Author's Notes: Slight AU, set before the seed exam but Selphie and Irvine are there and Quistis is still an instructor.

Chained to you

Chapter One

By Purple Penguin

I eyed all the other perfectly set up tents in annoyance. I hate these stupid field trips we have to go on, canít wait for when I get to be a Seed so I donít have to go, though knowing my luck Iíll have to lead the cadets on them instead. My tent wasnít working properly and no itís not my fault, that stupid discriminatory committee has it in for me. Itís Seifer that ass has always hated me bet heís jealous because I have lots of friends and all he can find are those two freaks. Selphie crept out of the trees looked rumpled and guilty, she slipped back into her tent. Four seconds later a certain cowboy also emerged from the trees, looking around guiltily he saw he watching and winked at me with a wicked grin. I shook my head, those two had been playing together since the orphanage but recently their playing have gone beyond mere games. It was like the whole group was sexually charged and I was getting left out. Even Squall was feeling the heat through he denied it enjoying the subtle flirting with-men. Can you imagine? Squall with men? Iím sure he has someone as Iíve seen him sometimes sneaking around, once he was shirtless and banging on someoneís door to get them to let him in, I didnít know whoís door it was and I had tried to find out.

I jumped when my tent took to the sky and I glanced up at the man who had kicked it, leaving my stuff exposed. He knelt beside on sleeping bag and the things I had brought with me.


"Chickie, what we got here then?" He started digging in my bag.

I pulled the old brown holdall towards me quickly. "Fuck you Seifer!"

"Bet youíd like that chickie!" He smirked and made a lazy grab for me.

I made a rather unmanly noise that made him smirk wider, licking his lips at me. Heís such a fucking pervert.

"Well now that weíre alone together chickie."

I batted the hands away and turned to crawl away on all fours but he grabbed my ankle and I fell to the ground. I muttered a curse. The hand started to climb up my leg past my knee then his weight bore down on top of me pinning me to the ground. We werenít really alone, thank god because he had kicked my tent away leaving us exposed to the open air on the ground next to my sleeping bag.

"Get off you perv!"

"But chickie." He grinned at me, face really close to mine, lips brushing my ear to whisper to me and I could feel his hot breath on my skin.

"Do I get you hot chickie?"


I heard someone sigh and a shadow fell over us.

I felt Seifer raise his head and I looked up too. Instructor Trepe stood over us, we grew up with little Quisty but being miss bossy she stormed ahead of us and not only made Seed first but an instructor too. Sheís only got 3 months on Seifer and 15 on me but still she thinks sheís the responsible adult and weíre the kids. When matron visits she talks to her like they are both the adults and weíre still toddlers.

The tall blonde folded her arms and stared down on us. "Honestly you two why donít you leave each other alone?"

"I try-" I started to say but Seifer beat me to it.

"Instructor, Zellís in love with me and I canít escape his affections."

I stared at him the best I could from the position we were in. "WHAT?!"

He shook his head. "I thought it was time people knew the truth chickie!"

The instructor sighed. "Zell you must control these urges."

I stared at her in horror as Seifer muffled his laughter in my shirt. "But instructor- Iím the victim Seifer keeps raping me!"

She looked doubtfully at me, why believe Seifer over me? "Well Seifer since you ruined Zellís tent, he has to share yours."

I stared at her in horror. "No! Thatís okay really instructor, I like sleeping under the stars!"

"Nonsense Zell youíll catch a cold."

"I wonít."

Seifer wrapped an arm around me. "Oh weíll have great fun wonít we chickie?"

"Seifer help Zell with his things." He mock saluted her and grabbed my bag by the bottom end, all my stuff fell out leaving a trail of my things after him to his tent. He looked over his shoulder. "Oops."

I rolled my eyes and started to pick up my things as I crawled after him to his tent., I reached the tent and moved to a kneeling position, squeaking when I realized how close I was to Seiferís crotch, surprising he didnít tease me about it either he was up to something or he just didnít notice. The green tent was a little bigger then mine and to my annoyance Seifer seemed to have better tent putting up abilities than me. I stuffed my things back into my holdall and put it next to another bag probably Seiferís and a gunblade case. I went back outside for my sleeping bag, moving quickly before Seifer touched my stuff again.

This was going to be a long night I could see it now and I really needed some sleep tonight as well as I knew slave-driver Xu would get us up at the crack of dawn to march us all day and put us to bed late. She thought just because she was a complete psycho so was everyone else. Iím sure she didnít have it this tough or she would have never made it to Seed let alone instructor.

I ducked into the duck tent even more surprised that Seifer had moved his sleeping bag over to leave a space for me I thought Iíd have to squeeze into the tiny space and gave Seifer a shove out the way. The two over lapped slightly but that didnít matter, I just wanted to sleep so I slipped into my bag fully clothed.

"Goodnight Seifer."

Of course that wasnít acceptable to the blonde who lay on his side and stared at me. I tried hard to ignore him and sleep but I could feel his eyes on me and it was annoying. I turned and glared at him and he gave me an innocent look.


"Stop staring at me!"

"Are you really going to sleep in all your clothes?" He smirked. "Whatís the matter? Worried Iíll ravish that little chicken ass of yours?"

I frowned. "Just stop staring!" Surprisingly he did move away but I looked back to check on him and my eyes widened. "What are you doing?!"

Again there was that fake innocent look, he had so far striped to his boxers and his fingers were hooked in the waistband as if they were coming off too.

"Iím getting ready for bed."


"I always sleep naked chickie." Hr grinned wickedly. "You donít mind do you?"

I quickly shook my head and hurriedly turned away when the boxers started to be removed down his muscular legs. I mentally hit myself, drooling over Seifer was not a healthy thing to do, not now and not ever. This was the enemy, my person enemy, the perfect model of what not to be like, the bully, the asshole, the rather sexy asshole though. I hit myself again though this time I donít think I did it mentally and I turned to see Seifer now in his sleeping bag looking at me strangely.

"Chickie sometimes I worry about you."

I ignored him and hoped that was all he was going to say but of course it wasnít he had to open his mouth again and I heard movement behind me. Before I could move away he had shuffled his sleeping bag up to mine and pressed us together, I could feel his body heat through the bags and burning my skin. I froze and he chuckled in my ear.

"Chickie whatís the matter? Youíre so tense." A hand touched my still clothed shoulder. "You know if you removed some more clothes I could help you loosen up."

I made a strange distressed noise and he rubbed against me teasingly.

"Get away from me Seifer!"

"But chickie-"

"No buts!" I turned my head round, jumping slightly when our noses bumped together because we were so close together. He looked as shocked as I was and for a second the hard, menacing Seifer look vanished and he looked strange but in a second it was gone and I thought maybe I imagined it, but he pulled back quickly looking a bit annoyed and didnít know what Iíd done. He shuffled back to his space in the tent and turned to face the tent wall, his back to me. I was confused by the sudden change and part of me wanted to move over to him and ask him if he was okay but most of me thought this was Seifer and I should try to get some sleep while I could.

I awoke slowly at first, remembering bits of last night. The move to Seiferís tent, the constant teasing from the blonde and then the sudden change when he moved away from me coldly. Why do I care? I had waited for years for Seifer to leave me alone. The next thing I was aware of was that my left arm wouldnít move, I tugged on it a bit, it was above my head and getting cold I wanted to pull it under the covers and it wouldnít move. I heard Seifer groan as he started to wake, he shifted and something tugged on my arm so I tugged it back.

"What the hell?!" I heard Seifer say.

I opened my eyes to see him sitting, as best as he could.

"What is it?" I asked.

He tugged his arm up and mine moved too, thatís when I saw the cuffs for the first time. They linked through one of the tent poles so we couldnít even leave the tent.

"What the-"

A head appeared at the entrance to the tent. "Morning guys!" Irvine cheered.

"Irvine, what the hell have you-?"

He grinned. "I thought as you two looked so cute together Iíd-"

"Cute?" Seifer asked.

"Well yeah, donít worry Selphie has the keys and Iím sure sheíll let you guys out just as soon as sheís had a good look at you too."


The cowboy leaned over me. "You know Selphie was put in charge of the junior class men while weíre out here so itís your fault that they woke up twice because the two of you were playing around and I didnít get laid."

"Oh, sorry." I said.

"Sorry? When the hell do we get out of here?!" Seifer yelled.

Selphie appeared. "Do you sleep naked?"

I watched Seifer pale. "No."

She shook her head. "Youíre a baaaad liar." She looked at Irvine. "Shall we see what Seifer looks like naked?"

"NO!" We both said at once. "I canít run away and hide when Iím chained like this, Selphie please just let us out Iíll do anything."

"Anything, huh?"

"Iíll give you back your Shiva card."

Her ears pricked up. "And your Siren card?"

I hesitated. "Okay."

She jumped up and down for joy as far as the tent would allow her. "Great, Iíll just go get those keys!"

~10 minutes later~

Selphie appeared looking sheepish.

"So, where are the keys?"

"Um- well funny story."

"You lost them?"

"No! No, of course not, no, never- or well- maybe."

Seifer fell back onto his sleeping bag in defeat.


"But I swear theyíre in my tent somewhere, Iíll find them if it means destroying my tent."

"You better!" Seifer hissed.

She left again and I also fell back with a groan. Note to self: Never trust Selphie with something as important as keys.

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