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Degrading The Lion

Chapter 11 - Guess Who's Back...

By Redrum


I almost moan at the sensation of Seifer's hard cock grinding against my ass. He pulls me closer, and I groan out loud. My eyes snap open and I tense in surprise. There, standing before me is a sight that I had hoped to never see again; Dylan. I tremble in fear and anticipation when he strides towards us, Seifer quickly pushes me behind him. I gladly accept the protection. I gasp when Dylan strikes Seifer in the jaw, I grab Seifer, making sure he doesn't fall. He pushes me further back with his hand, and growling slightly he returns the blow full force.


I grin when Dylan stumbles backwards, but he (unfortunately) manages to catch his footing before he falls. His cold brown eyes stare at me intently. I lift my lip in a sneer when his glance moves behind me, to the trembling brunette.

"Imagine seeing you here Squall." The stupid bastard is acting like he didn't just punch me, and I didn't just give him a blow hard enough to leave a black eye. My eyes widen in surprise when Squall steps up beside me, his lithe form is no longer trembling, and I almost smile in pleasure at the cold glare that is directed at Dylan. I never thought he'd be able to over come his fears and face Dylan like this.

"A pleasure I'm sure." Squall replies coldly. I resist the urge to growl stupidly when Dylan's eyes sweep over the brunette's form leisurely. "Oh, but it is. Didn't I tell you that you would look good in blue?" "I don't particularly recall that conversation." "Hmm.. maybe we can remedy that." Dylan steps forward, frowning I move to protect Squall again. Squall sakes his head and gently pushes me away. "I need to do this Seifer." His voice is pitched low enough for only me to hear. I nod mutely, not trusting my voice. I don't want to see him get hurt...


I smile inside when Seifer accepts my admission. I'm glad he understands. I know he wants to protect me, he doesn't want to see me hurt. But he can't always be there to protect me, and I have to stop relying on him to keep me safe. I know now that he'll always be there for me, but I have to learn to take care of myself. I don't want to end up like another Rinoa.

"I see you still haven't ditched the blonde." Like I would willingly leave Seifer. Dylan comes closer, trying to intimidate me with his height. Yeah right, even Seifer knows by now that I can't be intimidated so easily. But Dylan never took the time to get to know me. "You know you can do better then him," his voice is pitched low, sounding almost comforting. "Why don't you come with me. I'm sorry for the way I treated you Squall, but I've learned by lesson. I won't ever hurt you again. Please Squall." I tense when Dylan places a large hand on my shoulder. I count to five slowly, trying to calm myself from the unwanted reaction to his closeness. Come on Squall, your Shiva's bitch, you can't be scared. You have to stop trembling. I sigh quietly and resist the urge to take a step back. Knowing that if I do, Dylan will have won his little game.

Even though I tremble inside, trying to surpass the images.. the memories of my times spent with him, I know my face is emotionless. Even if my eyes betray me, Dylan was never able to read my emotions through my eyes anyway. And in that sense, I have the advantage.

"I'm not coming back to you. I'm with Seifer now." My voice is steady and low. Not a nervous tremor like I thought it was going to be. "Seifer? You gotta be kidding?! I'm ten times the man he'll ever be. I bet I can show you more pleasure then you've ever been shown with him, I can take you to the moon and back." The pure nonsense of his words bring me away from my memories. To the moon and back? Who the hell says that kind of thing?

"I don't think so Dylan. I'm never coming back to you, so go fuck and abuse somebody else." My gaze flickers to Seifer for a brief moment, trying to communicate to him that I want to leave. He understands and nods, but no sooner does my gaze return to Dylan that I find his fist flying at me. I rear back slightly, and the blow that was meant for my eye lands on my slack jaw. I grunt escapes me when I feel the bone break.


Anger bubbles up inside me when I see Squall fall back into Zell's arms, luckily just reaching us to catch him. Any later and Squall probably would have had a concussion from hitting his head on the hard floor.

Seeing that Squall is safe for the moment, I leap at Dylan. He lets out a loud grunt when I punch his stomach. He bends over double when I knee him in the groin. Grabbing his head I bash his face into my raised knee, blood spurts out of his broken nose. He falls to the ground, clutching his nose and his crotch. Heh, that'll show the bastard.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?! Get out of here!" The bartender screams at us, heading over to our area. Zell picks up Squall and follows the already exiting Rinoa, Quistis, Selphie and Irvine. Backing away from Dylan I quickly run after them.


Carrying dead weight is a lot harder then most people would think, especially when the person your carrying is taller then you. I know muscle weighs more then fat, but jeez, who knew Squall had so much muscle, he looks so skinny? Well, maybe Seifer would know.

Balancing Squall on my shoulder I follow the girls and Irvine to Seifer's black van. The gang dives into the car, while I quickly slide in, placing Squall on my lap when Seifer squeezes in after me. He sits beside me in the back seat while Quistis closes the van door. Irvine steps on the gas and the club quickly vanishes into the distance.

Looking over at Seifer I wince in sympathy when I see a rather large bruise forming on his eye. At least Seifer got plenty of shots in before we had to run. Dylan will probably be moaning in pain for weeks.

Seeing Seifer's eyes on Squall I shift him over to place him on Seifer's lap. He smiles in thanks, and maneuvers Squall so his head is resting against the blonde's shoulder and his legs are slightly bent so he can fit in the van. Seifer places his arms around him in a gentle hug and rests his head on the brunette's. His eyes close as he breathes in the smell of whatever Squall uses for shampoo. Or at least that's what I think he's doing.

I sigh quietly at the scene, glad that Squall finally has someone who cares for him deeply. Who knows him better then the rest of us do. And treats him a hell of a lot better then Dylan ever did.

Resting my head against the soft material behind me I close my eyes for the long ride back home.

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