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Trio of Lust

Chapter 2 - First Time for Everything

By Riley


Legolas freed himself from both Aragorn and Boromir's grip before the Humans could blink. He was most grateful for his Elven attributes of speed and strength as he stood a few paces ahead of the Men and smirked at them teasingly.

Boromir did a double take from his right hand that had been holding onto Legolas' arm to where the Elf was now standing. He shook his head disbelievingly and spoke with hesitation. "How did you... you were just here a minute ago... I was hanging onto you... wasn't I?"

Legolas laughed. "You have a lot to learn about Elves, Boromir."

"Than come back here and teach me!" The brawny Man commanded with a growl.

"You must work on that temper of yours," Legolas teased while pointing a slender finger at him.

"Why do you run away from us, Legolas?" Aragorn asked calmly. "Are you afraid we'll break you down? Afraid of a Man satisfying your desires to an extent higher than an Elf's capability, perhaps?"

"Afraid I am not!" Legolas replied proudly.

"Prove it." Boromir said with a stern look.

"I have all ready proven myself to you, son of Gondor," the Elf stated proudly with a smirk. "Did you not reach your peak of desire?"

"Aye, I did," the Man replied with a coy smile, "but I wish to do so again within your body, Elf."

"As do I," Aragorn said defiantly from the larger Man's side. "'Tis only fair we have our turn with you."

The Elven Prince chuckled loudly and jumped up to grab ahold of a shaky limb from a nearby tree. He pulled himself up swiftly and crouched upon the wood with a mischievous smile. "Have you not heard the phrase, 'Life is not fair', son of Arathorn?"

Aragorn sighed and let his shoulders sag. His desire to taste the Elf was growing greater yet his patience was growing thin. "Legolas, this is no time for games! Come down from that tree right now and let us finish what you started!"

"I believe 'twas you who started this, Aragorn, not I." The Elf stated calmly as he sat down on the limb, allowing his long legs to swing carelessly through the air. "You initiated the game, now 'tis my turn."

Boromir massaged his chin with thought for a few moments before turning to Aragorn with a smile. "I say we skip his turn and just yank him down from that blasted tree."

"Agreed!" Aragorn exclaimed while nodding his head. He wasted no time in accompanying Boromir towards the tree.

"Wait! Wait!" Legolas cried with a giggle as he rose to his feet above them. "Surely you are not that impatient to climb up here!"

Boromir glared up at the lithe Elf and licked his dry lips. "If it means me getting my dick in your ass than I shall climb faster than you, Wood-Elf!"

Legolas' cheeks turned pink and his eyes widened but he couldn't contain his laughter which only made Boromir's glare deepen. "I am quite serious, Legolas, you won't find yourself laughing when I get my hands on you."

"I do not doubt that," the Prince said softly, "but what if I was to say you could do whatever you wish upon me if you let me have my turn giving orders as Aragorn did?"

"I should say I'll do whatever I wish upon you regardless," Boromir answered sharply, "but I think I would have more pleasure if you were willing. So what are these orders you yearn to bestow upon us?"

"Wait a minute!" Aragorn cried. "'Tis lovely you two are coming to an agreement... really, but what of me? I am not as forward as Boromir, Legolas, but I am not leaving here until I have accomplished the same task that he stated."

"Oh, just say it, Aragorn." Legolas teased. "If you speak the words of your desire than I give you the same promise as Boromir, you shall do what you will to me, but you must also follow my rules."

The Man rolled his eyes at the Elf and sighed. He did not want to voice such words aloud but he craved for Legolas immensely so he complied. "I want to be inside you, Legolas." Aragorn said while turning bright red. Both Legolas and Boromir exchanged looks of amusement. "Now do not delay any longer. Let us hear your demands." Aragorn stated sternly.

The Elf smiled and sat down once again on the tree branch, sighing contently when he swung his legs freely. "I would find much enjoyment if you, Boromir, placed those soft lips of yours against Aragorn's."

Both Men gasped at looked up at the Elf with fear on their pallid faces. "Oh, come now." Legolas said with a chuckle. "'Tis not so bad. I have kissed you both and rank you of the same quality."

Another gasp was heard from the Men as they glared evilly at the playful Elf. "What?" Legolas asked innocently.

"The same quality?!" Boromir cried. "We are two different Men, Legolas, surely our lips taste different as well."

"Why don't you find out for yourselves?" Legolas said encouragingly with a broad smile.

"Fine then!" Boromir snapped as he pulled the smaller Man towards himself. He looked into Aragorn's eyes sincerely and spoke hoarsely, "I do this only for the Elf's amusement."

"And I accept for the same reason." Aragorn replied dryly.

"I did not say to have a lengthy conversation!" Legolas cried from above. "Now kiss him, Boromir!"

If it was not for the fact of Boromir yearning for Legolas' body so badly he wouldn't have second guessed pulling the Prince down onto the ground and showing him some respect and patience. He was not one who liked to be given orders, especially from an Elf! But his thoughts, at the moment, were coming strongly from between his legs more than anywhere else, so Boromir flashed his annoyance towards the demanding Elf briefly and complied by gently pressing his lips to Aragorn's.

The kiss was not an elaborate one but satisfactory as both Men leaned in close and allowed their delicate flesh a brief collision.

Legolas smiled when the two Men ended their kiss and stared into one another's eyes with awe. An idea than struck him that he could not resist using. He nearly fell out of the tree from supressing his laughter for he knew it would rise sparks from both Men and then mayhaps the two could enjoy themselves a little more affectionately. "Not so bad afterall, my boys, eh?"

Aragorn's eyes blinked at the Elf's words and he hesitantly tore his gaze away from the Man to peer up at the Elf dangling above him. "Boys?!"

Legolas sighed heavily. "You certainly have a way of spoiling the mood, Estel. Must you always take every comment so seriously?"

"I am in agreement with him, Legolas." Boromir spoke suddenly, stepping closer to the tree. "I am not a boy and certainly not yours."

"Real~ly?" The Elf stated while swiftly bringing his knees up towards his chest into a crouching position. He lowered his head a few inches so his teasing whispers could be heard by the Men easily. "I believe you were my boy, Boromir, when I lay atop of you driving new pleasures within your body. I remember you begging me for more. 'Tis not like a *man* to beg, my brave warrior, but of a *boy* to do so."

Legolas overlooked the Man's icy stare as he turned his head to Aragorn. "And you, Aragorn, are guilty of the same thing. I had you begging as if you were a mere child."

Aragorn opened his mouth to reply but Legolas waved his hand and addressed both of them with his eyebrows raised. "Men you may be in battle but Boys you are elsewhere. If you do not like that label than I suggest you prove your manhoods by being a little more... masculine."

Legolas smirked at the Men below him, to say they were baffled was clearly an understatement. Seething with anger described them more and Legolas was sure he prompted them both to become a little more vivacious now. He wished to see the two share the wild emotions he had felt with each of them and he wanted all three of them to enjoy each other instead of one feeling left out. He had received fulfillment from Boromir moments ago and though he yearned for more affection, he was willing to wait while his two comrades opened up to each other.

What the Elf did not expect was the harsh reaction from Boromir and Aragorn, for he found himself being pulled down to the ground by his hair before he even saw their hands approaching. He groaned when his back landed rather violently by the Men's feet. Legolas winced and felt his orbs widen when he caught sight of both Men glaring down at him. He sat up quickly despite the burning he felt against his spine and began to push himself back towards the water hole. "You two are not playing fair." He said with a scowl.

Aragorn laughed heartily as he stared down at the Elf. "How did that phrase go, my good Legolas? Was it not, 'Life is not fair', or am I mistaken?"

"I believe you are correct, Aragorn," Boromir stated with a smirk as he draped an arm over the Ranger's shoulders and brought him close. Aragorn nestled up to him for a moment before he turned his head and crashed his lips harshly against the other Man's.

Legolas looked shocked as he watched the two battle with their tongues in a most lustful way that left the Elf nearly panting himself.

"Why do you look so surprised?" Aragorn queried when he pulled away from Boromir. "'Twas what you wanted to see, nay?"

"Aye, but... but you kiss him as if you've done so before." Legolas replied softly. "Nor do I mean just seconds ago neither... you kiss with feeling now. How is that so?"

Boromir smiled and crouched down to the ground so he could be closer to the confused Elf. "Well, I did have to apologize to Aragorn for calling him a 'mere Ranger' back in Rivendell."

"And what a beautiful apology it was," Aragorn stated with a smirk. "Actually, I think you apologized twice that night, no?"

"Aye, so I did." Boromir said with a chuckle. His laughter increased when Legolas crawled backwards into the water. The Elf had not been paying attention and felt his hands slide against the slippery rocks beneath causing his elbows to hit the bottom of the hole with a loud splash. "Need a little help there?" Boromir asked with a smile while offering his hand.

"You both should have told me about your little meeting." Legolas said harshly, ignoring the Man's hand as he stumbled to his feet.

"You never asked." Aragorn stated calmly as he walked up to the water's edge by Boromir. "Are you feeling left out now? Is that it? Because that can be cured, Legolas."

"'Tis still my turn for the rules," Legolas said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I think the rules have changed, Legolas," Boromir remarked while crossing his arms. "That comment you made about us boys deserves some punishment."

"Punishment?!" The Prince cried while mimicking the Man as he crossed his arms with defiance. "Why should one be punished for speaking the truth?"

"Another jest?!" Aragorn said with raised eyebrows. "That's quite a mouth you got there, Legolas!"

"I only state what I see." The Elf replied with a dignified snort.

"Perhaps that is the problem then," Boromir stated with a sly grin before winking at Aragorn. The Ranger furrowed his brow and tilted his head at the other Man, trying to understand his words. Boromir merely laughed at the confused look and shook his head with disbelief. "Come, Aragorn, you must know what I mean. Think back to our first time..."

Aragorn's gaze went upwards as his mind recalled the first time he gave his body to Boromir. He felt an immense heat stain his cheeks when his mind found the memory it was searching for. "Oh... oh, yes! That I think is a grand idea!"

"Again you both disregard that *I* am the one making the rules here!" Legolas said strongly, trying to hide his nervousness. He did not know what the two Men were plotting and he found himself at a disadvantage from the sudden collaboration between the two Humans.

"Do you ever shut up?" Boromir spat, releasing his gaze from Aragorn to glare at the Prince. "Must you always use that voice of yours? It's amazing you give yourself any time to breathe!"

Legolas' eyes went wide and he let out a small gasp. "You are rude, Boromir! And that is me putting it nicely."

"I'm scarred for life from your words, Legolas... just hush up for a bit, would you please?"

"Nay!" Legolas exclaimed. "You wish me to be silent so you and Aragorn can manipulate me? I think not! I am not one to - mmphh!"

Boromir relished in the fact of his hands being the perfect size to quiet the Elf. He only needed one to cover Legolas' mouth and the other he used behind the Elf's head to lessen his struggles while using his weight against Legolas as well. "Hurry up, Aragorn, he's stronger than he looks." He called over his shoulder.

Aragorn let out a small snicker before hurrying off towards his bag that lay on the ground a few feet away. He rummaged through it rather quickly and returned to Boromir's side swiftly. He victoriously held up two long pieces of silk and smirked at Legolas. Aragorn walked behind the Elf and grabbed his arms that had been trying to push off Boromir and bound his wrists together tightly. "And now you lose your sight," the Man whispered teasingly as he placed the material over Legolas' eyes.

Boromir removed his hand from the Elf's mouth and stood back to look at their Elven captive. A blissful sigh escaped the Man's lips from the collected Elf's uneasiness. He found it very satisfying to watch Legolas struggle against the bounds and when Legolas clenched his teeth together in frustration, Boromir felt a terrible aching arise between his legs. He casually stepped towards Legolas and brushed his lips against the Elf's flushed cheek. Legolas fidgeted more and inhaled deeply as he tried to push his shoulders against the Man for some kind of control.

Boromir smiled. "I like it when you struggle, Legolas." He said in a husky tone. "Please, continue to fight me off."

"Have you gone mad?" Legolas asked in a worried tone while stepping backwards carefully in the shallow water... right into Aragorn. The Elf groaned.

Aragorn embraced the Elf from behind and began to suckle at the side of his neck, becoming aroused from his lips feeling Legolas' strong pulse. Legolas swallowed hard and let his head fall to the side, giving the Man more access to his delicate flesh. "That's it, my Legolas," Aragorn purred, "allow yourself to relax."

Legolas tensed at the Man's words, he did not like being treated like this, or so he told himself that over and over to stop his own arousal from being noticed. He had wanted to be the one in charge, to call all the shots, but that clearly wasn't happening...

Legolas brought his left foot up into the air swiftly, bringing it back into Aragorn's thigh. The Man fell into the water with a small splash and shook his head at the Elf. "Oh, must you be so temperamental?" Aragorn whined while standing back to his feet.

"Really, Legolas." Boromir said in a disapproving tone. "Do I have to throw you over my knee and reprimand you?"

Though the Elf's eyes were hidden, Boromir knew they were as big as saucers and he had to use all the strength he possessed to not laugh at the Prince.

"I most certainly think not!" Legolas exclaimed. "I grow tired of these petty tactics you *Humans* find so amusing! This has gone too far, I insist you remove these restraints at once!"

"Oh, you insist?" Boromir asked with a broad smile as he approached the lithe Elf. "I would think you to find this to be the most arousing experience you've ever had, Legolas." Boromir whispered while sliding the tip of his tongue against the outer flesh of the Elf's ear.

"How would you know what entices me?" Legolas replied calmly, fully intent on not letting Boromir realize how much he enjoyed his touch.

Boromir pulled back and smiled genuinely at the beautiful Prince. "'Tis true I know not much of your kindred, Legolas, but I find I know more about *you* than what I had thought." The Man stated sharply. "You are of noble blood which means you have been taught to control a lot of your inner feelings, for there are always eyes upon you, and I do not think I am wrong by assuming you to of never had any intimate contact with a Man until today... correct?"

Legolas bit his lip before giving a small, "aye", as an answer.

"Right," Boromir continued with a wave of his hand, "well, all you Elves possess such keen eyesight... so I thought it would be rather erotic for you to not see my or Aragorn's actions. Nor will you be able to stop us either with your hands bound and-"

"You still forget that I was supposed to of been giving the orders!" Legolas interrupted with annoyance. He could hear Boromir's feet stepping through the water and soon enough, felt the Man's breath upon his neck, but he stood proud and held his head high. "I find you to never listen to what I'm saying... uhm... what are you doing?"

"What does it feel like I'm doing?" Boromir asked in a seductive tone as his tongue traced a moist path against the Elf's pale neck. Legolas moaned softly but still refused to let his guard down. He went to take a few steps away from the Man but found he could not do so when strong hands gripped his shoulders - Aragorn.

Boromir did not stop his teaseful tongue from dampening the Elf's skin and Legolas did not stop moaning; he only increased his tones of arousal when Aragorn attacked the other side of his neck. Both Men seemed to be in sync with one another as their licking and suckling were set to the same continuity. Legolas felt the same pleasures on both sides of his neck and it was quite fascinating to the Prince how both Humans could do such a wondrous thing. The Elf let his head fall back and allowed the Men to show their affection, he was tired of fighting them off and truth be told, his body was enjoying their touch.

"See how much better this is when you relax?" Aragorn said softly, smiling when Legolas whined from the absence of his tongue against his skin. "Now, my Legolas, anticipate where my tongue wanders to next because I shall not tell."

Legolas gulped and that was all Boromir needed to sink his teeth into the Elf's fair skin. Legolas flinched but submitted his body to the larger Man for Boromir rubbed his back gently and rocked his hips against Legolas' side causing the Elf to feel the depth of Boromir's nipping rather lustful.

Aragorn silently fell to his knees and pulled down on Legolas' leggings, sighing with awe when Legolas' arousal came to view. He had wanted to tease Legolas with his hands first but found he could not help himself from covering the Elf's entire length with his mouth hungrily. He heard Legolas' moans rise in pitch and thrived on them as he slid his lips up and down slowly; savoring the taste of Legolas' delicate flesh.

Boromir found Legolas' moans to be the most beautiful sound he ever heard and could not stop his lips from seeking their desire. He kissed Legolas - hard. Perhaps hard enough to stain the Elf's pink lips with bruises but he didn't care, they were like poison to the Man as his body became intoxicated with the Elf's flavor. Boromir forced his tongue into the Prince's mouth and fought a daring battle with Legolas as their active flesh collided. The Man soon heard his own moans of pleasure escape his lips and he fought hard to not pass out from the most arousing kiss he ever encountered.

Boromir tapped Aragorn on the top of his head and pulled away from the Elf. He looked down at the other Man with pleading eyes. "All right," Aragorn replied quietly, a small hint of sadness in his voice. "I'll wait... but don't be too rough. I shall have my turn as well." Boromir gave his friend a nod of his head accompanied by a grateful smile. He then lowered Legolas softly into the water.

Aragorn crawled up by Legolas' head and gave him a gentle kiss upon the lips. "You like our affection, nay?"

"Aye, I do." Legolas replied, not bothering to hide his feelings anymore.

"Then I shall free you of your bindings but be warned fair Prince... when it is our turn, I might have use for them again."

Legolas did not reply to the Man, he only lay still as he felt Aragorn undo his bounds and blinked his eyes when the silk was removed from his face. His blue-grey orbs met with dark grey ones and he smiled. Boromir looked like the gentlest creature he had ever seen and with the moon behind him, the Man's handsome features gleamed in the night. How is it he never noticed such beauty before?

Boromir discarded his and Legolas' pants swiftly and covered the Elf's body with his own. He also removed the Elf's upper clothing with haste and ran his fingers down Legolas' smooth chest with admiration. "You truly are a beautiful creature, Legolas."

Legolas was ready to comment the Man on his looks as well but felt a blush working its way against his cheeks; the Man's compliment really touched his heart. Oh, he had been called beautiful before but not by a Man he had thought despised him and not from a Man who held such words inside. He could not remember Boromir ever complimenting anyone... but all thoughts upon that issue were soon lost when Legolas felt the warrior slide a finger inside his tight opening. Legolas gasped from the contact and wriggled his body. It was Aragorn's eye he caught and Legolas turned his head away, letting the water cover half his face.

"You've never allowed anyone to enter, have you?" Aragorn whispered with great surprise into his curved ear.

Legolas refused to look at the Man from embarrassment, he knew he couldn't hide such a thing no matter how hard he tried. He expected to hear both Men break into a fit of laughter at his expense but his keen ears heard no such thing. They heard a comforting voice and a gentle touch turning his head back around. "'Tis nothing to be ashamed about, Legolas," Aragorn said softly. "I just thought you had from your flirting and your time upon middle earth... do not turn away from us now."

Legolas nodded his head to Aragorn's sincerity and fell into the kiss bestowed upon him from the Ranger. He felt Boromir continue his teasing by working his finger inside playfully, followed by another digit entering him. Legolas moaned and felt his body relax from the Man's skillful touch.

"You'll enjoy this," Aragorn said with a smirk after pulling away.

Boromir kept a close eye on Legolas as his fingers worked the Elf's tight muscles. "Are you sure you wish me to be the first to do this?" He asked cautiously. "This is no longer a game, Legolas, I would never take such a thing from you without your permission."

"I am sure, Boromir." Legolas replied strongly. He did indeed want this. He felt things he never felt before, good things, and he craved to go further. "Do not tarry at my expense, I am fine."

"Aye, Legolas." The Man replied with a wink before sliding the tip of his member into Legolas' opening.

Legolas did not expect it to burn so much, he lost all senses from the impact and fought back the urge to scream out in agony. How something so sacred and passionate as this could hurt so much he did not know. His eyes went wide with pain and he bit his lip so hard he tasted blood.

"Relax, Legolas," Aragorn instructed as he bent down and cupped the Elf's face. "He won't hurt you, but you need to relax."

"Ai! It hurts, Aragorn." He whispered through clenched teeth. "I feel like a mortal from the pain. How does this trigger arousal?"

Aragorn fought hard to not chuckle at the Elf's words. "You are too innocent!"

Boromir smirked at the Elf's innocence too but did not voice any words. He ceased his actions to give Legolas time to adjust but grew impatient for the tightness he felt was breathtaking. He wanted to thrust as hard and as deep as he could but resisted the urge to do so from Legolas' discomfort.

"Legolas, look at me." Aragorn ordered. "I swear you will feel nothing but bliss from this but you must listen to me and relax. You cannot fight Boromir, let him please you."

Legolas sighed heavily and listened to the Ranger's words. He closed his eyes briefly and concentrated on letting his muscles relax. He felt something wet upon his left nipple and he moaned slightly from Aragorn nipping at it playfully with his tongue.

Boromir took the opportunity to slide in a little further and smiled when Legolas did not push against him. His erection slid in gracefully and the Elf's heat made him moan loudly.

Legolas gripped Aragorn's dark locks and went with the pain instead of against it and soon found some pleasure from Boromir sliding in and out of him.

Boromir leaned down closer and thrusted harder, driving himself further into Legolas. He watched the Elf's face intently and grew pleased when he saw Legolas enjoying himself and no longer in agony.

Aragorn lifted his head up from Legolas' chest and went to back away so the two could enjoy themselves thoroughly but was startled when Legolas grasped his hand and pulled him down into a passionate kiss. "Do not leave me now." The Elf panted.

Aragorn smiled and traced Legolas' jawline with a rough finger, "never."

Legolas' gaze stayed locked with the Ranger's as his body shifted from Boromir's thrusts. Soft moans escaped the Elf's lips and his eyes rolled back when he felt as if he could take no more excitement. Aragorn walked his hand down the Elf's slim body until it found Legolas' hard erection. He began to stroke it to Boromir's rhythm and felt his own arousal harden from the beautiful noises that escaped from Legolas' perfect mouth.

"You're so damn tight," Boromir moaned as he hit the one spot to make Legolas see stars. Legolas lost his battle with control as he yelled out in his own language and released his seed into Aragorn's hand. Boromir could not remember seeing nor hearing such a glorious sight as the Elf that lay underneath him. He needed to thrust only once more until he too cried out and filled Legolas with his own seed.

Legolas panted for air and brought a cool hand to his flushed face. He opened his eyes to see Aragorn staring at him with an evil grin. "Very good, Legolas, you handled that most impressively, but I dare say the night has only begun. I believe it is now *my* turn."

Legolas groaned. He did not know if he could take another arousing experience tonight. But he did notice how appealing Aragorn looked and grew rather anxious to know what Aragorn would feel like inside of him for if he was anything like Boromir... Gods help him!


well? was it worth the wait? i surely hope so! i plan on continuing this and those of you waiting for the *actual* threesome... it's coming, it's coming! (no pun intended)

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