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Don't Try to Save Me

Chapter Nine

By Sniffles

It can't be. It can't. I'm dreaming. I slam my head back against the door and the instant, overwhelming pain is proof enough that I am indeed, not dreaming.

Seifer? But he's... he's supposed to be dead.

"Squall?" He whimpers.

I shake my head and rush across the room. I touch his face with my fingers. His skin is cold, so cold. "Squall? What are you.." He stops, his breath coming in hitched gasps. He sounds so hoarse. Almost like he's... been screaming?

"You're alive?" I brush his hair away from his eyes and grimace as a wet substance touches my fingers. Without looking I know it's blood.

His chest heaves as he laughs shortly. "Do corpses... talk?"

What the hell? My hands run up his arms and I touch the iron manacles holding him to the wall. They're thick, and tight. There's no room for him to move his wrists at all. His feet are just above the floor. He must be in agony. "Shit." I mutter softly as I rub his cold fingers.

"Don't bother." He whispers, "I can't feel them."

"What is this?" I hiss, placing my hands on his face again. I need to feel him. I need to know he's really, truly alive.

He leans into my touch. His eyes slide shut. He sighs, "I don't know."

"How long have you been here?"

His brow furrows. After a moment he shakes his head slowly, "I don't know."

"Probably as long as you've been missing." I lean my head against his shoulder, trying to think. I can't seem to get a good grasp on my thoughts. It's like... like... I've been drugged?

"That little shit." I mumble as the world starts to spin. I clutch onto Seifer's hips as I slide down his body and hit my knees.

"Squall! SQUALL!" He cries.

As I slip into oblivion I can't help but think that this is a really awkward position and I sure as hell hope I fall the rest of the way to the floor, because kneeling here with my head just below Seifer's crotch cannot look good.


I'm so tired. The pain doesn't bother me, not so much. It's the need to sleep that's clawing at my brain, but I know if I sleep.. if I sleep he'll be there. Unconsciously my lip curls up at the thought of him. Squall is warm against my legs. Is he real? I.. I can hardly believe he's here. How did he find me?

"Squall?" He doesn't respond.

His body slides to the floor, as his warmth leaves my legs fear grips my heart. I can't feel his heart beating against me anymore. I don't know if he's breathing. I need to know that he's all right. "Squall... please?" It hurts to speak but I need him to wake up. I need him to speak to me.

The door to my cell swings open and 'he' walks in. Oh no. Oh no. "SQUALL!"

"It's no use lover. He can't hear you." 'He' purrs as he walks across the room and kneels beside Squall's body. He looks up at me, his golden eyes glinting in the dim light. "Strange... I sense more anger from him then I've ever felt from you." His eyes narrow, "I thought you were supposed to be the angry one."

That's what everyone thought. That's what I thought. But... even I can feel the anger emanating from Squall's body in soft waves. "Excellent." 'He' says, sounding quite pleased, "This is an unexpected, but quite welcome surprise. His anger is so strong I can 'taste' it. It's like a living thing." There's an amount of awe in his voice that makes me shudder in fear.

Something isn't right. "Leave him alone." I order, my voice hoarse.

I try to sound determined and strong, but I know I fail. How can you sound as if you're in control when you're strapped to a wall? He smiles up at me then stands. He leans close to me. His breath is hot on my cheek. I turn my face away. "I think I'll keep him. What do you think? Shall I pin him up beside you? Or give him his own room?" His voice murmurs softly in my ear.

I close my eyes tightly and pray to whatever gods exist, 'Please... please Squall... wake up and get out of here.' But even as I think it I know my prayers are useless. Even if Squall were to wake up he wouldn't leave. His pride would stop him, if nothing else.

So where does that leave me? With more guilt. With more self-hatred. If it wasn't for me Squall wouldn't be here. I don't know what 'he' has planned for us, but I can just imagine the pain... It will be the same sort of pain that Edea and I inflicted on many people when we worked for Ultimecia. For me... For me it is fitting. It's fitting that I should undergo the same torture that I inflicted on others, but for Squall... what has he done? Besides save the world and fight for others?

Oh gawd... this can't be happening...

Any moment now I'm going to wake up, safe and warm in my bed. I'm going to get up and walk to the cafeteria and there I'll meet Squall. We'll sit and drink our tea and.. and then we'll leave and do our daily chores.

I'm ready to wake up.

I squeeze my eyes tightly shut.

Come on...

But the dream doesn't end... because it's not a dream.

I open my eyes and watch as 'he' carries Squall out of the room. I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...

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