Unwilling Acceptance

By Kumaguro


“Just a taste of the future, but call it what you want.”

Aya attacked Crawford. Every attempt with his sword was dodged. Then Crawford stepped back and loosened his tie.

“Now it’s my turn.”

Crawford’s punches were dodged. At least the first two were.

“Now, I’m getting serious.”

Aya was punched and hit the ground. Crawford straddled him.

“I thought you could fight, boy.”

“You’re at an advantage. I admit that only out of hate for you.”

“Hate me? You haven’t known me long enough to hate me, Aya. But you may know me long enough to love me.”

Aya was unsure of what Crawford was getting at.

“What are you talking about? Are you going to kill me?”

Crawford chuckled.

“Silly, no, I’m not going to kill you. Only make use of you.”

“What do you–”

Aya was cut short as Crawford’s lips sealed his. Aya attempted to struggle out of Crawford’s grip but Crawford was able to anticipate Aya’s movements, and thus, make use of them. Farferello held down Aya’s arms and Crawford replaced his hands between his and Aya’s groin, rubbing himself and the redhead under him. Aya groaned unwillingly as he tried to force Crawford off of him. Crawford pulled up and smiled.

“Do you think it’s that easy?”

“Whatever happens, I’ll kill you.”

“And that’s fine. But as of now, you can’t control any part of your situation. So, Farferello and I are going to take care of you until you believe you can kill us.”

“I’m going to–” Aya was cut short again when the barrel of Crawford’s gun was rammed into his mouth.

“You’re going to suck on it like a good boy, right?”

Aya swallowed hard and nodded.

“Then go ahead. Suck on it. Gently.”

Aya hesitated then wrapped his lips around the gun. He watched Crawford smile. Aya let his grip go then Crawford’s smile vanished as he cocked the gun. Aya re-wrapped his lips around the gun then bobbed back and forth. He moaned reluctantly as Crawford grabbed his muscle even harder than before. Crawford pulled out the gun from Aya’s mouth and forced his tongue in again, holding Aya’s face from moving. But then he pulled away and leaned back. Aya’s restriction disallowed him to look over at Crawford. But Farferello let him sit up. Aya saw a window of opportunity that quickly shut in his face when he was forced to kneel between Crawford’s open legs. He felt the sharp point of one of Farferello’s knives dig into the back of his neck. He looked to Crawford who was smiling evilly.

“If you don’t do it, I can only imagine how much you’ll bleed.”

Aya’s face plunged in fear as he swallowed harshly.


Aya’s hands slowly reached for Crawford’s belt.

“Ii ko da.”

Aya’s hands fidgeted on the belt. Crawford sighed happily. Aya looked up at him, disgusted. Then the poking of that knife got more painful and Aya continued on the belt, again, watching Crawford smile. When the belt was open, Crawford grabbed one of Aya’s hands and placed it on the firming member hidden beneath the fabric of his pants. Aya gasped and felt that knife poking him even harder. He reluctantly massaged the contents of Crawford’s pants. Crawford moaned and removed his hand from Aya’s hand, replacing it on Aya’s length and massaging. Aya was forced to moan and found himself massaging Crawford even harder as he was doing as well. Aya panted and leaned in to Crawford. Crawford grabbed Aya and pulled him in for a kiss in which Aya complied. He rubbed Crawford even harder, actually hoping that it would all stop with a simple kiss and massage. But Crawford pulled away and leaned back, removing his hand from Aya. Aya sat in one place, questioning his action.

“The gun, Aya...”

Aya felt the stabbing pain of Farferello’s knife in the back of his neck again, forcing him to descend on Crawford. Aya was forced as far down as his face would go which reached the bulge in Crawford’s pants. The knife poked harder until Aya took the next initiative and undid Crawford’s pants. The knife was removed. Slightly. Aya knew that if he didn’t proceed, he would be threatened or dead. So he slowly pulled Crawford’s pants down from his hips and eyed the bulge under those black silk boxers. Aya leaned down, closed his eyes and grazed his teeth against the contents. Crawford put a hand behind Aya’s head and urged him to continue. Aya did so, nibbling, licking and kissing Crawford’s manhood through his boxers. But then Crawford inched down his boxers and Aya pulled away. He looked up at Crawford who kept that smug smile. Then he felt that knife again. Aya was pushed down to Crawford’s piece again and opened his mouth to take him in. Crawford moaned in ecstasy. Aya went down deeply over Crawford and he sucked on the appendage for a while until he felt Farferello working on his belt. Aya pulled up. But Crawford’s gun was cocked to his temple.

“It’s in your best interest not to pay attention to him.”

Aya gulped and went back down on Crawford, forced to ignore Farferello’s actions of removing his pants and dropping his boxers around his knees. Aya accidentally nipped at Crawford’s piece, causing Crawford to yell but end in a meow. He seemed to like it and he looked over at why Aya would have suddenly nipped. Farferello was behind Aya, licking the little pink ring of his behind. Then Crawford focussed once again on Aya’s sucking and bobbing.

“Aya, if only I’d known it felt so good... I would have come after you sooner.”

Aya pulled up and licked the tip of Crawford’s shaft.

“Then I would kill you sooner.”

“Are you going to finish me, boy?”

Aya went back down on Crawford. He closed his eyes and wrapped his lips around Crawford’s erection again, going down completely. Farferello sat up and took Aya’s member in his hand, massaging it thoroughly. Aya was teased to the point where he pulled up enough to grunt and release himself on the concrete. He panted heavily, regaining his control and breath. Crawford grew impatient and threw Aya on his back.

“What are you doing?!” Aya asked, hesitantly.

“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” Crawford replied as he crawled between the redhead’s legs.

Farferello held Aya’s hands above his head. Aya’s face filled with tears. Crawford smiled and kissed the tears away. But each time, new tears surfaced. Crawford looked into Aya’s eyes and smiled at him again.

“It’ll only hurt as much as you want it to, Aya... It may be in your best interest to comply quietly.”

“Please, don’t do it–”

Crawford forced himself inside of Aya.  Aya screamed out in pain as Crawford quietly sighed of bliss. Crawford wasted no time as he pushed himself in and out of Aya’s small body. Aya cried in agony.

“Crawford, please, stop this! It hurts!”

Crawford ignored Aya’s desperate plea and continued to push in and out, leaning down to kiss Aya’s open mouth, open only because he couldn’t cry quietly. A few odd times, Aya tried to catch Crawford’s lips with his own.

“You’re hard again, Aya...”

“I can’t help it... Please let me go. Or let my hands go!”

“But then you’ll hit me... won’t you?”

“You can see the future, you tell me!”

Crawford looked at Farferello. Farferello let go of Aya’s hands which promptly wrapped around Crawford’s neck. Aya’s legs also wrapped around Crawford and Aya pulled the dominant male in for a savage kiss. Crawford went with the kiss and moved his hand to Aya’s shaft and stroked him gently as he pumped in and out of him. Hot moans were exchanged and the wet sound of lips sucking on each other got louder as time passed. Aya pulled away, panting heavily. He grunted and ejected himself again between himself and Crawford, his evidence all over Crawford’s hand and his own stomach. Then Crawford grunted and released inside of Aya’s delicate form. Aya was pushed to the limits again and released himself.

“Again? Aya, I’m impressed.”

Crawford pulled out of Aya and the redhead collapsed on his back, his hands falling to both sides of him. Aya was too busy panting to reply. Crawford crept up to Aya’s lips again and sucked on them gently. Aya complied. Then Crawford pulled away and gazed into his eyes.

“That was nice.”

Crawford sat up from Aya and put himself back into his pants. Aya’s eyes followed the two older men as they began to walk away. A sudden realisation of what happened started to set in. Aya turned his head and let tears fall freely as he reached down to pull his boxers and pants back up. His face was turned away from where Crawford and Farferello were walking. A small business card-like paper fell in front of Aya’s face. He reached for it and read it.

“Aya, please call me 78-96-235 - Crawford”

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