Willing Acceptance

By Kumaguro


The door bell rang. Crawford opened the door and passed out a glass of Brandy.

“How did you know it was me?”

“Have you forgotten my gift, Aya?” Crawford replied as he opened the door and welcomed Aya in.

“I have.” Aya said, taking the drink.

He walked in and turned to Crawford. Crawford walked Aya into the wall behind him, his hands encircling his waist.

“Shouldn’t I at least have my drink first?”

“By all means, drink up...” Crawford purred in Aya’s neck.

Aya gulped down his drink and pulled Crawford’s mouth into his own. Crawford went with the kiss and reached his hand down to Aya’s arousal. Aya moaned in Crawford’s mouth. He pulled away and sucked through his teeth.

“I’m sorry for the way things turned out the other day.”

“I think you owe me more than an apology, don’t you?” Aya purred in Crawford’s ear.

Crawford locked eyes with Aya. That mischievous smile left little for Crawford to question. He opened the front of Aya’s pants and put his hand in. Aya moaned again.

“I’ll gladly make it... up to you. If you want me to.”

“I want you to do everything to me.”

Crawford grinned. He took Aya ten feet away to his couch where he lay Aya along the length and kneeled next to him. He fully opened Aya’s pants and pulled them down, exposing Aya’s full erection.

“Did you get dressed in such a hurry that you forgot your boxers, Aya?”

“It seemed like extra time wasted.”

Crawford smiled and wrapped his hand around Aya’s shaft. Aya mewled for him. Crawford put his lips over the younger man who moaned in response. Crawford teased with his tongue until Aya tried to force him up.

“Crawford, it’s too much!”

Crawford lift himself up and looked up at Aya. He grinned that way that made Aya cringe just days before. But now Aya could see the seduction in that look. He moaned, just imagining why he was looking at him like that.

“You don’t want to let go?”

“No, I do. But not in your mouth...”

“I want you to...”

Aya moaned again at the thought then moaned louder when Crawford replaced his mouth over Aya’s tip. Then the dark haired man sucked Aya off as the younger man groaned and released himself. Then Aya panted heavily and looked up at Crawford. Crawford swallowed and licked his lips.

“You must eat well.”

Aya smiled.

“I guess.”

Crawford went back down on Aya and took him completely in his mouth. Aya groaned loudly as a new erection formed and hit the back of Crawford’s throat. Crawford gently teethed on Aya’s shaft and sucked up and down. Aya mewled loudly. Crawford pulled away and stood up. Aya’s eyes followed him as the other man walked up to his CD player and turned on the music.

“If you insist on making sexy noises so loudly, I’ll have to cover them up for the neighbours.”

Then he walked up next to Aya’s half naked form.

“I’d like to hear you make those noises.”

Aya looked back at Crawford, lost.

“I want you to play with yourself.”

Aya lay back, looking at the ceiling. He was unsure if he should do such a thing. But then he looked back at Crawford’s amused face. He slowly touched himself and wrapped his long digits around his shaft. He moaned for Crawford, receiving no pleasure from performing his own task. But he yanked at himself, enough to stir excitement from his piece. Then he let himself go and sat up, his feet to the floor. He looked up at Crawford who questioned with his eyes. Aya grinned and reached for Crawford’s belt.

“I don’t like doing it to myself. I’d rather do it to you.”

“You’re learning well, Aya.” Crawford said as he lay Aya back on his back.

He kissed the gentle boy on the lips, kissed down his chest and made his way back to his throbbing appendage. Aya moaned sweetly and quietly. Crawford kissed the very tip of Aya’s happy piece. He stroked quickly with his hand until he was able to make Aya weep again, his orgasm ripping through him harshly this time, making him dizzy and lightheaded. He panted heavily and after a while was able to overcome the dizzy spell. He lazily looked at Crawford who just looked back, smiling. But Aya was now too worn out to do anything. He was too drunk to focus as well. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.


When he reopened his eyes, Aya found himself naked, damp, cold and laying on silk sheets. He felt a wet sponge being dragged down the side of his hip. He looked down. There was Crawford, smiling again.

“Did I... pass out?”

“Well, you fell asleep. I suppose it’s possible you passed out but I don’t know for sure.”

“I’m sorry about that.”

Crawford dragged the sponge up to reach the tattoo on Aya’s chest. He flicked it at his nipple then wiped the tip of Aya’s nose. The two smiled.

“I suppose I should make it up to you.”

“Maybe you should.” Crawford agreed.

He slid his hand up Aya’s soft thigh. Aya shuddered as an erection formed again. Crawford smiled at him again. Aya held Crawford’s shirt and pulled him down on the bed. He placed the brunette on his back and straddled over him. Crawford looked at him questioningly. Aya just smiled. Then he started unbuttoning his dress shirt. Crawford let his hands massage Aya’s torso, teasing his pecs. Aya opened Crawford’s shirt. Crawford led his hands up to Aya’s nipples. The redhead moaned and forced himself to stay on task, fighting off every desire to reach down and relieve himself. He ripped at Crawford’s belt. Crawford was rather impressed with his new find. He never thought that Aya Fujimiya would do what he was... The pants came off and Aya pulled down blue satin boxers. Crawford had a sample of the future so it came as no shock when Aya dove his lips over Crawford’s piece. He sucked hard, making Crawford moan loudly. He found it hard to hold in his excitement and leaked small amounts of liquid into Aya’s mouth which he seemed to enjoy and he bobbed even faster. Crawford was at the edge of excitement and pushed Aya off of him and flipped him on his back. Aya gasped but knew what he was getting into anyway. Crawford kissed him and grabbed his appendage. He quickly stroked as his mouth ravaged the young man’s simultaneously. Aya pulled away and yelped at the pleasure as he started coming all over himself and his lover’s hand. When Aya was relieved, he panted and looked at Crawford.

“Are you... gonna put it in?”

“Yeah... Very soon.”

Then Crawford pushed into Aya, gentle screams of pain emerging from sealed lips. Crawford nibbled at Aya’s lips to sooth him. It seemed to work as those cries turned into coos. They joined in a kiss that drove Aya to another erection. Crawford gently rocked in and out of Aya’s body as he continued to kiss him and stroke his muscle. Aya pulled away again, moaning and releasing again. Crawford released next, inside of Aya. The two collapsed on the bed, panting, laying arm in arm. Aya kissed Crawford on the lips.

“You seem to come a lot.”

“I never have before. That’s why.”

“So you have all this pent up energy and love-honey...”


“So, I was your first, then.”


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for intruding.”

“Shhh...” Aya hushed the older man. “It turned out nice. I just hope we plan on seeing each other more.”

“Any time you need, give me a call.”

Aya smiled, nodded and closed his eyes. Crawford smiled as he watched Aya fall asleep again and kissed him on his forehead. He held the younger man until he woke up... Then Aya left to go back to Weiß.

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