Chicken Soup

Part Two - Festival madness continues

By Purple Penguin

Selphie smiled sheepishly as one of the cheerleaders, the strange hairy legged one stormed off through the crowd complaining all the way.

"Well ladies and gentlemen I do apologize for that, someone obviously hasnít been brushing up on their spelling."

The crowd laughed politely.

"Iíll sort out this little problem then be right with you." She got off the box that she had to stand on so the crowd could see her and hurried over to the eight remaining cheerleaders.

"Selphie we have three more players to announce and weíre a girl down."

The brunette paused in thought for a second there looked up seeing a familiar face in the crowd. "Zell!" She yelled, hurrying over.

The chicken looked up. "Huh?"

"I have a job for you."

Seifer who held the lead that was attached to the collar around Zellís neck smiled suspiciously. "Heíd already the chicken, what else are you going to do?"

"Well- Youíre so good in classes with English and spelling and stuff I thought I should- congratulate you."

Zell blinked in confusion. "Um- Thank you?"

"Now come on!" She ripped the lead out of Seiferís hand and led the chicken towards the stage and stood him in complete chicken suit next to eight confused looking girls.

"But- But Selphie?!" One of them protested as the brunette hurried back to her box. "Ladies and gentlemen sorry for the delay but we are now ready to continue." She pointed to the stage. "With the help of Charlie the cheerleading chicken-" The spotlight fell on Zell who squirmed looking panic stricken.

"-We can get on with it."

The girls hesitated looking between themselves and at Zell then shrugged.

"Wait! What do I do?"

The blonde girl that Zell knew as the library girlís friend handed him a pair of pom poms. "Youíre the mascot so you can stand-" She moved him to the front edge of the stage. "Here and wave these." She gestured to the pom poms. "When weíre finished spelling a word, okay?"

The chicken nodded.

"Oh! And we have to spell Christopher as well you can do the last two letters because Iíll letting you off doing the other two words okay?"

"Christopher but just you just spell Chris?"

She gave him a disapproving look. "Thatís not very professional."

"Professional? Youíre not business women youíre fucking cheerleaders!"

She folded her arms and glared at him and he returned it.

The girl went over to the others so they could do their thing and Zell stood there uncomfortably hiding behind his pom poms. They spelt a name then looked over at him, the spot light over his head as he froze in terror.

"Zell!" One of the girls hissed.

Another girl gestured to her own pom poms as a hint of what to do next.

The chicken managed to move his arms slightly just enough to ever so slightly shake the pom poms.

They stared at him, seemingly waiting for more but then gave up on the waiting and continued dancing; the spot light quickly left the frightened chicken.

Zellís eyes widened as the girls started to spell the long name that he was to join in with. How do you spell with your arms? He could manage a Y and an M and maybe even a C and an A but- What letters did he have again? O and R right? Well O didnít seem too hard but how to do a R. Was this capital letters or little letters?

He snapped out of it to see the girls waiting for him to do the last two letters.

"Um-" He mimed O with his wings. "Um- O?" He half whispered.

The crowd sniggered but the girls looked annoyed.


"E! Not O!"

He blinked. "Really? Oh! He paused. "Howíd you do Es?"

The head cheerleader growled in annoyance, while the crowd got impatient. "Get on with it!" Someone yelled.

The chicken placed wings on his hips and looked out to the crowd. "If you think you can do any better than you get out here and do it yourself!"

The head cheerleader gave him a head shove sending him flying off the stage and to grass in a heap. Seifer grabbed the lead and led him away, looking back at the angry cheerleaders.

"Well thatís nice, you try to do someone a favour and look what happens." Zell muttered.

"Squall?! Are you sure this is necessary? Fuck them, donít go back!" Nida leant on the side of Zellís wardrobe as Squall knelt half in front and half inside it with clothes flying in all directions. The brunette had leapt off the cheerleader stage, being unhappy with the uniform after two many curious little boys had looked up his skirt. His lover had said he liked the uniform, wanting him to keep it to wear it in private with no underwear underneath. Heíd almost been thrown out at this suggestion. Squall had decided to replace the red long skirt with baggy shorts and as Zell wore lots of baggy shorts his room was the first place to look.

"No, no, no, no Iím not backing out like a coward, the rest of you accepted your fate and Iím not backing down."

The pilot sighed, watching the clothes get flung around the room.

"AHA!" Squall crawled backwards out of the wardrobe with a pair of bright red jeans.

"Are you sure Selphie will let her cheerleaders wear jeans?"

"Well if she doesnít I wonít have to do it and it wonít be me backing itís be her own fault!" He changed into the baggy shorts and looked down at the navy strappy top. "I have a navy tee, should put that on or should keep this?"

His lover smirked. "You know me; I say keep the girly top."

Squall his head. "What is it with you and putting me in a dress?"

"Youíre less scary that way."

"You think Iím scary?"

Nida scoffed. "Squall you even made Raijin cry."

"Raisinís a pussy!" He put his trainers back on. "Letís go!"

Zell had been given a second chance after a bit of practice and was actually being into it. Seifer smirked beside Selphie. "I always wanted to date a cheerleader."

She giggled in response, jumping up and down to encourage Zell. She stopped jumping when she saw Squall coming back. "Whatís he doing back here?"

The scarred brunette looked up at the stage and his eyes narrowed.

Nida glanced at his lover. "Thatís good isnít it? Now you donít have to do it, Zellís got the short straw."

"Heís got my job!"

"But you never wanted to do it!"

"That was before! Now itís personal!"

Selphieís jaw dropped as Squall scrambled up onto the stage. "What the hell is he doing? He left!"

The brunette grabbed the pom poms back from the chicken. "Hey! Squall, what are you doing?!"

"Iím back now, so you can leave!"

The chicken glared at him "But you left and I took over. Iím good at it!"

Squall gave the shorter man a shove. "Well Iím prettier than you!"

Zell slapped Squall with his wings. "Well-" He paused to think. "Iíve got a bigger dick than you." He grinned, pleased with his last minute insult.

Squall blinked "How do you know?"

"Iíve seen you in the cadet shower loads of times."

"Oh." Then the brunetteís eyes narrowed again. "Youíre the mascot, Iím the cheerleader. Get off the stage!" As he said the last bit he shoved the chicken towards the edge of the stage.

Zellís chicken feet wobbled on the edge, just getting his balance back and scowled at Squall. "You almost made me fall!"

"Almost isnít good enough!" He shoved Zell harder.

The shorter man wrapped himself around Squall so they fell together, rolling around beating the hell out of each other.

Zell had so much padding that Squall did no damage to him at all and Zell couldnít form fists and could only slap his wings at Squall.

"What the hell are you guys doing?!"

Selphie yelled as Nida dragged his lover back and Seifer helped up the chicken.

"He started it!" They both yelled at the same time, pointing at each other.

Selphie grabbed Zellís wing and pointed him the direction that the Balamb team would appear in soon. "Zell your team are coming out soon so you and Seifer have to walk out with them." She gave them a push in the right direction then turned on Squall. "What the hell was that?"

"I had to go and change my uniform after too many little kids tried to look up my skirt."

"And you attacked Zell because?"

"He took my job!"

She sighed. "Go and join your fellow cheerleaders." She looked at Nida. "You arenít in costume yet; you better hurry and join Irvy!"

The pilot sighed, wishing someone would replace him.

He wandered off and the teams were announced. The Balamb blues came out with Seifer leading Zell out ahead of them. The Trabian Trebles came out with a white snow lion leading the way waving to the crowd. The teams lined up opposite each other for the national anthem. The lion grinned appreciatively at Zell, winking at him.

The blonde blinked and tugged on Seiferís sleeve.


"He winked at me." He pointed to the lion but when Seifer looked up the dark face visible through the lionís mouth was stony and stared ahead for the Trabian anthem. Seifer gave Zell a funny look and turned away. The dark skinned man grinned at Zell once Seifer had looked away.

While the game was going on Seifer and Zell sat on the bench both trying not to fell asleep, either was into football. Seifer had suggested going into changing rooms to fool around but Selphie had welded Zell into his chicken suit and he didnít know how to get out.

After the game Seifer wandered around the pitch looking for Zell whom he had lost at some point. He found him hiding around the cheerleading stage.

"There you are, what are you doing down there?"

"Shh, not so loud!" He hissed. "That stupid lion has been chasing me since to the end of the game!"

Seifer frowned. "I havenít seen him, are you sure youíre not imagining things?"

"Are you saying you donít think anyone else could find me attractive?" He sighed. He doesnít do anything when youíre watching!" He pointed to the crowd stands. "Go and stand over there and watch me."

Seifer looked doubtfully but did as he was told, watching the little blonde out of one eye. Zell crept out of the space he had been hiding in and carefully walked across the pitch. The lion leapt out from behind some crates where he had been hiding.

Zell shrieked and spirited across the pitch with the lion hot on his heels. "SEIFER!!"

The taller blonde laughed at first until his lover tripped and the lion hungrily leapt on top of him. Seiferís eyes narrowed and he stalked across the pitch, grabbing the lion by the mane and dragged him across the grass. A Trabian player saw what was happening to their mascot and ran out tackling Seifer. The little blonde kicked the player in the balls then got jumped on again by the lion. More players joined in, followed by the Balamb players. One of them threw a show into the crowd hitting a man who joined in and soon everyone, the crowd, the players, the cheerleaders were fighting.

Selphie paced up and down on the stage. "Hey! Hello?! What are you doing? Stop that! Listen to me!"

Squall was the only other person on the stage, unarmed but still desperately protecting the unarmed petite girl as she tried desperately to get their attention.

Irvine and Nida in full thong cowboy suits ran following by a girl whose hand never strayed far from Nidaís ass. The pilot slapped it away from the hundredth time. "For the last time. I. AM. GAY."

Irvine stared at the pitch. "Whoa! What the hell is going on?!"

Everyone was on the pitch and beating the crap out of each other. The girl who was following Nida pointed to the stage. "Look!"

"Selphie?" Irvine asked, seeing his girlfriend brandishing a megaphone that was doing no good whatsoever.

"Squall?" Nida asked, seeing the brunette kicked person after person off the edge of the stage that tried to climb up. He then reached out a hand and pulled a rather battered looking chicken out of the crowd, stuffing falling out of the costume.

"Letís go!"

The three of them went round the back of the stage.

"Selphie!" Irvine called, holding up his Exeter.

The petite girl took the weapon and aimed it at the sky, firing twice.

The crowd slowly stopped all movement and looked around for whoever fired the gun.

"Now that I have your attention!" She yelled through the megaphone. "The gameís over, finished, fineato! All non garden residents go home before I have Shiva escort you out!"

The crowd paused for a second then groaned in disappointment, people heading for either the coast where ships where waiting or towards the town. The cadets and Seeds just calloused on the pitch.

Seifer stared up at the sky, Zell hurried out of his chicken suit and ran down to see if his lover was okay. The taller blonde groaned when a body curled up behind him.

"Well- that was fun." He said.

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