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Who Lives On Love Lives On Forever

Chapter Three - My reason for living

By Marylou


"To love is to place our happiness in the happiness of another."

- G. W. Von Leibnitz


~~~~ Arwen ~~~~

I decided that I had heard enough, so I closed the door and walked away as silently as I could. So that was it. Legolas was the one, my king had longed for, all these years.

I didn't know what to think. Part of me was happy for the fact that it wasn't any of those lame maids we had in the castle and always flirted with him, but part of me couldn't easily accept the fact that he was in love with another man.

Legolas, son of Thranduil. Sure, he was beautiful with those big green eyes and his beautiful golden hair, but to fall in love with him?

Of course, I murmured to myself. That's why Legolas had left so suddenly all these years ago and Aragorn always avoided telling me why he hadn't contacted him since. That's why he ran after every elf that came to our kingdom. That's why he had disappeared for so long, three years ago. How could I have been so blind not to notice all that?

Sarina, how could you have done this? And to think that I always felt sorry about that woman and asked Aragorn to give her a second chance. How well she has fooled me, since I couldn't see her real character despite my regular visits to her house!

Poor Legolas, I thought to myself. How much he must have suffered thinking that Aragorn didn't want him anymore and having to stay away from him all these years.

Yes, I must forgive Aragorn, because his intentions were pure and he never deceived me by saying he had loved me. I must forgive him, for I love him and only want to see him happy.

But, there's one thing that I should do before I announce him my decision to return to Rivendell. I must confront Sarina.




~~~~ Legolas ~~~~

Three days have passed since I woke up and I still can't get up. The Healers say it's because the wound was so close to my heart and I lost so much blood. Still, it just makes me nervous to sit around all day and do nothing.

Yet, I can't complain, for I have Aragorn by my side, taking care of me, better than I could wish for. I doubt if he has left me for more than one hour, these past three days.

Right now, he's sitting next to me, softly mussing my hair, and murmuring a slow song. It feels heavenly to be here in his arms again, right there where I feel that I belong. But how long will it last?

Before I even realize what I'm doing, I speak aloud. "Aragorn, what is going to happen?"

He continues brushing my hair with the same tenderness and affection, as he answers "What do you mean, my heart?"

"I mean, about us. Where does our future stand? Do we even have a future together?"

I feel him tense momentarily, as I say these words, but almost immediately he begins with his slow movements once again. "I see what you mean. I think that I should talk to Arwen as soon as I have the chance."

I sit up so that I can see his face. "Are you absolutely sure, my love? Think of the possible consequences. I wouldn't want you to do anything you would regret."

He coupes my face with his strong hands and brings it so close to his that I can feel his warm breath against my mouth.

"Legolas, I love you. You're my sun, my hope, my reason for living. And even if all the forces of the world would conspire against us, they would never succeed in keeping us apart. I shall never leave you again, my heart, for as long as I live. For we were destined to be together in this life, Legolas."

As sweet and beautiful his words were they are nothing compared to the kiss that follows.

His hand slide to my neck and his lips capture mine in a unique expression of longing and love. I part my lips and he enters my mouth with his warm tongue, exploring every inch of it. I slide mine in his mouth and our tongues begin to chase each other as he brings me even closer, so close that I can hear his heart thundering in his chest.

We must heave been kissing for uncountable moments, when we finally part. I see my lover smile with love and affection. "Just like old times," I whisper as I pull him close again to feel the sweet taste of his lips once more.

They taste like cinnamon, just like the tea he always drinks. I hear him moan as I softly caress his back and I smile against his mouth. I break the kiss, to move lower and softly bite his chin.

Soon, we are lost in a storm of kisses, movements, and emotions, so intense that I feel like I would...

A soft knock on the door puts me out of my dream. "My King, your bath is ready," we hear a servant shouting outside the door.

"We were lucky he didn't get in," I whisper and Aragorn smiles.




At the Market

"Yes, I've heard it too. My brother is one of the guards at the gate. He says that our King almost killed them for what they had done to the elf. And to say that they did it on purpose? No. They just saw him chasing him and thought that he might be dangerous."

"Yes, and my neighbor, whose cousin works at the palace, says that he hasn't left his side for the whole week. He doesn't even see his lady anymore. He must be like a brother to him."

"Or a lover," the tall female figure, who was hearing the women's conversation, whispered.

"What did you say my lady?" the sales-woman asked.

"Nothing, really. What I wanted to ask is: Is that elf still in the palace?"

"Yes, as far as I know," the younger woman answered "Do you have any idea who he might be?"

"No, I don't know. But he must be someone very important, judging by the way our King is mad about him." She paid and walked away in silence as her thoughts traveled away.

"So he has returned. Despite all of my efforts, they're back together again. But not for long. Not for long..."

To be continued...


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