Notes: Okay I started this way back before the summer and never written anymore of it and probably never will but I didn’t know whether to throw it away or not so I posted the bit I had written and you people can tell me if it’s worth finishing or not. Though don’t hold your breath about the whole finishing this story thing.

Switched pov between main characters: Seifer, Squall & Rinoa, maybe more characters later.. AU.

Deep End

Chapter 2

By Purple Penguin

I pulled on my red sweatshirt that had the pool logo on it and headed up to the small café where I had my lunch everyday and today lunch would be so much sweeter.

“You look chirpy.”

I smiled up at Nellie, my would be step mum. She married my step dad, the man who adopted me and then died a year ago. I was the one that helped her get the job here, spoke about how great she was and all that.

“Yeah I have a lunch date.” I did a little swirl.

“Ooh, anyone I know?”

“Nah just someone who swimming here sometimes.”

She winked at me. “Male or female?”

I stared at her. Did I have a sign on my head that read ‘I am not straight, dating a gay guy here.’

“Err- a guy actually.”

She nodded.

“But I’m not gay.”

“So you’re what? Experimenting?” She pointed at me. “You better not hurt him.”

He held up my hands. “Hey, whoa! How come I’m suddenly the bad guy, it’s not like I thought ‘Ooh I’m never done that before, I like this guy okay?”

She gave me a motherly look and nodded past me. “That him?”

I turned to see Squall pick a table and drop into one of the chairs. She handed me my usual tuna sandwich. “Thanks, I’ll be back to tell you the verdict.” I pushed off the counter and headed towards the pretty brunette.

He looked up shyly. “Hi.”

“Hey.” I grinned at him.

“Listen please tell me you didn’t take too much notice of Rinoa, she was just existed because you even spoke to me.” He looked down and his hair fell forward and into his eyes.

I clenched my fists. God he was so sexy and I really wanted to reach out and touch him. I was fucked up in the head, I really wanted to touch this beautiful guy but I wasn’t gay and I didn’t have a clue what I would have to do if I ever did get to touch him.

Squall broke my train of thought. “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

“Err- nothing why?”

“Well me and the guys usually go out to a club or something did you want to come with us?”

“With your friends? I don’t know.”

“Look I know you’re not out yet and all that and that’s okay-”

“Out? Out where? OH! I’m not gay.”

“But you could be bi though right? But you’re not straight, are you?” He slid his hand across the table and linked fingers with me, running his thumb over the back of my hand slowly and I swallowed.

“No, not straight, bi…. Probably.”

“Not gay then?” He teased. “Nothing wrong with that you know?”

“I know but I’m not, okay.”

“Okay so come out with us, only two other people and they’re a couple, sort of.”

“Sort of?”

“Yeah there’s Zell, he’s my best friend, he’s gay and Irvine, he’s bi and flirts with everyone with a pulse, he and Zell are… complicated.”

“And this club?”

“Is a gay club.” He smiled. “It’ll help honest, lots of hot guys to check out there.”

“But I don’t fancy guys except you.”

He grinned. “Trust me, you just haven’t been looking in the right places. You’ll be gay and happy by the time I’m done with you.”

I nodded slowly, doubtfully. “So- changing the subject, you work?”

“No, I go to college same place as Rinoa, studying medieval history, Art and music.” He made a face at the last one.

“You sing?”

“God no but Rinoa didn’t want to be the only one in that class but I joined up with her.”

“She sing?”

“No but her mother was a singer before she died.”


I had seen it before, how could I not? It was the biggest club in town but of course I stayed well clear. Doors open, lights reflecting out into the street, white light looking blue in the dark night sky. My feet were moving but I wasn’t really aware of them. A couple kissed beside me. I kept one eye on them. I know I was being stupid, paranoid, over-aware of my surroundings, mainly because my surroundings were full of gay men. One of the guys in the couple seemed to have more than kissing in mind. I jumped and turned my eyes away as the leaner man moaned, leaning into the touch of his lover.

I glanced up the road for any sign of Squall. I remembered the conversation when he asked me if I wanted him to pick me up at my house but I had an attack of the pride and told him I was big boy who could look after himself. Who was I kidding? I crossed the road to stand opposite the club and sat on the low wall with my back to the river. I leant my head on a fist nervously then switched to the other fist before glancing up to look for Squall again. Was I getting myself in deep here? Till a few months ago I was happily straight and now I had a date with a pretty gay man, meeting his gay friends in a gay club full of other gay guys in their gayness.

A short goth boy with leather, chains and piercings everywhere winked at me and I jumped. It just gets more disturbing.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. “Hey!”

I almost fell into the water in shock.

“Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” The high soft friendly voice told me.

I looked up to see a short brunette girl whose hair bobbed outwards.

“Y-you’re a girl?”

She clapped her hands over her small breasts. “Oh yeah! So I am!” She stuck her hand out at me. “I’m Selphie, friend of Squall and the guys.”

“You go to a gay club with them?”

“Yeah, gay guys are hot.” She grinned. “But then I guess you’ve noticed that huh?”

“Not really.”

Her grin vanished and instead she looked confused. “But I thought you and Squall were-”

“Oh yeah Squall’s hot, he’s very- anyway he’s the only one I’ve ever looked at in that way.”

She nodded her head a lot, not stopping and for a minute I thought it might fall off soon if she didn’t stop. “I get it, you waiting for Squall?”

“Yeah we were supposed to meet inside but I don-t think-”

She gave me a confused look. “Then what are you doing out here?” She tugged on my arm. “Come on!”

“No, no, no I’ll wait, thanks.”

She shook her head. “Don’t be silly, you could have missed him and he could be inside while you sit here forever. I’ll take you in.”

I stood but didn’t move. “I really don’t know about that.”

“Look we can go straight up to the top, that’s where they’ll be, it’s quiet up there a little bar above the club so you can get used to it, yeah? And then when you get into it, I’m sure Squall will love to dance.”

I sighed shakily. “Okay.”

“Great.” She took my arm and crossed the street then we were going in, the music was deafening but I didn’t even notice I was too aware of the packed club, all those people, gay people and a lot of bodies brushed against me even though most if not all were accidental and no one even noticed I was there.

“All the way up to the top.” Selphie shouted over the music at the foot of the stairs.

I ran up the stairs as it got more crowded on the first floor then suddenly there were less and less people until we got to the top floor and the music was quieter and the top was a soft blue colour. All the tables were empty but two, a couple of guys sat at one side of the room and my guide led me to a different table with three guys sitting at, one of them looked at and smiled at me.

“Look who I found lurking outside.”

The other two guys were a short blonde-eyes blonde who was shirtless and very well built, he sat beside a lean tall guy in a cowboy hat with long loose brown.

“Hi, where were you? I was about to go look for you.”

They moved up on the horse-shoe shaped bench to let us in, I sat next to Squall and Selphie sat next to the blonde.

“He was sitting out there too afraid to come in.” The girl smirked at me.

“I-I was not afraid, I-I was picked the right moment to come in.”

The cowboy guy pointed at me. “Oh so you’re the denial guy!”

“What?” I looked at Squall. “You told them I was in denial?”

“Well maybe you could be.”

“Or I could be not gay.”

The Zell leaned on the table. “Yeah and now you’re sitting here in a gay club with a gay date because…”

Cowboy guy sprang to my rescue. “Hey I’m here and I’m bi not gay.”

I pointed at him. “Thank you, see I could be bi.”

The blonde frowned at his lover. “But you’re only bi because you want as much sex as possible.”

He shrugged. “Well yeah, by the way…” He leaned over and held out a hand. “Irvine.”


“Oh yeah.” Squall looked sheepish and pointed at the blonde. “This is Zell.”

The blonde waved at me then rubbed his hands together. “Now that we’re all here, I say dancing.”

The cowboy grinned. “I second that.” They pushed Selphie out the way and disappeared with a wave and the girl followed them.

Squall stood and held out a hand. “Come on, one little dance is all I want. I promise to look after you, please?” He smiled.

I realized at that moment that Squall’s smile was like puppy dog eyes, you couldn’t say no.

I sighed. “Okay one dance.”

He grinned and pulled me ago back down the stairs, we pushed our way through the crowds who moved slowly or not at all on the stairs. At the foot of the stairs with Squall’s hand in my own he led me to the centre of the dance floor.

He stopped and turned to face me, arms linking around my neck and he grinned. “You can dance, yeah?”

“Err- Y-Yeah.”


Not that different from dancing with a girl really, sexier or that could be just Squall. I grinned at him, my hands that had been resting on his hips slipping down to cover my ass, squeezing the leather.

“I think you’re getting into it.” He smirked.

I leant down to talk to him, leaning too close and we accidentally bumped into each other and he chuckled.

“I think so too.” I surprised myself by taking his grinning lips in my own, I felt him pause in shock then he relaxed and eagerly returned the kiss.

Selphie jumped up and down at the bar.

“YAY!” Closet guy was getting it, good for Squall.





Have not read it through cos it’s like 1:00 in the morning and I REALLY can’t be bothered tell me if it’s too insane and I’m change it later.

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