Galbadia V Balamb Football Match

Part 8 - Off to Face the Enemy

By Purple Penguin

All the Balamb blues as Nida had called them were in their cabin on a train that took them to Deling city. Zell sat on the bench with his knees drawn up and he rocked back and forth. Seifer sat beside him leaning back on the wall, bored. Nida sat beside him, then the headmaster. Matty paced up and down. Raijin and Fujin were lying on the top bunk and Squall and Quistis had the bottom bunk. They were supposed to have three rooms but so far they had only been given the one room.

"How much longer?"

"How about a sing-a-long to pass the time?" The headmaster suggested.

Everyone stared at him and Zell spotted rocking.

"Never mind."

Someone knocked on the door and a girl entered. "We have another room for you now."

Raijin and Fuijin jumped down off the bunk to follow her and Quistis managed to crawl over Squall to go too. As soon as the door as closed both Matty and Zell ran for the spare bunk. The blonde got there first sticking his tongue out at the other boy. Seifer chuckled and followed his lover up to the top bunk. Matty sat down on the bench where they had been sitting.

"Who said you could come up here?" Zell pouted at Seifer.

"Well what are you going to do about it chickie?" He pulled the arm that his lover was leaning on out from under Zell.

He eeped and hit the mattress. Seifer leant over him, a hand on the shorter boy's throat.

"Get off me you ass!"

"Now now temper, temper." He leaned down to kiss the shorter blonde, the hand on his throat moved to undo the top few buttons of his lover's shirt. Zell made a little noise of submission and their arguing turned into making-out.

"Oh god do you have to do that in front of everyone?"

"Don't watch then." Seifer countered.

The girl came back with another room for them. She stared up at the two blondes on the top bunk. Zell noticed and blush, turning to hide his face in Seifer's throat.

"Like what you see?" Seifer asked her.

The poor girl blushed and quickly looked away. "I-I-I-I- have a-another r-room for you."

"Nida, Matty and the headmaster got up quickly, glad to be away from the two blondes."

The door closed and Squall rolled over to sleep. He heard whispering from above him.

"Zell you know what I'd like to do one time maybe... now."


"Sex on a train!"

Squall forced back laughter at the hopeful eagerness of Seifer's voice.

"NO! No, no."

"Why? I thought you like the public places thing."

Squall raised an eyebrow. He really was learning new things about Zell wasn't he?

"What about Squall?"

"He can join us."

Zell must have made a face because the next thing that Seifer said was. "Why? I thought you liked Squall."

"I do but-"

"It was your idea the whole three way thing."

"Yeah but I didn't know it was going to be a permanent thing."

"Shush he'll hear you."

Squall rolled his eyes. Surely they didn't think he couldn't hear them. "Err guys I can hear you, you know."


Zell's head appeared over the side of the bunk. "I'm sorry I didn't mean-"

"It's fine. Did you want me to go share with someone else?"

"No! No, no, no, no."

"We'll be good." He heard Seifer say from above and Zell disappeared back up.

They all got out of the rental car at Galbadia garden.

Selphie ran out and hugged Zell, then she hugged Seifer. "Are you two still-?"

The taller blonde nodded. She was so happy that he hugged him again. She jumped up and down. "Long time no see guys!"

Irvine followed her and nodded at Squall. "Squall."


Selphie huffed. "Don't be so formal it's just a game, you're old buddies hug each other."

The two grimaced at the thought. "We'll hug later." Squall said. "After we win."

The cowboy glared at him.

"Squall!" Ellone ran up and hugged her almost brother.

"Hey Elle."

Rinoa followed her and greeted some of the Balamb Blues.

"Headmaster Cid you're not playing on the team are you?"

"Actually yes I am."

The cowboy sniggered. "I didn't realize you were that desperate."

The older man frowned. "Rinoa dear are you playing?"

"Yes, Selphie forced me into it. I don't know why I agreed to play this horribly rough game."

"Well be sure you don't break a nail won't you dear."

The girl smiled, too stupid to notice the insult.

Seifer smirked. "Why Headmaster Cid I never knew you had it in you."

Irvine frowned at them both. "Selphie show them to their rooms will you?" He walked away.

"Ooh moody!" She cooed after him. "Ignore him, he's taking this way too seriously. We had a few problems in practice yesterday."

"Like what?"

"I don't think I should say."

"We won't tell, go on you can trust us." Seifer said.

"Okay our-err goalie is a moomba and he took our ball and ran off with it, maybe he thought it was an egg."

Seifer and Zell were in hysterics on the floor even before she had said about the incident, the moomba thing was enough for them.

She shrugged. "It's just a game, let the best team win."

"Thanks Selphie. We will."



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