Deep End

Chapter 11

By Purple Penguin

Seifer lay in bed staring at the ceiling unblinking.

It was nine in the morning on a Friday and I he didn't have to get up, it was weird.

A warm body rolled over and snuggled into him. "Mmmm morning." He greeted.

"Hmm." Seifer mumbled, not looking away from the ceiling. Squall leant up on one elbow slightly. "Problem?"

"I don't have to get up."


"It's Friday and I don't have to get up, it's weird."

Squall stretched out beside him lover. "On the plus side, you don't have to get up." He grinned. "You can stay here with me."

The blonde slowly returned the grin. "You're right I hadn't thought of it that way." He quickly rolled over pinning Squall underneath him on the mattress, the brunette made an unmanly sound in surprise as he was drawn in for a kiss. He melted into it and threw his arms round his lover's neck.

Seifer broke the kiss, hands stroking Squall's back, one drifting lower still. Fingers trailed down between his lover's buttocks gently. The brunette raised an eyebrow. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Actually I was thinking about fucking you." He lover smirked.

"Oh really?"

Seifer nodded.

"Well I don't think I mind the sound of that."

The blonde chuckled. "I didn't think you would."

He lowered his lips to Squall's throat kissed a trail down to his collarbone and back up just as someone knocked the front door.

Squall sighed, head falling back in annoyance. Seifer groaned. "Maybe if we're quiet they'll go away."

The knocking grew louder and more insistent. "Squall! Squall?! Hello! We know you're there!" Selphie called.

"Yeah, try and get your tongue out of Seifer's throat for a sec!" Rinoa yelled, followed by the laughter of both girls.

Squall sighing, a slight blush colouring his cheeks as he pulled his boxers on. "Stay here." He told Seifer. "I'll go see what they want."

"Sure you don't need back up?" Seifer offered.

Squall smile. "I'll manage." He crossed the living room listening to the singing that was going on out in the hall.

"Why are we waiting? Why are we waiting? Why, why, why."

He opened the door in the middle of the second verse to glare at them.

They both grinned at him. "Hi Squall!"

Rinoa looked at his lack of clothes and raised an eyebrow. "We interrupt something?"

"Sort of."

"Can we come in?" Selphie asked.

"Not real-"

"Thanks." They pushed past him and into the living room.

The brunette sighed and shut the door. "What are you two doing here?" He watched them empty a bag of stuff out onto the coffee table.

"What's all that?"

"Jobs. Remember last night you called Rinoa to come round with possible jobs for you and Seifer. Well we have every job from the job centre here." She grinned happily.

"Oh... good."

"Yep!" Rinoa grinned. "Now all we have to do is go through all this stuff."

"Is Seifer here?" Selphie asked.

Before could answer Rinoa jumped up and headed for the bedroom. "I'll go check!"

Squall went after her. "Wait Rinoa you don't have to- Yes, okay he's here are you happy?!"

She barged on into the bedroom anyway and looked round the door. "Hi Seifer!"

The blonde laughed. "Rinoa thought I heard you. Is Selphie here too?"

"Yep." She grinned.

Squall pulled her out of the way and went in ahead of her with an apologetic expression. "Sorry about them, when I took them to come round I didn't mean right now."

"It's okay I like your friends."

"I did tell Zell and Irvine to come too but they won't be here and ages yet."

"What's the occasion?"

"Cheering up Seifer party!" Selphie yelled from the next room. "We have pages and pages of jobs to look through."

Squall sat on the edge of the bed. "Like I said they weren't supposed to be here yet."

Seifer cupped his lover's chin. "It was a sweet idea, thank you."

They shared a brief kiss.

"Aww." Selphie sad from the doorway as he looked in.

Squall gave her an annoyed look but Seifer seemed mostly amused by them.

"Sorry." She smiled sheepishly. "We brought music and some drink."


"Well I wouldn't be a party with it."

"Selphie it's 9:30am."

"I know but we won't drink it until the boys get here and it's not like it's whisky or anything, just some alcohol fruit thingies."

"You realize we're not sitting out there half naked right?"

She grinned. "I know that, though I can dream." She chuckled as did Seifer. "We'll highlight jobs while you two can shower." She held up a yellow highlighter. "Seifer I'm looking for you using yellow and Rinoa using pink for Squall."

Squall looked a little put out. "Why do I get pink?"

She ran up and pinched his cheek. "Cos you're so pretty." She laughed and Seifer joined in.

"Squall glared. "That's not funny."

Rinoa looked in. "What? Did I miss something?"

"Never mind." Squall said.

Rinoa brought in a sheet of paper. "Look Squall I found this great job for you."

Selphie frowned. "You're supposed to wait for me."

"Oh I was just doing the one page, I couldn't resist."

Squall took the page. "Rinoa, this says ballet dancers."

She nodded. "You have such small feet."

The other two sniggered.

Squall got up. "That's enough picking on me for the day, I'm off to shower."

"Wait, I'll come with you." Seifer said hesitating as he was naked and the girls were still there looking at him.

"Do you mind?"

"Mind what?"

"Can you leave?"


"I'm naked under here."

They shared wicked grins. "Really?"

"Squall!" Seifer whined.

The brunette scowled and waved his arms at them. "Shoo! Go look for decent jobs for us, we'll be out soon."

The girls allowed themselves to be pushed out of the room. "Well really." Rinoa huffed playfully.

"Shall we get down to business then?"

"Yes we shall."

They marched off to the coffee table and squatted down either side of it armed with their highlighters. After a little while Selphie looked down at what she had of Seifer. Kid's swimming teacher, recruits of the navy because of the cute uniforms, leisure centre staff seemed appropriate, window cleaner because he was really tall and a mechanic because all guys liked cars right?

Rinoa sniggered as she highlighted flower arranger for Squall. She also had restaurant waiting staff because Squall would look very smart in the uniform and a receptionist because he was very organized and could deal with angry customers with one good glare.

There was a knock at the door and Selphie got up to answer it, looking through the peep hole. "They're early." She opened it to find Irvine and Zell with their lips locked, Irvine had his arm around Zell and six pack of beer in his hand.

"Ooh Rinoa look take out porn!"

Zell blushed and broke the kiss. "We weren't that bad."

The cowboy grinned. "We brought beer."

"No, no, no!" Rinoa said as she took it. "We got drink already."

"Not that crap." Irvine wrinkled his nose. "We're men we drink beer."

"And fuck other men?"

"That too." Zell said.

"Oh oh, we could play spin the bottle again!"

"Or truth or dare?"


"But it's morning."


"Zell has a point Selphie I'm not jogging round the streets in topless in the daylight I'll get arrested."

"You could job around here." Irvine grinned.

"Not much of a challenge though only you and Seifer like tits."

"That was eloquent." Squall said as he exited the bedroom fully dressed but his hair was wet and falling in his eyes.

"Ahh you wander returns." Rinoa said. "That was a long shower, don't supposed you did anything naughty in there did you?"

Squall flushed and ducked his head, disappearing into the kitchen to hide.

Seifer followed his out of the bedroom. "Did I miss something?"

"Squall was just telling us about your shower fun." Irvine explained.

"I was not!" Came a yell from the kitchen.

The blonde just laughed and squatted down by the table. "So what have we got?"

Rinoa handed him his list.

"Hmm swimming teacher? I'll look at that one." The raised an eyebrow. "Mechanic? You realize I don't know an exhaust pipe from an air filter right?"

"Well you're ahead of me, I didn't even know the names of those things." Selphie said.

"They are at different ends of the car." Irvine said.

Seifer gave him a look. "Yes thank you I knew that much."

Squall came back with a plate of toast and two cups of coffee one for him and one for Seifer."

Selphie handed him his short list.

He scowled. "Flower arranger? I killed that co-called un-killable fern you gave me." He returned to the list. "Waiting staff? Maybe. Receptionist? That's a girl's job."

"It is not!"

"It is!"

"IT IS NOT! A guy can do it too!"

He made a face.

Zell jumped up. "I'm going to make some coffee."

"I'll come with you." Irvine said, following him into the kitchen.

Selphie waited until they had gone then whispered. "What's up with them?"

"What'd you mean?"

"They're acting all married." Both girls sniggered.

Squall frowned and looked around the girls into the kitchen in time to see Irvine lean in to whisper something to his lover and kiss him, the blonde smiled at him.

Squall raised an eyebrow. That was new. Okay they were cuddly before but then it looked like foreplay like Irvine was in a hurry to get Zell into bed now they just looked... comfortable.

"I don't know, Zell wasn't like that yesterday morning in face he was depressed about how he and Irvine were going then."

"Well something happened, look at them."

The couple watched back into the living room and stopped in confusion as four pairs of eyes gazed at them curiously.

"What?" Zell asked.

Selphie got up and pointed at them accusingly. "Okay what happened?"

"Happened?" Irvine echoed.

"With you two, it's like we've slipped into the twilight zone." Squall said.

"It's nice though!" Selphie cheered.

"Nothing really happened." Zell answered sitting down with his coffee in one hand and his other hand in Irvine's.

"Nothing? You're holding hands and that's nothing?!" Squall said.

"Huh?" Zell said then looked down at his hand. "Oh yeah I didn't notice." His lover lifted his hand to his lips and kissed it.

Squall rolled his eyes mostly at Selphie and Rinoa dreamy expressions. "O please."

"Somebody pass the sick bucket." Seifer said.

And Squall smiled. "Yeah I'll have it when you're done."

Selphie hit him with a cushion. "Don't be so mean!"

"Meanie!" Rinoa yelled.

"Yeah, yeah."

"Wait till you and Seifer get all mushy then we'll be there to remind you!"

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