Notes: Okay I started this way back before the summer and never written anymore of it and probably never will but I didnít know whether to throw it away or not so I posted the bit I had written and you people can tell me if itís worth finishing or not. Though donít hold your breath about the whole finishing this story thing.

Switched pov between main characters: Seifer, Squall & Rinoa, maybe more characters later.. AU.

Deep End

Chapter 3

By Purple Penguin

The air was chilly as we exited the club, just me and Squall as the others stayed. Irvine was still cooling down and Zell was sulking with Selphie for company. I had figured out what was so complicated about the relationship between Squallís friends. It didnít seem that complicated to me, after Squall and me danced for a while Selphie whisked him off for a dance or rather she bugged him to death until he gave in. Our one little dance had lasted for 4 songs but can you blame me for not wanting to let him go?

That damn cowboy had hands like an octopus forever straying to whatever pretty thing came too close. As Squall danced with Selphie I sat down beside Zell who sat, arms folded staring out at the dance floor at his lover looking hurt and angry. I just stared when the cowboy came back to get drink and the little blonde said nothing.

"Why the hell donít you ditch him? Find someone else, you can do better."

He just sort of shrugged. "No itís not that bad, itís me he goes home with at the end of the night."

I raised an eyebrow. "He ever cheat on you?"

"No he wouldnít do that, heís just a flirt thatís the way he is."

"Hmm." I watched Mr. Lover boy dance with a scantily clad girl, hands again all over and disappearing under that tea towel of a skirt.

I snorted. "Yeah I see that." I turned to him. "Then why arenít you out there showing him what heís missing?"

"Me? Flirt with strangers? Oh no itís just badness trust me."

"Why not? You donít have to throw yourself at them just dance." I got up and offered him a hand. "Iíll dance with you, I really need the practice."

"What? No you donít I saw you with Squall, you two dance good."

I sighed. "I mean the guy on guy practice." I grabbed his arm before he could protest and pulled him out to the dance floor. I saw him glance at the cowboy who merely raised an eyebrow as we stopped beside Squall and Selphie. My date smirked at me in amusement and looking over at Irvine, Selphie giggled. I ran my hand down to settle on Zellís ass and he jumped, I was only repeating what I had done with Squall except for the kissing obviously. I had made guys jealous before but usually by dancing with girls for this was all new to me. The little blonde had one hand flat on my chest where my shirt was open at the top his palm pressed to my bare skin but his eyes betrayed him hovering over his lover most of the time.

No pov.

Seifer tapped Zell on the nose and Squall was close enough to see him whisper to the blonde but to Irvine it looked like a kiss. Irvineís eyes narrowed as he stared at the pair. The girl frowned and followed his gaze.

"Hey you still here?"

"Huh?" He didnít look at her though, eyes fixed on the two blondes.

"Am I boring you?" She frowned and took a step back from him, placing her hands on her hips.

"I have to-" He walked away from her, not looking back. She huffed and went to go throw herself at someone else.

The cowboy approached the pair now seeing the tall blonde whisper something to his lover causing him to smile. The music was too loud to hear what they were saying. Who the hell did that guy think he was? Coming here on a date with Squall and then leaving him with Selphie to steal other peopleís lovers He was very fond of Zell, didnít love him obviously he wasnít the love sort of guy but he was fond of him, like a little lost puppy that followed you around that you got used to after a while. He saw them both laugh over something and he narrowed his eyes, fists and teeth unconsciously clenching.

The asshole grinned at him. "Hey Irvine."

He lashed out before he even knew what he was doing, fist hitting the cocky bastard in the face and he went down mostly from shock.

I hid a smile as the cowboy came up to Seifer and Zell looking pissed, Irvine was a laidback kind of guy, it was hard to piss him off but he looked homicidal now. I jumped as the cowboy lashed out at the blonde and he fell, staring up in shock and confusion. Selphie squeaked in shock and ran over to Seifer who dapped at his lip. I gave him a hand up. "Are you okay?"

Zell stared at his lover. "What the hellís the matter with you?!"

I had never seen Irvine so annoyed, I had never seen Irvine hit anyone, he never even usually shouted at anyone, he was the type.

"Me? You were the one throwing yourself at him!"

"We were dancing."

"You kissed him!"

"I did not!"

Seifer dapped at his bleeding lip, eyeing the two bulky rings on the cowboyís fingers with a glare. "Donít you think youíre being a bit of a hypocrite here?"

The cowboy glared at him.

"You grope anything that moves in this place while he has to sit and watch and yet when he dances with anyone else you donít like it!"

Irvine took a step forward. "Why are you so interested and concerned about Zell so suddenly? Youíre dating Squall remember?"

Zell and me grabbed each of them and pushed them back. "Stop it! Both of you! For godís sake this is stupid!" I whirled round on the cowboy. "Irvine they were trying to make you jealous cause you treat Zell like shit!" I spun round to face my date. "And Seifer it worked, congratulations!" I grabbed hold of him and pulled him out towards the door after me. "Now lets get out of here."

I heard Irvine say to Zell. "Iím not an asshole to you am I?" But we didnít hang around for the reply.

I shivered as we stepped out into the cool night air and glanced at the blonde. "Are you okay?"

He touched his lip and winced.

"Iím sorry." I muttered, though I was pretty sure this was all his fault.

I just felt a little sorry for Zell, you know that guy does treat him like shit donít you?"

"Seifer you just met them so- so you donít know- when itís just the three of us they act like the perfect couple and Iím the third wheel."

"Iím sorry for winding him up like that, didnít think heís hit me thatís all, guess you donít want me to hang out with you guys again huh?"

I shrugged slightly. "Itís okay, Irvine will come around." I shivered again and Seifer handed me his jacket but I shook my head. "You keep it, youíre injured."

"I have a split lip Iím not bleeding internally." He held it out again and this time I gave in and slipped my arms into it. "Thank you."

Seiferís home was nearest so we made it there first, he invited me in for coffee. I tried not to laugh, that was the oldest excuse but as Seifer hadnít a lot of guy on guy experience I had a feeling he meant real coffee. A small smile escaped and Seifer caught it as he opened his front door and ushered me in behind him.


He shook my head tried not to laugh as I opened my mouth. "You have- coffee?"

"Well I was more thinking of beer but thatís what they say isnít it? Is it different for gay people?"

"How would it be different?"

"I donít know, come in and have some gay coffee or something."

"Gay coffee?" I looked amused.

"Yeah it makes you- gay."

I chuckled. "Well I donít need any then but maybe you should have some."

He frowned and I laughed more.

We moved into the kitchen and he bent down to get a couple of beer bottles out of the fridge, I hopped up on the counter behind him, cocking my head at the nice view of his ass that I got from his position. I licked my lips, he turned around and frowned suspiciously at me as he handed me the bottle. I trapped him to me by wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He put the bottles down on either side of me to place his hands on my hips and grinned at me.

"Got to say I love the pants." I patted him on the ass. "Leather, gotta love leather."

"Yeah." I eyes my leather pants and jacket. "I know you do, itís like some sort of fetish."

I leaned up and gave him a brief kiss and he winced. "Sorry." I muttered. I lapped at the wound on his lip with my tongue, sucking on it gently.

He chuckled. "What are you doing?"

"It was a good first gay date except for you getting punched in the face." I patted him teasingly on the arm. "Well done you." I teased, like a teacher says to a student.

I growled slightly in annoyance and kissed me properly and I eagerly opened my mouth to him, hands moved into my hair and his, ignoring his hurt lip. I broke the kiss in need of oxygen. "What was that for?"

"Canít help it, youíre sexy." He chuckled and kissed me again.

I stiffened at a sound at the door, someone was there, a rattle of keys as someone tried to sort out their front door key.

Seifer frowned. "My roommate, didnít think heíd be home yet."

I stared at him. Roommate? Why didnít he say this before? A straight guy? How the hell would he react to finding his roommate in the arms for another man?"

The door opened and the figure threw his keys onto the cabinet beside the door and stepped into the light some more, he looked up and froze seeing us, me still in Seiferís arms but on the floor now not on the counter anymore.

We locked eyes. "Nida?"

"Squall?" The other man smirked at Seifer. "This is your date? But I thought you didnít swing that way."

"Well- I- err- changed my mind." He looked between us. "You two know each other? Didnít use to date did you?" He narrowed his eyes and I rolled mine, Iíd had enough jealousy for one day.

"No, Nida used to date Zell and for quite a while, surprised you didnít recognize him, Iím sure Nida brought him round here loads of times.

Seifer smirked and rolled his eyes. "Every time I walked in he and some blonde would be on the sofa smooching, one of them could have been Zell but I always avoided the tonsil hockey display. Nida has a thing for blondes." He winked at his roommate.

"Hey! Squall doesnít want to know that." He blushed. "Iíll leave you two to it." He headed for his room.

"I smiled. "Think you scared him away." I stepped out of Seifer arms and towards the door.

"I have to go."

"No you donít." I think he pouted then and I grinned.

"Pouting wonít help."

"I donít pout!" He opened the door for me and I leaned up to kiss him goodbye while pressing a piece of paper into his hand. "Call me." I whispered and he nodded.




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