Don't Try to Save Me

Chapter Seven

By Sniffles

They dare to judge me.

Those pitiful, weak creatures. They look down upon me, their lips curled with disgust. Well... Not anymore.


The voice jolts me out of my thoughts. Lip curling up, I look over my shoulder at the man cowering behind me. "Did you get him?" I demand, my voice sharp. I don't like the little man before me. He is weak. His mind is full of weak thoughts. I can't stand weak things.


He is afraid and he is lying. I stare at him, narrowing my eyes as I turn to fully face him. He looks down, "Well... No. I... I have obtained his trust."

"I don't care about his trust." I sneer, "I want him. My plans will not work without him, Tier!"

He flinches at the sound of the name I have given him. He nods, "Yes, Koi-sama. I will bring him to you as soon as I am able."

Hm. Liberties. They all take liberties. Stupid, worthless creatures. Don't they realize who I am? They have no right to take liberties. I would kill him now, slay him with a mere thought, but I will not. I still need him. I cannot travel outside of the mansion, not yet. The spell needs to be broken before I can do that.

"Leave." I snap, remembering Tier who stands before me trembling.

He nearly trips over himself in his haste to get out. Fool. Weak, pathetic creature. Human beings are such frail things. Some of them are strong, yes. Like my newest prize and the human who is on his way to me.

If Tier does my bidding, which he has never failed to do.

I think I will pay a visit to my prize. He should be awake by now and I want to see those fierce blue eyes. Blue eyes that always look at me with hatred. He has spirit, yes. I will enjoy breaking that spirit and claiming him for myself.

His body stiffens as I enter the cell. He cannot move. His hands are arched above his head, held to the wall by thick, iron manacles. His feet hang just inches above the floor. It must be agony to hang there like that. But that's the whole point, isn't it?

His eyes are open, and gazing at me with undisguised loathing. Yes, that's it. Hate me. Hate everything about me. Show me the force of your hatred.

I walk across the room and place my finger under his chin. He sneers at me. Even his sneer is beautiful. Yes, he is a good prize. Beautiful, fiesty, full of life and hatred. It's the hatred that first led me to him. He is full of hatred. I don't imagine he knows just how strong it is inside of him. He probably doesn't even realize it exists.

And the other boy, the one who is his friend. He is also full of strength, but a strength born from indifference. He cares about no one and nothing. His soul is empty. He made it that way. I admire the friend, but I admire the beauty before me now even more.

Hatred is a beautiful thing. It fills me with warmth. I can easily say it's one of the only things I love.

It's also one of the only things I need.

"Hello lover." I purr, staring into my prize's eyes and smiling.

He spits on me. Almost as soon as I feel the spit, mixed with blood, hit my face I slap him. His head jerks to the side, but he makes no sound. Hatred makes a man strong. He is a prime example of this. I grab his chin and force him to face me.

"You're beautiful when you're angry." I smile at him, "Have you decided to join me yet?"

"I'll... D-die... First..." He grumbles, through tightly clenched teeth. He's in agony. I can feel his pain radiating through the skin of his face that my fingers are touching. And yet, he is still stubborn and he still fights me.

I admire his strength.

"Very well." I shrug and drop his chin. "Die then. I could use your body as a host." I shrug and walk away.

Yes. That will get him wondering. I could use his body as a host, but I won't. His mind is too beautiful. His mind could be very useful to me, so I will keep him intact.

I can hardly wait until he breaks and becomes mine. It will be fun, indeed.

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