A Heart Split in Two

Part 4

By Domino

Quistis is getting worried about Rinoa, so she decides to drop by Rinoa’s hotel room. With a deep breath she knocks on the door. “Who is it...?” a shaky voice responds.

“It’s Quistis. Are you okay, girl?”

“Come back in a few hours. I need to be alone right now.”

“You’ve been alone for most of the morning! You need to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Join us for lunch. Irvine has a great place picked out for a picnic.” Rinoa opens up the door a little and peaks out the crack, “(Irvine....?!) Forget it! I’ll talk to you later Quistis! Good bye!!!” She slams the door in Quistis’ face, but Rinoa soon realizes that Angelo is standing behind her.

“Angelo? You’re hungry, aren’t you? Oh, I’m so sorry......” She opens the door once more to allow her dog to catch up to Quisits. “Quistis? Could you feed Angelo for me, please? Thanks!”

A shocked look comes across Quistis’ face as Rinoa shuts and locks the door. Rinoa plops herself on the bed again and opens Squall’s journal. She picks up at the Fisherman’s Horizon event.....

July 2nd,

We’ve accidentally crashed into the small fishing village called Fisherman’s Horizon. It’s a harbor town in the middle of the ocean. Cid had me, Zell, and Irvine dispatched into the village to talk to the mayor. We were to apologize for crashing into them. The whole place looked like a scrap yard with a solar panel in the middle. In the center of the panel was the mayor’s house.

His name was mayor Dobe. He was so laid back! When the three of us arrived, he asked us to have a seat. Then he asked us when we were leaving. He didn’t waste any time! We needed repairs so I apologized and asked for help. We explained everything to him and he understood, for now. Then Galbadian soldiers attacked, and they were looking for Ellone. Mayor Jimmy Buff.... er Dobe tried to use his reasoning to calm the destruction, but it didn’t work. So we saved his ass by defeating the soldiers. Then a weird machine came at us and attacked. We leveled it with Irvine’s GF Quetzalcoatl. It plunged into the harbor, but it released its passengers just in time. I couldn’t believe who was driving! It was Selphie, Quistis, and Rinoa. I was so glad they were alive!!

I had Zell and Irvine escort the girls back to the Garden, but Rinoa stayed behind to talk. She had been through so much, so I didn’t tell her about me and Irvine just yet. Rinoa told me everything that happened at the missile base. “I thought I was gonna die at that base! That’s when I really missed you.”

“I....... missed you too.” I know, I was weak for saying that. So sue me.

“I can’t believe you said that! I’m so...... happy! WHEW!! Wow......” She ran off before I could follow up with anything else. I wish she would listen once in a while!

As I headed back to the Garden, I met up with Irvine. “The Headmaster gave the OK with letting the repairmen into the Garden. They’re inside right now.”

“That’s cool.”


“Yeah?” “I was wondering..... Those technicians seem very handy. Would it be all right to ask them to fix other stuff?”

“As long as it doesn’t slow down the Garden. Go ahead. But try not to ask for too much.”

“Do I ever?” He took my hands and secretly kissed them.

We headed back together but before we boarded the Garden, he stopped in his tracks. “What.....?” I asked.

“Selphie’s feelin’ a little down right now. I thought you should know since you’re everybody’s leader.”

I felt crushed. He was falling for Selphie. Then why did he kiss my hands?! I tried to hide my emotions the best I could.

“I think you should go talk to her,” Irvine said. “I know you’re a klutz when it comes to these things, so I’ll back you.” I was so mad at him, but I loved him enough to help him out.

“Where is she?”

“Hangin’ out at the stage by the Quad..... Wow..... I didn’t except all this heavy machinery.....”

“How else are they gonna repair it? A hammer and nails?”

“Hey, hey, hey...... This isn’t my department!”

“Then what is?” I was almost afraid to ask.

“Guns and women, of course.”

“EXCUSE ME?!?!?!”

Irvine ran up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “And you. I haven’t forgotten about us!,” he whispered as he kissed the back of my neck.

“You had me worried. Come on. Let’s go talk to Selphie.”

Irvine was still confused about who he wanted. He wanted me but he was still in denial about himself. When we got to the Quads, Selphie was shocked to see me trying to cheer her up. Why does she tease me for trying to help? I let Irvine handle it as I got paged to Cid’s office. Before I left I whispered to Irvine, “behave yourself....”

Now what happened in Cid’s office I will never forget. He appointed me the new leader! He said it was my destiny. He made it sound like my fate was decided at my birth!! If only I could quit, but what would I have then? I had to stop thinking so much. This sucks big time......

July 3rd,

Last night was wonderful, and it started out so boring. As I walked out of my dorm, I saw Rinoa in a pretty cocktail dress waving at me. What was she up to? She asked me to go to the concert with her. “Why not...?”

So we headed to the FH solar panel where we saw Irvine and Selphie greeting people. “So, she convinced you, eh?” Irvine walked me a few yards away and began whispering to me.

“(Lookin’ good together. I found this place that’ll be perfect for you guys. And if things don’t work out you and I could....)” I wasn’t in the mood to deal with his pickup lines right now.

“(It’s by the stage. You can’t miss it. I left an old magazine there. You can thank me later..... So have fun and let it all out tonight.)”

“(You’re so sick Irvine.)”

“(I know!)”

“Are you finished?”

“I might be there later with a special someone too.” I decided to play around a little with him. “(Is that an invitation?)”

“(If you see me there alone...... Think about it...)” I hoped he would work it out with Selphie and be happy with her, but I still wanted him to be happy with me.

I found the spot marked with a magazine........ a “dirty” magazine. Irvine can be a sicko sometimes, but I love him! The concert started with an announcement by the MC Selphie.

“Squall, you big stud! This is all for you! Congratulations! Enjoy the show! And a 1 and a 2 and a 1234!!!!” Her band started to play an Irish jig. It sounded something out of Lord of the Dance! I never knew Zell could tap dance. As I watched I saw Irvine wink at me as he was playing the guitar. I sat down with Rinoa and we talked a little. She said I frowned when I think too much. I was ready to leave, but she pushed me onto one of the panels. She wanted to know all this stuff about the future and living for the day. I’ve never thought about it, and neither had she. We ended the night with a kiss on my cheek. She went back her room as I went back to mine. After I took a long, hot shower I heard a knock at the door. I looked through the peephole and saw that it was Irvine.

I got dressed in my pajamas and answered the door. I let him in and locked the door behind me. I tend to be a little paranoid, and that’s why I keep locking everything. But anyway, he looked depressed. He was still dressed in that cute cowboy outfit and had a chilled bottle of champagne with him. I had to ask why he was here.

“Why are you here? How did it go with Selphie?”

“After the concert I got her alone with me, but I couldn’t bring myself to flirt with her. I kept thinking about betraying you. We had a big fight about me being a tease and stuff. So, it’s over.”

“And the champagne? Aren’t you a little young?”

“Oh, come on! Live a little! It’s not like I’m gonna finish the bottle!”

“Whatever...... So why are you really here?”

“I wanted to give you something.”

“And what might that be?”

“I want to give you my body.”

“What are you saying?! I don’t want to take advantage of you after you just broke it off with someone else!”

“I want you to take me though. Squall.....”

Irvine kissed me like never before. I gave into my lusts and kissed back. We were inseparable. I put aside the champagne for later as I slipped off his heavy trench coat. He had such a lovely body. Why would Selphie not want him? I laid him down on my bed and unbuttoned his vest. He untied his hair and took of his cowboy hat. I massaged his rock hard chest with my tongue, licking every spot. Irvine had me open the bottle of champagne and pour it on his bare chest. Man, this guy was a little kinky, but I loved it! I drank the pools of liquor from the grooves between his muscles. I took off my shirt and bared myself to my lover. The champagne became sticky as it mixed with Irvine’s sweat. Those eyes sparkled with passion. We drank the rest of the champagne out of the bottle, but we were not finished....

I stripped Irvine naked and laid him face-down on my bed. His auburn tresses flowed wild down his back as I removed my remaining clothing. I’ve never gone this far with him, but I was excited. He got up and leaned against my chest. We were both kneeling on the bed as I slowly grabbed his thighs. He parted his legs and guided my penis to him. I didn’t want to hurt him, so with a deep breath I gently slid my crown inside. Irvine gasped as he grinded his hips over my manhood. I drove myself deeper into Irvine’s body. The warmth of his inner flesh turned me on. He led my hands to his member and had me fondle him while I was making love to him. The taste of champagne was still on his skin as I kissed his neck and shoulders. Irvine began to shake in my arms. His head snapped back as I felt his balls contract in my hands. A warm fluid covered my hands and his stomach. He had reached his peak for the first time in his life. I soon followed as I trembled and came inside my lover. The whole event was too much for him. He passed out in my arms after I withdrew from his body. I rested his head on my chest and covered him with blankets. We slept together peacefully........ I wish I could relive these moments with him, but there’s always tomorrow....

Rinoa drops the journal in outrage. “He slept with Irvine...... Then he really did love me only as a friend...... Why did you keep it a secret from us?!?! WHY SQUALL?!” She grabs the journal and marches out of her hotel room. She has someone to confront about this.....


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