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Who Lives On Love Lives On Forever

Chapter Four - Rekindling Passion

By Marylou


"No surprise can product such a magical effect as being loved."

- C. Morgan


~~~~~ Legolas ~~~~


I have to admit it; it was kind of frustrating that the servant had interrupted us at this very moment. But, somewhere inside me, I was also grateful, because the small interruption would give me the opportunity to think about a few matters that I had on my mind.

Aragorn asked me if I would like to join him in the bath. I saw the hope in his eyes, but something pushed me to refuse his offer. He seemed very disappointed to hear me say that and silently stood up. I couldn't let him go like that.

"Aragorn, come here," I said and he turned around and made a few steps towards me. I took his hands and pulled him into my embrace as I kissed him. The kiss seemed to last for an eternity and when it was over, I just couldn't resist and started all over again.

He moaned softly and told me "I should be going now, before the water gets cold." I nodded and then pulled him a little closer, to whisper hotly in his ear "Don't stay away too long. For I shall miss you, my heart." Another kiss. "Badly."

He smiled and then walked out of the room. When he closed the door behind him, I dropped my head on the pillow and closed my eyes.

It must be a dream, I thought to myself. He said he loves me and shall leave his wife for me. Still, despite everything he had told me about his relationship with Arwen (if you can call that a relationship), I felt uneasy with the fact that I would separate them.

After all, Arwen had been my friend for thousands of years and deep in my heart I knew that even if Aragorn didn't love her, she had feelings for him. It just didn't seem right for me to take her husband away from her.

I considered the other option. Leaving Aragorn again. Only the thought of it made my heart ache. I couldn't go through with it all over again, because I was sure that this time, I wouldn't survive the pain.

I smiled as I thought about the words that he had told me before we were interrupted. I was his light, his reason for living. One thing was sure, the feelings were mutual. Life wouldn't have a meaning anymore if Aragorn died. And he would die, for he was mortal and his days on earth were counted.

I thought about Arwen's nearly-sacrifice. At the end, Aragorn hadn't let her give up her immortality and we were both very glad about that. I wondered if I would do the same for Elessar, but before I even asked myself, I already knew the answer.

Definitely. In fact, it would be much more easier for me to die with my beloved one, than living a single day without him.

I sighed and opened my eyes. How many and how difficult decisions I had to make. And how many lives they would affect.

Slowly, I stood up and made my first unsteady steps, after a whole week in bed. I headed towards the window-bench and sat there. I looked down and watched the beautiful sunset above Gondor. My love, was the king of that huge and beautiful land.

Another painful thought crossed my mind. If I were to live with my love here, would that mean that I would never see the magic trees of Mirkwood again?

I decided that I should talk with Aragorn about all my concerns, for he was the only one who could help me clear my mind up.

The door opening interrupted my thoughts.

"What are you doing up, my heart? You should get some more rest." Aragorn said softly as he came close to me and put his hands around my waist. I kissed his mouth tenderly and was rewarded with warmer kisses that send fire throughout my body.

"I've rested enough. I would like to do something else now." I whispered as I caressed his dark, still wet hair.

"Like what?" he said giving me one of his knowing smiles. There was nothing to loose now and no point in denying my needs.

"Make love to me, Aragorn."




~~~~~ Aragorn ~~~~~

I wasn't sure that I had heard right. As old and experienced my elf was, he was always a bit shy and innocent in these matters and rarely did he express that kind of needs.

I cupped his face with my hands and asked him "What did you say, my love?"

"Make love to me, Aragorn. Please," he whispered again in elvish. His husky voice sent sparkles down my spine. I didn't need another word, as I took him in my arms and carried him to the bed. I laid him flat on his back and climbed on top of him. It wasn't difficult for me to undress him, as he wore very light clothes.

He, then, stripped me of my robe with wispy fingers. Very soon, we were both lost in a world of sensations and feelings, where nothing else mattered, except from our love and our incredible need for another, as our kisses spoke for themselves.




^^^ In the meantime, somewhere in the town ^^^


It was a meeting, no sane person would like to attend. A group of dark people and strange creatures sat around the fire. The most wanted thieves, killers, rapists, ex-convicts, orcs, and others, had all responded to her calling. They all formed a group that would scare even the strongest guard.

They turned their heads and watched Sarina as she took her place. Her long, red hair glowed amazingly by the light of the fire.

She glanced carefully at each one of them and started talking. Her voice was sad and husky, reflecting off everything she had experienced through her rough life.

"I would like to thank you all for responding to my calling so quickly. It's going to be a difficult and very risky mission, so it is essential that we plan it right."

She was cut off by a tall, bold man with scars all over his face. "What is there for us to win, Lady Sarina? I hope you don't expect us to risk our lives without a pay-back?"

She looked at him strictly. "I never said that, Morcon. You will be greatly rewarded if we succeed in your mission. So greatly, that you will spend the rest of your days, living a royal life. Trust me on this. Have I ever betrayed you?"

Another man spoke then. "So tell us, what is this great mission all about?"

Her green eyes shone dangerously as she began speaking. "The king has an elf in his palace. This elf is very dear to him and he would give his life to protect him. What we have to do is..."

She continued talking for the rest of the night, explaining every detail of her well-organized plan to the men, that had dropped their mouths open hearing what they should do and how greatly they were to be repaid.




~~~~ Aragorn ~~~~


^^^ In the morning ^^^


I woke up by dawn as the light pierced into the room. I smiled as I remembered the incidents of the previous night. Legolas and I had made love all night and it was just like old times. Like nothing had happened.

I heard Legolas laugh next to me and was rather confused by his reaction. "What are you laughing at, my darling?" I asked as I traced his chest with my fingers, stopping to caress his nipples softly.

"I don't know why I remembered this right now," he said as he turned to the side to look at my face, "Some years ago, you were about to pay a visit to the town where I was staying. One night, as I sat alone in one inn, I overheard a few girls talking about you."

His big eyes shone with amusement as he continued. "I couldn't help it, but listen more carefully. At first, they were talking about your looks. How beautiful your gray eyes shine when you're angry, or how strong your arms are."

He moved a little closer to me and began tracing the lines of my face with his finger. "Then, they moved to more giggling details. They began fighting about the rumors they had heard about your sexual performances. One said that you were restless and could do it for days and nights without stopping, another claimed that you scream too loud, etc."

I blushed slightly at the thought that other people were interested in such intimate details about my private life. Legolas laughed again, a little louder this time.

"The argument went on for quite a long time, until I decided I had heard enough. As I stood up and walked past them, I couldn't resist it and whispered in one's ear: you were right about the endurance. If you could just see their faces after that. They were even redder than you are now!"

The genuine laughter of the elf made me smile as well. I reached my hand out and tickled him. He started laughing frantically and rolled over me, trying to keep my hands away.

As I stopped, he leaned down and kissed my nose and my eyes. He was ready to move to my mouth, when we were once again interrupted by a knock at the door.

To be continued...

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