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Under the Evening Sky

Chapter 3

By GuanŪn


The light of the new dawn found them resting back at the camp. The other members of the company didnít appear to have perceived something unusual during the night. Boromir and Legolas did not do or say anything to make them suspect otherwise. Under the daytime sky they were no more than two companions traveling for a common goal, but under the evening sky they were lovers who shared every sensual delight they could offer. Whilst the rest lay dead to the world the two sneaked off to a distant area where they could enjoy each other without interruptions. Often instead of sleeping afterwards they simply lied together beneath the stars, bodies cushioned by the dew-covered grass. In this particular instance Boromir lied on his back, his right arm pillowing his head, and Legolas rested his head on the hollow where Boromirís neck met his shoulder. His arm rested on the humanís chest, rising and lowering with each breath the other took. Boromirís left arm loosely held Legolasís waist. Both calmly observed the luminous jewels that hung overhead, the subtle sounds of the night creatures creating a relaxing background.

"What are you thinking of?" Boromir asked his silent partner.

"Nothing much," Legolas responded. "You."

"What? Am I not much to you?" Boromir said, feigning hurt.

"No, afraid not," Legolas said casually. "I just use you for your body."

"Then weíre even. I donít care for you either."

They remained quiet for a moment before they laughed lightly at their joke, both caring for each other more than they knew.

"Seriously, are you really thinking about me?" Boromir asked.

"Yes." Legolas paused for a second. "Youíre not how I thought you were when I first met you at the council."

"How did you think I was?"

"I thought you were arrogant and disrespectful."

"Is that because of the comment I made about Aragorn being only a Ranger?"

The memory of the look of wonderment on Boromirís face when he gazed at the ring disturbed Legolas for a second but he forced the image out of his mind.


"I noticed you defended him rather ardently." His voice turned teasing. "Is there something I should know about you two?"

Legolas smiled slightly at the question.

"No. Weíve been friends for some years now and Iíve garnered a deep admiration for him. Duty weighs heavily upon him."

"It weighs upon us all," Boromir responded grimly.

"Though on none more than him."

They fell silent, pondering the troubles at hand and the dire possibilities each new day brought. Boromir broke the silence with a slightly hesitant question.

"So tell me, how do think I am now?"

"I think that you are a noble man who serves his people well and acts in their best interest," Legolas replied honestly.

Boromir tightened his embrace a little in silent acceptance and spoke gravely.

"They have suffered much, especially these past days with the forces of Mordor beating at our door. Iíd do anything to ensure their well-being and peace of mind. Thatís why I traveled through forgotten paths to Rivendell seeking the counsel of Lord Elrond and an answer for the riddle in my mind. The answer turned out to be more complicated than I surmised."

"Itís more so than any of us could have imagined. I fear we may not yet know itís full implications," said Legolas with a sense of foreboding. "But, come now, we mustnít think such dreary thoughts all the time." He turned his head and looked deep into Boromirís eyes. The hand that lied on Boromirís chest moved up and tenderly stroked the scratchy cheek. Boromir lifted his own hand and placed it on top of Legolasís, squeezing it gently.

"I think I might need a little help getting them off my mind," Boromir said suggestively.

Legolas smiled and, removing his hand, twisted his body around to lean on his elbow facing him. His free hand trailed slowly down the broad chest and stopped on his abdomen. He moved his hand back up in the same leisurely pace.

Leaning in close to Boromirís ear, he whispered, "I could help you with that."

The sentence was punctuated by a lick that went along the outline of the ear and ended with a brief sucking of the lobe into his mouth. Boromir sucked in a sharp breath, took hold of the soft tresses near his face and gently pulled Legolasís face less than an inch from his.

"I would like that," he said with a hoarsened voice.

He pressed his mouth to the elfís and ravaging the delectable lips. His hand traveled over Legolasís flank, caressing the smooth skin. He tried to turn them over so he was on top of Legolas but the elf pushed him back down.

"Hold on," he said in a breathless voice. "I already have plans for you."

He lowered his head to Boromirís chest and proceeded to kiss his way down his body. His tongue lapped at the warm flesh, tasting the unique flavor of his lover. He parted the strong legs and settled between them and his hands massaged the satiny skin of the manís inner thighs. Legolas finally reached the jutting hardness but instead of touching it he moved his mouth down to the side. Boromir, who had been moaning contentently, growled in frustration. Legolas seized the hand that reached for his head.

"Be patient, my love."

Quickly, he drew he drew one of Boromirís testicles into his mouth and rolled it with his tongue. He repeated the motions with its twin and then licked up the long shaft with the tip of his tongue. The surprised gasp he heard followed by a loud groan more than satisfied him. He took the tip into his mouth and licked around the erection. Legolas bobed his head, with every sweep down taking more of it in until nose touched skin. Overwhelmed at the feeling of being deep throated, Boromir thrust up into the eager mouth, his hands clutching at the silken hair which felt like a breeze on his hot skin. He came shouting Legolasís name, heedless of whoever might hear it. After calmly swallowing every drop of fluid, Legolas climbed back up the shaking body and gazed at Boromirís pleased face.

"Did that help?"

Boromir smiled.

"That always helps."

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