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This story takes place a few years after the game takes place. I don’t really elaborate on what happened to the other characters. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the story itself. I don’t really spend a lot of time on the other characters because they aren’t completely relative to the story.

All but one section is written in Seifer’s POV. The POV change is listed so don’t worry about being confuzzeled. :D

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Darkness Falls

Chapter Six

By Sodoshiin

Well, I was free again.

I don’t know exactly what that meant, or what I would do with this newfound apparent freedom, but I knew a good place to start.

I didn’t go right away, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to go back. I waited two nights, alone in my bed, staring at nothing, before I decided I was ready.

The club was as busy as it had been the last day I’d been there, months before. It felt weird seeing it now. It seemed much darker and dirtier and suddenly I wished I was back home at the hotel.

I swore myself to one drink before I headed back just to justify the ride out and headed up the long flight of stairs to the bar which was positioned on a balcony high above the dance floor itself. It never really made sense to me, then again I’d never been sober enough to think about it before.

Devil on both shoulders
I was hidden in the dreams of the dark
The rain is taking over
Everything is gone and it’s too late

The music was loud.

It hurts
I’ve been here shouting
Even if I can’t be heard
The rain will stop someday

The music was familiar.

My voice is broken
But I’m still crying out
Reality is a traitor
So what can I believe?

It was US.

My voice is broken
But I can hear you falling from grace
Escaping dreams, blinded by light
The rain will stop someday

It was some freeform techno remix of “Fallen” that I hadn’t heard, probably illegal.

You're frozen in the past
If you won’t move on just tear yourself up
How can you smile when you’re alone?
How can you breathe with the world on your shoulders?

Hearing Squall doesn’t help when you’re trying to forget Squall.

I know it hurts
I used to look at tortured eye on the past
But now I feel free even from the pain
The rain will stop someday

I kept wondering what kind of a mood he was in when he wrote all of those damned songs of his.

Your voice is broken
But you’re still screaming
It’s easy to misjudge things
So what do you believe now?

It really wasn’t that bad of a remix…

Your voice is broken
But you’re still screaming
It’s easy to misjudge things
So what do you believe now?

I made my way through the people, wondering if any of them would recognize me. Doubting they would seeing as how most of them were probably either drunk or high. I found a place to sit and waited for the bartender to make her way over.

Not knowing
How can you smile when you’re alone
Come take my hand now
I’ll lead you to the sky before the end

Now that I was close to the edge of the balcony I could see why the setup was like this.

The view was awesome. You could see every dancer from up here. The strobes, the dj. Things were a lot different now that I was sober.

My voice is broken
But I can hear you falling from grace
Escaping dreams, blinded by light
The rain will stop someday…

I could see a lot more.

Like a brunet head bobbing to the beat of the music in the distance.

“No fucking way…” I muttered to myself just as the bartender got to me.

“What can I get you?”

“Excuse me for a second.”

I was down the stairs in maybe three seconds flat.

I made my way through the crowd, pushing dancers aside, not really caring if they were really in the way or not.

It couldn’t be him, it WASN’T him…

And there he was, sandwiched in between a young redheaded girl and a tall striking blonde man.

I tried to ignore the fact that the two men, both clad in similar leather pants, were paying more careful attention to one another. I tried to deny that Squall had his hands up the blonde’s halfway unbuttoned shirt, or that the other had his hands down the back end  of Squall’s pant’s, grinding him against the knee he’d placed in between Squall’s legs.

I tried to deny the fact that I was fuming in anger as I grabbed Squall and pulled him backwards through the crowd of people, ignoring the shouts of the blonde or the startled yells of the one I dragged.

By the time I had him outside he was kicking and screaming at me.

“Seifer! What the fuck??!!”

I refused to let go of him until we crossed the nearly empty lot I’d parked in. I nearly threw him in the direction of the car, pinning him between me and the passenger side door with my arms on either side of him. “What the HELL are you doing here???!”

“It’s a free country Seifer, I can go where I want! And where I’m GOING is back into that CLUB!” He shoved past me and strided back in the direction we had just come from.

I grabbed his arm and pulled him back in front of me. “So you can go back to that guy? And what if he wants to take you home with him huh? Are you just gonna let him?! So you can get God-knows-WHAT from him??!”

“Has it occurred to you that maybe I don’t CARE???!”

I stopped, studying him for a moment, looking carefully at his eyes. “Are you high?”

“Nothing YOU haven’t done I’m sure.” He snarled at me, ripping his arm away. “Now if you don’t MIND-”


He shrugged at me like it was nothing. “A little Extacy and….uh…something else…not quite sure.”

I didn’t know how I could breathe, how I could keep from hitting him for his stupidity. “Why?”

Once again, he shrugged. “I guess I wanted to see what exactly it was that you were choosing over me. I kinda like it. No worries, no pain, just simple fun.” He smirked at me. “I’ll see you when I get back home okay?”

“You’re beyond all this Squall. Why?” I shook my head, my eyes wide. “Please don’t do this…”

“I WANT to do this!” he glared at me. “You have NO SAY in this. You threw me away REMEMBER? You HAD your chance!” he was fuming, his face reddening in anger, his voice getting louder. “I TRIED!! And I WAITED for you! I’ve BEEN waiting for you to sober your ass up so I could BE with you! Why the hell do you think I came back here to FIND you?! For my HEALTH????!” his shoulders hunched and he sighed, staring me down. “And I tried. I tried SO hard. I thought that if you saw me trying you’d understand. I thought that maybe if you had me to be with you you wouldn’t NEED all of this….” He raises his arms and let them drop at his sides again.

For the first time since we were children I saw a hopelessness in his eyes….and I couldn’t speak.

“I thought I was enough…” he said quietly. “I would have given anything, done anything, for you to just SEE…… I wanted to be enough….”

Silence passed between us.

I couldn’t look at him, couldn’t look away. I didn’t want him to go back in but I couldn’t think of anything to say to keep him here.

Apparently he did.

“Let’s just go home okay?” he brushed past me and headed back toward the car. “I think my drugs are wearing off.”

I turned and followed, opening the door for him. “What about your friend?”

“Oh him?” he huffed. “He’s probably found someone else to play with.” He slid into the passenger seat, his pants creaking.

“Why did you choose him?”

He shrugged, suddenly looking very small against the seat. “I guess with all the drugs it’s easy to pretend….he kind of reminded me of you….it’s stupid though…he didn’t have your eyes…” he looked up at me, and I couldn’t bare they way his kept my gaze. “You have beautiful eyes.”

Again, I had no response, so instead I shut the door and headed to my own side of the vehicle.

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