Author's Note: This is highly AU. The two main characters are Seifer and Squall, but I changed names so I could fit something in. I actually wrote this story pre-FF8, but reread it to find my characters basically the same as my fav pair. I've updated it to match them a little better, but they are still a bit OC. None of the other characters are FF8 based.

Bloody Tyr

Part 3

By Sukunami

As Shaen shared dinner with most of the men, he decided the demon was being entirely too quiet.  It was almost easy catching him in the morning, but then again there was that high fever of his.  What would make a man think that spending a few nights in a blizzard would help a sickness like that?

Not unexpectedly, Tyr didn’t show for any meals in the day.  The idea of him sulking in his room made the blonde smile.  While the quiet man rarely expressed his emotions outwardly, they were there if one looked close enough.  The vague smile when David or Ant awed over a simple magic trick.  The glint of energy in his eyes after a victorious fight.  The somber head bow he had when he thought no one was looking.

But Shaen always found himself looking.  Over the past few months, the dreams came more often and more vivid.  His one night stands were more frequent as a result.  By this point, it wasn’t a matter of Tyr being male.  The issue merely was that the brunette would never let him close enough to attempt anything.  It was frustrating to Shaen that he would never know exactly how soft that skin was, what noises the other would make during sex, if any, nor even the simple taste of his lips.  And few denied the so called Count of Mercenaries.

With a sigh, Shaen abruptly got up from the table before finishing his plate.  Some looked at his departure with confused glances, but none dared to question the action.  With a long stride, the blonde went quickly to the demon’s room.  He wasn’t quite sure what he would actually do once he saw the man.  Perhaps seeing him would be enough.

Nearing the room, he spotted David and Ant sitting against the wall with a tray placed in front of the closed door.

“What’s this now?”

Both stand as David explained, “We thought he’d be hungry, but he won’t answer the door.  Not even to tell us to go away.”

“It’s fine.  He is ill, so perhaps the idea of food doesn’t appeal to him.  And surely he wouldn’t want you two getting whatever he has.”

The worried faces eased slightly.  “Yeah, but I think it’s kind of cold in there.  There’s a breeze from the door.”

Placing a hand at the bottom of the door, Shaen was surprised to note that there was indeed cold air flowing from the room.  “He probably fell asleep without starting a fire.  I’ll see to it.”  Removing the key and chain from his neck, he looked down at the two boys.  “Scat, the both of you.  He doesn’t need an audience right now.”

After a pause to look out each other, David picked up the cold tray of food and they left slowly.  Once they were around the corner, Shaen unlocked the door and opened it.  The demon wasn’t in bed as he had expected, the sheets not even rumbled from use.

Stepping into the room, the blonde discovered the source of coldness.  In the attempt to escape, Tyr had bashed the window with a chair.  While the glass was successfully removed, he most likely didn’t expect the metal bars holding the glass panes to be too solid.  The available openings were too small for even the lean man to get through.  That left the question of where he was.

Looking in the darkened room, Shaen’s eyes caught a hint of movement. Adjusting to the darkness, he saw the man huddled in a corner near the bathing area.  Wrapped in a black blanket and only the dark hair of his head exposed, he was rather well concealed in the late evening light.

“What the hell are you doing over there?”  The blonde walked over to man, not attempting to hide his annoyance.  “You have a key.  You should’ve just damned your pride and told me you smashed the window.  Not like I wouldn’t have found out anyway.  Or do you just like freezing to death?”

The man shivered and held himself tighter at the words.  Shaen decided it served him right for trying to run off.


The blonde knelt in front of the man with a sigh.  “Don’t what?  Knock some sense into you?  Because I’m starting to think it’s the only way.”

The blanket got tighter around his form as he…whimpered?  Green eyes went wide as he realized the man wasn’t shivering from the cold as much as fear.

“Tyr?  What’s wrong?”  Shaen placed a gentle hand on the brunette’s head, to which the man violently flinched to.  The momentary touch was enough to alarm Shaen about extreme heat of the other.

“Please…don’t kill me…It hurts…please, don’t…”

With a quiet voice, the blonde spoke.  “Look at me, Tyr.  I’m here to help you.  Don’t you recognize me?”

Warily, blue eyes peered just over the blankets edge.  More than ever, they seemed to glow in the darkness.  No recognition came into the feverish eyes, but he didn’t look away either.

“It’s Shaen.  I’m a friend.  Would you like me to take you some place warm?”

His eyes scrunched in thought, as if he wanted to be warm, but there was some reason why he shouldn’t go with anyone.  Even now in the depths of fever, he was determined to be stubborn.  Shaen smiled at the thought.

Reaching some decision, the brunette relaxed slightly and let his legs move a bit forward.  His eyes widen as if remembering something and then he was quickly back into his defensive huddle.

“You hate me, too.  You’ll hurt me… go away!”

“Tyr…”  Shaen reached out to touch his hidden leg, but pulled back his hand quickly.  The blanket was extremely warm.  It shouldn’t be in this cold room, but it was almost as hot as the brunette’s head.  The small fact made him realize that if the bed was still made, how could he have gotten the one dark blanket considering he hasn’t left his room all day?

“Come with me, Tyr.  I’ll protect you from anyone who wants to hurt you.”  Blue eyes rose up once again, and Shaen hoped he wasn’t imagining the touch of trust.  “On my life, I promise to protect you.”

Shaen held out his hand to the brunette, his glance never wavering from the wary eyes.  Slowly, the ‘blanket’ loosened and a hesitant hand rested lightly on the open palm.

Closing his fingers loosely on the hand, Shaen smiled.  “Shall we go?”

The other nodded shyly.  With a smooth movement, the blonde stood and brought the man up to his feet at the same time.  He let the hand go when it pulled sharply from his grasp.  Immediately, the brunette hugged himself, naked flesh shivering from the cold and fever.  Despite the lack of light, Shaen could identify large bat like wings fold across his body.  He almost appeared to be wearing a cloak in the darkness.

A gust of cold wind that flowed into the room woke Shaen from his stunned stare.  He decided that the brunette had to first be taken to some place warm before anything else.  Pulling the top sheet from the bed, he covered the still shaking man.

“I’ll warn you now that there could people outside, but I won’t let them near you.  Ready?”

A nervous nod was the only reply the blonde got.  Opening the door, Shaen looked briefly in the hallway, happy that the two boys followed his implied order to stay away despite their worry.  He ushered Tyr quickly to his own room, grateful that no one was around.

Once inside, Shaen locked the door.  He turned around to look at the brunette who seemed locked into the place where he was led to.  The cover sheet had already fallen to the floor forgotten.

With sigh, the blonde walked up to his side.  “Tyr, do you know where you are?”

The other examined the room, stormy eyes roaming without recognition.  Abruptly the eyes widened and he backed away quickly until ramming into the wall.  Despite the solid obstacle, he continued to push backwards.  Only a quiet whine came from his lips.

Determining the brunette’s line of sight, Shaen focused onto his large bed.  He mumbled a curse as he walked in front of the man, blocking his view.

“I am not going to do anything.  Do you hear me, Tyr?”  He gently lifted his chin, forcing eye contact.  “You are safe with me.”

Frightened eyes slowly relaxed as some wetness gathered at the corners.  “Sha…en…?”

The blonde grinned.  “Finally recognize me?”

Tyr didn’t respond as he fell limply forward.  Close to the man, Shaen easily caught him.  For the brief moment, he enjoyed the feel of the other in his arms.  Bending down, he placed an arm behind the man’s knees to lift him up and carry him to the bed.  With some effort, he managed to pull down some sheets and place the unconscious brunette down, hoping not to damage the fascinating wings.  After covering him, Shaen ran a hand through sweat dampened hair.  He smiled at the ironic thought that the demon was finally in his bed.

There was only haze for the first moments after waking.  His head and limbs felt heavy as a dull throb filled his body.  A shiver of a chill made him pull his wing close for warmth, but something prevented its movement.  Forcing his eyes to focus, he saw the sleeping face of Shaen mere inches away, his wing draped over the man like a sheet.

Jerking away from the blonde, Tyr also pushed himself off the bed.  Due to his legs still trapped in twisted sheets, he went down with his back and head slamming onto the floor.  Once his vision cleared shortly after, he saw Shaen looking down at him with a lazy smile in place.

“Morning, little demon.”

An angry blush started to heat his cheeks as Tyr realized his exposed position considering he had removed his clothes the day previous.  He untangled his legs and managed a sitting position on the floor.  Before he could stand, a firm hand was placed on his forehead.

“Not nearly as bad as last night.  How do you feel?”

The brunette knocked away the hand.  “Stop that.”

“What, touching you?  But you have such fine skin.”

Stormy eyes narrowed threateningly at the man.  “Stop pretending like nothing is wrong.”

“Oh?  Something is wrong?”  His eyes widened in mock surprise.

Not responding, the brunette turned his head sharply to the side to stop looking into the green eyes.  He could handle the disgust and hatred from the few people that had seen him in this state.  But Shaen was merely taunting him.  He wasn’t sure which was worse, but at least in the former case he could always hate back.

“Will you let me see you?  All of you.”

Annoyed, Tyr stood up quickly and turned towards the blonde with his large leather like wings extended partway and a long dark tail wrapped around his thigh to stop its swaying.  His two fanged teeth bared, he glared down at the prone man.

“Why couldn’t you have just let me be?  I would have been fine—“

Shaen abruptly got off the bed and took the step to bring himself directly in front of the brunette.  He tilted his head as he smiled at the shorter man.  Placing a hand under Tyr’s chin, he bent down to kiss the slightly opened mouth.  A warm tongue ran down the backside a single fang before the brunette gathered his senses and stepped back while shoving the other away.  His breath was coming too fast from sudden panic to speak.

“That’s why I won’t let you go frolicking in the snow with a fever.”  Shaen crossed his arms on his chest as he backed up to the bedside and sat down.  “Now, explain.”

“Why should I tell you anything?”  It was said in low, harsh tone.

Unfazed, the blonde grinned.  “Because you’re stuck here all day and have nothing better to do.”

They stared at each other, neither speaking another word, neither moving.  The silence was eventually broken by a light knock.  Sighing to show his annoyance, Shaen stood from the bed to answer the door.  With the focus of his anger and thus the source of his energy gone, Tyr’s body suddenly felt weak.  Though he wished to continue the front of strength, he instead made the few steps to the bed and half sat half collapsed onto the mattress.  His bare skin could feel the heat left by Shaen.

There was the sound of the door closing.  “Breakfast has been brought.  You hungry?”

Before a dignified answer could be formed, Tyr’s stomach let out an affirmative growl.  He scowled down at his traitorous body.  It had been over a day since his last meal, but he had a feeling any meal with the blonde would be less than simple.

Shaen placed the tray of food and water on the middle of the large bed, himself sitting to the side of the brunette.  Picking up a slice of melon, he held it up to Tyr’s lips.

“Say ‘annnn’.”

Tyr glared at the fruit and hand, tempted to play along so he could bite the fingers.  Too bad the blonde would most likely be ready for such an action.  Instead, he ignored the raised hand and leaned to the side to get his own food.  Shaen shrugged and placed the fruit into his own mouth.

“So, you were saying…”

Confused, Tyr looked up from the tray after ripping off a piece of warm bread.  “I wasn’t saying anything.”

“But you were going to tell me about your transformation before we were interrupted.  I could tell.”

“It is none of your business.”

“Perhaps, but I’m still interested.  And there truly is nothing else to do in here but talk, especially since I don’t think you’d care for the main pastime I use this room for.”

Tyr chewed the bread harder than necessary, trying not to be tricked into reacting to the blonde’s words.  It was annoying how this one man easily sidestepped every obstacle he tried to form.  Normal people would tire quickly of his curt responses and find something better to entertain themselves with.  Shaen seemed happy enough to chip away at the walls until something happened.

Without a word, the blonde stood up from the bed and walked to an adjoining room.  Tyr continued eating as if he hadn’t noticed the departure.  Half of the food gone, his appetite was satisfied enough and he laid back against the headboard with a glass of water in hand, mildly curious at the continued absence of the blonde.

As if reading his mind, Shaen stepped back into the room with the sleeves of his shirt rolled up above the elbows.

“Looks like you’re done eating.  Time for a bath.”  His grin was too broad for the brunette’s like.


“A bath.  You know, when you get into some water and then come out smelling better?  You were sweating all night from fever.  Getting cleaned up will do you some good.”

He wanted to refuse, but the idea alone of washing off his body made him feel a bit more refreshed.  Placing down the empty glass, he pushed himself off the bed and to his feet.  Walking into the bathing area, he saw the basin filled with slightly steaming water.  With the blonde there to steady him, he went directly into the bath.

A rag and soap was thrown into the tub.  “Go ahead and scrub down.  I’ll handle back here.”

“What are you—“

His speech was taken away at the feel of a firm hand running along the top of a wing.  Soon a wet cloth was rubbing warmth along the leathery skin.  Tyr couldn’t focus with the massaging motions on sensitive flesh.  No one had ever touched the cursed things without the intent of causing him pain before.

“Is this blood?”  The blonde placed the redden cloth into the bath to rinse it.

“They have to come from somewhere,” Tyr mumbled.

Shaen paused in his motions.  “Does it hurt you?”

He shrugged in reply.  It was impossible to describe it when a hated part of you that has been held in tightly is suddenly released into open air.  Pain was a part of it, but frustration and shame easily overcame simple physical sensations.

The blonde resumed rubbing the wings, but Tyr was better prepared for the strange touch and starting washing his body.

“Why are you so afraid to talk about this?”

“Why do you insist on badgering me?”

“It’s the only way to get a response from you.  Might as well just tell me.  I won’t give up.”

Tyr looked into the bath, watching his dark tail sway like a water snake.  At the words, his resistance just didn’t seem to matter anymore.  Shaen had seen something that caught his interest and he was a man whose attention wasn’t easily redirected once he started focusing his energies on it.  It was too tiring to fight against such a force and as things currently were, there was no possibility of running away from it.

“I was young, so I don’t know details.”  The firm rubbing stopped briefly but continued, enough to show the other’s surprise at the surrender.  “I don’t know who my parents were.  Perhaps slaves.  In any case, I somehow ended up under the ownership of a man.  He did this to me.”

The blonde stayed quiet, most likely deciding Tyr would say more without meaningless apologies and continued prodding.

“He wanted a damn exotic fuck toy.  Nothing more.”  There was a sharp pain, and he noticed his nails biting into his upper arms.  Willing his hands to loosen, he took a shaky breath.  “He had kept me in a cage in his room.  Then one day he simply never returned.  Luckily he had some kind of running water system placed in there, even though it was meant for cleaning off my body.  I could only escape when I was thin enough to squeeze through the bars.

“I was a fool when younger,” he said with a quiet, bitter laugh.  “I really believed someone would help me.  Instead, they only saw my wings and labeled me a demon that must be killed.  Eventually I learned to take those parts within me.  I don’t really know how myself.  But in doing so, there are two times a year when my body reaches a breaking point and this happens.”

“Two times a year?”  Confusion was in the voice.

Tyr smiled weakly.  “Elly never noticed a boy who goes out into the woods during the summer.  It’s almost natural.”

“When you were imprisoned…”

“It was dark and they didn’t go into the room often.  I was able to relieve my body occasionally when I was alone.”

“But you’ve been here for almost a half year.”

Tyr nodded.  He had said much more than he had planned, but it did feel good to have someone finally know.  It was hard trying to hide it all the time.  He trusted Elly enough to tell her, but he never dared for fear that another person would harm her for consciously helping a demon.  And yet it was almost easy to tell the irritating blonde.

A warm weight was suddenly at his upper back as Shaen leaned in and wrapped his arms around the bare shoulders.

“I made a promise to you last night.  Do you remember?”

The enclosing arms caused his breath to hitch.  “Let go.”

The arms tightened instead and Tyr could feel the other’s lips brush against his ear.  “I swore to protect you.”

Stormy eyes narrowed.  “You aren’t keeping me from fighting.”

“No.  I’d lose one of my best men that way.  But you can’t cover your back all the time, especially in times like last night.”

“I’ve done fine on my own.”

“And it worries me that you actually believe it.”  The blonde stood up with a sigh.  “All right, out of the water before it freezes around you.”

Tyr hadn’t even noticed the bath getting cold.  With the blonde’s help, he stepped out of the basin as goosebumps covered his skin.  One large towel was placed into his hands as Shaen grabbed another to dry his legs.  He was nervous about the man being so low, but considering the remains of fever, he doubted he would be able to bend down and get back up again.

Standing up, Shaen tied the towel around the lean waist.  “I’d offer a robe, but I don’t think you would be comfortable that way.”


The blonde tilted up the face partially hidden by dark hair and touched their foreheads together.  “You’re getting warmer.  Can you make it to the bed by yourself?”

Half heartedly Tyr pushed the larger man aside.  He was growing tired of the blonde’s flirting nature.  Rubbing a throbbing temple, he walked carefully to the bed with the hope that he could escape the man for at least a couple hours by taking a nap.

Shaen lay on the bed with his eyes closed though he had been awake for a fairly long time.  He couldn’t help the smile on his lips due to his current position.  His arms encircled the waist of Tyr as the man loosely clutched his shirt while asleep.  One warm wing barely managed to cover them both, every now and again stiffening as if to pull them closer together.  And damn if the shorter man didn’t somehow fit just right against his body.

The previous night had gone much like the first, though with Shaen there throughout the day, the brunette managed to keep in mind that the blonde wasn’t there to harm him.  Knowing some of Tyr’s past made the feverish man’s words more understandable, as well as more upsetting.  Shaen recalled Elly’s words of, ‘why someone would harm a child like that?’.  He wondered how long Tyr lived as an object of fear and hate before the kindhearted woman found him.

Opening his eyes, Shaen looked at the sleeping form.  He decided he liked the demon best this way – trusting and relaxed.  Too bad that would end quickly once the other woke up.  Daring his luck, he let a hand wander lower down the backside until he came across the tail.  He fingered the width of it, curious of its feel.  It had looked much like a cat tail, perhaps a bit thicker, but he now knew it was made of rougher skin than the rest of his body.

When he fingered the underside of the appendage, the body he held arched slightly into him with a quiet moan.  As the other's eyelids twitched a bit before opening, Shaen quickly replaced his arm at the man’s waist.  Stormy eyes looked at the figure before him with confusion until he leaned back to see the blonde’s face.  Immediately he pushed at the chest, but the arms encircled around him held him in place.

“Good morn, demon.  Sleep well?”

He got a glare in response and the force of the pushing increased.

“Come now, if I wanted to do something to you I would have done it last night when you wouldn’t have resisted.”

Blue-gray eyes widened at the words.  He then relaxed ever so slightly back into the hold.

“Let me go.”

Shaen grinned at him.  “I would but I forgot to add extra wood to the fire last night.  It’s freezing in the room and you’re just too warm to give up.”

Surprisingly, the brunette placed his head against the chest in front of him, face hidden from the blonde’s view.  He stayed quiet for several moments.  Shaen was likewise, afraid of the other restarting his efforts to get away.

“Why don’t you mind?”


“Me…touching you like this.  Why doesn’t it bother you?”

“There’s no reason for it to.”

“… But I’m tainted…in so many ways.”

Shaen smiled into the dark hair.  “Maybe I should lick you clean, then.” 

There was an irritated growl at the statement, but the man didn’t move from his position. 

“You shouldn’t take the words of others directly to heart, Tyr.  I’ve seen your strong will and the kindness you like to hide.  Does the physical really matter that much?”

Another moment of silence.  “Shaen, you’re hurting me.”

“Eh?  Sorry.” 

The second the blonde loosened his hold, Tyr pushed out of the weakened grasp and quickly stood up from the bed.  Stormy eyes swirling with confused emotion looked down briefly at the prone man.  Sharply, the brunette turned and walked out of view into the bathing area.

Shaen rolled onto his back and covered his eyes with an arm.  He almost laughed at himself, the man who bedded every lovely he laid eyes on.  The man who just asked how much the physical mattered.  He wondered when exactly he changed such that the skittish man meant this much, enough that he simply wanted the demon.  Not just the lithe body trapped under him in a moment of passion, but everything that was Tyr.

A muffled cry made the blonde jump out of the bed and walk quickly into the bathing area.  Tyr knelt on the tiled floor while an arm hooked on the rim of the basin held him up.  The stunning wings of moments ago were gone, only two long red scars lining his upper back.

“Are you okay?”

“Un.  I just need a moment.”  He was breathing heavily, a slight sheen of sweat visible on the unhidden portions of his brow.

The blonde bent down and placed the other’s free arm around his neck.  Grasping the wrist and wrapping an arm around the lean waist, Shaen stood them both up.  He half walked half dragged the exhausted man back to bed.  Along the way, he thought unhappily that his few days of fun were almost at an end.

The two men ran as fast as they could through the forest, Shaen following behind the quicker brunette by several paces.  With a weak smile, the blonde thought about how he’d never hear the end of this from Baker.  That is, if he saw the man again.

It was still technically winter, but unusually warm weather rid the area of the thick snow.  The false spring would probably only last a couple weeks, but Shaen had decided to use the time for a bit of scouting.  The group had been tentatively hired for a raid once spring truly came in a few more months.  While Baker had been against it, Shaen wanted to check out the numbers and fortifications of their potential enemy.  Tyr agreed to come along, probably tired of the inactivity of the winter.  Or perhaps hoping to finish off his debts.

“How was I supposed to know they just happened to be training in full force today?” he growled quietly to himself.

There appeared to be a break in the forest ahead.  Tyr sprinted to the opening, then suddenly slowed down.

“What the hell are you—“

And then Shaen slowed to a stumbling walk.  In the rush to get away and avoid slamming into trees, the two had veered too far west.  Instead of heading towards the tied horses, they ended up at the edge of a cliff.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Turning around, the blonde saw the first of the armed men.  Five jogged casually out of the forest, most likely knowing exactly what was waiting for the fleeing men.  Shaen and Tyr pulled their swords, though the other men kept their distance while waiting for more numbers to arrive.  Already several men were becoming visible through the trees.

One smiling man stood slightly apart from the rest.  “Now, now.  If you put those down and surrender nicely, nothing bad will happen to you.”

The blonde just sneered in reply.  The last thing this group was known for was treating prisoners with tender care.  And once they figure out exactly who it was they had in their hands, they would play a ransom game.  Who knows how many would die in the pointless attempt to save him.  He’d rather die fighting than others paying for his stupidity.

“Say, Tyr.  Can you fly?”

The brunette didn’t move from his stance.  “You’re thinking of distracting them for my sake.”

“There are worse ways to die.”  In a quiet voice he added, “And I promised to protect you.  No reason for you to die here if you can escape.”

As Tyr stood quietly, the number of men had grown to at least fifteen.  The blonde wanted to laugh at the situation – it was rather overkill against two men with a blade a piece.

“Be sure to protect yourself from me.”  The brunette threw his sword several paces in front of the man who seemed to be speaking for the group. 

Wide eyed with confusion, Shaen stepped back to look at him.  Dark brown hair was covering the man’s eyes as if he stood in shame.  But to the blonde, there instantly seemed to be something wrong.  He was reminded of all that time ago when he searched cells for an unlikely surviving prisoner.  Coldness settled firmly along his spine as he unconsciously gripped the hilt of his sword tighter.

“Well, that’s a boy.  One surrender down.  You going to follow the smart lead, blondie?”

The corner of the brunette’s mouth lifted in a warped smile, a single fang visible from the blonde’s angle.  “Surrender?  Hardly.”

Shaen could barely breathe as he felt the dark aura that wrapped around the man.  He briefly witnessed nails elongate before Tyr ran directly into the group of men.  Slowly he turned to the massacre, his mind not quite catching up to the current event.  The brunette was somehow weaving in between the men, an occasional spurt of blood or body part flying into the air marked his progress through the pack.

It wasn’t too long until someone yelled out ‘demon’ and the remaining men began their escape.  Shaen just stared at the area of fallen bodies and the one man standing in the midst.  Tyr eyed the running men, but instead turned around to face the blonde.  The blue of his stormy eyes glowed cold fire as he sneered at the new opponent.  The blonde was focused on the splattered blood covering the man as Tyr approached in a relaxed walk.

Shaen was startled out of his daze as he managed to dodge the sudden lunge of the demon.  He turned to find the smirking brunette on a quick recovery and aiming the next attack for his head.  In the attempt to duck, the blonde ended up falling on his ass.  He barely had time to mutter a curse before the demon stabbed downwards with the extended nails.  He rolled partially to the side while bringing up his sword.  There was an intake of air as the blade entered near the brunette’s right shoulder.

Watching the man over him, Shaen waited for the next move.  Stormy eyes full of hatred met his calm green stare.  Abruptly the blue-gray eyes widened as he jerked himself from the blade.  Tyr backed up a few steps before falling to his knees with a whimper.  Bloodied hand clamped against his head as the nails quickly returned to normal.  Shaen pushed himself up into a sitting position, carefully eyeing the man.


Shaky hands slowly untangled themselves from dark hair and he lowered his arms into a protective hug.  A quiet sound of mumbling could be heard, but incoherent to the blonde.

With a grunt, Shaen rose to his feet and walked to his demon.  Bending down, he placed a gentle hand on his head.  The brunette flinched slightly and turned to face the blonde.  A single tear ran down his cheek gaining the redness of blood by the time it dropped to the ground.

“I--I’m sorry for hurting you, Tyr.  I shouldn’t have.  Can you forgive me?”

Tyr’s eyes widen and his mouth opened slightly.  A breathy chuckle emitted, soon followed by loud laughter.  Shaen blinked at the display, unsure of how to respond to the unusual sound.

The laughing fit halted slowly.  “Oh, damn that hurts.  I think I need this looked at.”

Soaking in hot water, Shaen leaned against the side of the basin with eyes closed.  He had managed to bandage the brunette before they made their several day trip home.  While the surgeon took care of the highly weakened man, had Baker quietly scolded the both of them for not listening to their elders.  He managed to escape to the safety of his room shortly after.

In the time since the days of fever, the brunette had been skilled at avoiding Shaen.  The fact he volunteered to go on the scouting mission with him alone was a surprise.  He half hoped there was a reason behind it, but the man was silent for most of the journey despite his prodding.  On the way back, Shaen was ashamed at harming the person he promised to protect and stuck to safe topics.  The brunette had remained quiet, not even complaining about his injury.

With an annoyed growl, the blonde stood up out of the water.  After putting a robe on, he grabbed a small towel to rub his wet hair roughly.  He wanted to stop thinking about the man.  After all his talk, he nearly got the man killed.  Like hell the skittish demon would ever want to see him again, let alone put up with his need to be with the man, to touch him.

A light knock made the blonde stop the futile attempt of physically clearing his mind.  Dropping the towel to the floor, he strode up to the door.  Opening it, he froze at the sight of Tyr.

Eyeing the robe, he asked, “Am I interrupting something?”

A smile came to the blonde’s lips.  “I haven’t tricked a woman into my bed tonight, if that’s what you are asking.”

Shaen moved to the side and the brunette entered at the implied invitation.  The door was closed and locked to ensure privacy since the blonde knew of only one topic that could bring the demon to his room.  He didn’t want anyone accidentally barging in.

“Weren’t you ordered to bed rest by the surgeon?”


Shaen passed the brunette as he went to sit on the bed.  He leaned back on his hands slightly while looking at Tyr.

“What brings you to my realm, demon?”

Instead of replying, the man walked forward with his gaze locked onto the green eyes.  A knee was placed to the side of his legs as the brunette leaned forward to kiss him.  Presently not caring for the reason why, Shaen joined in the kiss while directing them both backwards such that the demon was lying on top of him.  His arms freed from supporting their weight, he placed one tightly around the lean waist and the other rested on the back so he could run a hand through the dark hair.

Tyr broke the contact and moved downwards to place his head on the broad chest.  “A girl from the orphanage, Tara, she’s terrified of me.  When some men attacked her, I released that dark part of me to save her.  It was the only way against all those guards.  We used to be close but now…”

The blonde didn’t speak, but continued the massaging motions of his hand as they traveled to the base of the tense neck.

“I got that damned title of mine when I killed a large number of men years ago.  It was the men at camp that came up with it since those in my division were killed by me along with the enemy.  They had run up to me to congratulate and thank me, never expecting their death by my hand.  Everyone assumed it was the enemy that got to them first.

“Knowing this… After I tried to take your life, you can still hold me like this.  Why?”

Shaen smiled.  “Does love really need a reason?”

A hand tightened its hold on his robe.  “Please, don’t mock me now.”

Grabbing the body, Shaen moved them such that they were both fully on the bed and the brunette lay beneath him.  He bent low to take the bottom lip into his mouth, slowly turning it into a deeper kiss.  After savoring the taste of his demon, he pulled back and looked down seriously at the man.

“Every woman that has been in this bed has never heard me say that word.  Perhaps implied enough that they think I said it, but never spoken.  I kid you not when I say it now.  I have fallen in love with you, my demon.”

“Prove it to me.”

Shaen smiled at the form beneath him.  “You do understand what that implies in such a position as yours.”

In reply, Tyr grabbed the loose knot of the blonde’s robe, undoing it in a quick movement.

Laughing Shaen said, “Never much for words, were you.”

While practiced hands worked at the shirt, the blonde kissed down the side of the other’s neck.  Once he reached the juncture of neck and shoulder, the opened shirt was pushed aside to reveal a smooth chest.  Moving downwards, Shaen first realized his inexperience with men.  Women were soft through and through, but this body was softness covering harder stuff.  In this man’s case, probably solid ice.

Settling his focus on a firm nipple, Shaen brought his hands lower to the man’s trousers.  More familiar dealing with layers of lace to remove, it took longer than he liked.  Once loosened, he slid a hand under the cloth to grip the hardening flesh.  Hands were suddenly at his head and back, clutching in sync with his slow strokes.

Smiling, he resumed his path lower on the lean body, only pausing when a hitched breath informed him of reaching a sensitive spot.  Sitting up and releasing his hold on the penis, he pulled at the waist band and removed the interfering pants.  As he removed his robe, he looked up at his demon and smirked at the flushed face and the sight of the nearly naked body, his shirt open but still on.

Moving his gaze lower, he eyed the stiff manhood.  He knew how amazing it felt to have a woman’s lips on him, but he never did anything resembling the action himself.  Bending down, he hoped he could mimic the things he enjoyed most.  The suppressed moans of Tyr were enough to encourage him further in the motions of mouth and tongue.

“Shaen, wait.”

Confused, the blonde sat up straight to face the man.  Tyr sat up as well, quickly removing his shirt.  Getting to his knees, he gripped Shaen’s shoulders and pushed him onto his back.  Before the blonde could speak, blackness shot up from the other’s back and the man came.  Droplets of red fell as the large wings arched over but didn’t quite touch the bed.

“Sorry.  I’ve made a mess.”

Shaen laughed.  “I’m certainly not complaining.  May I ask why?”

The red flush of the man's face increased.  “My body got too hot…”

“Mmm, I’ll take that as a complement,” the blonde said before kissing the warm cheeks.

Moving backwards, Tyr smiled teasingly.  “Shall I show you how it’s done right?”

Shaen lifted up onto his elbows in time to watch the brunette take just the head of his cock into his mouth, tongue and teeth working together to make him moan.  Little by little, he took more of the harden flesh into his mouth as a hand gently massaged the sack below.  The two surrounding fangs scraped lightly at the sensitive member, exciting the blonde faster than normal.

“Tyr…you better pull back…fuck…”

As if to defy his warning, the brunette took the full length into his mouth forcing the man towards a hard climax.  Dropping flat onto his back, Shaen looked to the side at his demon who was licking fluid from the corner of his mouth.  Apparently satisfied, he crawled to next to the larger man and laid his head on the slightly heaving chest.

Feeling hardness against his leg, Shaen looked down at the man.  “Man, you recover too quickly.”

“I’ve been trained to.”

Green eyes opened wide as realization hit him.  He wrapped his arms tightly around the body next to him, hands placed firmly between the wing bases  The brunette inhaled sharply at the force of the hold, but Shaen didn’t lighten it.

“Listen to me closely.  I don’t want you for this.  …Well, I do but not just for this.  I want… damn it, I love you.”

“Shaen, let go.”

Reluctantly, he followed the order.  Tyr angled up on one arm to look down at the blonde.  And then he smiled warmly.

“I believe you.”

Relieved, the blonde smiled back.  He tried to pull him down to kiss, but the other avoided the arms.  He placed a hand on the softened member, stroking it back to life.

“Would you finish this for me?”

Though enjoying the hand’s motions, Shaen winced a little.  “I’ve never been with a man.  I don’t want to harm you…again.  Doesn’t your arm hurt?”

He shrugged.  “There’s been worse.  And it’s not a matter of alchemy.  You know how to stick this thing into a hole, right?”

Shaen couldn’t help laughing.  Never on his life did he imagine hearing such a sentence from the quiet man.  The brunette smiled in return, and moved to lie down.  Taking the hint, Shaen sat up to get over the shorter man.  Not quite ready himself, he kissed along Tyr’s shoulder.  On a whim, he moved further to the wing beneath him.  Instantly the man arched into him.

“Like that?”

The brunette only moaned in reply as hands gripped his shoulders.  He continued he assault on the apparently sensitive skin until Tyr stopped him.

Warily, Shaen looked down at the man.  “I’ve heard it’s easier if you lie on your stomach.”

“No.  I need to see it’s you.  I’ll be fine.”

Deciding to trust the man’s words, he positioned himself below Tyr and pushed up against the back of the knees.  “Do I…need to do anything?”

"Shaen, just fuck me already.  I’m not like the women you’ve bedded before.”  His smile lightened the harshness of his tone.

No, you aren’t.  You mean something to me, the blonde thought before moving his hardened flesh at the small opening.

At the slow thrust, Tyr clenched his teeth in pain, but panted out a moan shortly after.  By his prompting, the speed and intensity of the thrusts increased steadily.  Shaen became lost in the different feeling of relatively dry tightness.  He knew he must be hurting the man, but Tyr only showed his pleasure in the act.  At some point, the blonde doubted he could have stopped himself even if the brunette begged.

There was a strangled cry as Tyr came under him.  A few more deep thrusts, and Shaen climaxed as well.  Once he regained some control over his body, he pulled out of the man and fell backwards.  Tyr leaned up on his elbows and looked with puzzlement at the blonde.

“I didn’t want to land on your wings,” he explained between breaths.

The brunette smiled and shook his head.  He moved up to the man’s side and lay down to get comfortable in the crook of his arm.  A warm wing covered them both tightly as the blonde placed an arm around the lean waist.  The dark tail lay on partially on Shaen’s thigh, rubbing in calming motions.

“You do realize that you aren’t allowed to leave anymore.”


“From now on you belong to me.  You are mine, little demon.”

A moment of silence.  “Un.  I guess I am.”

Shaen grinned broadly at the quiet response and tightened his hold on the warm body.  With the unexpected night's activities added to the exhaustion from their recent travel, he fell quickly into a restful sleep.

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