....

“SNAP!” The cowboy yelled.

The other two groaned, looking at the number of cards they had and the mountain of cards that Irvine had. He gathered his cards up and started again.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Squall rubbed his forehead.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“We’re playing Snap that’s what’s wrong. Could it get any worse?”

“I have happy families.”

“Okay I take it back, it can get worse.”

“What about marbles?” Irvine asked and he and Nida started to laugh.

“I hate you two.”

“We could play twister.”

Squall sighed. “Okay you get the mat out.”

The sky was clear, the stars shone down on the ship. Two guards patrolled the deck, one at the back and one at the front. A blonde head appeared from behind a crate.

“Can you see anything?” Zell asked.

They were checking out the positions of the guards before Seifer and Kiros went out to get some weapons.

Seifer looked back at Zell. “Shh, there are two pirates up here up close by and one down the other end of the ship. Looks pretty easy. Let’s go back.” He turned and shoved Zell ahead of himself back down into the ship.

Kiros and Laguna waited just inside the slave’s quarters.

“It’s looks good, you ready to go?”

The dark man nodded and the two got ready to move. “Seifer?” Zell called at the last minute.

The tall blonde turned and froze in shock when he received a little kiss on the lips.

“For luck.”

“Well maybe I need a bit more luck.” He smirked.

Much to his disappointment Zell pulled back. “No I know you’ll be fine.”

The smirked, watching the older men leave. Laguna gave him a look. “Tease.” He whispered with a shake of the head.

Seifer looked down at the unconscious guard and started to disarm him. They found a cutlass and a pistol. Not too bad. Together they threw him over the side of the ship.

“So what’s up with you and Zell?”

“I don’t know, we just met but he’s cute though.”

“You going to do something about that?”

Seifer raised an eyebrow at all the questions.

The dark man just shrugged. “I’m curious, nothing else to talk about is there?”

“I’ll share if you will.” Seifer said before continuing. “I might say something, I mean we practically share a bed now.”

The other man smiled, both falling silent as they approached the other guard. Kiros took a cutlass from Seifer and moved silently up behind the dumb pirate. The man stiffened as the sharp blade pressed into his throat from someone behind him.

“Hand over your weapons and keep it down.”

“You’ll never get away with this; you’ll never leave the ship alive.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Seifer punched him as Nida moved the cutlass. Seifer looked at the weapons the guard had had. “Ooh two cutlasses; somebody’s been greedy.”

They threw him overboard and made their way back down into the ship. “Five weapons, five of us this will do for now.”

“I thought there were six of us.”

“Yeah well I don’t think Irvine’s coming.”

“Why not?”

“Ask him yourself.”

Rinoa was already asleep by the time they got back, Laguna was sitting up in his new bed and Zell fell through the door when it opened.

“How’d it go?”

Seifer held up the cutlasses. “Ta-Da!”

Kiros put the pistols on the ground. “We’re going to need a safe place to keep these.”

Zell moved the floorboards away to reveal a little secret storage space.

“You’ve got fruit in there.”

“Yeah well sometimes we don’t get fed enough so I steal things from the kitchen.”

Seifer chuckled. “Proper little thief aren’t you?”

“Do you mind?” A sleepy voice answered. “You’re interrupting my beauty sleep.”

“God knows you need it.” Seifer muttered.


“Nothing.” Zell said. “We’re to sleep now too.

Later that night.

Seifer lay dozing, something nudged his side causing him to turn and look to his right. Bright blue eyes blinked at him. “Did I wake you?”

“No I couldn’t sleep, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“Yes, it’s nothing really but-”

“Yeah?” Seifer stiffened in shock when the little blonde fell into his arms, tucking his head under his chin. The tall blonde put his arms around him, relaxing into his touch. He wondered what had brought this on.

“Are you sure you’re okay? Not that I mind, but-”

He stopped when Zell gingerly looked up at him, leaning nearer until he completely closed the gap and barely kissed him, lips ever so gently brushing lips. Seifer didn’t hesitate to pull the smaller body closer, holding him against himself and cupped the back of his head to give a proper open-mouthed kiss. He smiled hearing a little whimper.


Seifer rolled his eyes at the female voice.

“You can’t do that while there are ladies present.”

Zell blushed.

“Good job there’s none of them here then.” Seifer hissed, annoying with the girl for interrupting his first kiss with Zell.

He leaned down and whispered something to make the boy blush harder and simply pulled him into an embrace and they fell asleep together.

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