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This story takes place a few years after the game takes place. I don’t really elaborate on what happened to the other characters. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the story itself. I don’t really spend a lot of time on the other characters because they aren’t completely relative to the story.

All but one section is written in Seifer’s POV. The POV change is listed so don’t worry about being confuzzeled. :D

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Darkness Falls

Chapter Four

By Sodoshiin

Stir-craziness isn’t something I’m very fond of, and a week of it was torture!

Still, just the mere thought of what Squall was offering stirred a few more things than my curiosity.

I don’t know exactly what it was that I had for Squall, but I guess it had always been there. He was freaking hot, but always out of reach.

But how had he found out? Or was it just a lucky guess?

And why was he doing it to begin with?

If it was THAT big a deal he could have just kicked me out of the band AGES ago.

Maybe the other’s wouldn’t let him.

A week passed, but it felt like a month, or two….or four….

I didn’t know exactly when he would show himself, or IF he would.

The knock on the door came just shy of ten o’clock Monday night.

I opened the door, half expecting it not to be him.

He walked past me like he owned the room…

In his pajamas?

A t-shirt and a pair of boxers.

Two weeks. Two weeks and he was mine.

So why wasn’t I all that thrilled?

“Well?” he turned, looking at me expectantly. Waiting for me to do something, anything I guess.

“Uhm……..” I blinked. “Go ahead and get in if you want…..I’ll….uh….get changed.”

“Whatever…” he replied.

But I had to admit, he DID look kind of nervous, though he was doing a good job of hiding it.

I almost felt like locking myself in the bathroom.

What was I supposed to do with him?

I wasn’t allowed to touch him. He actually trusted me?

Wait, he said without his permission….

Maybe be would…..no, I couldn’t think like that….

When I got back out he was curled up on one side of my bed, taking up half the covers. He looked kind of small from the way he was laying. He had his eyes closed, as if he’d already decided he was going to sleep.

That WE were going to sleep.

Which, at that moment, was fine with me.

So, we spent the first night, each on our separate sides of the bed. Not touching. Not talking.


By the time I woke up the next morning he was gone.

And it kind of seemed like a good thing.

For some reason, Squall and I seemed to ignore one another for the most part the next day. It wasn’t really unusual, I’d just noticed it more after what had happened, or HADN’T happened the night before.

By that night Squall seemed like he was just going to pass out from the days activities and rather collapsed on the bed.

We’d been at a sound check at some local sound recording studio for most of the day.

He’d been asked to stay behind for some “small vocal touchups”.

He hadn’t come home until ten minutes ago.

When I was somewhat convinced he wasn’t going to move I decided to help him by removing his shoes and socks.

He mumbled something incoherent at me but nothing else.

“Are you going to bother getting changed?” I asked, pulling off my shirt to change into some bed clothes, pretty sure he wasn’t going to turn his head before I was done.

Again he mumbled something but made no inclination that he was planning on moving.

When the light went off we’d managed to at least get him under the covers if nothing else.

He was out within seconds.

I sat awake for a little while, listening to his soft breathing, staring at the street lights from the window reflecting off the ceiling.

He wasn’t a snorer, which was a good sign.

He sure shifted a lot though.

And apparently he liked warm places.

I didn’t know exactly when I had fallen asleep but I woke up in the middle of the night with him half on, half off of me, his face buried between the bed and the pillow.

As I drifted in and out of consciousness, I wondered where the symptoms of withdrawal were.

But more I thought about Squall, and what exactly it was he wanted from me.

“Hey, Squall, where were you last night?” I heard Yomi call as he came down the hallway. “I knocked on your door but there was no answer.”

“I went out.” He replied without so much as a look up from his newspaper.

I said nothing but sat down next to Bach, who’d only moments before snuck his latest fling out the main door.

It didn’t bother me all that much that he didn’t want people to know. I wondered if they’d noticed that I WAS in my room last night and not partying.

Not likely.

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