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Part Two

By The March Hare

Pained and heavy eyelids cracked open just in time to see one stray blonde lock follow as rest of its owner was flung carelessly through a door next to the one Squall was being carried into. “Seifer…” The words barely left his lips, but his father carrying him heard and bent down his head to whisper soothingly to him.

“It’s okay, he can’t hurt you anym-m-more…” The words tripped over Laguna’s quivering lips as he tried to hold in the emotions he knew were yet to be justified by the witnesses.

“Squall! Wait! I…” Seifer began only to be cut off when one of the escorting soldiers planted his foot into his lower back and kicked him the rest of the way inside the unknown room, following and shutting the door.

With a slow speed that was agonizingly humiliating to Squall’s pride, yet impossible for any other human being in that situation, he lifted his head and mumbled to his father. “When can I see him again?”

This nearly brought tears to Laguna’s eyes as he carried his child in and set him gently on his bed. “When you’re feeling a little better, okay? Why, do you want to tell him something?”

“Yeah,” Squall nodded slowly while he thought about it. “Next time you see him, tell him I’m sorry and that I love him.”

Laguna stiffened and closed his eyes as if he were listening very closely to something. “Well, I’ll make sure his corpse hears it.” He laughed like his throat was shared by two voices. “Tell me something, should I go pay him back for doing that to you? Take revenge on his young body like a good daddy?”

“Oh…” Squall trailed off, realizing he was speaking to a different person now. “You again. Didn’t we kill you? …Several times?” Squall laughed like he’d just been told he was going to die.

“Yes, well, technicalities and all…” Laguna faded off, sitting on the edge of the bed by Squall and leaning over to his prone figure sprawled aimlessly across it.

“So…” He began casually, letting his hand wander up his son’s delicate body, “You must be awfully tired after everything. Why don’t you lie down and get some rest? I’ll go deal with your little boyfriend.”

The weight on the bed shifted and Squall caught his wrist and pulled him back, knowing there wasn’t much he could say to make him stay away from Seifer. “I…”

“Yes…?” He looked over his blue-clad shoulder with a smirk and asked as if he didn’t know the obvious question.

“S-stay?” Squall fumbled lamely, pretending he was actually speaking to father when he was little. “It’s just… I get nightmares sometimes, and…wake up crying and screaming… and I know I’ll wake up like that in a few hours so could you just wake me up or something when it starts getting bad?”

Startled for a moment, but not stalled, Laguna had him pinned on his back shoving his tongue down his throat. There went Squall’s innocent delusion. Nothing mattered though, as long as he could keep Seifer safe for awhile. His body didn’t resist, but his mind screamed at him. Would Seifer be able to hear him being tortured? Again, it didn’t matter, as long as it was for his love.

A hand slid up the inside of Squall’s shirt and his brain waves blipped like the catches in his throat. Laguna whispered softly in his ear as his hand moved lower at a threatening temper. “I know what you’re thinking, boy, and it’ll do you no good. Just lie here and let me put you to sleep.”

Tears ran quietly down his cheeks, while his mouth filled with bile. It was disgusting, his father doing this, merely for the mindfuck, if nothing else. Cool air refreshingly washed over his skin as his shirt was removed and Laguna started on the belts that had only been hastily reapplied. “No…I-I can’t do this! Let go!” Squall planted his knee hard into Laguna’s thigh and rolled him off, getting up and running for the door.

The assault from earlier was impeding his speed tremendously as Squall ran down the hall past bewildered guards. The footsteps coming up behind him warned Squall of the end in his escape, for a body lunged and tackled him from behind. Falling at the feet of two shocked sentries Laguna flipped him over and continued removing his clothing. “There’s no point in even trying these stupid stunts, you’ll always come back… I have the very thing you want most.”

Squall sobbed and tried grabbing at one of the soldier’s boots, pleading with him for help even as he was stripped entirely naked.

He shook his head in response and looked strait forward again, pretending the boy at his feet didn’t even exist. Sure he felt sorry for the pitiful thing, but there was nothing he could do about it, this was… Wait, maybe the kid did have a chance.

A door down the hall opened and tall dark-skinned figure in a white robe emerged from it to investigate the unusual sounds. Kiros came as close as he dared before assuming the obvious. “L-Laguna? What are you doing?! Stop!”

Barely phased by his discovery, Laguna slowly propped his head up under the heal of one hand, economically using the other to keep his son still pinned. “What does it look like I’m doing?” He laughed indulgently; ignoring the look Kiros was giving him.

“B-but that’s…!” His advisor stammered.

“Well, duh! But just LOOK at him, Kiros!” Laguna turned and pulled Squall’s face up for examination. “Wouldn’t you?”

Whimpering a small plea, the subject of inspection put on his best pitiful look, one that Selphie had shown him many times in the past. “Help… please… I-I don’t want this…”

“Laguna!” Kiros scolded fiercely, “That is your only son which you neglected for your entire life until now when you decide to kidnap and RAPE him! Let. The. Boy. Go. Now!”

Laguna checked Squall’s face and body once more before coming to a decision. “No… no, I don’t think so. But if you’re that desperate to have some then we can make a deal.” He stood slowly, propping a boot on Squall’s lower back to keep him still until he had zipped himself up, reprimanded the guards there for letting him get that far, and then pulled his son up by his arm. “You any good at cards, kid?”

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