Author's Notes: Hope I got across the romantic side of Irvine. I know he has one…it’s just really well-hidden.

A Cowboy's Fantasy

Chapter Three - Losing My Religion

By Pixie518

Raisin’ up from the bed was harder than I thought it was gonna be. I forget how rough Seifer can be. Well, I’m sure as hell rememberin’ now. My body was achin’ somethin’ fierce, and not in just the obvious places, neither.

When I stood up, my knees buckled on me; somethin’ else I never seem to remember. When me ‘n Seif get together, he pulls out all the stops. I’m lucky I can walk at all. He must’ve been in a good mood tonight.

But, I meant what I said earlier. The night is still young, and I still have one more thing to do before I crawl into my bed. Fuckin’ Seifer Almasy and his stupid ass ‘I dare yous’. I don’t know why I always fall right into the little traps he sets for me, but I always do, without fail. That’s why, right after I grab me another shower, I’m headin’ on over to the Commander’s room.

Seif’s never spilled any of Squall’s deep, dark secrets, but he’s hinted just enough to make me wonder which way our fearless leader really swings. The way he moves in those leather pants tells me plenty, but hey, that could just be my dirty mind workin’ overtime. But I do know how Squall acts when he’s around the little Princess, and he don’t seem too damn interested to me. Yeah, yeah, could be wishful thinkin’ on my part, and, while I don’t have much use for her, I have to admit that I’d nail her if I could gag her first. So, she’s not hard to look at, but if Squall was one-hundred-percent straight, I don’t think he’d tense up every time Rinny got too close to him.

Besides, I see Zell watchin’ him sometimes. He probably wants him as much as I do, maybe even more than that. Squall’s not stupid. He might pretend he don’t see everything going on around him, but I know damn well he does, and THAT, my friend, is what makes me wonder the most. All that pent-up frustration hidin’ behind that pretty face…please. That boy needs to get laid, and bad. Just let me, uh, freshen up a lil bit and we’ll see if we can’t help him out…heh heh.

Well, I’ve had too many damn showers today, that’s for fuckin’ sure. I don’t plan on havin’ another til tomorrow. The walk to Squall’s took longer than I thought, it kinda felt like I was takin’ the long walk, if ya know what I mean. Supposin’ he kicks me out and never wants to talk to me again? That’s a thought that merits a little panderin’…I mean ponderin’.

Well, hell, it ain’t like I’d miss all those nice long talks we used to have, right? I got nothin’ to lose with this one, so I’ll go for it.

Knockin’ on his door was like a scene from a movie or somethin’. The knock echoin’ down the hall, the wait that lasted forever. Fuck. He must be asleep. When I turned to go, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was relief or disappointment that had me feelin’ lightheaded. Whoa, there, cowboy…kill the soul searchin’…we only came for a little fun. Some other time.

But before I could take two steps, the door slid open and there he was. Bleary eyed, bare-chested, hair ruffled and absolutely fuckin’ heartstoppin’ beautiful. I’ll admit it, I just stood there with no idea whatsoever as to what I was plannin’ to say. Luckily, I was standin’ in front of Mr. Tact, who kindly remedied that situation in a hurry.

“What is it?” He asked, in that always welcomin’ ‘fuck you’ tone he always uses.

He blinked a couple o’ times, scratched his chest lazily and waited. I, for the first time in my entire sexual existence, couldn’t think of nothin’ to say. His brows drew together and he got that cute little furrow between them like he always did when he was pissed about somethin’.

“Hey…Squall…I was…uh…” Am I brilliant or what?

He shifted his weight, balancing a hand on his hip in irritation.

“What the hell do you want, Irvine?”

What a grouch.

“Um…can I come in?” I asked him smoothly. He stood there for a minute, lookin’ for all the world like he wanted to kick my ass. But at least he looked like he was thinkin’ about lettin’ me in.


Well, well, Sunshine, don’t beat around the bush or anything.

“I want to talk to you about somethin’.” I tell him.

He looks at me for a second, his mouth turned down in that trademark scowl, but then he steps back and motions me in. I was surprised he didn’t ask for a fuckin’ blood sample. Ah, well, at least I had a plan.

“Make it quick, Kinneas, I’m tired.” He warned, yawning into his hand.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up.” I told him, tryin’ to be sweet.

“Whatever…what do you want?” He stands beside the bed, lookin’ pretty eager to get back into it. I hoped I’d be joinin’ him on that score.

“You got time to hear me out?” I asked, settlin’ down on his bed.

His scowl deepened, and he gave me a look that I pretended not to see. He wanted me off his bed and out of his room, I knew that for a fact. But I also knew that all work and no play had made Squall a very boring boy indeed.

“Can’t this wait?” He grumbled. Gods he was gorgeous when he was grouchy. Which was pretty much all day long.

“No.” Definitely not…

“Well just say it, then.” He was startin’ to sound mad. I wondered if that was a good thing. I looked at him, tryin’ to focus on those clear eyes in the near-darkness.

“You wanna turn on a light?” I asked. Quit stalling, Kinneas.

“No! I don’t! I would like to go back to bed, Irvine. Now what the fuck do you want?”

Squall hardly ever cussed. He had his little temper all riled up. Heh heh. He was beggin’ for it. And he didn’t even know

it.“You.” Hell, that wasn’t so bad.

He cocked his head slightly, eyein’ me sideways. I closed my eyes. He was so damn pretty.

“What did you just say?” His voice was lower than usual. Reckonin’ time was close at hand. He’d heard exactly what I’d said. And he didn’t know what the hell do to about it.

I opened my eyes, took a deep breath and stood up again.

“You heard me.” My voice matched his. His eyes glittered. Gods save me…

“You came here to tell me that.” It wasn’t a question. So I didn’t answer.

“What am I supposed to say to that?” He asked, crossin’ his arms over his chest. I could hear his arms slidin’ over his chest. Skin like silk.

“You can say whatever you want, it won’t change nothin.”

He just stood there, quiet as could be, the tiniest little spark in his eyes. I took my chances and stepped toward him.

“Squall.” I didn’t recognize my own voice. I was startin’ to scare myself. It was almost like I lost sight of my goal when I looked in his eyes.

“Don’t.” He breathed, almost inaudible.

“Don’t what?” I asked, takin’ another step in his direction.

“You know.” He whispered. Damn. I stopped. I hadn’t counted on his apprehension soundin’ so much like fear.

“I just…” I didn’t get to explain before he moved sideways, sidesteppin’ me.

“I know what you want.” He told me, his voice hard.

“No…I…Squall….” Dammit! Why couldn’t I do this?

“Get out, Kinneas. Right fucking now.” His eyes shuttered, he would fight me if it came to that, no question.

“Squall, please.” Why wouldn’t he just listen?

“I don’t want to hurt you, Irvine.” He looked like a cornered animal. I started to feel like a real ass. “But I will.” It was definitely a promise.

I moved toward him once more and he stepped far out of my reach. Not necessary, I just slumped down in his chair. This wasn’t how I’d planned it.

“I’m sorry, Squall. I shouldn’t have come over here.” Gods, I sounded pathetic. I was thankful Seif wasn’t here to witness this. He’d have had Squall eatin’ out of the palm of his hand by now.

He froze, arms wrapped around his body.

“Is this a joke?” He sounded royally pissed.

“No.” I assured him. “Not a joke. Just a bad idea.”

I tried to smile, but it didn’t come out right. Squall was still watchin’ me like a hawk and the look on his face wasn’t real welcomin’.

“Hey, Squall, forget it, man. I’ll just go.” I rose to my feet, not real sure how confident I might have looked right then, but I know my heart ached. And it sucked, big time.

“I shoulda stayed in bed.” I chuckled as I went to open the door. He still didn’t say anything…until I opened the door.

“Wait.” Softly spoken, but a command nonetheless. I turned to face him, interested, but unsure. Me, unsure. Funny, aint it? Nah, not really…

I didn’t speak, but the look on my face should have let him know that he had my undivided attention. He looked like he had somethin’ to say, but wasn’t real sure if he actually wanted to say it.

It was about that time I realized that if I waited on Squall Leonhart to initiate a conversation, I could still be standin’ here tomorrow.

“I’m listenin’.” I made sure to keep my voice light; he had a tendency to spook easy.

“You left your bed to come here. Why?”

It’s not like Squall to ask so many freakin’ questions, but if it was talk he was after, hey, I’d oblige him.

“I was thinkin’ about you.” I shrugged. “Do I hafta have a reason?”

He paused, still eyein’ me warily, he looked at me like he’d never seen me before. Gods, his eyes were beautiful.

“I guess not.” He murmured and I swear to Hyne I think my jaw dropped open.

Here goes nothin’ Leonhart. Nothin’ ventured, nothin’ gained, I always say.

Three long strides and I was by his side. He looked up at me, into my face, but not quite meetin’ my eyes. Uh uh baby…look at me. “Tell me you haven’t thought about me this way.” I dared him. He turned his head. I grabbed his wrist and pulled him closer even as he tried to keep his distance. I gripped his chin with my other hand and turned his face to mine.

“Tell me, Commander. Tell me you haven’t wondered how I’d taste, how I’d feel, ‘cause I’ve thought of you. So much it’s about to drive me crazy.”

He turned the full power of his eyes on me then, and I almost hit my knees. Damn his eyes. They challenged me, taunted me, and he never said a word. And everybody knows that Irvine Kinneas never let a challenge go unanswered.

“Tell me you don’t want me and I’ll leave right now. We’ll pretend I never came here tonight.”

He stepped back, tryin’ to pull away, but I held him fast and so he ceased to move.

“I can’t.” He finally breathed, and if I hadn’t seen his lips move, I might not have known he’d even said a word.

“What?” Louder, Squall. Tell me…

He got angry, pulled his wrist from my grasp.

“I can’t tell you that.” He said, louder. “What the hell do you want me to say, Kinneas?”

My heart was poundin’ somethin’ fierce; he was so close to givin’ in, I could almost taste his surrender.

“Tell me you want me.” I told him quietly, excitement and arousal almost tangible between us.

“I don’t think so, Kinneas.” He practically snarled at me. “I’m not your toy.”

I closed my eyes, regret heavy in my chest. Ah, yes. My reputation rides in to fuck it all up. Figures.

“I’ve never thought of you that way.” I told him. And I wasn’t lyin’ ‘cause I really didn’t see him as another conquest. He was in my thoughts 24/7 and the dreams I’d had about him weren’t all sexual.

He rolled his eyes, tried to turn his back to me.

“Yeah, right. I know what you are, Irvine and I’m just not interested.”

The scorn in his voice hurt me. I felt it like a knife…or maybe a bite…damn my shoulder was killin’ me.

“Squall…” What could I say to him? I had nothing to offer.

He shook his head, his sable hair brushing his cheekbones; I could see it even with his back to me.

I wondered why, at such a critical time, words had to desert me. I’d never been speechless before and I knew it was ‘cause nothin’ I’d say would make a damn bit of difference.

“Squall…please…” It was all I had in me to give, my pleadin’. I knew I could hold him down, have my way with him and he’d probably take it without sayin’ a word. But now, for some reason, it just wasn’t enough.

I didn’t want his permission, I wanted his…heart? Soul? When had it stopped bein’ about sex?

He turned back to face me, a wistful look on his face, and somethin’ in me just snapped.

I rushed him, backing him to the bed, my lips on his, my hands in his hair and the moan that had been hovering just in the back of my throat finally breakin’ free.

“Irvine.” He whispered, his lips still pressed to mine. “I’m not your amusement, I won’t play this game.” He was weakenin’.

“No games,” I promised. “Not with you. Not ever with you.”

And that’s when I felt him give beneath me. He melted into me like he’d been made for me, and only me. Gods he was quicksilver and steel and hot, mysterious male and I knew at that moment that Seifer had tasted him at least once. No wonder he couldn’t let

go…“Squall, Squall.” I couldn’t stop saying his name; it felt like a prayer. Screw religion, this is what people died for. This was Heaven. Here was my religion, my faith, my God…

“Squall…please let me have you. If you never let me touch you again, give me tonight.”

I didn’t recognize my own voice and the words that were comin’ out of my mouth were probably more of a surprise to me than they were to him. When had he become so important? Especially considerin’ how I’d passed the evenin’.

“All right.” That’s it. Two words. It was enough.

We tumbled onto the bed, desperate, clutching, no idea what the hell was really going on between us. His tentative touches, the shy caress of his mouth, the innocent way his tongue slid against mine. It was enough to make me wanna cry.

“Irvine.” Husky, breathless.

“Yes.” My voice mirrored his, conversation not an option.

“Be…careful.” He finally uttered. I stilled, passion evaporating in the face of those carefully delivered words.

“Are you tellin’ me…you’ve never…?” It was almost too much to imagine.

He met my eyes, licked his lips, whispered, “No.”

I nodded once, just to quiet his fears. He needn’t have bothered; I was touching him like he was made of glass. Ever since I’d entered his room I’d been strugglin’ with my conscience. What I felt for him bordered on obsession and it took two bouts of incredibly hot sex with other people to make me see where my heart truly lay.

It wasn’t love. It was reverence. I’d have never hurt him.

I drew away from him, then. This was moving too fast.

“You’ve changed your mind.” He sounded weary. This was right, I kept tellin’ myself. This is what you need.

“Never.” I assured him as I pulled him up to sit beside me on the bed, the moonlight washing over us like a song. I would make him understand. I would make him feel.

I drew my shirt over my head and tossed it aside. He watched me, tight-lipped, but his eyes were practically glowing.

I didn’t know what had brought about such clear-eyed trust, but I wasn’t about to question it. Squall had needs, just like the rest of us, even more so ‘cause he tried so hard to pretend that he didn’t. It’s hard to pretend all the time. Trust me, I know.

I trailed one finger down his chest, his belly, to pause at the waistband of his pants.

“I’m almost afraid to touch you.” I told him. His eyes narrowed. So suspicious.


I grinned. “I can’t believe you’re lettin’ me.”

He grabbed my hand, halting any further progress.

“Did you mean what you said a minute ago?” He asked, urgently almost.


“No games. I mean it, Irvine.”

Gods, that edge in his voice, the utter vulnerability of it…he could have made me agree to anything in that one moment.

“It doesn’t need to be said.” I assured him, and so saying, scooted up the length of the bed, pullin’ him with me. I lay on my side and pulled him into my arms, he pressed against me so sweetly, so eagerly, I couldn’t believe my luck.

I lay there, still, for a second just feelin’ him breathe. His hair fell over his eyes and I brushed it back, instinctively. He smiled, tentatively. Who was this guy? Certainly not the angry young man I’d come to know. I had a feelin’ I could know him forever and not ever learn all his secrets.

I leaned in to catch his lips under mine, he met me halfway. He tasted better than I imagined. If Seifer was sin, Squall was a confessional and I had plenty to confess…

His kisses were gentle, at first, and then I felt the heat risin’ and the fever set in. Squall wanted this as much as I did, I could feel the desperation in him.

I rolled him under me and he stilled. I needed to remember to take it easy…

I kissed him gently and moved to my back again, rolling him over to sprawl on top of me. He seemed to like that so I gave him control. He stroked, he petted, he moved his long body against mine with a familiarity that was unreal. I was havin’ a hard time keepin’ my eyes open, his kisses were druggin’ me. Makin’ my head spin.

I ran my hands down his back, slow, steady and settled them on his ass. He moaned. Oh Hyne…

“Help me.” I whispered, and while at first he seemed confused, when I began tuggin’ off his pants, he helped me out. Archin’ his back, drawin’ up his legs.

I didn’t know if I had the patience to let him get at my pants, it might take him all night.

When I’d tossed his pants aside and discovered that he wore nothin’ underneath, I had to bite my lip, the pain keepin’ me focused. I’ll be totally honest when I say that I’ve been to bed with a lot of people. Too many to really count. And of the many experiences I’ve had, I couldn’t remember a single one whose beauty could compare with this.

My ingrained confidence deserted me with Squall. I felt as unsure as he did, a feeling that I could barely even recognize anymore. That’s what he did to me.

The feel of his skin under my hands made it hard to stay in control, but he helped me, even though he didn’t know it.

He lay sprawled over me, his long legs tangled carelessly with mine, and he nuzzled my neck, just under my ear. I could feel his breath and the sweep of his lashes when he drew too close. If you’d told me two days ago that I’d wind up in bed with Squall Leonhart, resident hard-ass, I’d have told you that you were nuts. Yet here I was, and it didn’t seem so funny after all. He fit against me like he’d been made for me, and that wasn’t a bad thought, when I had time to think about it.

And then he drew one leg high up on my hip and I lost the ability to think anymore.

Enough of this polite shit, his precision and methodical nature were not something I wanted to deal with right now.

I rolled him under me and the breath left him in an audible whoosh. He stilled, I smiled. He understood. Wrappin’ his arms around my neck, he raised his mouth to mine and offered his lips to me. Gods he was sweet. Who would’ve guessed it?

I couldn’t stop touching him, just runnin’ my hands over his body; it felt like I’d never get enough. I wanted to memorize him, the lines of his body, the sharp angles of his cheekbones, everything.

He wrapped his legs around my waist then, loosely, but quite high up and I could feel his hardness pressed against my belly. That was when I realized that I still had my pants on. See? He took away my common sense.

I rolled off him to wiggle out of my pants and when I glanced over at him, he was watchin’ me, his mouth curved up in a half smile. His entire face changed when he smiled, even a little one like that.

I kicked my pants off and moved beside him again, he lay there, complacent and patient and I’d never in my wildest dreams imagined he would be this way. Not in bed, anyway.

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him real close. He tangled his hands into my hair, lettin’ his fingers slide through it and I was amazed at how different it felt when he did it.

I kissed him again, different from before and I know it betrayed my intentions to him like no words could. He responded in kind, moving so close to me I could feel the rise and fall of his ribs with every breath he took.

We kissed for what seemed like hours as I waited to grow accustomed to his taste. I didn’t. I couldn’t. So I drew back and began to trail small kisses down his neck, his chest, nipping at his shoulder. He jumped. I smiled.

I left a trail of wet kisses down his belly and I felt him tense. I knew I was in uncharted territory now and I reminded myself, again, to be gentle. I wanted him to remember this night and feel no regret. Ever.

I tasted the skin stretched so tautly across the blades of his hipbones. He was warm, so warm. He drove me right out of my mind. I ran a hand down the length of his thigh and he began to move beneath my touch. He wanted this as much as I did and that was a high unlike any I’ve ever experienced.

I rubbed my cheek against the downy softness of his sable curls, even darker than the hair on his head and I inhaled his musky scent. He was becoming restless. Good. Let him want.

I moved to rub my face against his erection, full and hard and sweetly curved. I just couldn’t resist the lure any longer. I didn’t bother tastin’ him, I wanted to feel him against my tongue, all of him. I didn’t want to wait.

He stiffened when I pulled him into my mouth, a strangled noise in his throat that belied his shock. Here’s somethin’ I knew he’d ask for again later.

I felt him pulsing against my tongue and damned if I wasn’t moanin’ right along with him. He seemed to like it actually…

It didn’t take much more of my attentions to have him clutching at the blankets beneath us and the sounds he was makin’…oh Hyne, they were like nothin’ I’ve ever heard in my life. So typical of Squall, yet, still unbelievable. He made quiet little gruntin’ noises, like he just couldn’t keep quiet, but was afraid that someone would hear him. Such a little puritan at heart, our Lionheart.

“Irvine…” He whispered, his voice breakin’ once. I pretended I didn’t hear him, let him ride this one out. His hips were thrashin’ like I just couldn’t believe and I knew he was gettin’ real close. I tightened my hold on him and pulled him deeper in. His shoulders rose completely from the bed and then down again as he arched his back. He pulled taut, like a bow and then he sprung forward, he let go.

“Irvine…don’t…” He sounded shocked. While I was pretty sure nobody’d ever gone down on him before, I was certain that he’d never been sucked off like this. I knew he was a puritan at heart. I shocked him with the things I did, I know, and I wasn’t finished yet.When he stopped his frantic movements and sank down into the blankets, spent and more than a little surprised, I joined him, lay beside him. He looked at me, his lips parted, his eyes questionin’. I lay one finger against his lips and smiled at him. I didn’t want him to talk, I wanted him to close his eyes and let me show him how it could be. And when I told him exactly that, he regarded me with those pretty eyes of his and nodded. Just once.

The moonlight threw shadows all over the room, just a tiny hint of light reflecting in his silvery eyes, makin’ me feel bewitched. I slid my arms beneath him and pulled him into my arms, wantin’ to trap him there forever.

I suppose I should have felt a little disgusted at the turns my thoughts were takin’, but I wasn’t. Not when the reason for all this emotional upheaval was lyin’ beside me with a blissful smile on his face.

I touched his belly lightly and he jumped.

“You ticklish?” I couldn’t help askin’. He scowled. Yes, I laughed.

“No.” He turned his head.

I gripped his chin between my fingers and turned him back to face me.

“Don’t turn away from me, Squall. You don’t have to.”

He answered me with an urgent kiss, moving his body over mine to pin me down with his weight.

“I could stay like this all night.” I told him honestly, stunned by my reaction to him. Just havin’ him next to me would be enough to get me through the night. Lucky for me, he had other plans.

“Stay. Tonight. Tomorrow. Whatever.” His voice was so soft. I wondered if he’d ever had the opportunity to use this sweet, intimate voice with anyone else and it made me a little too happy to realize that he probably hadn’t. Yep, lucky me.

“Do you still…do you want to…?” It was embarrassing how I found it so hard to ask him the simplest of questions.

He smiled, the first real smile I’d ever seen on his lips. And it was for me. Imagine that.


Good answer. I looked around, knowing he wouldn’t have anything in his room that I could use to make this easier for him. I’d go back to my room if I had to.

“In the bathroom.” He told me hesitantly.

I raised an eyebrow. “Huh?”

He frowned slightly, not real happy to have to talk about this obviously.

“I have something in the bathroom that we could use for…you know.”

It was dark and I could barely see, but fuck me if he wasn’t blushin’. I was in way over my head with him. No way could I get up with the sun and walk out of here. I’d have to talk him into lettin’ me stay, I supposed.

“Okay.” I got up, reluctant to leave the warmth of his body. I padded into the bathroom, yes naked…so what…and began to rummage through his cabinet.

All he really had was…whoa baby…hold up…baby oil? I’d ask him about that…later.

I eased back onto the bed and he met me eagerly. I loved how quick he took to it all. Comin’ from a guy who hated contact of any kind, feelin’ his arms wind around me was as much a declaration as I was likely to get.

I stretched out fully over him and drew his legs up, his feet flat on the bed. I kissed him again, to reassure myself more than anything else and he responded, his kisses turnin’ desperate.

“Irvine, don’t tease me. I don’t want to wait any longer.” His voice was steely and brooked no argument. Not that he was gonna get one from me. I’d have walked through fire for this, the faster I could have him, the happier I was gonna be.

I rose a little, grasped his hips and pulled him down. He angled his hips for me; a decidedly wanton gesture and my heart began to race again.

He really had no idea…so damn pretty.

I flipped the cap of the bottle open and squeezed a little oil onto my hand. After re-capping it and sliding it aside, I coated my cock with it. Damn, that felt good…I figured once I was inside of Squall I’d probably lose my mind. Stark, ravin’ mad. But hell, if I was gonna lose it, I couldn’t think of a better way.

I leaned over him, my hair fallin’ around us like a curtain, blockin’ out the night, the shadows, the moon, everything. I could feel him breathin’. He was ready.

“Hang on to me, okay?” I whispered, soundin’ more confident than a really felt. I’d never made love with a virgin. And then it hit me, hard. Did I really just think that? I was gonna lose this battle. He would own me after tonight.

He nodded, a quick jerky movement that made me feel even more protective of him and I was so damn scared I was gonna hurt him.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and buried his face in my neck as I reached between us and tested him carefully with my fingers. He was so blessed tight, I was pretty sure I was gonna embarrass myself tonight.

He moaned when he felt me stretching him. Louder than before. Oh, Squall, baby, don’t make those noises…I’m practically droolin’ as it is.


Damn but he was impatient. I guessed he was anxious, hell, I was ready to bounce off the walls, he was so hot and so tight. Fuck it, so I’m weak.

I edged closer, positioned myself, closed my eyes and swore to him that I’d stop if he told me too. I knew he wouldn’t.

He tensed a little when he felt me pushin’ into him. I curved a hand under him, cradling him up to meet me. “No, don’t do that, baby. Relax.” He took a deep breath and tightened his hold on my neck, his breath coming short and fast.

Squeezin’ his eyes shut tightly, I felt him brace himself when I entered him fully and he let out a long, low cry that halted me immediately.

“Gods, Squall, I’m sorry, I’m sorry baby…”

He shook his head against me, pantin’, shallow breaths wrackin’ him.

‘No…Irvine, do it. Don’t stop.”

That was definitely an order. I cradled his ass in my hands, anglin’ his body for better access and I slid in to the hilt. I couldn’t stop the moan from rippin’ through me, shatterin’ the night’s stillness. He didn’t seem to care seein’ as how he had latched on to my shoulder with his teeth and was not lettin’ go. Fuck me! Twice in one night! But to tell you the truth, I loved it and feelin’ his voice vibrate against my skin was enough to make me forgive him.

I moved slowly at first, testin’ his resistance. He had none. He wrapped his legs around me, leaned his head back and began to…well…holler is the best term I can give it. Made me even harder and I sped up. He reached between us and wrapped his hand around his own cock. Well hello there, Commander. He was no slouch in the ‘noticin’ what was goin’ on’ department, I’ll give him that.“Irvine…hurry up…” Gods that voice…he was so fuckin’ sexy. I’d never get tired of hearin’ him growl my name like that.

He fell back then, one arm over his head, the other pumpin’ himself fast, his head thrashin’ back and forth. Oh yeah, baby…

“Squall…I can’t….” Didn’t get to finish that one ‘cause he yelled my name out loud enough to make me want to shush him. Damn, he could holler.

“Yeah….Irvine…gonna…come….” And then I felt him spurtin’ against my belly, my chest…hell, I think he got my neck. It definitely got in my hair.

He looked me right in the eyes, grabbed me by the hair, pulled me down to him and caught me in the most heartbreakin’ly passionate kisses I’ve ever been given. Ever.

And then he drew back and rolled his hips one time.

“Fuck me.”

You got it. I picked up speed, poundin’ into him, wincin’ with damn near every stroke. This had to be killin’ him. He never even broke a sweat. I was drenched in it.

“Oh…Gods…Squall.” I know the people next door probably felt like we were fuckin’ right in their beds. Like I gave a fuck…he was drivin’ me crazy.

“That’s right…” He breathed against my ear, I swear I could almost hear the smile in his voice.

“Come in me, Irvine…do it.”

I did it. For what seemed like five full minutes, I came inside him and he moaned like a whore.

Did I say I wasn’t leavin’ after this? I meant it.

I fell against him, barely able to pull breath into my lungs and I tried to say his name. I wanted to feel it on my tongue, but he knew. He knew and he petted me softly, strokin’ my hair and rubbin’ his hand over my back.

“Gods, Squall.” There…said it.

He nodded. “ I know.” And then, “Sorry about your shoulder.” He didn’t sound very sorry.

“S’okay. Now I have a matchin’ set.” Damn. Hadn’t meant to say that.

“What’s that on your other shoulder? Somebody get you?” He was referrin’ to a trainin’ accident.

“Somethin’ like that.” I muttered. He wasn’t buyin’.

“Looks like a bite mark.” He said, still windin’ my hair around his fingers.

“Why do you have baby oil in your bathroom?” I asked him lightly. He grew still.

“Huh?” Nice try, Leonhart. Maybe embarrassment would shut him up.

“So, you gonna let me stay?” I asked, knowin’ I’d tell him whatever he wanted to know as long as he let me sleep in his bed tonight.

“You still gonna be here in the morning?” He asked, soundin’ unconvinced.

“Babe, I’m gonna stay ‘til you kick me out.” I told him.

His chest rose with a small chuckle.

“We’ll see.” He said wryly.

I held him tight beneath me and kissed his ear. So perfect. I’d make him love me, no matter what it took. We had nothin’ but time. “Yeah…we will.”

Yep, I made the Lion purr…you didn’t doubt me…did you?

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