Author's Notes: Slight AU, set before the seed exam but Selphie and Irvine are there and Quistis is still an instructor.

Chained to you

Chapter Two

By Purple Penguin

I winced slightly as I was forced to stare at a suede-clad ass just above my head. Irvine stood, knees bent in those tight brown suede pants as he peered at the chains. I heard Seifer sigh from the other side of the cowboy.

“Are you going to stare at those things all day or are you going to do something about this?”

I saw the hammer be brought down and winced trying hard not to flinch in case he hit me instead. Little sparks formed as the hammer made contact with the chains over and over.

“You better not set fire to this bloody tent cowboy.”

“Yeah especially while I’m naked.” Seifer added.

Irvine sat back on his heels. “Look do you guys went to get out of here or not?”

I didn’t sat anything and neither did Seifer.

“Seifer get dressed then we can take the tent down around you two.”

“Then I can take a piss.” The blonde said.

“What about me?” I asked.

“Well you’ll have to go with him obviously.” Irvine added with an amused smile.

“This isn’t funny you know.”

“No no of course not.” He grinned. “Hey maybe you can help Seifer get dressed.”

“Shut up Irvine, when we get back to garden I’m never speaking to you again.”

Seifer snorted. “Oh yeah there’s a threat.” He said sarcastically. “He’ll probably have a celebration.”

“Shut up Seifer!”

“Now, now guys I think you two should try to get on better as you’ll be together for a while.” He stood up as high as he could in the tent, turned to exit. “Seifer get dressed and I’ll be back to dismantle the tent.”

Seifer groaned. “He’s so cheerful it’s irritating.” He reached out and pulled his pants and boxers closer to himself then they disappeared into his sleeping bag.

I bit my lip as I watched him lift his hips up and pull his boxers past his waist with one hand.

“What are you laughing at chickie? You’re lucky I didn’t ask you help.”

“Now I’m glad I went to bed fully clothed.”

He snorted and planted his feet to the ground to work his pants higher up his long legs, he managed to get them past his knees before his feet slipped and he fell on his ass with a thud.

I laughed, watching him kick the sleeping bag away angrily to lie on top of it in just a pair of white boxers and my eyes betrayed me, Seifer had a surprisingly nice body, I studied his muscular legs, chest and abdomen.

“…do you?”

I shook my head. “Huh?”

He sighed. “I said you don’t want to give me a hand, do you? Cause I only have the one.”

I frowned at him but still reached out and pulled the bottoms of Seifer’s jeans past his ankles as he wrestled with the top of them. “Why you couldn’t sleep in your clothes like me I don’t know?”

“Maybe because I’m normal and I didn’t know this was going to happen.”

Seifer moved into a crab-like position with only the chained hand holding him up and the other hand pulling his jeans up while I helped. I pulled my hand back as he sat up to do his flies up one handed.

“That wasn’t so hard.”

“What about a shirt?”


“Well even if we get out of here we’ll still be chained together so how are you going to get a shirt on?”

He seemed to think about it before glancing at me when he realized I was right and I grinned smugly at him.

“Irvine!” He yelled to the cowboy outside. “Get us out of here!”

No one appeared and Seifer took a breath to yell again until the tent moved slightly, quivering and the pole that we were trapped by swivelled in the ground, me and Seifer moved our hands as far away from it as possible as it as literally ripped from the ground. There were voices, one of them was Irvine telling the others what to do. Suddenly the pole shot out the ground quickly and we were able to sit up properly to put our socks and shoes on.

Surprisingly the next person to look in the tent was Squall looking his usual cheery self. He frowned at us then at the cuffs.

“Don’t smile too much Squally or I might think this was the start of a reincarnation.”

He glared at Seifer. “Why is it always you two?” He seemed to be speaking mainly to himself.

“It wasn’t our fault, Irvine cuffed us while we were sleeping.” I explained.

“Yeah for once it wasn’t Chickie that fucked up.”

I nodded along. “Hey wait what do you mean for once it wasn’t me?”

“Oh come on chickie you’re forever getting me into trouble.”

“You asshole!”



“Chicken Wuss!”

I almost heard Squall roll his eyes. “Shut up both of you.” He told us, not shouting just saying it in that Squall way that you knew you had to obey, unless you were Seifer. The blonde forever saw it as a chance to tease the brunette.

He mock saluted Squall who glared harder at him. “Irvine wants you two out so he can fix the tent and I think Instructor Trepe wants to see you.”

“Wow that’s the most I’ve ever heard you say, you do know I was kidding about having that reincarnation right?

“Just hurry up and get out Seifer.” He turned and left.

“Haven’t you ever heard of saying please?” The blonde called after him.

I shook my head and sighed. “What is it with you and annoying people?”

“Oh come on that guy is weird with a capital ‘W’, don’t you just want to see how far you can push him before he reacts?”

“Squall? No I like being alive with all my body parts in tact.”

He smirked. “You’re such a chicken.”

“I am not, it’s called being sensible maybe you should look it up one time.”

“You’re weirder than he is sometimes.”

“Shut up Seifer.” I moved to hands and knees to leave the tent. “Come on lets go see what the instructor wants, he saw him sneer and sat back of my heels. “Don’t tell me you have something against her too?”

“Of course she’s not a real instructor with that fan club of hers and favouring Squall just because she wants to get into his pants.”

My mouth fell open. “You think so?”

He gave me a look. “Chickie are you blind or just stupid? It’s obvious how she swoons over him.”


“You just watch the next time she’s with him I’ll point it out to you.” He followed me out of the tent awkwardly as I had crawl with my hand held out behind me and he had to crawl with his held out in front of him. He stood up outside and the instructor was waiting for us not looking happy.

“Zell what did I tell you about keeping away from Seifer?”

I stared at her. She was the one that forced me to share his tent with him, really this was all her fault.

“Don’t you think that’s a little tricky now instructor?” Seifer held up his arm to show off the cuffs. “It sounded like he was defending me, which was surprising.”

She gave us a disapproving look.

“Why are you bitching at us? Go get Irvine if you want someone to blame.”

She handed us a bucket each. “You two have just volunteered to fetch the water for the camp, surely even you two can’t get that wrong.” She walked away.

Seifer gave her the finger behind her back. “See? What I mean, favouring Squall hating us.”



“She hates you because you never do as she asks.”

“And you do?”


We walked out towards the river with a bucket each. Seifer jumped onto a large flat rock in the centre of the river across the fast rushing waterfall, it looked pretty dangerous to me. Our arms stretched painfully across the water.

“Come on Chickie.”

“Um- Seifer don’t you think that’s a bit-um- dangerous.”

He smirked. “Chicken.”

“I am not!”

“What stopping you then?”

I glared at him, looking down at the waterfall before jumping across to join him.

“Wow a chicken’s first steps.”

I punched his arm lightly. “Shut up!”

He dipped his bucket into the rushing water to collect some then took mine and did the same. “Come on chickie lets go over to the other side.”

“Err- Seifer I can’t make that jump!”

He rolled his eyes. “Come on I’ve done this loads of times.”

“B-But you’ve got longer legs than me!”

He didn’t listen of course and jumped across, I followed him, both of us easily making it. The other blonde walked to look over the edge of the waterfall and I stood beside him, it was a long way down.

“Think you can fly off there with your little wings chickie?”

“Chickens can’t fly dumbass.”

He smirked. “So you admit it.”

“No I just meant- Oh shut up Seifer!”

He chuckled to himself and I turned away from him as far as I could with the cuffs on. There was a small noise, like a growl. “Did you just growl?” I asked Seifer.


I turned round to see what the noise was but I was hit full in the face, for a second I thought it was Seifer but the claws had dug into my skin on the backs of my hands as I had tried to defend myself and I automatically stepped back except there was no back because I had followed Seifer to the edge of the cliff. I was suddenly aware I was falling back and Seifer grabbed my wrist in both hands lying on the cliff edge and I was staring up at him, hanging off the cliff panic set in late and I clutched to Seifer with the hand he wasn’t holding onto. I looked up past him at the blue dragon that loomed over his prone, vulnerable body.

“Seifer.” I warned him not that he could let me go and defend himself and I shut my eyes as the claws came down on the blonde, I expected him to try and stand, pull me up too and pull me into the path of the dragon to save himself but the next thing I know I’m falling. Did he break the cuffs somehow? Did he jump off? Did the dragon shove him off? I couldn’t open my eyes to find Seifer and suddenly all I could feel was the spray as we both fell through it heading for the rocks, the water but I don’t remember hitting it. My world vanished and I blacked out.

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