Author's Note: This is highly AU. The two main characters are Seifer and Squall, but I changed names so I could fit something in. I actually wrote this story pre-FF8, but reread it to find my characters basically the same as my fav pair. I've updated it to match them a little better, but they are still a bit OC. None of the other characters are FF8 based.

Bloody Tyr

Part 4

By Sukunami

Sitting against a tree not too far from the fortress, Tyr enjoyed the feel of spotty warmth of sunlight filtered through the leaves.  It was the first time in a long while since he had the chance to truly relax.  The summer months were filled with various missions, easily making up for the lull of winter.  With a vague smile he remembered the first contract they fulfilled.  While the scouting mission had been a failure, one look at the brunette and blonde in front of their base made the whole group panic with cries of ‘demon’ and surrender followed shortly after.

Without opening his eyes, Tyr could feel the blonde approaching before the sounds of muffled footsteps were heard.  It has been many days since their first time together, or should that be many nights.  Shaen was still highly uncomfortable with the brunette’s previous ‘experience’, constantly reassuring Tyr that it meant more than just sex.  Ironically because of his past, the brunette knew exactly how different it was being with the gentle man.  He just couldn’t form the words to pass his ease of mind onto Shaen.

“There you are, little demon.  You ran off without waiting for me.”

Tyr opened his eyes but didn’t respond to the mock hurt in the man’s voice.  He watched the other lower smoothly into a sitting position next to him as a basket was placed to his side.  His hand freed, he cupped the brunette’s cheek and directed him into a kiss.

Pulling back, Tyr scowled slightly.  “We can’t do that out here.”

“Whoever doesn’t know of our affair yet must be deaf and blind.”

“I know every one of your kisses.  We are not having sex out here in the open.”

Shaen widened his eye as if in disbelief, but laughed when he saw the brunette not falling for it.  “A lucky guess.  It helps I’m horny most of the time.”

Turning his attention to the basket, the blonde took out a cloth on which he set a light lunch of fruits, bread and cheese.  Grabbing a ripened strawberry, he held it to the brunette’s lips.

“Say ‘annn’.”

The brunette glared and pushed the hand away.  “Why must you always do that?”

Laughing, Shaen bit into the sweet fruit.  “Because you’ll fall for it one of these days.  And you are simply gorgeous when you have that angry glint to your eyes.”

With an irritated sigh, Tyr ripped off a piece of bread and added some light colored cheese to it.

“How have you been feeling lately?”

Confused by the unexpected question and serious tone, the brunette bit into his food first before responding.  The brief pause gave him enough time to realize the implied issue.

“It would have happened by now, no need to worry.”

“Consider it my job to worry since you don’t seem to give a damn about yourself.  So, why didn’t it happen this summer?”

Tyr couldn’t help the warmness flooding his cheeks.  “I told you before that the breakdowns could be averted with continual releases throughout the year.”

Shaen stared for a moment before the green eyes opened a bit wider and then his lips formed a smug grin.  Tyr had tried the first few times with the blonde to hold his cursed parts within him, but the heat of passion always forced him to release them.  Surrendering to the inevitable, he now starts with everything in the open.

“I’ll have to remember that for future excuses to get you into bed.”

Tyr continued with his lunch, wondering silently if he had yet been able to refuse the blonde in his conquest, anyway.  There was just so much passion in the larger man, and it seemed to fill something in Tyr that he couldn’t form himself.  Perhaps making him start to feel the passion of being alive.

“So, when are we leaving next week?”

“You never miss a beat, do you?”

The blonde shrugged.  “I never forget a beautiful lady, and Elly does make a good cup of tea.”

“And why should I let you come with me?”

“Didn’t you know?  I’m part of the family now.”

“Don’t say such foolish things,” but he couldn’t manage to put his usual harshness into the comment.

Perhaps catching the tone, Shaen leaned in close to the man.  “It’s been long enough.  Why don’t we get married?”

“And exactly which priest would marry two men?  You are being more ridiculous than usual.”  He stood before the blonde could respond.  “Since you would only follow anyway, you can come with me to Etheny.”

With long strides, Tyr walked away from the smirking man.  He didn’t really understand why, but the mockery of a marriage proposal hurt him inside.  It was true that everyone within the group had some idea of their relationship, most not caring as long as it didn’t affect missions.  Baker surprisingly approved, mentioning that he was happy there was someone who could place some control over the reckless blonde. 

Despite that, it didn’t mean it was seen as morally right.  Tyr didn’t care for himself, seeing himself already damned.  But for the first time he wondered if he was leading Shaen down the wrong path.

“Did you need another cup full, young Shaen?”

He shook his head.  “I’d be up until tomorrow night if I did.  Thank you, though.  It was as good as I remembered it.”

Elly smiled at the complement and then took a sip from her own cup of tea.

The trip to Etheny was much easier and faster than the year before, which wasn’t an unexpected event to either man.  Already they had shared dinner with the many children of the house, some new and some gone to families.  With the younger ones off to bed, Elly boiled up some tea with the intent of talking with the two men.

“No offense, dear, but I’m quite surprised that you accompanied my boy again this year.”

Shaen smiled and eyed the silent brunette.  “I found a way to trick him into staying with the group.”

“From your looks, I’d say you’re bedding each other.”

Tyr glanced unfazed at the older woman as Shaen straighten in shock.

“Normally, I’d be upset.  It is against the teachings of the church, but…”  She eyed her ward closely.  “If Tyr can find some happiness in his life, I won’t stand in the way.”

“I’m sorry, Elly.”

Instead of responding, the older woman stood from the table and went to the brunette.  Wrapping her arms tightly around him, she kissed his temple and rocked slightly.

“Sorry, nothing.  Though you don’t need it, you have my blessings in this matter.  But the one time he hurts you, I’ll make it look like a stampede of raging bulls got to him.”

With a quiet, strained laugh, Tyr thanked her.  She gave him another kiss on the forehead and then wished them both good night before going to her room.  The two men made their way to the night’s sleeping arrangements.  Lying on the floor of the largest room of the house, Tyr rested his head on the larger man’s chest.  A hand lazily fingered his clothed back, tracing a red line of one vanished wing.

“What’s wrong?”

Tyr smiled weakly at how the blonde knew his moods too well.  “Have I led you wrong?”

“What are you obsessing over now?”

“Our relationship is immoral…”

“Tyr, I have been killing for money since I was fifteen.  You think I care about what some group of men has dictated as a proper coupling?”

Clutching the man’s shirt tightly, he sighed with relief and unrealized tension lifted from his body.

“Let’s make our own vows.”

Confused, Tyr leaned up to look at the man’s face.

“You were right that it’d be nearly impossible to find someone to marry us.  So let’s just do it ourselves.  A couple of rings, some vows, and the night of sex.  What else is there?”

He couldn’t decide how serious Shaen was being.  “It wouldn’t be blessed.”

“Elly just gave us her blessing.  Anyway, supposedly our pairing is wrong, so it wouldn’t matter much to do the marriage incorrectly.  As long as it means something to us, right?”

“Why are you so determined about this?”

“You don’t believe how much you mean to me, so I want to prove it to you.”

The comment stunned Tyr in both body and mind.  He in truth did believe Shaen cared about him.  Believed it with all his heart.  But he never was able to return that certainty back to the blonde.  While Shaen said he wanted to prove his love in this act of marriage, he probably also was searching for equal evidence from Tyr.  All this time he had been patient, never knowing for certain if the brunette wanted him.

Tyr lay his head back down on the man’s chest and listened to the nervous heartbeats.  “I already agreed once that I belonged to you.  Might as well do this ludicrous marriage of yours, too.”

Arms were suddenly around him, hugging hard.  No more words were said that night as they eventually fell to sleep.

“Come on, Tyr.  Hurry up.”

The brunette shook his head and leaned against the wall.  “I can’t stand the smell.  I’ll wait for you here.”

With a sigh and a shrug, Shaen entered the bakery alone. 

Not wanting to waste a single moment, the blonde had decided to do their vows that day.  Shaen insisted that they have a large cake in celebration, something to satisfy everyone in the orphanage.  After ordering the cake, they would go look for rings together.  This was certainly nothing Tyr had foreseen mere weeks ago.  He was upset with himself for actually being a touch giddy from happiness, something the blonde must never realize.

The wandering thoughts of the brunette were interrupted as a man stopped directly in front of him.  Looking up from the road, Tyr met light brown eyes that were narrowed in amusement.  Long silver hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail, various strands that had escaped the bond hung around his face.  Dressed in fine clothing and a dark cloak, he seemed very much the nobleman.

“So you lived,” he said in a quiet baritone.

Unable to find his voice, Tyr mouthed a single word – ‘Shaen’.  Suddenly he was falling forward, reluctantly succumbing to a sleep spell.

Pacing in the kitchen, Shaen finally understood what his mother had meant by being ‘worried to death’.  Leaving the bakery, he noticed his demon gone from sight.  Assuming the man was upset at seeing him flirting with the young female taking orders (really, it was to get a discount), Shaen had proceeded to a jeweler to for their rings.  Returning to the orphanage, however, he was mildly surprised that Tyr wasn’t already there sulking.  As day turned to night, his worry grew.

“Dear, sit down and relax.  Strutting like that won’t help anything.  I’ve warned you he likes to vanish, sometimes days on end.”

He sat roughly on the chair.  “No, not today.  We were going to marry.”

Elly looked up sharply.  “What?  How?”

He shrugged.  “It wouldn’t have been official, of course.  Vows between us.  Even so, he wouldn’t have just left without warning or reason.”

“He has in the past—“

“No!  He...I know why he left this place during the winter.  In his own way, he was trying to protect you.  But why would he leave now?  Not me.  Not today…”

A light touch at his arm made him look at the older woman.  “I’m a bit envious of you, young Shaen.  You woke something in him I could never touch.  Maybe if I had tried harder, he could have found some peace here…like he has with you.”

He shook his head, briefly placing his own worry aside.  “He cherishes this place, the first warm home he can remember.  Practically signed over his own life to make sure he could be here on time last year.  You’re the only mother he knows.”

A shaking hand lightly covered her mouth as a few tears fell.  “I could only hope he felt that way.  But with the money and brief visits…”

“The only way he knows how to repay you.”

Wiping away the wetness, she smiled weakly.  “I think I now know why the boy fell for you.”

“You’ve caught me on an off moment.  I’m usually quite the bastard.”

“I’m certain he’ll return to you.  Perhaps he just needs time to be alone and think.”

Though he nodded at the suggestion, Shaen felt strongly that wasn’t the case.  The brunette always went to that inner world of his to think whether alone or not.  At the least, he would mention something.  But instead, the last thing he had said was that he’d wait for him.

The random thought of, “my ass hurts,” filtered through the blonde’s mind as he sat against the wall of the building.

Shaen had returned to the bakery when the brunette had failed to appear during the night.  There wasn’t a clue of Tyr’s disappearance.  None of the people he had inquired could recall anything resembling a fight in the street, which could have indicated a forced disappearance.  Slowly the idea that the brunette ran away because he didn’t want anything more to do with him was rooting itself into man’s mind.


Not recognizing the voice, the blonde looked upwards with irritation.  “What the fuck do you want?”

Thin lips formed a sneer.  “Then you’re the one.”

An invisible force grabbed Shaen by the neck and lifted him to his feet.  Wide eyed from surprise, he looked into brown eyes that were full of anger.  He narrowed his own eyes to match the glare, though the pressure on his throat prevented him from speaking.

“You broke my precious toy, but it can be fixed with your…assistance.”

The world seemed to blur, only the stranger remaining in focus.  Trying to keep his panic in check, Shaen continued to stare at the man.  Abruptly, sharpness returned to the background which had changed.  Teleported to a large dark room, the blonde wondered what he did to piss off a sorcerer.

Before his eyes could fully adjust to the darkness, he was thrown back into a wall where chains as if alive shackled his hands and feet.  Arms were stretched upwards and legs slightly spread, but oddly not painfully so.  Just enough to prevent any decent movement.

“Pathetic,” the man spit out.

Attempting a threatening glare, Shaen watched him as he walked away.  Suddenly numerous candles flared with flame before settling down with a gentler burn.  Blinking away the unexpected light, Shaen returned his gaze to the man.  Instead he saw the form of Tyr.

Stripped of all clothing, he knelt limply on a huge bed covered in black sheets.  In his transformed state, chains from the ceiling hung down such that the shackles were attached to the tops of the dark wings.  From the look, it appeared the dull metal had been forced through the sensitive flesh.  A large black collar encircled his throat, perhaps the sorcerer’s reminder of ownership.

But it was the blood that made Shaen repress a gag.  There were so many cuts on the body from who knows what and a splattering of redness on his thighs.  The body he had worshipped with kisses and caresses was torn and bleeding.

The long haired man slapped the sleeping face, adding another slash along the cheek.  Tyr opened his eyes slowly, face relaxed in admitted defeat.  The sorcerer grabbed his chin painfully, forcing him to look in the direction of Shaen.  It took several moments before the blue gray eyes widen in recognition of the form before him.

The man sneered at the other’s growing panic.  “So, it is this one.  The one you call out for.”

Standing up straight, he pushed the brunette to the side, causing the man to wince in pain.  The sorcerer turned his gaze to the captured man and walked gracefully towards him.

“No matter.  It can be easily be fixed to its original state.”

“Stop talking about him like some kind of object.”

“Ah, but that is all Tearful is.  I created it to fit my desires.”  He grabbed the blonde tightly by the neck.  “Perhaps I should do the same to you?  A feathered demon so there could be the irony of an angel raping a devil.  But despite the lovely imagery it makes, joining an aged soul with a demon is not worth the trouble.”

The sorcerer removed his hand, sharp nails leaving scratches along the pale neck.  Shaen coughed at the renewed ability to breathe correctly.

“I left it behind during a hurried move, never dreaming of beauty it has become.  A shame it has been damaged by you.  It had the nerve to grow some kind of backbone, enough to resist me.  But if I remove one vital part, the rest of the backbone is useless.”

Looking at Tyr, the blonde saw the stormy eyes glittered with worry and terror.  He had never seen such an expression on the stoic face and it was causing the ache of anxiety in his own body.

“Tearful, what is this man’s name?”

The brunette looked back and forth between the two men, not sure of what response the sorcerer was truly looking for.

“Answer.  I know when you lie.”

“… Shaen.”  His voice was cracked, almost unrecognizable.

The silvered hair man flicked a single finger.  A fist sized hole burned into the bottom of one dark wing.  Tyr screamed out and hugged his body tightly.  Chains clanged as his wings tried to follow the actions of his arms.  Shaen eyed the hole, just barely able to see a string of smoke from burning flesh.

“Again, who is this man?”

Shaen couldn’t tell how long the torture continued with the wings being healed completely whenever no flesh remained except that around the shackles.  Blood tickled the blonde’s arms from futile attempts at freeing himself.  He hadn’t spoken most of the duration, since his words had only resulted in more pain for Tyr.  All in all, the sorcerer seemed bored with the process.

“Who is this man?”

“… …Sha…en?”

The blonde brought up his head sharply at the reply, or rather at the highly questioning tone.  Glancing at the silver haired man, he saw a victorious smile.

“No, Tearful.  Try again.”  More flesh burned.  “Who is this man?”

“I…thought—“  He yelped at another assault.

“You thought wrong.  His name.  Quickly.”

The brunette was breathing loudly from panic.  “I don’t…I don’t know.  I don’t know!”  Tears seem to burst from Tyr eyes, flowing unrestricted down his face.

The sorcerer walked quickly up to the man.  “Shh.  It’s okay now.  Want me to make you feel better?”

Tears still falling, he nodded and let his hands fall from the protective hug.

Chained in place, Shaen was forced to watch the attack on Tyr’s body.  He could barely call it rape, the viciousness reminding him more of dogs clawing into fresh game.  Witnessing this, he now fully realized why Tyr laughed at his alarm whenever he sometimes caused the smaller man to bleed.  He now understood why the softest touches brought so much pleasure to the brunette.

Shaen continued to watch the scene despite his nausea, hoping to catch the sight stormy eyes that held some kind of recognition for him.  He only found eyes turned gray from deadness.

He woke from unrestful sleep to the feel of his body breaking.  Focusing his eyes, his met the sneering face of the sorcerer.  The man’s fist was still firmly in his side, twisting against the injured rib.

“I forgot to give you thanks for your help yesterday.  But I’m afraid I still need one final favor.”

He stood to the side, unblocking Shaen’s view of his demon.  Tyr had been released from his chains, but the dark wings still bore ripped flesh from the shackles as well as several burned areas that the sorcerer apparently didn’t feel like healing.  His tail hung limply down, Shaen remembering how it was usually wrapped on the brunette’s thigh since he could never get it to stop swaying.  Dried blood covered the tan legs, reaching all the way down to his feet.  Gray eyes looked forward without focusing.

“Kill him, Tearful.  Show me your loyalty.”

The brunette lunged forward, the unnoticed knife piercing near Shaen’s right shoulder.

Forcing the physical pain to the side of his mind, he looked down at the man.  The ache of Tyr forgetting him in addition to his guilt at once more failing to keep the brunette safe overwhelmed his senses.

“Tyr.  I’m sorry.  I couldn’t protect you.  I’m so sorry.”

A drop of wetness fell from his face onto Tyr’s scratched cheek making gray eyes lift up to meet green.  Blueness seemed to seep back into the orbs, but suddenly something shattered in the depths.  The head bowed forward, brown hair covering Shaen’s view of the face.

“That is enough play.  Kill him now.”  Irritation laced the firm voice.

Shaen barely noticed the sorcerer’s presence, instead trying to continue steady breaths despite the suffocating dark aura rising around him.  He knew the outcome of this well, and briefly wondered why it had taken so long for Tyr to use this side of himself.

“I agree.  Enough play.”

Shaen saw the result of the action before he even registered the fact that the demon had moved.  Elongated nails dug into the chest of the startled sorcerer.  The silver haired man gripped the attacking arm tightly and performed some kind of spell, but the demon only laughed at the attempt.

“You should’ve known better, wizard.  Kill the spirit and you lose your control on me.”  As he spoke, he slowly brought his fingers together.  “Too bad you won’t learn from this lesson.”

The demon jerked out his hand as he tore flesh from the man.  Licking blood from long nails, he watched silver haired man fall to the floor and a pool of blood spread out from beneath him.  He dropped the bloodied flesh onto the ground and then turned to face the trapped and injured Shaen.

“I’ll bet you’re wondering why he didn’t use me sooner.”  A sharp nail was placed beneath the wide collar at his throat and then sliced it off.  “This sealed me as well as forced him to keep his better features out in the open.  But I appear anyway.  Do you realize what this means, human?”

Shaen glared at the form before him, his senses confused with it being the body and voice of Tyr but in no sense the man he loved.

With a fanged smirk, the demon ran a bloodied nail down Shaen’s cheek and then moved the hand further down to press painfully against the knife still lodged in his shoulder.  He laughed at the muttered curse. 

He pulled the weapon out and held the reddened blade in front of Shaen’s face.  “He’s dead and you killed him.  His pathetic soul destroyed itself at the thought of killing you, and now his body is mine.  Isn’t that delicious?”

Unable to look at the mockery of what was Tyr, the blonde let his head fall forward.  “Tyr…forgive me.”

“And now,” he said while placing a hand lightly on the marred throat.  “I’ll have to correct my mistake of not killing you before.”

Huddled under the protection of his wings, a child whimpered softly in the darkness that surrounded him.  The void was almost frightening, but at least it helped to keep the pain away.

“What do you think you are doing here?”

The boy jumped at the voice intruding into his nothingness.  Carefully lowering a wing, wary eyes looked at the man who was squatting by his side.

“Who are you?”

Instead of replying, he smiled vaguely.  “I know how comforting it can be here, but you can’t stay.  He needs you.”

A brief, hazy image of a blonde man being strangled flashed before his eyes.  

“I don’t know him!”

He tried to duck his head back into the shelter of his wings, but the man stopped him by firmly grabbing his chin and forcing eye contact.  In contradiction to the painful grasp, his face was gentle and blue gray eyes glowed with warmth.

“Oh, you know him alright.  Arrogant, irresponsible, and irritating beyond words.  You love him anyway.”


“There will be pain when you go back, but staying here will only hurt you more.  He can’t reach you here.”

Again, he could see the vision of the blonde man.  Blood was smeared on his cheek though there didn’t seem to be a wound.  Green eyes were looking downwards, the grief in them somehow hurting the boy despite being in this numbing place.

“Go to him.  Say his name…”


He released the death hold on the blonde, ignoring the frustration and fury of his other half at being pushed aside.  There was the sound of metal clanging to the floor as he moved his hands to grip the fabric of the shirt tightly.  He then placed his forehead against the broad chest, unable to look into the green depths.

“I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry—“

Shaen interrupted the mantra.  “Tyr.  If you don’t unlock me from these chains in about three seconds, I may have to rip them out myself.”  The brunette looked up warily at the man who smiled tenderly at him.  “I’ve never had such the need to hold you.”

Though painful to walk, Tyr quickly found the keys that the sorcerer had used to unlock the shackles on his wings.  He was relieved when they worked on Shaen’s bonds as well.  He first released the man’s feet so he could steady himself.  After freeing one hand, Tyr winced as the larger man held him close.  He released the other hand that promptly joined in the tight grip around his waist.  Tyr couldn’t hold back a pained cry when the arm brushed against burnt flesh.

Immediately the blonde pulled back, though his hands didn’t leave the brunette’s sides.  “We’re going to have to leave here.  Can you still…?”

Tyr nodded.  “They will heal that way as well.”  He placed a gentle hand on the man’s deep wound.  “Will you be okay?”

A cocky grin was in place.  “I’ve suffered worse and lived.”

Gripping Shaen’s arms, the brunette brought the hated parts back within his body.  Injured areas flared with pain as the wings folded and bent inwards, which caused Tyr’s vision to blur.  He felt himself falling when strong arms wrapped around him.  Knowing the safety within those arms, he let the inevitable darkness overwhelm him.

Waking to the feel of coolness, Tyr grabbed the arm that was touching him.

“Ah!  Don’t frighten me like that, child.”

He blinked at the voice, adjusting his eyes to the darkened room.  “Elly?”

“It’s me, dear.  There is no reason to worry now.”  She placed warm lips on his forehead.


“Shaen carried you here.  He won’t tell me what happened, but it seems you’ve had quite the ordeal.  I haven’t seen you in such a state since I found you.”

“Where is he?”

She motioned to the other side of the bed.  Shaen sat awkwardly in a chair as he slept, his shirt removed to show the bandaged shoulder.

“He was exhausted, the poor dear.  He refused to leave your side, but too afraid of hurting you to stay in the same bed.  Fell asleep like that not too long ago.”

Tyr sat up carefully and turned to the man.  Placing a hand just above the bandaging on his wrist and another on his cheek, the brunette called to him softly.  Eyes opened slightly, but no recognition came to the drowsy greens.

“Come to bed, Shaen.  You’ll get sick like that.”

Gently, Tyr pulled him towards the bed.  Still not quite awake, the blonde followed the quiet order and slid under the sheets.  Immediately he pulled the brunette to him like a child would a stuffed toy.  Tyr winced slightly, but was more satisfied with the close contact.

“Well, I’ll leave you two.  Next time you wake, there should be breakfast made.”

“Thank you, Elly.  For everything.”

The older woman smiled from the doorway and nodded.  She closed the door behind her, locking it as well to keep disturbing children away.

Despite the nagging feel of exhaustion and current peacefulness of the room, Tyr couldn’t go to sleep.  Instead he freed an arm from the blonde’s hold and lightly traced the sleeping face with his finger tips.  He brought his hand lower until it rested on the beating pulse of the scratched neck.  A long time he lay there feeling the evidence of life.

“Un… Tyr?”

“I’m here.”  He pulled his hand away and moved his arm around the larger man.

“Oh shit, I’ll hurt you like this.  Let me up.”


After a short pause, he laughed quietly.  “Stubborn bastard.”

Tyr responded by tucking his head under the chin.

“Say, I’ve been wondering something.”

“What, just one thing?”

“I don’t want to even think about the things that sick ass did to you, let alone hear it in detail.  Your name…it isn’t your given one, is it?”

“He called me ‘Tearful’ since I first can remember, and he made certain I lived up to that name.  Elly shortened it to ‘tear’ and then gave it the southern spelling.  Makes it almost a real name.”

“Does it bother you?”

A shrug.  “What does a name really matter?  And before you ask, you can still call me ‘little demon’.”  He gently bit the skin of the man’s chest to emphasize the point.

“Careful.  You don’t want to get me excited.”

Tyr smiled as he licked the redden skin once.  With a tired sigh, he relaxed into the warmth surrounding him.  The few words with the blonde eased his mind enough that he could finally get real rest.

Shaen sliced a small piece of cake and took it out with his thumb and a finger.  Holding it next the brunette’s lips, he smirked at the annoyed expressed.

“Say ‘annn’.”

Tyr released a breath of air, and then surprisingly took the dessert and fingers into his mouth.  He used his tongue deftly on the digits and sucked lightly.  A vague smile on his face, he pulled back and chewed on the sweet cake.

“You better cut that thing before they mob.”

Shaen turned to look at the eager faces of numerous children.  He grumbled before cutting the cake, realizing the brunette was getting his revenge with that tempting preview of their planned night.  A night that would have wait until after the children were satisfied and gone to bed.  The small celebration in actuality went quickly, ending with a couple cups of tea alone with Elly.  She offered them to come back in the morning for breakfast, though Shaen silently hoped the two of them would be too tired to make it back in time for the early meal.

Not too far from the orphanage, Shaen led the brunette to a room he had reserved for the night.  Once the door closed and locked, he grabbed Tyr to pull him into a deep kiss.  Blindly, he led him backwards to the bed.

“Wait,” Tyr mumbled into the lip contact.

The brunette pushed away Shaen just far enough to pull off the shirt and loosen trousers such they fell to the ground.  The brunette leaning against him, darkness flew out from his exposed back.  While Tyr regained his breath, the blonde gently fingered the still damaged wings.

“Do they hurt?”

“No.  They are healing well.”

“You know, it won’t kill me if we waited for this.  If you are still hurting, that is.”

“Stop worrying.”

Surrendering, Shaen helped him back onto the large bed.  The wings laid spread and limp across the flat surface as a dark tail thumped lightly next to his thigh.  After stripping his own clothes quickly, Shaen straddled over the smaller man.  Taking the left hand in his, the blonde kissed the silver ring that had been placed there only hours before.

“Would you object to me locking you away for the rest of our lives?”

“You can’t protect me like that.”

Frowning, Shaen released his hold on the hand.  “I can’t seem to protect you at all.”

Tyr ran his freed hand through the short hair.  “Perhaps.  But you always manage to save me in the end.”

“Though not before you get hurt.”

“Then heal me.”  He pulled the blonde’s head closer to him.  “Tonight, you will cleanse me.”

“Umm, I think I can handle that.”

He leaned in to kiss the mouth lightly and nibble on the soft flesh of the bottom lip.  He then started the journey down the lithe body, paying extra attention to old and new scars with his mouth.  His hand stroked delicately at the healing wings and smiled at Tyr’s vocal enjoyment at the care they were receiving.  Reaching lower, he ignored the stiffing flesh and kissed along an inner thigh as he remembered the blood that once was there.

A leg rose and thumped onto his back, making him look up into a flushed face.

“There’s oil in the pocket of my pants.”

Shaen smiled at the not so subtle hint to stop the foreplay.  Reaching down, he grabbed the small vial of scented oil.  It was nearly a month into their affair before Shaen had learned about lubrication.  Tyr had never considered a way to ease the passage, and for a long time he seemed to feel that it was somehow spoiling him too much.  However, the blonde refused intercourse if no oil was around for fear of harming his demon.

He first prepped Tyr with some oil on his fingers and then placed oil on his palm to rub across his harden length.  He bent the legs forward and positioned himself before the small opening.  Moving slowly forward, he watched the brunette carefully for signs of pain.  Buried all the way, Tyr sighed out contented.

“Wait there, Shaen.  I want to try something.”

“What?  You’re killing me.  …Though it wouldn’t be the worse way to die—“  He gasped as Tyr clenched the cock within him.

“Hold still and close your eyes.”

Unfortunately when he followed the order, the tightness and warmth seemed just that more intense.  The brunette was doing something to the side, but he could only identify the scent of the oil vial being reopened.  A short time later Shaen experienced a probing feeling and opened his eyes wide when something entered him.

“Fuck, what are you doing?”

“Does it hurt?”

Shaen took a moment to analyze the feeling.  “It’s more uncomfortable than painful, and don’t dodge the question.”

“Just thought of a use for that pointless tail.  Give me a moment.”

“What gave you the idea to—Ah…”

Tyr smiled at the reaction.  “Found it.  You can start moving now.”

Panting from the unexpected pleasure, Shaen managed to move back and forth once.  The tail inside of him twitched in time with the thrust, heightening the sensation to levels Shaen never considered.  Regaining composure again, he started a slow rhythm in the futile attempt to accustom himself to the new feeling.

“You are…going to…kill me,” he said between thrusts.

Tyr just smirked and ran his hands through blonde hair.

Unused to the dual excitation, Shaen climaxed much earlier than usual.  Spent, he lay nearly on top of the smaller man, wincing at the strange feel of the tail leaving him.  He thought that he should remove himself from the brunette, but decided it would require more energy than he currently had.

“I take it you enjoyed?”

“Umm.  I don’t think I want to know after all what made you consider it, though I'm certainly not going to complain.  Although, it doesn’t seem help you much, little demon.”

Tyr shrugged as best he could in his position.

Smiling, Shaen pushed himself up carefully and slid out of the man.  Leaning back forward, he took lush lips with his own as his palm rubbed firmly against the harden flesh.  The vibrations of moans were already awakening passion back into his body.  Running his tongue along a fang, he increased the motions of his hand until the body finally surrendered to release.

Shaen was licking some of the sticky fluid from his fingers when a hand caressed his cheek.  He glanced down at his demon and decided the brunette looked best with the hint of red to his cheeks.

“Thank you…for wanting me.”

He turned his head slightly to kiss the palm.  “I’ll never let you forget that you belong to me, demon.  Never.”

The blue of stormy eyes glowed slightly in the dimly lit room.  He moved his hand down to take Shaen’s into his, and then placed his lips gently onto the silver band. 

“Un.  I won’t ever forget again.”




Random Author Notes

Author's Notes; For those wondering, “why the hell did you put this into the FF8 section,” it’s for two reasons.  First, this was a story I started and never finished over a year ago.  Rereading it, I discovered the characters rather Squall and Seifer like, and thus rewrote it to fit them a little bit more (yes, I know they are still horribly OC).  Second, I thought those who actually read this would have most likely read my other stuff and said, “hey, wait a minute.  A flirting blonde and a quiet brunette…it’s Seifer and Squall!!”  I was just saving myself from that issue.

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