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Part One

By The March Hare

A tall, black-haired figure stepped under the stream of water.

“Dad? What are you doing?” His son, who was in the shower at the time of his entrance, stepped back against the wall as Laguna advanced.

“Shhh…” Laguna placed his index finger in front of his pursed lips and leaned in. “Don’t scream.” With swift movement, he captured his slight son in one arm and held his head still with the other while he kissed his flushed lips.

Long strands of black hair fell into Squall’s face and he tried to struggle away, but his father was too strong. The marble was cold as Laguna pushed him up against it, spreading his legs with his knee, and not breaking the kiss. This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening…Squall chanted in his head over and over again as he felt tears swell in his stormy eyes. But it was, and even though this was half the reason for his creation, he bit down on the intruding tongue hard enough to draw blood.

Feeling his blood trickling into Squall’s mouth and down his chin, Laguna broke the kiss and hit him as hard as would keep him conscious. He smiled at his son cowering in the corner, curling up where he had fallen, crying quietly, not even sobbing, just trying to protect his body from more assault. That was enough for now. Laguna stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel and his clothes.

“Squall! Phone for y-“ Irvine paraded into the room and nearly dropped the phone in his hands at the sight of Laguna. He stood there with his jaw open as Laguna smiled and grabbed his jacket, smacking him in the face with his wet hair as he left. The shower door was still open and the water was running. A pathetic sound echoed from inside. Irvine peeked his head in and saw Squall on the floor, rocking back and forth, holding his knees, and crying.

“Hello? Hello! Squall? Irvine? Is ANYONE there?” The phone yelled, forgotten in Irvine’s palm.

Irvine held the phone to his ear and spoke. “Yeah, Zell. Look, I need to ask you a favor, can you just come down to Squall’s room?”

“Uh, sure. Why? Is something wrong?” Came a static-ridden response.

“Tell ya when you get here. Just hurry.” Click.

Irvine set down the phone on the counter and looked over his shoulder in the mirror at Squall. He was watching him. There was also something on his lips and chin, aside from the huge bleeding bruise developing across the left side of his face. “Shit.” He whispered to himself before turning around and facing his broken friend. Irvine stuck his hand under the water and felt the temperature. Freezing, just peachy. He turned it off and held up a towel to Squall. A shaking hand reached out to take it, and Irvine turned to face the wall and give him some last bit of dignity. “Do you want to tell me what happened, Squall? Or do I have to tell Cid what I saw?”

“Nothing happened. There’s nothing to tell. You’ll only get people upset and hurt.” Squall said, pulling on his boxers and wiping off his face with alcohol.

“I figured you’d say something like that. I didn’t want to resort to doing this but… If you don’t tell-“

“-Us, we’re calling Seifer. I have the number for his hotel. Plus, I just saw your father walking down the hall. Do you think he should know, too.” The door opened and Zell checked inside. “Squall… You’re face…”

Irvine looked at his feet and mumbled. “He is one of the few people who knows what did just happen.”

Self-control breaking, Squall slammed his fists on the counter and whirled to face them. “Nothing happened! I fucking told you that! There’s no reason to tell anyone that the President of Esthar was kissing and feeling on a lowly SeeD!”

Zell scoffed and pushed Squall back over to the mirror. “And who did this?” His finger pointed to Squall’s cheek.

He looked away. “It’s my fault.”

“Oh, so now you’re going to tell me you slipped and hit it on the wall, right? I can see a ring impression, Squall. That’s it, I’m calling.”

“No!” Squall dived for Zell as he went into the bedroom. Irvine reached out his arm to stop his assault, but got caught in Squall’s rush and fell with them. The carpet cushioned Zell’s fall, his butt cushioned Squall’s fall, and Irvine just landed awkwardly straddling Squall’s hips.

Zell looked over his shoulder and couldn’t contain his laughter. He hoped Cid would knock and walk in at that very moment. “Damn Squall, Seifer’s really gonna be pissed now with you fucking us, too!”

Said brunette rolled his eyes and tried to get up, but Irvine held his wrists and Zell rolled over and held him by the waist. “This isn’t funny. Let me up, now!”

“You know you have no sense of humor at all? Just because you and Seifer fuck, it doesn’t mean you’re his possession.” Irvine smiled, grinding his hips down into Squall’s boxer-clad buttocks. “Would it really be that horrible if we didn’t have clothes on right now?”

“I mean it, Irvine! Both of you get off! Is it ‘Sexually Assault Squall Day’ and no one told me? Or is everyone in on fucking up my head?” Squall writhed, bit, and kicked, but only dislodged his single article of clothing more.

“Irvine, he’s right. This is wrong.” Casting a sidelong glance at the bed, Zell winked at him and released Squall’s wrists.

“Thank you.” Squall sighed with relief.

“Carpet burns could be called into question.”

“WHAT?” The cowboy hooked his arms around Squall’s waist and legs while Zell locked his wrists together over his chest. They carefully swung him onto the bed and pinned his body down. “Don’t touch me! I…” Squall attempted before his face was pressed into the pillow and he felt the silk leaving his skin. Amorous hands wandered every inch of his flesh, then pulled away suddenly. He lifted his head to see what had happened.

Someone was knocking on the door and calling his name. “Squall? Squall, are you okay? Hello? The headmaster sent me because the student next to you said they couldn’t sleep with all the noise. Squall? I’m coming in!” Quistis’s fingers were noisily working with the lock on the door.

“Shit, this is gonna look bad, Irvine!” Sitting up from his crouch on the bed, Zell pulled the covers over Squall’s delicate form.

“No it won’t, just play along.” Irvine winked and went to the door, straitening himself up before it opened and he blocked Quistis’s view of the room. “Yeah?” He asked her casually.

One look at Irvine’s state of undress and Quistis knew. “Where’s Squall?”

“He’s laying down, didn’t feel too well. Zell and I came over to see if he needed anything.” He answered, leaning in the doorframe to block the bed especially. Quistis craned her neck around to his other side, still trying to get a look. “I need to see him… Now.”

Squall could hear her voice and register it as help. He tried to struggle up from the mattress, but Zell held him. “Quistis, he-“ Came out muffled from behind Zell’s hand, but he had at least squirmed enough to sit up. The blonde tackled him again trying to indiscreetly push him back, but he lost his balance and they fell to the floor, landing in another provocative position.

Irvine glanced over his shoulder and looked back blushing. “Well, Squall’s busy. Come back later.” Getting fed up beyond irritation, Quistis pushed past Irvine and stopped gaping.

Squall was on his back, half off the bed naked except for a white sheet. Not that she could see anything, Zell appeared to be covering that up as he was lying between the other’s spread legs, one hand pinning his wrists, the other over his mouth.

Quistis heard the door close and lock again. “What are you doing?!” She screamed at Irvine and he shrugged. “What does it look like we’re doing?” Zell lifted his head off of Squall’s chest to answer.

Concern written on her face, Quistis kneeled next to Squall and checked his face. His eyes were closed in anticipation and fear, and he flinched away when she lightly traced the bruise over his cheek. Quistis glared at Zell and Irvine. “You’re both in deep shit.”

“But, we didn’t do that,” Irvine calmly explained, still leaning in the doorframe, “it was his father.”

“Laguna? Did you see it?” Turning back to Squall, she tapped his shoulder to get his attention. When one of his eyes opened she smiled a little and pointed to his cheek. “Did Laguna do this to you?”

Zell moved his hand so Squall could speak uninhibited; but he wouldn’t answer her. He turned his head and looked at the wall.

“Squall! I’m trying to help you, don’t just ignore me.”

He turned his head back to face her again. “It doesn’t matter who did it, can’t you just help me now?”

“Christ! Is that your programmed response to any crisis? Laguna fucking did it, stop sitting there in denial’s little closet!” Irvine swore.

Quistis sighed and pressed something she had been carrying in her hand. For thirteen minutes they sat in silence, just waiting for something to happen. Zell had tried to sneak his mouth to Squall’s several times, but he had either been bitten or smacked. Irvine was slumped against the same wall he had been leaning against and looked as if he were about to nod off. Quistis had turned around so she could sit up with her back against the bed and it gave her a view to see when she had to thwack Zell off again. And Squall… well, Squall hadn’t changed at all. He was still staring at the wall with a blank look of unhappiness, which became even unhappier each time Zell tried something.

At the end of the time period, ten SeeDs knocked on the door before kicking it down. The door landed on Irvine who got up cursing. They all looked to Squall, raised an eyebrow, then looked to Quistis as she stood and brushing herself off.

“It sure took you long enough, we could have been dead by now.” She said rolling her eyes.

One of the men stepped forward, glancing at Squall again, and apologized. “Is that the President’s son, sir?”

Squall visibly cringed. He pulled away from Zell, not even bothering to use the sheet for cover, and grabbed his discarded clothes, heading for the bathroom to change. Unmistakably, everyone in the room could see all of his bruises: the large one covering the left half of his face with a ring mark in it, the set on his wrists, the set on his biceps, the one on his right thigh, and the last, making a sharp purple line across his lower back.

Quistis sighed and gave the orders to retain Zell and Irvine, and when Squall returned to escort him to Cid’s office for a report.

Squall was lying down on a couch in Cid’s office. He had been doing so for four hours since he had refused to tell anyone who had inflicted all of his injuries. They had called his father, who was on his way back in from town. Squall what would happen when he saw his father again after their little scene that morning. They also tried to call Seifer, but he was already on his was back, latest SeeD mission complete. Squall sighed and rolled over on the narrow cushions. He hoped Seifer would never find out what happened.

Zell and Irvine were in one of the MD levels being interrogated. They were probably just going to be on house arrest for awhile, not being able to leave their rooms without a SeeD escort. Squall could care less what they had done to him, but it really pissed him off that everyone else did.

The door made a sound and Squall heard it open. Probably just Cid or Quistis coming in to check on him, Squall didn’t bother to look. He could hear someone in front of him, supporting their weight on the back of the couch as they leaned in closer to his face. Obviously feigning sleep, Squall tried not to move, wondering what they would do.

The back of a hand caressed his right cheek lightly, sweet words following it. Seifer’s voice and hands, Squall could have told them apart from anyone’s. When the fingers came near his lips, he used his tongue to pull a few in. He could hear Seifer sigh with pleasure as he sucked gently at each digit. Another hand ran through his hair, combing out his bangs and moving them from his face. The weight shifted to move beside him, spooning up against his back.

Squall cringed as Seifer grabbed one of his bruises. Seifer noticed. “What’s wrong?” He said, pulling off Squall’s jacket to look at his arm. He sucked in his breath sharply and inspected the long finger-shaped bruises.

Shit. So, he wouldn’t be able to get around an explanation. “It’s nothing, really.” Squall hesitantly rolled over and looked pleadingly into Seifer’s eyes, asking silently for him not to ask.

Seifer’s eyes widened when he saw Squall’s face and other arm, but he honored Squall’s dignity. “Where else?” He smiled sadly and pulled off Squall’s gloves, guessing the next place.

Tossing his jacket and gloves to the side, he began stripping off articles of clothing, each revealing one or several bruises. Squall sighed and hugged Seifer, now only in his boxers. Slowly enough not for Seifer to notice, he started unbuckling Seifer’s belt and pants.

“Wouldn’t Cid have a heart attack if he came in and you were doing that?” Seifer laughed, reaching down to help him.

“Damn, found out. Here I was trying to be smooth and jump you, but…” Squall was cut off as Seifer kissed him gently, but deeply. He lay back, bringing Seifer down over his body, and wrapped his legs around his muscular waist. Squall pressed his erection against Seifer’s, moaning for the way it felt to be touched just by this one person.

Seifer shifted and removed his jacket and shirt, while Squall used his feet to push his pants down to his knees. He reached down and pulled off Squall’s boxers, adding them to the pile of clothes on the floor. Seifer’s eyes traveled slowly up Squall’s body, stopping at each wound for a moment, and ended with the confusingly blissful smile on the abused face. “Squall, are you sure you want to do this here? Now?”

Squall broke into a brief fit of laughter. “Hell yes!”

“Good, so do I.” Seifer brought Squall into another long kiss, breaking it only to wet his fingers, then going back down. Slowly, he put one of the fingers between Squall’s legs and pushed it inside.

Squall pushed back against the finger, bringing it in further, wincing a little as the Seifer’s hand brushed the bruise on his thigh. Another entered him and soon a third, all moving to find his A spot. Seifer spread his fingers and massaged Squall’s tight channel until he arched up, moaning loudly into his mouth. He removed his fingers and broke the kiss.

Growling impatiently, Squall wrapped his legs tighter around Seifer. “You’re such a fucking tease! Are you just waiting for someone to walk in on us?” Seifer laugh and pressed the head of his cock in gently, silencing Squall. “God, you bitch a lot, then when I say anything about it, people give me the weirdest look. Don’t tell me I’m the only who hears it.” He rested head into the crook of Squall’s neck, lifting his hips in his hands and pushing in the rest of the way slowly.

Squall had to bite his lip to keep from crying out, he felt so wonderful. His body moved before his brain did, and he was thrusting up to meet each of Seifer’s. “You should hope…you’re the only… one who hears me say that.” He bit his lip again to stifle another cry of pleasure as Seifer hit his spot.

“So…” Seifer started casually, deafened for a moment by Squall’s moans in his ear, “are you going to let me in on your secret yet?”

“Secret?” Squall said between thrusts.

“These bruises…” he squeezed the one on Squall’s thigh lightly to get a reaction.

“Why, Seifer Almasy, what are you doing to my son?” A mystery hand ran up Seifer’s bare buttocks and back. Both boys froze and looked at each other before looking up at their interruption. Squall curled into Seifer’s body. Seifer reached for his coat so he could give them at least a little dignity.

Laguna knelt down level to them and caught his hand before it found the material. “I asked you a question, and I want an answer.” His tone was so serious, so unlike Laguna, who might have laughed at the situation. “Or how about an easier question? Are you enjoying fucking him?”

Seifer’s temper flared and he glared at Laguna, pulling his wrist away. “Are you enjoying humiliating us?” He pulled Squall protectively against him as he sat up. For the first time he noticed the four Esthar soldiers standing around them holding weapons ready. Raising an angry eyebrow, his other eye twitching, Laguna stood and smirked. “Well if we’re both having so much fun, then why did you stop?”

“What?! I’m not going to fuck Squall in front of his father! I have just a little more respect for him than that.”

Laguna held his stomach while he laughed, having to sit down on one of the tables mounted into the wall across from them. “Then I guess he didn’t tell you how he got that little scratch on his face, huh?”

Seifer looked to Squall’s cheek, then to Laguna’s right hand. “…Bastard! What did you do to him?”

“Nothing,” Squall interrupted, “He just hit me. It wasn’t that bad, okay? Stop talking about me like I’m not sitting here on your God damned cock, Seifer!”

“Come on, Squall, tell him. If it wasn’t that bad then you’ll tell us all about our shower.” Laguna gloated.

Sighing in frustration, Squall turned to Laguna. “Dad, can you just piss off for a second and shut up?”

“How can you even call me ‘Dad’ now?”

“How can you talk so much with a hurt tongue?”

“Umm, Squall?” Seifer said into his ear, wishing he would realize he was riding his lap pretty roughly, taking away his breath with the force of his legs. Squall looked down and blushed, releasing his vice-like grip and resettling himself. “Sorry.”

“Don’t stop.” Laguna commanded seriously, tilting his head to the side.

“What?” Squall and Seifer asked at the same time.

“Don’t stop.” He said again and smiled. “Fuck him hard, Seifer.”

“Have you lost your mind? We just went through this!” Seifer shrieked.

Laguna pulled a handgun from behind him pointed it at Seifer’s head. “Do it, now.”

Seifer started to protest again, but Squall squeezed his hand and whispered, “It’s okay.” Sighing heavily, he pushed Squall back down to the couch and pulled out, preparing to re-enter him and start over.

“Hard. Make him bleed.” Laguna reminded and cocked back the hammer.

Squall spread his legs wider, more inviting, placing them up by his shoulders. He closed his eyes in calm anticipation and gave his hand another squeeze.

Leaning forward and squaring his knees beneath his lover, Seifer took in a deep breath and jammed his whole manhood in. The flesh ripped so violently, it was almost as loud as Squall’s cry. He waited for the initial rush to subside and his eyes to clear of the blackness coating them. Squall was squeezing his hand so tightly, just trying to breathe without screaming again. But he knew he would.

Laguna smiled sadistically. “Keep going. This is about pain, remember?”

Seifer opened his blurry eyes and smiled. At least he could look at Squall, but he should be the one holding his breath in pain. He let it out, and pulled out from Squall completely, which let him at least pant it off. This was so wrong, it shouldn’t be happening. There was already so much blood…

Aggravated beyond tolerance, Squall’s father marched up to Seifer and backhanded him with the gun, leaving a long abrasion on his cheek. “What the Hell is wrong with you? I said to fuck him! If I have to get up again it will be to do it myself over your corpse. Be glad you’re getting the choice. Insolent fool.”

Squall lifted his head less than an inch and tried to look at Laguna. “I… We killed her though…Seifer? Please, it’s all right. Don’t…” he had to pause and let his head fall back, “Don’t get killed because of me.”

Rubbing Squall’s thigh absently, Seifer took another breath and exhaled shakily. “I love you, Squall.”

“I love you too, Seifer.”

Seifer leaned over Squall’s body, holding his hips again, and thrusted in viscously and kept thrusting. He tried to ignore Squall whimpering and crying his name as he continued, but soon his face was just as wet. He pulled almost completely out and tore back in, wordlessly apologizing for nearly killing his beloved, and did it again. And again, and again, until it could have done permanent damage he slowed and kept to a merely animalistic pace.

Despite the lower half of his body beginning to feel numb from pain, Squall was happy. At least it was Seifer killing him. He wondered if he really would die from this and almost hoped so. Then Laguna would shoot Seifer, and they would die together. Squall forced his protesting body to react to Seifer’s dick. He pushed back against it as hard as it came. The pain was making him black out, but he wanted to feel Seifer’s release first and quickened the pace.

“Squall!” Seifer cried as he came deep into his bloody passage.

“Seifer…” Squall’s voice cracked and he showed a broken smile before falling into an unconscious rest. The tall blonde looked down at his hand in amazement. A warm, clear fluid covered his fingers and palm. It lightly mixed with the blood that was everywhere, turning it pink. Seifer brought it to his mouth and swallowed every drop his tongue would reveal.

“That was pathetic, Almasy, you barely lasted an hour.” Laguna yawned and raised his gun again. He suddenly acted surprised. “What happened? Seifer, how could you? Someone call a doctor!” Rushing forward, he gathered up his son in his arms and tried to wake him, gently slapping his unharmed cheek. Laguna looked up confused and acting more like himself than he had the entire day. “Seifer… Please tell me I’m seeing this wrong! Tell me I’m just making the wrong assumption!”

Cid walked into the room, just as the drama began. All he had to do was look around and it was enough to raise an eyebrow… or several. Seifer had his head in his hands and his pants low around his hips; blood splattered painting the unclothed sections. He appeared to be crying, but who could ever tell what that uncontrollable shaking was directed from or at? The object drawing most attentions was Squall, bleeding and naked, cradled by his sobbing hysterical father. The look vaguely worn into his maimed face was of unmarred happiness.

There was little one in Cid’s position could do. Laguna requested that he take his son back to Esthar as soon as possible, and oddly enough, to bring Seifer with them as well. It seemed fair that he should decide, the victim being incapable at the moment. Seifer was lead cuffed to the same dark limo as his lover was carried into after a brief cleanup of both distraught figures. His mouth couldn’t even form words yet, he just let them dress him and lead him away with no fight.

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