Reviews: FF9 Zidane: lol ^^ Your not the only one that loves Squall's belts. But it'll make things easier in the long run ^_* For something new, there is a part in this chapter that has no one's POV. I give fair warning, so it shouldn't be confusing. Although the tense does change. And again I apologize for the tense throughout this story, I've never been good with that sort of thing. Hopefully it doesn't take away from the reading. ^^

Degrading The Lion

Chapter 10 - The Club

By Redrum


"How about this one?" Selphie squealed, holding up a small yellow jumper.

"Umm.. Selphie, it looks exactly like the one your wearing now." Irvine states slowly, trying not to make her feel dumb.

"Of course it's not! The stitching is white!" Zell holds back a chuckle behind his gloved hand.

"Whatever you say Selphie." Selphie 'whoops' and adds the item to the large pile growing in Irvine's basket, all yellow. And one red pair of lacy panties.. I don't want to know.

"Do you think we could try this store next?" A small voice breaks through the Selphie's loud squealing. Looking over at the brunette I nod my head and smile.

"Yeah, there's a couple of things I want to get too." Squall returns the smile with a small grin and all the guys make our way towards the men's store, where we buy most of our clothes. The store has the most original name too, Sukunami. It kind of gives the store character. I catch a glimpse of the ladies going off to buy some more frilly underwear and other measly purchases, before I enter the store following the others.

Traveling through the isles, Squall and I are ecstatic at the amount of leather and tight tops. Both being a favourite of ours. We grin at each other, and separate to go search the store.

Browsing through the leather pants, I find an excellent pair that would look awesome on Squall. Putting it on my arm with my other purchases I make my way to the change room. Something catches my eye, and I head over to the rack. Taking the sheer long sleeved shirt I grin wickedly as I put it with my other gift for Squall. Hopefully he'll agree to wear them.

"Hey, about time Seifer. We've been waiting here forever."

"Zell, it's only been two minutes."

"Shut up Squall. I can't help it if I'm hungry."

"We're not going to get any hotdogs. I'm sick of seeing those things. You can always get one back at Garden."

"Anyway... have any of you tried out your clothes?" Everyone shakes their head. Walking over to the bench beside the changing room I place my clothes on there. I don't need to try on anything since I know for a fact they all fit me. But I'm not so sure Squall's clothes will fit him. They may be too tight.

"Hey Squall, try this on." I toss the shirt and pants over to to him. He catches them with wide eyes.

"I'm not going to wear this!"

"Come on! There's nothing wrong with adding a little colour in your wardrobe." He huffs, and walks into the changing room, I smirk at my victory. I knew he would cave. I can't wait to see how they look on him.

"Seifer, Irvine, Zell!" Selphie's voices is loud over the quiet atmosphere of the store.

"Hey ladies." Rinoa and Quistis walk at a slower pace while Selphie barrels forward.

"Are any of you busy tonight?" We all shake our heads.

"Then lets go to this club!" I grab the red flyer out of her hands and scan it. I grin at the contents, this would be perfect for Squall's new clothes. And I'll even wear those new pair of pants I got. I'm sure Squall will like them.

"Yeah sure, we'll go. Sounds fun." It's also better then sitting at home doing nothing.

"Booya!" We shake our heads at Selphie's antics. I whip my head around when I hear the changing room door creak open. I grin wolfishly, and the other two guys whistle.

Squall steps out shyly. I almost salivate at the sight before me. Navy blue leather pants, with a hint of crystal sparkle cling to his legs nicely. His muscular thighs and calves add shape to the material. As he spins around slowly (at Irvine's orders) I almost moan at the sight of his tight ass in those pants. The material leaving nothing to the imagination. My eyes travel up further to the lean but muscular chest covered by the sleek sky blue shirt. Something that attracts your eyes even if you've never seen him in colours before. Bright colours, anyway. The material is slightly loose, and reaches his waist. I grin when I see two dusky nipples peaking through the thin shirt. His griever necklace still rests on top of his lean chest, and catches the light when he stops moving in front of us. My eyes meet his, and I smile at the light blush spread over his high cheekbones. The rest of us are speechless. I don't know about them, but I've never seen such a beautiful sight. And the blush certainly adds to that.

"You look like a slut!" All our eyes widen as we turn to see Rinoa. What the hell? He doesn't look anything like a slut. Like I always say, 'If you got it, flaunt it.' I'm glad that I taught Squall that. Why else would he always wear those leather pants with the belts? That was, of course, my doing.

Squall puts his head down, his shoulders shag. Striding over to him I pull him into a tight hug. He grips onto my shirt as he buries his head in my chest.

"Your such a bitch! I think Squall looks absolutely gorgeous. Your probably just jealous because you could never look as good as him!" Zell shouts. I smile when the rest of the orphanage gang joins in. Rinoa sobs, and runs from the store.

"Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!" Irvine calls after her.

I shake my head when a hand is placed on my shoulder. They listen to my silent request and leave (the guys going to purchase their items before joining the girls outside the store). I tighten my grip slightly as I guide Squall back into the changing room, shutting the door behind us with my foot.

Holding Squall tightly I sit him down on the wall bench. He leans into my warmth, his form still shivering. "Squall, don't listen to her. I think you look gorgeous. And wearing these clothes by no means makes you a slut." Squall shakes his head. "Then what's wrong baby?"

"She reminded me of.." Inside I seethe in anger. Dylan. It always comes back to that bastard! "He always used to call me that. Because of what I wore and the way I acted." Squeezing Squall tightly I rest my chin on his head.

"There is nothing wrong with the way you dress. I think it makes you look sexy. And there's a huge difference between looking 'sexy' and looking or acting 'sluty'. You don't look or act sluty. So forget all those comments that he told you. They didn't mean a thing because there not true." Squall nods slightly. Grinning, I change the subject to a lighter note. "So.. are you going to wear this at the club tonight?" Squall turns his head to catch my eye.

"What club?"

"The girls were thinking of going to a club tonight. And we all agreed it wouldn't be too bad of an idea." Frowning slightly I'm quick to add, "of course if you don't want to go I'll stay behind with you." Squall smiles slightly.

"It's nice of you to offer, but I think I'll go. Anything would be better then spending another day cooped up in Garden."

Smiling I stand up, Squall follows suit, still trapped in my warm embrace. "You know, I have to change before I leave the store."

"Sure, I'll just stay here and watch." I chuckle at the dark rose that jumps to the surface of Squall's cheeks. Scowling slightly, trying to hide the blush, he shoos me out of the dressing room. "Fine, fine. Ruin all my fun." I smile when I hear him let out a huff, glad that I could bring him to laughter (well, almost) after what he had just been forced to remember.

Sitting down on the bench I only have to wait five minutes before Squall steps out of the dressing room. "Took you long enough." I smirk when Squall just gives me a look. "Come on, lets go. I want to go do some other shopping for the club." Squall matches his steps with mine as we make our way throughout the mall.


A loud, pulsating base echoes around the large room. Overhead lights are turned down low, casting supernatural shadows on the grinding dancers below. Round cheap wooden tables cluster on he far wall. Away from the dance floor, but close enough to feel the heat and sweat that radiates and pools there. One large table hold six people, the seventh standing at the bar, trying to call the bartender's attention.

A tall blonde women sits straight back in her seat, not yet relaxed by the alcohol. Her long flowing midnight blue dress sparkles in the lights. Her long blonde hair is tied back in a tight bun, but will soon become undone as the night progresses.

A short brunette wears a bright yellow miniskirt and a tight peach tee. She bounces in her chair, excited beyond belief. And she's not even drunk. Her short brown hair is flipped in it's usual style. Her friendly eyes sparkle in delight.

A petite brunette with fake creamy highlights sits in between the blonde and the other smaller brunette. Her face is set in an unpleasant scowl, she probably hasn't gotten her way again. She wears layered blues, and no one's quite sure if she's wearing a dress, a miniskirt or biker shorts.

A large black cowboy hat identifies the man sitting beside the blonde women. His long auburn hair loosely tied back, with a string of leather, cascades down his shoulders. A tight pale brown muscle shirt brings out the man's tan and slim muscles remarkably well. Long legs enclosed in loose black jeans that tighten beautifully around his muscular thighs. An easy smile is splayed across his honey coloured lips.

A shirt spiky blonde bounces in his seat next to the smallest brunette. Their amount of energy combined almost wearing out the others around them. A form fitting blue shirt brings out his already bright eyes and his bulging biceps. Baggy navy jeans are loose on his short and slim legs. A large smile seems to be permanently fixed on the teen's face.

A rugged tall blonde is comfortably slumped in his chair. His hair is loose, and for once the gel is no where in sight. His bangs are just long enough to sweep his eyes, casting the beautiful jade into shadows. A tight forest green muscle tee brings out his bright eyes, and shows of his muscular torso. His long legs are comfortable inside form-fitting leather pants. His muscles bulge when he shifts in his sheet and crosses his ankle over his knee, touching the other man's hip beside him. A mysterious smirk can be seen on his creamy lips. The blonde's eyes flash towards the man beside him. His smirk slowly changes into a loving smile. The man beside him turns to face the blonde, seeing his smile, the brunette's lips curl upwards in a smile of his own. Not realizing, or not seeing the love that pours from the man sitting next to him. But he does feel the protectiveness and safety that the blonde offers him when he curls his muscular arm around the young man's shoulders. The brunette leans into it, his smile growing.


I try to stifle the smile that I feel grow when Squall places his head on my shoulders, leaning into my embrace. Hearing him sigh in content, I gain confidence and pat my lap with my free hand. His slim eyebrows scrunch in thought, before he hesitantly seats himself on my lap. Wrapping my other arm around him he shifts to get more comfortable before resting his head in the crook of my neck. Silky chocolate hair brushing against my lips when he lifts his head to look me in the eye.

"Is this okay?" Everything's okay when your in my arms. Nothing could be wrong with the feelings you give me.

"Of course it's okay." Squall smiles and comfortably rests his head against my neck. I surpass the shudder I feel creeping up on me when the brunette's warm breath ghosts across my skin.

The others soon leave the table when the music changes to their liking. Squall fidgets in my lap. Thinking he's uncomfortable I move to unwrap my arms from him. He leans into my chest, and I smile slightly when I feel one of his fingers tapping on my chest in time to the music. "Let's go." He smiles against my chest, and moves to stand up gracefully.

Following him to the dance floor I watch him dance before I join him. I feel too big and okward, compared to his graceful moves, his small hips swaying sensually. His eyes are closed, focusing more on the sound and vibration of the music. His eyes flicker open to look into mine. Smiling, he tilts his head back slightly. And obvious invitation to come nearer. I smirk and for once, choose to obey him.

Our bodies slide together, creating a scene that could only be described as scandalous if it weren't for the many others in the club dancing in ways that belong under the sheets and not out in the open. I gasp when Squall rubs his ass against my slightly raised thigh. Through the thin material of the leather I feel his warmth seep threw, a welcome sensation pooling in my groin when his ass comes dangerously close to my crotch. Spreading my hands on his flat stomach we move up and down in a motion that could closely be described as sex. Only with all our clothes on. And what a pity too. My thoughts are completely wiped from my mind when Squall deliberately rubs against my firm cock with his tight ass. I moan out loud and pull him closer to me. He tenses slightly, and I fear that I have pushed him too far. When I feel him tremble against me I look up over his shoulder to see a large man with cold brown eyes staring at us with absolute hatred.

I push Squall behind me when Dylan strides toward us. He catches my by surprise when his fist connects with my jaw. I growl low in my throat and quickly return the blow.

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