Chapter 4

By Purple Penguin

The supplies were either food or medical supplies so Seifer got a good look at all of it. He shifted through the box of medical supplies, finding some blue weed stuff. There was lots of it, he make a mental note to ask Zell what it was and he broke off a little bit, stuffing it into his pocket. Seifer headed for the slaves quarters with the box of medical supplies. A female scream echoed down the hall again as he opened the door. The daft girl was on top of the boiler refusing to come down. Zell knelt beside it pleading with her to keep quiet and come down.

“It’s okay that’s just Seifer he’s not a pirate, please come down now.”

She shook her head franticly.

The little blonde sighed, getting up and moving over to Seifer. “I know she’s scared but if she doesn’t keep it down she’ll draw attention to us.” He glanced up at the girl. “She has injuries but I can’t get anywhere near her to treat them.”

“What about them?” He nodded to the two older men who sat close together on the floor, talking in hushed voices to each other. “I thought that guy was her father.”

“I don’t think so, she won’t come down even for them and I think those two guys are a couple.”

He stood watching them. One had dark skin with long black hair tied back in braids that reached his waist. He wore black tight leather pants and a black vest, his red leather jacket was now around the shoulders of the other man who sat on the floor with his knees pulled up to his chest. The other guy had white skin and long loose dark brown hair that fell over his shoulders. He wore loose grey trousers and a pale blue shirt that was un tucked and some of the buttons were undone. The leather jacket was loosely on his arms as it was a little too tight for him.

“Can’t you guys get her to come down?” Zell asked.

The dark man glanced at the girl. “Rinoa please, he won’t bite, there are no pirates in here.”

“What were you all doing out there anyway?” Seifer asked.

“We didn’t know Rinoa was with us, she wasn’t supposed to be but she snuck onboard somehow and we only noticed once we had left the dock.” He paused realizing he didn’t know anyone’s names. “I’m Kiros, this is Laguna.”

The other man smiled at the two blondes.

“I’m Seifer; this is Zell and the other guy that you’ll meet later that’s Irvine.” He pulled the piece of blue weed from his pocket and handed it to Zell. “I found this in the medical supplies, what is it? Do you know? Some sort of herb?”

“Wow, I’ve never seen it before but I’ve heard of it.”

“What is it?”

“Sleeping weed.”

“Sleeping weed? You mean if I eat it I’ll fall asleep, right?”


The tall blonde grinned. “There’s loads of it; this is going to be easier than I thought.”

“What’s going to be easier?” Kiros asked.

“He’s playing our escape.” Zell told him.

“Really? Can I help?”

Seifer grinned and glanced at Zell. “See? Some people are keen to leave this place.”

“I never said I wasn’t keen I just-”

“Yeah, yeah. Look you do the cooking right? So you can fill their dinner with sleeping weed. I know where they keep the dingy things so we’ll be out of here in no time.”

“If we do all this at night then there’s even more chance we won’t get spotted.” Kiros added.


Zell shook his head. “You do know that not all the pirates are going to eat this stuff don’t you? Some will be on duty, some just won’t want it. What about them?”

Seifer opened his mouth to speak but he frowned and shut it again. “I-err-well I haven’t figured out all the little things yet.”

Zell looked smug.

“Well we could go get some weapons tonight.” Kiros suggested.

“Yeah we’ll do that.” Seifer agreed.

“How? From where?”

“From pirates.”

“And what are we going to do? Ask them nicely?”

The dark man rolled his eyes. “I was thinking more along the lines of knock them out and take their weapons.”

“What about when they wake up?”

Kiros shrugged. “I’m sure they won’t miss one or two pirates, throw them over board.”

“You mean kill them?”

“Err- yeah.”

Seifer rubbed his hands together. “Sounds good to me.”

Zell nodded hesitantly.

“Great, as soon as the sun goes down me and Kiros will go get us some weapons.”

The girl had relaxed and started to come down, until the door burst open and Irvine marched into the room. She shrieked and climbed back up.

“Irvine look what you did!” Seifer teased.


“Don’t listen to him, she’s been up there for hours.” Zell looked at the box that the cowboy carried. “What you got in the box?”

He set it down and glanced at the new people. “I managed to get you some stuff from your ship.”

“PIRATE!” Rinoa yelled from the top of the boiler.

“I’m not a pirate, it’s okay.”

Laguna looked through the box. “Than how did you get hold of this stuff?”

He grinned. “I have my ways.”

“Yeah screwing the boss helps too.” Zell added.

The cowboy shrugged. “I guess that does help.”

The two men went through the box; Kiros picked out a cuddly stuffed dog. Rinoa leapt off the boiler to grab her stuffed animal. “Angelo!”

Seifer threw his arms in the air. “Finally she came down.”

Kiros got out two books and some other little things. Laguna dug out a silver pendent, kissing it before putting around his neck. The dark skinned man smiled at the gesture.

“Thank you.” He told Irvine.

“No problem.” He grinned.

Squall sat at his desk in his quarters; he didn’t look up when Nida came in until the other man didn’t say anything. “Did you want something or are you going to stand there all night?”

The commander smirked at his best friend. “You gave these people back some of their things didn’t you?”

“No I gave it to Irvine.”

“But you knew he’d give it back to them, right?”


Nida laughed. “I don’t believe it; you’re going soft.”

Squall frowned. “I could make you scrub the deck from that comment.”

The commander grinned. “I didn’t think one little slave would turn you into a mush ball.”

Squall turned to him. “Did you just come here to tease me?”

“Um- yeah I did, it’s fun too.” He smirked.

“You can go away now.”

“Did I hit a nerve?”


“Oh come on Squall, I know how you feel about Irvine, it’s sweet really.”

The brunette flinched. “Did you just call me sweet?”

Nida had to laugh at the look on Squall’s face.

“I should court martial you for that, make you walk the plank or something.”

“Okay, okay well you give Irvine a big kiss from me then.” He teased.

Squall threw a cushion at the door. Nida ducked out the door quick still laughing.

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