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Don't Try to Save Me

Chapter Six

By Sniffles

I stare into the empty cup before me and wonder how it came to being empty. I don't remember drinking... I rub at my eyes with a soft groan. I think... I'm a little... Drunk... No, wait. I'm not. I can't be. I've never been drunk before in my life, and I'm not about to start now.

Nodding to confirm my decision, I push my chair away from the table and get to my feet. Hey, wait, what's happening? An earthquake? I grab the table with both hands so I don't fall. The entire room is ... Revolving. Strange sort of earthquake.

I wait until the room stops moving, then tentatively try to walk. My knees feel like jelly, probably from sitting down too long. My head feels like someone has stuffed cotton through my ears... Cotton candy... Yum... I would never admit it out loud but I really lo-

Hey... What's that guy doing? Is he looking at me? Is he smiling? Weird. I watch as the guy gets closer and closer. I'm not sure if I'm walking towards him, or if he's walking towards me. Ah well... Doesn't matter. He stops in front of me and smiles. "Squall Leonhart."

"No. I'm Squall Leonhart." I point at myself. What's the big deal? I blink at him, trying vainly to see him, but everything is sort of fuzzy and out of focus.

"Er, yes. May I speak to you privately?"

"No." I lean close, trying to see his eyes. You can tell a lot about a person by their eyes. Suddenly I lose my balance and fall right into him.

His arms wrap around me, "Woah, careful." He says, sounding amused.

"Damn earthquake." I murmur, I should straighten up I suppose, but it feels too nice to have arms around me. I can't remember the last time someone held me. I think... Maybe Ellone did when I was younger, but I don't really remember anymore.

He smells good. I rub my cheek against his shirt and just let my body relax. He grunts softly, his hands grabbing me under the arms. "You're drunk." He says softly, lifting me up. After staring at me for a moment he wraps one of my arms around his shoulder, places his free arm around my waist and starts walking.

"No. I'm not." I protest.

"Hmm..." I look up, even though his face is blurry I can see that he's smiling by the white glint of teeth that interrupt the pink blur that is his face.



Gads... Where did that come from? I place my free hand on my stomach.


I jerk with the force of the hiccup and press against my stomach. "Stop that." I murmur, looking down. I have the hiccups? I never get the hiccups.


"Where is your room?"

"I dunno'. Somewhere over... There I think." I point in whatever direction. I don't care where my room is. I care about these blasted hiccups. Where did they come from? How did they invade my body? Is it a spell?

"Right. We'll get you to your room and then in the morning we can talk."


"I don' wanna' talk." I sniffle, feeling a bit sick. "You just wanna' talk about Seifer, everyone does..." I feel the tears rising in my eyes and try to fight them back.

Tears? I don't cry. I can't cry. Crying will mean that he's really, really gone and I don't want to believe that he's gone.


"Yes. That's right. I do want to talk about Seifer."

"Well I <HIC> don't!"

"Do you believe Seifer is dead?"

"NO! He's not dead! HE CAN'T BE!" I try to jerk away from this intruding stranger, but he holds me firmly against his side.

"Good." He comments.

"<HIC> Good?"


"Why good?"

"Because he's not dead, and I plan to take you to him."


Well... That confirms it. I AM drunk. Soused out of my mind. There is no way I'm having this conversation with a stranger... He's a nice stranger though. And warm... And cuddly.

I don't wanna' think about Seifer and how much I miss him anymore. I just wanna'... sleep.


Damn hiccups.

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