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Under the Evening Sky

Chapter 2

By GuanŪn


The next day not a word was spoken about what had occurred that night. Legolas couldnít bring himself to look upon Boromir, feeling shame for how the man had been able to get under his skin. He tried to tell himself that Boromirís impudence was the only reason for his feeling like this, but he could no longer deny the growing hold that this man had on him. The way he gazed at him with such unmitigated longing sent shivers of exhilaration through my body. The manner in which he had inhaled the scent that lingered on his clothing, absorbing not only that remnant of his essence but the whole of his being.

Yet this man was a mystery to him. Heir to Denethor, Lord of the Tower of Guard, he was both strong and courageous, having to defend his people from the ominous forces of Mordor. But could he be trusted? At the council he was awed by the power of the ring and foolishly insisted that they hand it to him to use it against Sauron. Nonetheless, he volunteered to aid in the destruction of the ring. There had been no further incident entailing him and the ring, leading Legolas to believe that the danger had passed. But Boromir was a man, the weakness still lied beneath his skin, and was it not because of men that they were in this predicament?

Legolas shook his head at such thoughts. Making hasty judgments without giving him the benefit of the doubt would do more harm than good. He would trust Boromir, for good or ill, although his heart rather than his mind made that decision for him.




The moon showed its silver face for the second time since that night. In the quiet of the forest, the company lay still. Boromir sat as lookout; Legolas lied on his side a few paces from him. Boromir gazed at the seemingly tranquil figure.

"I know youíre not asleep."

Even though the words were scarcely louder than a whisper they sounded too loud to Legolasís ears. He sighed and spoke softly.

"Indeed, Iím not."

"Are you not going to do me the courtesy of facing me while we speak?"

Legolas hesitantly sat up and looked at Boromir. The moonlight shone on his features, accentuating the contours of his face. Legolasís eyes strayed to his lips and was caught by the sudden desire to cover them with his own. Those lips curved up in a smile and emitted a small chuckle.

"By the look on your face I think its fair to say I was right."

Legolas felt blood rush to his cheeks and turned his gaze downward.

"Right about what?", he asked, already knowing the answer.

"About what I said the other night. You want the same thing from me that I want from you."

Boromir stood up and advanced slowly on Legolas. The elf remained perfectly still. Boromir crouched in front of him and leaned in close enough that his breath warmed Legolasís skin. Legolas lifted his eyes and looked deep into Boromirís. His voice a little hoarsened with anticipation, he asked.

"And what would that be?"

Boromir extended his hand and placed it on the nape of Legolasís neck.


He closed the distance between them and claimed his enticing lips. Legolas responded eagerly, intertwining his fingers through Boromirís hair and pulling him closer. In the midst of their frenzied kissing, he pushed a hand against Boromirís chest and forced him to the floor. He straddled the humanís hips and began to unfasten his clothes. Boromir grabbed his wrists, stopping their movements.

"Hold on a minute."

Legolas, confused, narrowed his eyes.

"You donít want to do this?" he asked, a trace of hurt in his voice.

Boromir smiled.

"Of course I want to do this, thatís not it. I just thought we should take this elsewhere. Unless you want witnesses for our activities."

Legolas looked around them and his eyes widened when he noticed their sleeping companions. Well, hopefully they were still sleeping.

"Oh. Youíre right, we should..."

Hurriedly, he got up, pulling Boromir with him. He grabbed his hand and practically dragged him through the trees. When he felt they had gone far enough, he turned around to face Boromir and planted another fierce kiss on his lips. Simultaneously, they ripped at each others clothes, uncaring about what state they ended up in. They landed in a tumble on the ground, Legolas on top once more. He traced Boromirís jaw with his mouth and marked a wet path over his neck to his chest. His tongue played with the hardened nipples while his hands rubbed their erections together. Boromir moaned loudly with the elfís ministrations. He took hold of Legolasís head and pulled him up for another rough kiss.

"Wait," he said in between short licks at the otherí lips, "donít make me come yet."

"Why not?", Legolas asked breathlessly.

Boromir moved his hand over the elfís backside and pushed one finger in, making his partner moan.

"Because I want to come in here."

Legolas accepted with a simple nod but frowned a little.

"But what about lubrication?"

Boromir gave him a knowing look.

"That wonít be a problem."

He gripped Legolasís length and pumped it rapidly. Legolas panted and groaned softly, his hips thrusting uncontrollably. He closed his eyes and his mouth formed an o as he came into Boromirís hand.

The man carefully turned his lover on his back, spread his thighs and tenderly worked the spilt seed into the tight ring of muscle. Legolas, just now landing from the waves of pleasure coursing through his body, hardened again. Convinced that he was sufficiently prepared, the brawny human mounted the slender elf. He pushed in slowly, watchful of his loverís reaction. The insistent push against his groin told him what he needed to know. His body blanketed Legolas, scorching skin touching scorching skin. Boromir gazed upon the beauty of his partner. Silky, blonde hair, the color of gold in the sun, the color of silver in the moonlight, lay in disarray among the grass. The angelic face was thrown back, mewling, whimpering noises emerging from between his enticing lips. His supple legs were wrapped around the handsome humanís broad back, moving in turn with his hard thrusts. The human grunted and groaned loudly, announcing his enjoyment to all the creatures who were near. The elfís body moved slightly back and forth on the forest floor with each of Boromirís thrusts. Boromirís fiery eyes caught Legolasís glazed ones and, roughly grasping the hardness that rubbed insistently against his stomach, he said in a raspy voice.

"Sing louder for me."

He pulled firmly at Legolasís cock, stroking him as hard and fast from the outside of his body as from the inside. Pleasure rushed through Legolasís body, overwhelming his senses and obliterating anything of the world outside his loverís touch. His soft whimpers became gasps and moans which escalated in timbre, but these were still not enough to satisfy Boromir. He caressed the quivering torso beneath him, fingers leaving scorching patterns on the heated skin. He leaned in close, lips brushing against the pointy elven ears, breath tickling the small hairs on the back of his neck.

"Louder", he ordered.

He dragged his lips over his delicate while at the same time strong throat, licking, nipping, tasting the sweet tanginess of his smooth skin. He tweaked a stiff nipple and barely pinched the tip, simultaneously bringing his teeth down on the pulse point in a gentle bite. Legolas arched his spine several inches off the ground, only his shoulders and the small of his back maintaining contact with it. His hands clutched Boromirís shoulders and a hoarse cry escaped his throat as his orgasming member spurted hot semen on both their abdomens. His muscles clenched around Boromirís own member, causing a loud moan to erupt from his chest. He pumped in and out of Legolas a few more times before bathing his insides with his warm seed.

Shifting his weight so as to not crush his partner, he pulled out and rolled onto his side, gathering the equally spent elf to his chest. They breathed deeply and rested together in silence, waiting for their bodies to calm. After a few minutes, Boromir spoke.

"Well, you were a little more enthusiastic than I was anticipating."

Legolas laughed lightly and nuzzled the soft skin.

"Maybe Iíve just been repressing it and it all came out at once."

"If thatís the case, I think there should be some left."

"Thereís plenty left," Legolas answered suggestively, raising his head to look into BoromirĎs eyes. "Care to try it?"

Boromir brushed his hand through the satiny hair.

"Of course," he said, joining their mouths.

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