Thank god the end is nigh, never thought I'd get here.

Deep End


By Purple Penguin

The whistle blew for all the good it did, the seven children ages 5-7 still milled around the pool not stopping their chatter even for a moment.


They looked up, falling quiet for a second.

"The whistle means you be quiet while I explain things, okay?"



The rest just nodded.

"Okay then." The blonde paced up and down as he spoke to them.

Three figured sat up in the stalls watching all this. "Shall we call him Mr. Almasy from now on?" Irvine asked.

"I don't think that'll go down too well." Squall answered.

"Don't know where Seifer gets to patience to deal with kids, I hate them." Zell whispered.

"Shush." Irvine scolded.

"What? They won't hear me from over there." He looked at Squall. "I liked helping with your job training best."

Squall was a waiter in a top restaurant and like Selphie predicted he looked good in is uniform. Black waist coat and trousers and a white shirt. He fitted the part quite well and he served his friends with plastic plates to practise stacking with no fear of dropping them. Zell the fussy customer type.

Seifer had an afternoon and evening teaching job now with both kids and ladies. Two classes of four age groups. 5-7 year olds, 8-11, 12-15 and some ladies that they let him teach when they found out he had a boyfriend. He told them he was Bi but they still seemed sure that he wouldn't leap on them or anything.

"Any questions?" Seifer asked the kids.

One hand shot up in the air.


"Mr. Seifer?" A little red headed asked.

"Just Seifer." He corrected.

"Who are those people?" She asked, pointing at the three friends on the bench.

Irvine smiled and waved, the other two copied him. The kids waved back.

"They are my friends, wanted to see what I did in my new job." He watched the kids wave at his friends.

"Okay stop looking at them now."

Some of them ignored him.

"Hey! Come on pretend they aren't here."

A couple peeked over their shoulders still at the three guys sitting on the bench because they knew they were allowed to.

"Should we go?" Irvine asked, seeing that Seifer was having trouble getting their attention with the three of them sitting there.

Squall nodded. The three of them got up and filed out waving goodbye to Seifer. The kids waved too.

"See you in the coffee place." Squall called.

His lover nodded.

"Where are they going?" A little boy asked.

"I think they're leaving so we can get on with it."

"Get on with what?"

The blonde sighed. Kids.



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