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A Cowboy's Fantasy

Chapter One - Caution... Slippery When Wet

By Pixie518

I gotta tell ya, I think Balamb’s showers are the only reason to get naked around here. Well, maybe there are one or two, or three, if you’re gonna split hairs about it…now what was I sayin’? Oh, yeah, there are actually three really good reasons to get naked around here, but I’ve got a feelin’ that at least one of those reasons are none too eager to get naked with me.

I’ve been here six months and the only real action I’ve had is when Dr. Kadowaki’s hand slipped during a physical. (But that’s a whole ‘nother story…)

The feel of the water pounding my skin is enough to make me want to slide down the tile and just lay here for awhile. I can barely see, on account of the water that’s clingin’ to my eyelashes, and my hair is nothing but a wet rope hanging down my back, but I figure I can stay in here at least for another thirty minutes before somebody starts bangin’ the door down.

Hyne, the water feels so good on my muscles. I betcha I killed about a hundred grats today. Those little bastards give me the creeps, but I think I’d spend the day coated in grat entrails if it meant I could watch Squall swing that gunblade of his.

If I close my eyes, I can picture him the way he looked when I left him today. His hair had done fell in his eyes, his shirt had been ripped during the second fight and so he just took it off and Hynehavemercy I thought I was gonna have to bite my tongue in half just to keep it in my mouth.

He has no idea how damn sexy he is and it drives me crazy to watch him day after day. ‘Specially since he doesn’t care if I come, stay, lay or pray. I don’t think he trusts me, not yet. After what happened in Deling, I’m not real sure I blame him. He’s nice to me, though, which is about all I can say about that, but fuck me if I wouldn’t do just about anything to have him under me. Anything.

Dammit it all, I get hard just thinking about him. Those eyes, that body…that mouth. His mouth was like sin and it made me think of all kinds of things that I’m pretty sure he would kill me for if he knew I was thinkin’ ‘em. So damn sexy…

But, he had that little princess prancin’ around like a little show pony, waggin’ her ass under his nose all the damn time. I’d like to bitch slap her just one good time…

The ache in my lower stomach was getting pretty unbearable and it’s a good reminder of just how long I’ve went without sex. Selphie talks a good game, but when we’re alone, it’s knees together and kiss me not. Besides, it’s Squall I want, and I don’t mind waitin’ to have him…as long as I eventually get to have him.

I turn the water all the way over to hot, determined to sweat this need out of me, but it’s only making it worse. Looking around, I don’t see anyone lurking around, who would ever know if I were to…? I mean, a guy’s gotta do what’s necessary, right?

Sliding my hand down my belly, my skin slick with water, I close my eyes, leaning my head back just a bit, feeling my hair brush against my ass. Just this once…who’s ever gonna know? I’ve had a hard on for near onto six solid months and no amount of fantasizing is gonna cure it. So when it gets unbearable, like right now, I just have to…just have to…

Oh, Hyne

I picture him in my mind, what he might look like all stretched out and squirming around on my bed, crazy with lust. My lips wrapped around his cock, sucking at him, tasting his velvet skin. I bet he tastes like summertime. All heat and musk and just plain sinful. I can almost hear his voice, husky, moaning, begging. What I wouldn’t do to him…

I turn around and flatten a palm against the tiled wall, bracing myself for what would come. The best thing about getting’ myself off is that I know exactly how to touch, when to stop, when to…


Oh fuck…

I don’t answer, even though I know exactly who’s standin’ right behind me…I’d recognize that voice anywhere. I mean, hell, I hear it enough. Chatterin’ all damn day long.

"What’re you doing, Irv?" He asked me. What am I doing? Holy fuck, what kind of question is that? Okay…I’ll play along.

"What the hell does it look like I’m doing, Zell? For fuck’s sake!"

He didn’t answer right away and I didn’t turn to look at him. This is pretty embarrassin’.

He didn’t say anything but I could sense him comin’ closer. I almost groaned. Zell has the worst timing of anybody I’ve ever met. He can’t help it, I guess…but it’s situations like these that make me want to kick his ass.

"What do you want, Zell?" I had to ask…you never know with him.

"You by yourself in here?" He asked me, his voice all low and quiet.

"No, actually, I have two underclassmen hiding in the next shower, now please go away so I can get back to what I was doing."

Sadly, sarcasm is lost on Zell. He just stands there, his blue eyes gone soft. I looked at him from over my shoulder. He should have gone by now.


He jumps, like I scared him or somethin’.

"Yeah?" His voice is breathless.

"Is there somethin’ I can do for you?" I ask him.

He just stands there, breathing hard, licking his lips. Uh oh.


"I didn’t know you were so beautiful." He said, like he was in a trance. I smiled, that dirty little smile that damn near scared Selphie to death.

"Yeah?" I asked him. He nodded jerkily, I could see the lust in his eyes…and that wasn’t the only place.

"You see somethin’ you want?" I asked him silkily and his eyes jumped to mine and just sorta held there, almost pleading and I didn’t need to hear anything else.

"C’mere." I told him and he came to me with no hesitation whatsoever.

He walked right into my arms, fully dressed and all and I forgot all about Squall when he lifted his t-shirt and pulled it right over his head.

Holy fuck. This boy was built.

"Hurry up, take it off." I urged him. I was hot as hell and the sight of him nibbling on his bottom lip with those sharp little teeth of his was almost too much to take.

Hyne, I wanted to fuck him through his clothes I was so hard for him and I still couldn’t believe I had Zell Dincht in the shower with me, stripping off his clothes like it was the most natural thing in the world.

When he moved his hands to the buttons on his shorts, I stopped him.

"Let me." I told him. He obeyed, no questions asked. Oh, I could get used to this, all right.

I slid his shorts over his hips and down his legs and Oh, sweet Hyne, he was somethin’.

"Hyne, Zell." I could barely find my voice. This little boy was packin’. And suddenly I wanted nothin’ more than to have him in my mouth. I wondered if he’d taste half as good as he looked and so I dropped to my knees before him and his eyes got as round as dinner plates. I almost laughed. He was so damn cute.

He backed up against the wall and I could see him gasping for breath. I was gonna enjoy this…I wondered then if he was really gonna let me fuck him and I got so hard I thought my dick was gonna break off.

He watched me, eyes wide and I never broke contact with them, as I held him carefully in my hand and rubbed my lips against the head of his shaft. He shivered.

"I wanna taste you, Zell." I told him, and he nodded rapidly. His penis jerked in my hand and I couldn’t wait any longer.

I licked at him slowly, hardly believin’ that little Zell had been runnin’ around hidin’ this.

"Mmm, Zell." I hummed against him, and he cried out, his voice bouncin’ off the tiles and echoin’ like a dream. He was like a dream….

I could feel his hands fistin’ in my hair and suddenly he was pullin’ at the tie I used to keep my hair from goin’ everywhere and before I knew it, he was spreadin’ it all over my back, smoothin’ it down and then he just let go.

I sucked him hard when he came and damn if he didn’t taste as sweet as he looked. I swallowed deep, and I know it was killin’ him because he was cryin’ out to Gods that I’d never even heard of. Plus he was twistin’ my hair into knots.

I stood up then, and looked down at him, gettin’ real close to him and he turned those pretty little eyes on me and that was pretty much all it took.

I pulled him into my arms and wrapped him against me real tight. He just kept on makin’ those little whimperin’ noises in the back of his throat and I couldn’t help moanin’ against his mouth. He tasted so fuckin’ good.

He lifted one of his legs and tried to wrap it around mine and I took that for the invitation it was. I could not believe he was here, doing this with me, but you can bet your sweet ass I wasn’t gonna complain.

I slid my hands under that tight little ass of his and pulled him right up against me. He started moanin’ my name then and I thought I was gonna lost my mind. Who knew Zell Dincht could be so fuckin’ sexy?

He wrapped those muscular legs around my waist and looked me right in the eyes. His lips were all red and swollen and I was fightin’ the urge to chew on ‘em.

"Irvine…" He panted and I felt my stomach knot up.


"I want you to fuck me. Right now." He added, in a tone I’d never heard him use before. ‘Course, I’d never had him naked and slippery beside me, so I guess there were bound to be a few surprises.

I crushed my lips to his and sucked his tongue into my mouth and was rewarded with him pushin’ that perfect little ass against me. I groaned then…loud. If anyone were to walk in, there’d be no question as to what the hell I was doin’. And they wouldn’t even have to see me. This hot little piece of ass made me lose my cool, and I didn’t know that could even be done. Unless I was buried to the hilt in Squall, of course.

But Zell had his own magic and when he started grindin’ against me, rubbin’ his ass against the solid length of me, I knew what he needed. And hang on tight baby, cause here it comes…

I pushed into him slowly and I could feel him stretch for me. My vision wasn’t too clear at that point and I couldn’t remember my own last name, but damn if he wasn’t worth it all.

When I was in as far as I could go, I could feel him tighten against me and I can’t be too sure, but I think I hollered.

"Irvine, come on…harder." He begged, fixin’ his teeth to my neck and suckin’ on me like he wanted to bleed me dry.

" I don’t wanna hurt you, babe." I tried to explain. He got this real determined look on his face and pushed against me, crying out when he felt his ass against my skin.

"Hurt me…" He whispered, and Hyne help me, but he broke me down at that very moment. I lowered him to the floor and, still buried deep within him, lay him on his back, pushing his knees apart while I leaned into him.

His head was thrashin’ back and forth and he was liftin’ his sweet little ass up to meet every thrust I could give him.

I watched his penis jerk and I wasn’t even touchin’ him, I knew I could make him come just by fuckin’ him and oh, how I wished I was gettin’ this on tape.

Reachin’ between us, watching him spread his legs without bein’ told, I slid my hand down his cock. He was squirmin’ and yellin’ and hot damn, I wasn’t gonna last much longer, I knew.

"Zell…baby, hold still." I tried to tell him, but he wasn’t listenin’. Or maybe he was just beyond hearin’ me, I don’t know. But I knew what was about to happen and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do to stop it. He was the hottest thing I’d ever been inside of in my life. And that included Seifer Almasy.


And those little whimperin’ noises he was makin’ wasn’t helpin’ me any, if you know what I mean. And so I gripped him harder and stroked him faster and I begged him to come. Because I couldn’t hold back any more and when I felt that familiar rush and the cold feelin’ runnin’ down my spine I knew it was time to let it go.

And so I did…all up in Zell Dincht, so hard and so long I hollered out some shit that I’m sure I’d die if I ever heard it again.

To give him his due, he was right there with me and when he felt me pourin’ into him, he opened his eyes to meet mine and he smiled the sneakiest little grin I’ve ever seen.

He reached up and grabbed my hair that had fell over my shoulder and he pulled hard. I fell against him and he wrapped his arms around my neck and caught my lips against his like I will never forget.

When he let me pull away, I looked down at him, water still runnin’ off of me and onto him and I knew that he hadn’t just happened upon me in the shower.

"Did you follow me in here on purpose?" I asked him, unable to resist.

He raised up on his elbows and gave me that devious little look of his.

"What makes you say that? Maybe I was just dirty." He grinned.

I sat up, pulling him into my lap. "You’re dirty all right." I agreed, but I couldn’t help but smile at him. Sweet Hyne, what a fuck.

"Why’d you come in here?" I had to ask.

He licked at the corner of my mouth, lappin’ up a little drop of water.

"Seifer was looking for you." He told me, still suckin’ my lips.

"So?" I muttered agains his mouth.

"So? No way was I letting him get to you first again."

"Again?" I asked, confused.

He looked at me, gave me his ‘cut the shit’ look.

"I know what you’ve been doing with him." He said.

I cocked my head a little, the little sneak.

"Jealous?" I teased. He bit my lip.

"No. I don’t get jealous." He smiled then. "But I’ve wanted you for awhile. Nothing wrong with being ambitious, is there?" He asked, grinning.

I shook my head. What could I say to that?

"Nope." I answered, ready for another round. "Nothing at all…"

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