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Chapter Seven - Squallís Confessional

By Fantasy Lover

I close my eyes and go far away, away from the battlefield
In my dreams, well, here I will enjoy
Where innocence plays with all the laughing children
The kind who are crying right now
A taste of freedom from the pain
Of everything here I see
Life is sweet but I took it all for granted
And now I donít know if I can ever tell you
Just what we permit, we allow

- Closet Chronicles (Kansas)


"Yo, Squall! Over here!" Zell shouted. He was standing next to the entrance of the Training Center.

"Hey, bud. Wuz up?"

"Not much. Hey I saw you at Seiferís earlier. Man, you were fucking pissed. What happened?"

"Oh. The usual," he lied.

"God. Why does he always act like a god damn asshole. Heíd probably have more friends if he wasnít such a jerk."

ĎIf only you knew Zelly-boy. If only you knew,í Squall thought.

It seemed like only he and Seiferís Ďposseí knew the real Seifer. However, Squall knew him intimately. Even Rajin and Fujin hadnít seen the soft side that he hid so well. He couldnít let Zell continue to think Seifer was all bad, and he needed to tell someone.

"Shut up, Zell!" he said with distaste.

"What? Are you defending him, Squall?"

He took a deep breath, "Zell... Iím not mad at Seifer. He didnít do anything."

"But you just said..."

"I was lying, you dumbass! The truth is that I love him."

"You WHAT? But you and Seifer are... And he tried to... But now your...?" Zell stopped for a moment to collect his thoughts, "So you're telling me that you and Seifer are... queer?"

"Please donít tell anybody," he pleaded, "If this got out it could..."

"Donít worry, Squall. I wonít say a thing. Besides, I think itís pretty cool."

"Donít even say anything to Seifer. He thought we should keep it a secret for a little while."

"Now why would I do a thing like that? I donít even like the guy... No offense. Oh. Now that you and Seifer are together, could you ask him to stop calling me chicken-wuss?"

Squall laughed, "Iíll try."

"Look, a T-Rexaur. I think we can take him on," Zell said, running toward the beast.

It had been a long, hard battle for the two young men, but they came out victorious.

"Yeah! We kicked his ass," Zell said while he continued shadow boxing, "Wanna go again?"

"Hell no! Iíve got *gasp* plans for *pant* this evening."

"Oh, right. You have a date with Seifer donít you."

"I do not... well, not exactly. Actually, Lagunaís coming to visit."

"You going to tell him?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Good luck. I wouldnít want to be in you place."

"Thanks," he said sarcastically.

Squall returned to his dorm where he found Seifer wearing nothing but his trenchcoat.

"Hey, babe. I decided not to wait for you at my place."

"Seifer... Lagunaís gonna be here tonight."

"Donít worry, babe. Weíve got hours. I just thought you could use a little bit of fun to take your mind off your troubles. Besides, you owe it to me."

He stepped closer to his companion. "For what?"

"For last night."

"I thought I already paid you back."

Seifer eyed him seductively, "On the contrary. I sucked and I shoved. You just laid there and took it. So, you still owe me."

"Well, in that case..." He shoved Seifer on the couch, "At least I donít have to worry about your jeans."

Squall tugged at his belt so that his pants slid down with ease. He knelt down to his loversí hard length and teased it the way Seifer had done the night before. As he ran his tongue along the tip, his cradled the blond man's genitals.

"Uhh...your good...unn...Leonheart...aah...could harder...uhh."

He reached down and pulled off the brunettes shirt. Seifer loved the way Squalls bare skin felt. It was so soft and tender compared to the seemingly cold, callused heart that lay within. His hands caressed the surface, trying to find a way to reach deep inside.

Without warning, Seifer came into his trueloveís inviting mouth. Squall made sure not to miss a single drop of the bittersweet fluid.

He wiped his mouth, "So, was it good?"

"Good? Damn Squall! That was excellent!"

"Thanks. Now if you donít mind, Iím gonna go take a shower. Wanna join me?"

"Why not..."

Squall and Seifer were waiting in front of the Garden as they watched a taxi drop off a tall, slender man.

"Laguna! You finally made it!"

"Hey, Squall. Whoís your friend?"

"Laguna, this is my good friend, Seifer Almasy."

"Nice to meet ya, Seifer."

"Same here."

"Uh, Seifer, could you take Lagunasí bags up to his room for him?" Squall asked apprehensively.

Seifer nodded in return.

"Laguna... can I talk to you?"

"Fine with me. What do you want to talk about?"

"Not here. Privately."

As they walked out of the elevator, they met up with Seifer. Laguna looked at Squall puzzled, but received a nervous, yet reassuring glance in return.

"This way, Laguna." Squall opened his door, and led him to his small couch.

"So what did you want to talk about, son?"

"Um." He looked to Seifer for support, and received an encouraging nod of approval, "Well, you see, I have this... secret, and I thought that, since you are my father, You should know."

"Well, what is it?"

"Iím getting to that. Donít rush me....Uh, you see...Iím gay," he breathed a sigh of relief.

"So, is that it?"


"You mean you dragged my ass all the way over here just to tell me that? I thought is was something important like a football game or something."

"You mean you donít mind?"

"Hell no... well then again, it depends on who with."

"Seifer," he said pointing to his tall, blond friend who had been standing at the door.

"Good. He seems like a nice enough guy. As long as wasnít not that short blond kid. Heís too fidgety." he teased.

"Yeah," Seifer chimed in, "Anything but that chicken-wuss."

Laguna laughed, "Hot damn! I like him already."


AUTHORíS NOTE: No offense to Zell there. Ya know I luv Ďem. Hope you liked it. Since I luv writing them as much as you like reading them, Iím already working on chapter 8....

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